A/N: Hello guys! Right now I'm very nervous. This is the very first time that I actually publish something that I have written. Also, English is not my native tongue but personally, I think my usage of the English language is not that bad. But if I am mistaken, please feel free to tell me so.

Now to the story. In Germany we just saw the fourth season of The Walking Dead and while I sat on my couch and tried not to chew on my fingernails I got this idea, that Jack O'Neill would fit really well in this show. I mean, he is a born survivor!
So I thought a little more about it and now, two weeks later, I have pretty much figured out the whole plot. Now it just needs to be written. This being said, I guess it is a given that this story is AU. Please note that in my story, there is no stargate, no stargate command and therefore no sg-1. That means that original characters will show up, but not with their usual roles, military positions, personal histories and relationships. I don't own them, I just borrow them to play.

As for the timeline: Since the zombie apocalypse in Walking Dead started in 2010, this story is located in that time too. This means that I can't use the birthdates of the show. So in this story, for example, O'Neill is not in his sixties but in late thirties and Carter is about 30.
For this story I need him to be absolutely fit and her to have an amount of experience that comes with the years of military service, hence the reduced difference in the years between them.
While I have already mentioned these two, yes I will pair them, because really…nothing else makes sense. But it takes its time for them to lip lock, because those nasty Walkers will demand a lot of their time. If you don't like this pairing, then you should maybe not read this story.

Now I think there is just one more thing to say: If you already know the Walking Dead you are familiar with the gore and horror that this show provides. Be warned that I want to try to keep that up in this story. So if you don't like exact description of violence and various body parts being smashed and hacked or bitten off, then don't read this. This story will definitely be rated MA.

I know this was a rather long A/N, but since it's my first time I hope you will forgive me. Here come the first two chapters that are already finished and I sincerely hope you will like it.

Have fun!

Chapter 1: Breakfast News

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Like this, or similar, her mothers lecture always sounded in the morning, while she made a show of looking at her sternly over the top of her newspaper. Every now an then she also sprinkled her speech with some medical terms or definitions on how the human body needed the right nutrition to support her brain in the almost always dull hours spent in school. And sometimes, like the good daughter that she is, Cassie Fraiser lets herself be convinced to eat at least a banana or a yoghurt. But more than once the young girl decides to follow her rebellious streak, as it is her job as teenager, refuses any kind of solid food and argues that a cup of coffee is more than enough.

This every morning game between them is a fixed part of their routine and has meanwhile grown into a loved characteristic of their mother and daughter relationship. It is also a relict of a time when the two of them were still getting used to the idea of being mother and daughter and trying to deal with their respective individualities.
But this morning everything was different, not because mother and daughter had grown apart, but because the world they knew had changed in the short span of a night.

A cup of fresh coffee stood forgotten on the kitchen table while Cassie used the remote to turn up the volume on the television.
The screen showed the anchorman of canal 12, who desperately tried to keep up with all the breaking news being transmitted on the teleprompter but failing miserably, as his strained voice started to flounder. In the background you could see external shots from the streets of Washington D.C., where people seemed to move aimlessly and in a chaotic haste through the city. A reporter on side tried to halt people to get a comment from them, but only a skinny man holding a piece of cardboard with verses from the bible on it took pity and mumbled something about the apocalypse.

The anchorman now welcomed a man wearing a white lab coat and introduced him as an expert in virology. Cassie listened with growing confusion to the statements of the expert and his explanation on the crazy actions people all over the state displayed. You didn't need a doctor as mother to notice that the experts words were erratic and vague. A bad feeling was creeping up in her bones as the tv next showed pictures of a gagged man howling and hissing while being hauled into an ambulance.

Just as the tv reports started to repeat her mother joined her in the kitchen and turned off the tube with an annoyed growl.
"Cassandra, why are you listening to this? It's pure scaremongering." Janet Fraiser told her daughter and helped herself with a yoghurt out of the fridge, while looking reproachfully at her.
"But mom, doesn't this seem strange to you?"
"Darling, it is actually normal for people to engage in other peoples hysteria and show irrational behavior."
Her mother had this lecturing tone again, causing Cassie to roll her eyes irritated.
"Does this hysteria also animate people to attack their neighbors?"
Although it was not officially confirmed, there were many rumors about persons assaulting others like wild animals. Those who claimed to have seen this live, even talked about people trying to bite or claw at each other.
"Some drugs are known to cause this kind of aggressive behavior. It could also be a chemical spill. Many chemicals cause severe hallucinations. " Her mother tried to reason.
Cassie knew she just wanted to soothe her, to protect her. But her mothers evasive words only triggered the contrary reaction and she shot her a look that clearly said: I know that you know that this is not the reason.
Janet sighed in understanding as she realized that she could not fool her bright and perceptive daughter.
"Please don't worry about it. Our healthcare system is among the best of the world. Whatever this is, I'm sure our experts will be able to keep this under medical supervision."
It was meant as a reassuring comment, but one look at Cassys face and she knew it was for naught.

The blow of a horn announced the arrival of the school bus, effectively ending the heavy conversation.
"Come on, time for school." Janet said, trying to sound unconcerned, but failing as the words came out in a choking sound.

„Maybe I could come with you today?"
Cassies faint and insecure question was almost to much as Janet tried to fight of the guilty conscience upon her next words. But from her own experience in such situations, she knew that it was important to maintain a certain amount of normalcy and routine.
"I'm sorry, but I think it would be the best for you to go to school. Meet your friends and try not to worry so much." She advised.
For a moment it seemed that the girl wanted to say something in return, but then she shouldered her schoolbag dutifully and sighed a quiet okay in response.
With a caring arm put around her daughters shoulder she walked her to the door and watched her getting into the school bus.

If Cassie Fraiser would have known that this was her last glimpse on the house she called home, she would not just have taken her seat in the bus. She would have run to hug her mother like live depended on it and never let go. Or she may have been in an hurry to get this picture from her friends and herself, showing five broadly grinning girls in pajamas and their brightly colored toenails. Memories of loved ones and irreplaceable time spend together.
But she did not knew and she did not even foresee what would happen in the short span of the next 48 hours. How could she? No one did. It hit them all unexpected.
So she simply took her usual place in the bus and waved a chaste goodbye to her mother, her home and the life she knew.