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Prince of Night

Chapter 1

The Fallen Hero

Night, endless night loomed, surrounding the Earth, the night and darkness so thick it kept the moon and stars from shining down upon the Earth. The light and warmth from the sun wasn't visible from the ground below. Instead, the night was filled with cool air, sending shivers through the spines of immortals and mortals as they wondered what happened.

Human power and light faltered, electricity no longer worked and the world was in complete midnight black darkness. The only light was a golden glow in the sky invisible to all mortals except the demigod children of Greece and Rome.

In the sky an immortal city loomed in the darkness. The city of all gods that were apart of the Greek and Roman pantheon's. The palace of Mount Olympus. The city, usually bumming with noise and happiness from the immortals that bustled around the palace was now filled with a deep dark gloom in the light of the halls.

The immortal's of the city, instead of partying like they usually do, they were whispering quietly and nervously among themselves about the meeting that was taking place in the throne room. They were given strict orders from Zeus, the King of the gods. They were to stay away from the throne room, and the meeting was one of the most important in the history of the gods. Which of course filled them with worry.

Once the council of the gods commenced the darkness surrounded the world. The Olympians were oblivious to this because of the meeting, but in fear of Zeus' wrath they dared to not interrupt. If they did harsh punishment would be upon them.

The gloom and darkness that radiated in Olympus and spread throughout the world matched only three times in the gods history before. The first time Olympus was like this was before the defeat of the Titans in the first war when Kronos was in rule of Earth, the gods had been losing and were in a dark mood as they waited for their defeat against the horrible Titan's.

The second time Olympus was silent and shaking in fear was during the second Titan war. The gods were failing to fight Typhon and Kronos and his allies were storming Mount Olympus and were trying to destroy Olympus and take over the world once more. Only the hope that radiated from Hestia and the powerful leader of the demigods kept Olympus from losing hope and falling to the Titan army.

The third time Olympus was shrouded in darkness was during the second giant war. As the giants and their mother, Gaea, Primordial of the Earth was in the process of destroying the original home of Olympus only one kept Olympus and the world from falling, the same leader of the demigods during the Titan war. Hestia and the man defeated half the giants together. He himself defeated the Primordial goddess of the Earth alone.

But no one knew the reason Olympus was in such a bad mood, except the Olympians themselves and one minor goddess. Nemesis, goddess of revenge and retribution and daughter of Night listened in on the Olympian council meeting with no fear. The news contents of the meeting being immediately sent to her mother.

The only thing her eyes and face showed was anger. The balance of the scales were no longer level. The scales were now on the side of dark and evil instead in the middle of good and evil.

And the cause of the unbalance and evil was the Olympians themselves. The Olympians were tipping the scales, Nemesis smirked, the gods good luck and their belief they were unstoppable was now to much good luck for them, and when there was to much good luck, retribution would strike and Nemesis would strike those people down.

In the contents of the throne room, fourteen huge thrones jutted out of the ground. Atop the thrones a super powerful being sat. On each throne was a different Olympian. In the middle of the fourteen were Zeus, lord of the skies and Hera, goddess of the heavens. The King and Queen of Olympus. To the right of Zeus was Hades, the lord of the Underworld, then Poseidon, the god of the seas, Apollo, god of the sun, archery, truth and music, Hephaestus, god of the forges and fire, Ares, the god of war, Hermes, god of messengers and travelers and lastly Dionysus, the god of wine. On the left side of Hera was the eldest of the gods, Hestia, goddess of the hearth, family and fire, then Demeter, the goddess of agriculture and nature, Aphrodite, the goddess of love, Artemis, goddess of the moon, hunt, and archery, and lastly Athena, the goddess of wisdom and battle strategy.

The fourteen looked towards the middle of the throne room. A mix of different emotions on some of the gods and goddesses faces. Many of the Olympians were glaring down at the middle of the room in a mixture of anger and disgust. The others had no idea what they should do. The only Olympian looking down with sadness evident on her face was Hestia. Golden tears fell from her fiery red eyes as her face was filled with sadness. Her heart was clenched and she was unable to look at the center of the throne room. Her eyes also filled with disgust and anger as she looked at the rest of his family, most prominently Zeus and her other brothers.

In the middle of the throne room, chained to the pure white marble floor was a lone demigod. The chains shook under the force as he tried to escape his powerful bonds. But the chains, a swirl of three different metals, celestial bronze, the metal of Greece, imperial gold, the metal of Rome, and Stygian iron, the metal of the Underworld kept him from escaping.

