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Kim Possible: When The Wind Blows

By LJ58


"Easy," Hojan-Ro shouted as the men unloading the flex-steel near the ship that was slowly coming back together, and yet still faster than expected.

It made him wonder if the redhead that called herself the Great Blue weren't actually helping in spite of her claims they had to do the work.

He did know that the Hand of Justice was seemingly everywhere, and he had seen just how vicious she could be when she all but crippled a man who had slapped a clumsy woman who dropped a crate of fragile components meant for the ship's main computers.

Before anyone else reacted, the green woman had struck him with a blow that sent him flying far enough that he seemed to have grown wings, and then he crashed into a transport with enough force to break bone.

Equally astonishing, an older redhead had come out, and promptly done something that healed the man almost instantly. He still limped, but he wasn't crippled, as he had almost expected.

The lesson was learned, though.

No one slapped a woman around the aliens.

While more than a few people had been hesitant to approach the aliens at first, now more than a few females didn't mind showing up for the work details. Especially when it became apparent that that they would be treated well, and even defended by the strangers from beyond their world.

It didn't hurt that those five, massive war machines first put out on guard had been joined by five more, and the seemingly small, vulnerable creatures they came to see moving in, and around the ship proved they had their own technology that was powerful almost beyond belief.

Hojan-Ro had even seen one of the small, blonde females lift a part many times their size with ease, and put it in place while one of the men had welded it in place. He had little doubt it was something to do with the glowing suit she wore, and yet his own people had never developed anything that could amplify base strength to such a degree.

The things the Great Blue's people were doing, he soon realized, were nothing short of miraculous in themselves.

And General Zar-Ku thought to exploit them?

He found it unlikely. Especially with the Hand herself watching them like a predatory zemto looking for a meal.

If there was any doubt about her power, either, it was soon erased as he personally watched her slice a steel beam in half with her glowing hand to make it fit where two warriors had placed it. She even ensured it held in place long enough to be welded by softening the steel, and letting its molten ends cool in place.

After seeing that feat, he was all the more amazed that he and General Zarr-Ku still lived. Because something told him that the women already knew of the general's plans. He had no evidence, or cause for his belief. He simply felt it was true, and just then, that was more than enough for him to subtly start distancing himself from the older man.


Kim sat in the captain's chair, looking all the smaller in the huge seat as she eyed the monitors and viewports around her, assessing the work going on around her.

The K'lians, once conscripted, seemed to work tirelessly, and around the clock for them. They even took Monique as one of their own, and felt that elevated their own status by having a K'Lian working directly for the Great Blue as her friend continued to work on their native language without caring for the translators that Lorwardian tech had supplied.

"It's just something I like to do," the still fashion-conscious woman grinned. "Besides, if we understand the proper syntax and language structure, it helps us better understand the people."

"I know," Kim had told her, having heard the argument several times already, before and after each new contact.

"You're looking pensive again," Dr. Porter remarked as she came onto the bridge just then, one of her smaller robots dragging a coil of heavy electrical wire being threaded along an open furrow in the deck near the wall.

Kim looked over at the woman, and smiled.

"Just….thoughtful. I have this sense that something is about to happen, but I'm not sure what. Or if I should let it."

"Kim, even you can't do everything. Whatever else you may be, you're not god."

"Trust me, I know. For every action I take, I have to balance consequences that would drive Damocles mad. It's just…. I hadn't felt this….looming in years. Something….huge. Something….portentous. I only know it's going to be bad, and I'm not sure what to do."

"Do nothing. Honestly, Kim," the scientist smiled. "You're as bad as Justine at times."

"Say what," she frowned. "What do you mean," she demanded as the robot finished its hauling job, and then left the end of the cable near the main navigation console.

It then turned, and began closing the decking over the heavier cable that was replacing the shorted out wiring that wasn't quite as durable as the new fiber-optic blend Wade had devised with the local's help.

