FAGE 007

Title: His Waking Nightmare

Written for: Cullen Cousin

Written By: Abbymickey24

Rating: T

Summary/Prompt used: Loving a Cop

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At one in the morning on a quiet street in a nice neighborhood just outside the city of Seattle, Carlisle Cullen sits up abruptly. His breathing is labored, his heart is pounding, and beads of sweat are forming on his skin.

He reaches blindly for the lamp by the bed, light taking away the darkness after a few seconds. The nightmare that has woken him is still fresh in his mind and he scrubs two shaking hands across his face to try to dispel it.

It doesn't work, but then again he doesn't really expect it to. He's had the nightmare before and it's unlikely this will be the last time. It is the product of being married to a cop, and being home when she isn't, something that thankfully doesn't happen often as they both typically work the nightshift.

Taking in a deep shuddering breath, Carlisle throws the covers off his legs and climbs from his bed. Trying to go back to sleep would be pointless, as the nightmare would continue to play through his mind. He knows what will help, but he doesn't want to bother her.

He stumbles his way to the bathroom, smiling as he trips over their packed bags. That action alone helps a little as he thinks of what those bags represent; five years of being married to the love of his life and the two weeks of having her all to himself to celebrate.

As he starts up the shower he smiles and thinks to himself 'just a few more hours to wait.'