The three metals symbolized the uniting of Greece and Rome that the two were now at eternal peace and would never fight again. Intertwining with the Stygian iron showed that the Underworld and it's children were no longer outcasts of Greece and Rome and they would all live in harmony.

The Stygian iron slowly draining his life force and energy as he struggled, his face red from exhaustion as sweat lolled down his face. Suddenly he stopped.

The demigod looked at the floor. His raven black hair hanging over his eyes as he glared at the floor. His once tan face now pale like the Lord of the Dead, Hades. He wore tattered dark blue jeans and a destroyed orange t shirt that only hung on to his body by a thread.

The young demigod looked up at the King of the gods. His sea green eyes pulsating with light and power. The most shocking to the Olympians was his face was void of emotion. The sea green eyes that not a second ago were filled with anger, hatred and betrayal were now empty, just sea green light that swirled around in a powerful show of light.

His lips were set in a straight line and seemed to be even quirking towards a smile. The Olympians started to whisper among themselves in worry and fear towards the demigod before them. Zeus' electric blue eyes full of rage and anger towards the demigod in front of him shifted to rage towards his family for the outbursts. He growled in frustration and stood from his throne. His head shaking in rage.

In his right hand his symbol of power and the most powerful weapon in creation appeared in it. The master bolt. Raising the bolt high to the sky lightning arced through the complete darkness barely able to keep light sustaining outside.

Zeus then slammed the bolt into the ground. An explosion of power and light enveloped the room. When the blast stopped the Olympians looked at the enraged Zeus and immediately grew quiet. In the center about ten feet in front of the chained demigod, a perfect circle around five feet diameter was now in the place of where the master bolt struck down.

The Olympians looked at the hole with curiosity and confusion. Only Zeus knew where the whole led out of all them. His face was quirked in a giant smirk. The only other who knew what it was, was the demigod. He immediately filled with dread and his heart felt like stone. The tunnel led to the place he never wished to go again. A place he prayed to the fates and the gods that he wouldn't have to go ever again.

Tartarus. The hole led to the pit. A place where only three demigods ever came out alive. All of which just barely made it. Nico Di Angelo, Perseus Jackson and Annabeth Chase. Now one would return. The tunnel was radiating darkness and evil. Power and darkness pulsating from the hole. The gods paled as they felt the evil come from the hole. Suddenly the power faltered and vanished from the throne room.

Zeus growled. "Perseus Jackson." He sneered, looking down on the demigod before him. "For traitorous attacks and heinous crimes against Mount Olympus and the demigods of both Camp Jupiter and Camp Half Blood you have been brought forth in front of the mighty Olympian council to hear for your crimes and be judged for punishment. Daughter, Athena would you like to start?" He asked. Athena nodded.

Percy looked straight at the grey orbs of power than emanated from the goddess of wisdom and battle strategy. She shifted uneasily from Percy's emotionless stare. Before she cleared her throat loudly and began. "Perseus Jackson son of Poseidon. You have been brought here to answer for your crimes. You've been a traitor all along. Working for Gaea secretly and waiting to help her destroy Olympus. Had it not been for my daughter and the other seven he would've succeeded and Olympus would be in ruins. During the final battle of the war with Gaea, we all thought he was a hero but in reality, when he realized they would lose Perseus switched sides and destroyed his own master to try and save his skin." She finished, her grey eyes and face full of anger and disgust at the demigod before her.

Percy instead of denying like everyone thought he would just stared into Athena's eyes. A soft voice lulling in his head.

Perseus Jackson, the gods fear you, they wish to throw you in Tartarus, and you cannot change that, when you land in the pit go to the Mansion of Night and I will help you, I swear by Chaos that I will help you Perseus Jackson and give you the life you rightfully deserve, however it will not come immediately. Choose, wander Tartarus forever or find me and earn the life you deserve. It is your choice.

Percy smiled at Athena, showing completely white teeth, shock overcame everyone's face as they looked at the demigod with wide eyes. "Your right Athena." He said, his voice completely without emotion. Gasps came from everyone's mouths. "I worked with Gaea. I wished to see Olympus fall for what they have done to other's no more was I to stand by and watch you cowards get away with your crimes, I will return and you will only survive if you change your ways." They all growled at him. Except Hestia, Apollo and Hermes.

"Council, who believes he is innocent?" Zeus asked, a hint of warning in his voice. Immediately Hestia, Apollo and Hermes raised their hands. Their eyes widened as they looked around the room, their eyes settled upon Poseidon and glared at him harshly. "All that believe he is guilty?" Zeus growled. Eleven hands raised in the air. Zeus and the others that hate Percy smiled.