"I mean, she gets so hung up on a theory, she forgets to stop, even when she should. I think you can get the same way at times. I know you did after that lizard attack. They were vicious monsters, Kim. Nothing you could have done would change them. Sometimes, you just have to step back, and accept that some things are beyond even you. Even if you are….the Great Blue," she said with such exaggerated awe that Kim almost giggled.

"Okay, okay. Tell the truth, did Shego coach you for this talk?"

"Nope. Your mother did," Vivian smiled.

"Of course. It had to be one of them. And I do know all of that, Viv," she called the older woman who still looked pretty darn good. "But…."

"Nope. No buts. Remember when I almost lost Oliver, and my job?"

"Oh, yeah," Kim grimaced, a little embarrassed over how she had first thought Dr. Porter was a fraud, and a thief.

"Well, it's not much different for you now. Some things, you, Kim, can manage. So, manage them. Some things, you can't. So don't worry, and just keep on doing what you can, and let the rest slide until it can be managed. And don't forget, you brought us all along for a reason. We are here to help you, sweetie," Vivian reminded her, patting her cheek like her Nana often did.

"Okay, now I know mom coached you."

She smiled.

"Nothing like a little one-on-one contact to remind you that you are still human, Kimberly," Vivian told her, and adjusted her tool belt before walking over to bend over the nav-console, and set to work.

Kim sighed, and while she knew Dr. Porter, and her mom meant well, just now, it wasn't her humanity that was going to help. She had to keep pushing the idea of the Great Blue here if they were going to pull off this intervention, or these people were going to self-destruct, and likely take her family and friends with them. Then, too, she was still balancing assimilating that crazed creature lurking within her as 'she' saw things coming apart, and wanted to destroy anything and everything that might endanger Shego.

Vivian looked behind her, and sighed.

"Kimberly, just remember that we are all here for you. You're not alone."

"I know that," Kim told her with a faint smile.

And she did. If she had been alone, truly alone, the galaxy would already be in flames. She knew that, too. Only so far, only Shego truly understood that particular burden.


She closed her eyes, and sighed as she focused on that special woman.


"…..Don't care if you are the daddy of the honorable whoever you care to name," Shego growled, dangling the balding black K'lian in both hands as she glowered at him. "You try that one again, and they won't even find your ashes. You get me, jerk," she demanded.

"Problems, Shego," Kim smiled, looking kind of odd again as she just appeared, and put a hand on her shoulder.

Shego forced herself not to jump, or yelp, or anything else, but she did glare.

"Do you have to sneak up on me like that?"

"So, what now?"

"You don't know?"

Kim eyed the man Shego had just let drop.

"He's just not that important, so I wasn't watching," Kim smiled. "Unless you think he deserves my attention?"

The man started shaking his head vehemently as he backed away after Shego let him go.

"Ah, he tried to take pictures of the girls, claiming they were proof we were a Losian trick of some kind. Seems some of the big guys still haven't let go of that bone."

"Right. Speaking of which, I really need to go see the other guys soon. I don't think my missile stunt will keep them quiet for long."

"You haven't had any more…?"

Shego made an exploding gesture around her own temples as she eyed the redhead.

"Nothing obvious. I've got a really strong sense of foreboding, though. Something is about to happen, and we need to get ready, or it could cause us all a lot of trouble."

"Great. Because we weren't having enough fun this week," Shego said as she rolled her eyes.

The K'Lian just stared at them, still backing away, and then Kim eyed him again.

"You," she addressed him.

The man gasped, and froze as Kim only stared at him.


Kim eyed him coolly, then finally nodded.

"Go away."

The man bolted, and didn't even look back.

"Pretty spry for an old guy," Shego commented.

"Isn't he? Well, I guess…"

"Kim," Walter staggered out of the ship just then, pale, and looking drawn.

"Walter," Kim frowned. "What's wrong? What happened?"

"Wego," Shego called him out of habit.

"I think….. I think….. Something happened to Wally," he moaned, and fell at their feet.

