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Reyna POV

The sky thundered above me, i was in the dark, i quickly checked my surroundings. There was artificial lighting around me, i seemed to be on a glass bridge. Beneath me was a dark chasm, to my right was a building. It wasn't a bridge exactly, seemed more U-shaped.

Then i remembered the quest, Me, Jason and Percy were on our way to the Grand Canyon to fight two beings and retrieve Jupiter's stolen lightning bolt.

That must mean this was the grand canyon, but then where were Percy and Jason?

I was soon answered, as Jason came flying out the building, i let out a scream as he fell over the edge, but he seemed to regain control of the winds and brought himself back to me.

I looked where Jason had flew out from and caught my breath, Percy was locked in battle with what i guessed was the giant Porphyrion. He was 35 feet tall and waves of power rolled off him. (the description of Porphyrion is copied from TLO) The giant king was humanoid from the waist up, clad in bronze armor, and from the waist down he had scaly dragon's legs; but his skin was the color of lima beans. His hair was green as summer leaves, braided in long locks and decorated with weapons-daggers, axes, and full-size swords, some of them bent and bloody-maybe trophies taken from demigods eons before. (TLO description over)

I doubted a group of demigods could take him, much less one alone. Yet Percy wasn't just any demigod, he was the strongest ever. He had the powers of two of the big three, and could use nearly any weapon like an expert. He actually seemed to be wearing down the giant, but Percy was wearing out a lot faster, and with no god to help him Percy could never defeat the giant anyway.

My attention was pulled away from that battle as a wolf the size of a Mini-Van landed on me, raking it's claws across my face as I screamed in pain.

Line Break

I awoke with a jolt, sitting up immediately. I calmed down as i realized i was in the hotel room. I heard what i assumed was either Jason or Percy in the lounge speaking to someone. In the other room i heard the shower on, i assumed that was the other one of the two boys. I then realized i was holding something in my arms, i looked to find Percy's hoodie.

I was confused for a second, then it dawned on me why i seemed to have been hugging it during my sleep, i felt the blood rush to my cheeks. I seriously need to stop doing embarrassing things around Percy.

I got into the shower as i tried to understand my dream, demigod dreams were usually visions into the future, and since we were headed towards the Grand Canyon that seemed very possible. I needed to tell Percy and Jason.

Line Break

Percy POV

I had gotten up early that morning, so Jason and Reyna were still asleep. I got dressed, and pulled a sweatshirt out of my magical backpack.

It was oddly quiet since Jason and Reyna were still asleep, but it was also nice because i got time to think.

We had 3 days to get to the Grand Canyon, get the master bolt, then get to Olympus before the winter solstice.

So far we had faced 2 ambushes, and barely survived them. Apollo had to save us from Lycaon, and a group of monsters.

Things weren't looking good and time wasn't on our side, I also had to figure out who the two godly beings could be.

For the one with the power of a minor god my best guess is that was Lycaon, but why didn't Octavion mention a wolf pack? Also who was the stronger one? Octavian said he had the power of a major god or titan, but then again beings that strong could mask power, normally to avoid being detected by the gods.

My best guess was a Titan or a Giant, since Juno said the Giants were rising too. I heard Jason get up in the other room and head to the shower.

I should probably order breakfast, and lay out the table, i could worry about who our last challenge was later.

Line Break

"So you saw Porphyrion, as in the Giant made to oppose my father? The same one Hercules and my dad defeated together thousands of years ago?" Jason asked

Reyna nodded "I'm pretty sure that was him, but the other god, i'd assume it was Lycaon that's why a giant wolf jumped on me, that must have been one of his pack or even himself in wolf form"

"The size you described seemed to mean it must have been Lycaon but that doesn't make sense where was his pack?" I pondered this Lycaon would have his pack with him why weren't there, ofcourse the dream didn't necessarily show the whole picture. However since the Augur failed to see the pack also, i felt there was more to it.

"We should think of this later, right now we need to focus on the current moment, how are we getting to the Grand Canyon in the first place, we're pretty close now should we just take a taxi or something?"

"I've thought about this and going by bus seems like the best option" I said "We need to be at the bus stop in 45 minutes so we should get out soon."

Line Break

Later i realized sitting in the back of the bus was a stupid idea.

To be continued….

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