"Perseus Jackson, you have been found guilty to the Olympian council, your punishment will be Tartarus, forever you shall rot in the pit, forever you shall be in eternal pain. Any last words?" He asked in a dangerously low voice. In reply the son of Poseidon smirked at Zeus. It seemed to be a smug smile and the immortals were immediately taken aback. Zeus raised his hands and electricity around Percy.

Percy felt immortal ichor course through his veins. The golden blood pushing the red blood from his body as he was starting to become completely immortal. He stared at Zeus defiantly as he became fully immortal. Zeus smiled smugly and looked at Poseidon, who's eyes were full of rage as he looked at his former favorite son. Before he could speak and try to disown his son, Percy snapped his fingers.

The gods looked at him warily until Zeus stood up and raised his weapon at the figure appearing. Until he looked confused. A African american girl around the age of thirteen appeared in the throne room a few feet to the left of Percy. The girl looked around and gave Percy a quick look of disgust before she bowed to Zeus' feet. "My lord why did you call me here?" She asked nervously.

Before the Olympians could speak, Percy looked at her and spoke. "They did not summon you here, I did." He said. Cries of outrage erupted throughout the throne room. The noise getting steadily louder and louder until Percy growled. "You asked me for my final words and I wish to give them to her and her alone. But you may watch." Before they could say anything Percy started to speak.

His voice low and dangerously deep. He spoke in a language that no one knew. They looked at him scared as shivers were sent down their spines. Suddenly a translation appeared in their heads, causing their eyes to widen and their jaws to drop. The language seemed older than the gods even older than the Titans themselves. The language seemed to have it's own power surged through the room in a powerful shock wave that sent the Olympians back in their thrones.

I, Perseus Jackson, son of Poseidon and Sally Jackson, hereby relinquish my connection to the seas to Hazel Levesque, daughter of Pluto and Marie Levesque, I give you my powers over the earth, horses, the seas and storms to you. Let the power over the sea wash away your curse and give you peace. Poseidon god of the seas I hereby disown you as my father and disown the rest of the gods and demigods as my family.

Percy finished, and everyone was staring at him in shock, their mouths wide open and eyes widened in disbelief. He smiled smugly as a sea green beam of light flowed out of his mouth. The beam of energy flowed into Hazel's mouth. A sudden sea green light enveloped both Percy and Hazel. Their appearances changing slightly.

Hazel's brown hair was now streaked with raven black locks intertwined with her brown ones. Her warm molten golden eyes now had a ring of sea green around them. The young girl was now strikingly beautiful, the looks of the sea matched perfectly with the looks of the Roman underworld. She felt a tingling inside her chest and she felt that her curse was no longer with her causing her to smile and look at Percy curiously, not understanding why the person she thought was her big brother and later betrayed her was now helping her.

Percy now had brown eyes like the Dirt which caused even more suspicious stares as they were now exactly like Gaea's. His raven black hair was still completely black. Only his eyes changed. Percy smirked as they continued to look at him in shock. Percy raised his hands and the chains exploded in metal fragments.

The gods immediately stood and raised their weapons towards the once son of the sea. Before they could fire their weapons Percy jumped forward and swan dived into the whole straight to Tartarus. Shock and disbelief spreading through them until they all shivered.

His cold laughter, the laughter of an insane, psychotic man filled the hole, echoing throughout the tunnel and sending the sound waves directly into the throne room. His laugh sending fear through the hearts of everyone in the room as Perseus Jackson fell into hell once more.

A dark purple light surrounded the entrance to Tartarus and the hole vanished from sight. The night that surrounded the earth finally lifted and the tension in Olympus left.

The same dark purple light surrounded the daughter of Pluto and now the most powerful demigoddess to ever live, causing her to vanish from the throne room. Hades stood up in alert but was cut off as Apollo stood from his throne. The god of prophecies eyes started to glow green as green mist poured from his mouth. The Oracle of Delphi had taken control of him.

The ancient raspy voice of the Oracle spoke through him in a voice that seemed to echo three times. The green mist formed an image. The green mist formed the huge city of Olympus. In front of the Empire State building and below the city of Olympus a six foot six warrior in all black stood in front of the building. In his hand was a pure black ten foot long javelin.

The only thing you could see about the man was the silver flash of his eyes under the dark light. He had a foot on a young girl his javelin raised. The image zoomed in on the girl and Artemis gasped. The girl had long silky black hair and volcanic black eyes. It was her former lieutenant Zoe Nightshade.

