Anna cursed under her breath, her insides twisting with dread and sick anticipation, as she glared at the gloating form of the boy before her. The blond crossed her arms over her chest in a desperate attempt to look intimidating, but Hao was never one to be intimidated, and she could only watch in seething silence while his smirk grew bigger. She had bit more than she could chew.

"Well?" asked Anna impatiently, cocking a single brow that would have sent any lesser man scampering away in fear. "Do you want me to stare at you all day?"

"Anna, Anna," sung Hao, that ever infuriating smirk still in place. "Why would I waste this once in a lifetime chance that you've graciously gifted me with?"

Anna gritted her teeth together. "It wasn't a gift, you jackass," she forced out, wincing at the blinding grin that the brunette gave. "I lost a bet."

"Ah, yes," hummed Hao. "Shame."

The young lady's eyes twitched in annoyance, and she raised an arm in anger. Deal or no deal, she was going to hit him. Her arm was halfway up the space between them when Hao spoke again.

"Hug me."

Anna froze. "What?" she asked, stumped. He was lying, he had to be. There was no way Hao would waste an oppurtunity like this. He must have some sort of ulterior motive. Anna stared at the brunette and was surprised to find out that Hao was completely serious.

"You heard me," said Hao simply and ignored how Anna all but gaped. He gave her a blank look, and Anna forced her body to move and coordinate. She took a step forward, her heart hammering in her chest and wound her arms around the taller boy.

It was... weird. It didn't make her think of rainbows amd unicorns and flowers with angelic voices singing in the distance. In fact, the only thing that registered was the loud pounding of Hao's heart against his ribcage. He didn't move, didn't put his arms around her, and Anna idly wondered if she should already let go.

She didn't, though, because as weird as it might have been, Anna couldn't deny the fact that it also felt sort of... nice.