"Get mom," Kim rasped, gasping at the now teen hero who lay pale, and unmoving before them.


Professor Dementor finally woke, and found himself laying naked in a small cell of some kind.

It wasn't his life pod. Nor was it the medical module he had prepped, and apparently reached, since he was so obviously alive.

He frowned as he sat up, clad only in a pair of thin breeches that were his usual garment. He frowned as he put a hand to his back, feeling the scar, but his fingertips telling him it was completely healed now. He didn't even feel a twinge.

He moved his feet, but the left leg felt stiff, though his right seemed to move rather well. He forced himself to his feet, looking around the plain cell, and trying to fathom who could had reached him. Or how.

He doubted it was Stoppable. Had the ninja reached him, he would never have woken. He would already be dead.

Yet another reason to escape Earth.

He walked to the door, and reached out for the area of a likely latch, and yelped as the electrical charge slammed him hallway back across his cell.

So. Definitely a prison.

He heard curt, angry voices, and then heavy steps just outside the room.

Only then did he recall that brief moment of consciousness in the medical pod, and the strange figures that had been moving around him.

Even as he stood up again, stiffer than ever after that unexpected jolt, the door clattered noisily, suggesting a key, and then his jailer shoved the panel open.

"Mein Gott," he rasped, staring at the misshapen creature not much taller than he.

"You will follow. Attempt to flee, or fight, and we will injure you anew," the walking, talking reptile snarled at him.

"Fine, fine. I follow. Who are you, and what do you want," he demanded.

"All shall be explained by the Primus," the reptile spat, the vicious looking blade at his side less ominous than the strange pistol he carried on his opposite side.

"You are Martians," he asked curiously, noting as he was led down a long, silver hall that suggested metallic walls that there quite a few of the bipedal reptiles about this hall.

"You will be silent, and await the Primus' judgment," the reptile snarled.

Johan only glowered, but his sharp eyes took in everything as he was led down the long corridor with more than a few doors. Hatches, really. He suspected he was either inside a metal structure of some kind, or perhaps even a ship.

Still, he knew he had been on Mars. So, were these natives, or….?

He stopped and stared as he was pushed onto a wide, curved command deck where more than a dozen reptiles all moved, and worked at controls and monitors. Many of which were showing Earth, it's defenses, and more than a few images of some of the planet's likely, or potential heroes.

"…..As expected, the Great Blue's race is filled with divergents," one of the reptiles was complaining. There are all manner of empowered people, and there is no true chance of success in a frontal attack."

"The prisoner, Lord Primus," the reptile beside Dementor growled. "He has awoke, and is now healed."

"Enough to withstand questioning," the taller, scarred alien in the center of the obvious command deck demanded as he turned to glower at DeMenz.

"Zhat vould depend on the questions," he smiled, guessing some manner of translator device was at work since he was understanding obvious aliens. "For did I not hear you mention that greatest of all banes, zhe Great Blue?"

"You are one of hers," the Primus spat. "Do you wish to live, you will tell us everything…"

"Hers? I am hers, all right, imbecile," Dementor daringly spat. "I am her nemesis. Zo, if you are here for vindication, and you fear an overt attack will fail, zhen you vill listen to me, Professor Dementor! Ja!"

The reptile glared.

"You claim to be an enemy of the red-haired demon calling herself the Great Blue? That vile, murderous bitch that dared assault our world, and lay waste to our own great houses?"

"Claim? Ach, nein. I claim nothing, simpleton," Johan stalked forward daringly, and pointed at one screen. "I am her rival. Her true master. She fled this world rather than face me, but I have a planet full of pawns to draw her back if you will listen to me. And there," he pointed at a strange tower, "Is the first and greatest pawn of all."

"Three of the empowered," one of the reptiles spat.

"Her consort's siblings. But zhey are not as strong as their sister, or zhe redheaded pretender," he smirked. "In fact, do you heed me, we can take out most of the planet's defenses with very little effort if you have the technology I imagine you possess," he chortled

"You would turn on your own," another reptile asked skeptically.