The image turned back to the man as he looked at the gods of Olympus. Confusion spread as the Oracle did not speak as it should have, instead it was a deep and dark voice that filled the gods with fear and sent shivers up their spines.

The Abyss and Darkness shall Rise

Starting the Beginning of Olympus' Demise

Two Shall Return From Death

To Keep the Heroes From Their Final Breath

The Prince of Night Shall Lose His Way

And Return with the Help of Night and Day

They Shall Save the World Without Thinking of The Cost

Or The World and Hope Shall Be Lost

The Sixth Age Shall Begin

And There is No Way Olympus Shall Win

The figure in the image turned away from the gods and Artemis' eyes widened before she screamed. The man plunged his pure black javelin into Zoe' chest. The girls volcanic black eyes widened as pure black flames wrapped around her. She screamed in agony as her body faded away and the man smiled evilly at the Olympians one more time before the image shattered and faded.

The Throne room was in complete an utter silence. The green light in his eyes died as Apollo slumped into his throne. Everyone staring at him in shock, unable to comprehend what they just saw.

Percy laughed evilly as he could feel the cold dark wind whip around his face. After a long while his laughter died as he felt the dark light get a little brighter. Percy's grin threatened to split his face as he fell towards the dark black river below him.

The former son of Poseidon grinned as he looked below. The River Lethe flowing below him. His muddy eyes didn't feel fear or anything but he knew he was going to die or lose his memories. He no longer had any connection to the sea as he gave it up to Hazel. Percy felt liquid on his face as he passed through one of the red clouds of Tartarus. He touched his face in the air.

Blood, red blood, but who's. He didn't think of it any longer as his eyes widened. Of course, he was immortal now, the fall wouldn't kill him but it would make him a useless paraplegic immortal like Hephaestus. His brown eyes closed as he waited for the impact to the ground.

Percy didn't feel the shadows and purple light surround him. All of a sudden he appeared on the skin of Tartarus. He opened his brown eyes. For some reason he wasn't that shocked that he was unharmed.

Percy remembered the soft beautiful voice that spoke to him in the throne room of Olympus. Go to the Mansion of Night. How would he get there. Percy felt a soft tingling in his head. As if the Mansion of Night was permanently etched in his brain and was now a permanent part of him. He knew exactly where to go in the depths of Tartarus and knew exactly who he was going to see.

Nyx, last time she was trying to kill him and her. Why would she help him now? Percy walked through the barren wasteland of Tartarus, the effects of Tartarus would not hurt him because he was now immortal. Every monster he saw would cower away from him in fear. He smirked at their faces. He made his way towards the Mansion of Night.

Perseus walked on the broken glass of Tartarus' skin. The ground crunching under his feet as made his way towards the Cliff. He felt in his head that he was about half way to the place when he was shoved roughly from the side, like someone walked into him. Percy fell to the ground, the glass embedding in his palms as he pushed himself up and turned to the man who walked into him. He turned to see nothing but darkness. When a voice echoed around him in the darkness of Tartarus.

You shall not go against me Perseus Jackson or you and those you love will perish.

All of a sudden a new prophecy sprouted to his head. The next great prophecy. This one made him a lot more nervous that the last two. He had a feeling something bad will happen to him. But what? He shook his head and continued towards his destination.

Percy found his way to a cliff. The cliff that led into the Mansion of Night and below into Chaos. Percy walked to the edge and looked down into Chaos and the entrance to the Mansion. "Perseus." A voice said. The same voice that was in his head. Percy turned to see the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She had lush raven black hair and beautiful midnight purple eyes that went along with her beautiful curves and magnificent clothes.

Percy smiled at the deity of Night. "Nyx is has been awhile." Nyx nodded. Nyx looked at him with her purple eyes. "Why would you help me?" He asked curiously. Nyx looked nervous.

"I wish to be your mother, I will not be unfaithful to my husband but I wish to have someone to be close to. I love my children but they all have duties and never see me. So Percy would you like to be my son?" She asked nervously. Percy smiled.

"I would love to become your son, mother." He finished. Nyx beamed with happiness and smiled at him. She raised her hand and a purple glow surrounded Percy. Percy fell to a knee and looked at his new mother. His eyes now exactly like hers Midnight purple that glowed with power and confidence.

Nyx pulled Percy into a bone crushing hug. "I love you my son, Perseus, son of Nyx and the Prince of Night."

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