Chapter 1

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Summary: 20-year-old Anastasia Steele and her two-year-old daughter have to go on the run. The only place she can think of to go to is Seattle. What happens when she meets the mysteriousChristian Grey? Will he accept her daughter and protect them from the man that wants to hurt them or will he leave them where he found them?

Ana's POV:

I heard the door slam. Rosie looked up from her coloring book and I gave her a small smile. She jumped when Adrian walked in and grabbed me by my arm.

"Ow! Adrian, you're hurting me!" I whimpered in pain.

"Where the fuck is my dinner? And I told you I wanted that little brat in bed," he growled, pointing at Rosie.

Adrian was Rosie's father. I was 18 when he got me pregnant and he was 22. He wasn't like this until Rosie turned 1. My dad, Ray, warned me about men like Adrian but I didn't listen to him because I was too naive to believe him. It was the worst mistakeof my life but I would never ever regret Rosie. She was the only reason I had to live for.

"Adrian, please. It's only 5 o' clock," I tried to calm down. "I thought you had to work late..."

He slapped me so hard I fell to the kitchen floor. Rosie started punching Adrian's leg, screaming,

"Stop hitting Mommy!"

Then Adrian did the worst thing possible. He slapped Rosie har d across the face and pushed her to the ground. I shielded her with my body. Adrian could hit me all he wanted but I would be damned before I let him place a hand on my daughter.

"Don't touch her!" I snapped at him.

He smirked and said, "I will do whatever the hell I want to do. When I come back, my dinner better be ready and the little brat should be asleep. If not, I will show you exactly how crazy I can get."

Adrian walked out and slammed the door behind him. Rosie was crying. I brought her into my lap and rubbed her back, soothingly.I was not going to let Adrian control my life anymore. He was not going to hit Rosie and expect me to stay. I am not going to be pushed around anymore. Especially not in front of my daughter. This was not the environment I wanted her to be exposed to.

"Listen to me, baby," I looked into Rosie's big, blue eyes that she got from me. "We're going to leave before Daddy comes back so I need you to pack your things, okay?"

"Otay, Mommy," she said and I carried her up to my room.

While I packed her clothes, she packed her toys into her Winx Club backpack. When she was done, I packed up my things in a duffel bag and took the 500 dollars I saved up. The engagement ring Adrian gave me could easily be pawned for 9,000 so that could hold us off for a while in a hotel. Or I could go to Seattle. It was the safest place. My sister was there. She didn't know about Rosie but I was sure she would give us a place to stay.

5 hours later, I ended up outside her apartment door. Rosie was fast asleep in my arms. I hesitated before knocking on her door three times. It was five minutes before the door opened and she started ranting.

"Who the hell is knocking on my-" she stopped when saw it was me. "Ana?'

"Hey, Kate."

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