"My own," Dementor sputtered own. "If zhey are mine, it is only because zhey are mine to rule by right. By destiny. Zhey have denied zhis, but with your help, we shall remind them of zhis truth, and bring back that so-called Great Blue to face my ultimate triumph!"

The Primus eyed one of his subordinates, and a flaring glance communicated something unheard as the Primus only nodded.

"Very well, fleshling. You will devise a means of using these empowered creatures to lure the Great Blue to us. And know that do you betray us, the injuries you faced earlier will be a mother's kiss compared to the torments we visit upon you."

Dementor sneered at the Primus now.

"Zhose injuries were given me by that accursed redhead's friends. Friends I fully intend to properly zhank. Once we take control of my world," he stressed. "Now, listen to me, and you vill soon learn all you need to not only crush our mutual enemies, but bring zhat annoying redhead back here vhere I may properly defeat her," he railed.


"We have incoming confirmed all around the globe," Will Du reported just thirty minutes after half the globe went dark. "Or we did before our last satellite went down."

Without warning, most of the communications satellites had been neutralized, and before anyone could react, the International Space Platform was blown into rubble. A warning from the lunar colony belatedly got through, warning the world of a massive invasion of alien ships, but by then, most of the major cities were on fire, and the world found itself once again outmatched by a sudden, and vicious alien assault.

"Who are they? Lorwardian? Is it…?"

"It's not Kim," Ron said, wearing a torn shirt, and carrying the Lotus Sword as he appeared in the command center of the underground GJ HQ in Betty's usual office.

"How can you be certain…?"

"Because, I've killed some of them. They're some kind of lizards," Ron said. "And while they are fast, and vicious, they are lousy fighters. Still, we need to regroup, and start fighting back, or….."

"We have no communications with most of the world," Will Du told him. "Whatever they are, they knew enough to shut down our communications relays, and most of our power grid. That was while they simultaneously took out key military defense centers, and shut down most of the major cities with aerial bombardment," he added.

"Which means advanced knowledge, or super intelligence," Betty realized.

"I did say these guys are easy to kill? They're not that bright," Ron told her.

"So, advanced knowledge. Maybe Possible…."

Ron scowled.

"Kim would never….."

"Greetings, my future subjects," Professor Dementor's bearded face appeared on the monitors all around them even as his jarring shout filled their ears as all the communications suddenly snapped back on as if by cue. "I am Professor Dementor!"

"That lowlife…"

"Let's hear him out," Betty said as Ron began to glare at the screen with genuine fury.

"As of now, my newfound allies and I own your pathetic lives. Obey, and you vill be allowed to live, and serve. Resist, and you will die. To prove my point, and invite that false, and not to accept Great Blue back to our judgment," he bellowed, "A lesson."

"Wego," Ron frowned as two battered teens were dragged forward by several of the brutish reptiles.

"Shego, und Kim Possible, when you hear this, or see zhis, know zhat I, Professor Dementor, now control the planet. Und I am vaiting for you," he spat, just as one of the lizards decapitated one of the Wegos.

The young teen died in a bloody spray of gore, and fell out of the camera's view, even as the second Wego just vanished.

"Find zhe other! He must have slipped away! Go, you imbeciles, before he can escape!"

The mad dwarf looked back out at the camera, and smiled coldly.

"You have seen what befalls zhose that resist. Surrender. Especially you, Stoppable," he smiled coldly. "Or I will destroy Middleton, and all of Japan!"

The echoing laughter faded as the communications panel went silent again, and Ron stood there staring in horror.

"My God," Will rasped. "What do we do?"

"We fight back," Ron said calmly, his eyes glittering brightly. "And this time, I make sure that madman dies."

Betty glanced at Will, then back at Ron.

"What's the plan," she asked.

To Be Concluded In 'The Cradle Falls.'