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Hunter Fantasy I: Gon's Quest
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So I guess you may have heard of all those Final Fantasies. My version is "Hunter Fantasy." Based on some HxH computer games I started creating. If you remember "Sugar Chain," I mentioned Spider Isle. Hunter Fantasy is based on Final Fantasy VII. (I think that was one of the most popular ones.)
The main line of this story is that Hisoka has captured Mito-san, whom Gon has to get back.

You may agree with these, or not:
Final Fantasy VII Character | Hunter Fantasy I Character
Cloud Strife | Gon Freecs
Aeris Gainsborough | Kurapika Kuruta
Tifa Lockhart | Killua Zoldick
Barrett Wallace | Hanzo
Vincent Valentine | Zepairu
Yuffie Kisaragi | Caruto Zoldick
Red XIII (I think) | Mike
Cid Highwind | Leorio
Cait Sith | Kontu
Sephiroth | Hisoka

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