Chapter 26

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Ana POV:

It was the night of my bachelorette party, which we were holding at the house. Rosie was at a sleepover. The guys were throwing Christian a bachelor party at a hotel in downtown Seattle, which I didn't mind at all. But, I made sure that he knew very well that no strippers were allowed. I'd be damned before an almost-naked woman was jumping out of a cake and shaking her behind in my future husband's face. Christian and I were standing at the door, my arms wrapped around my neck, his around my waist, kissing like there was no tomorrow. One of his hands slipped down to squeeze my ass and I squealed into his mouth, giggling. He was ridiciulous.

"Don't grope my daughter in front of me, Grey," the moment I heard my dad's voice, we broke apart, looking like two kids who got caught doing something they shouldn't be.

"Hi, Daddy," I smiled, hugging him. "Don't hurt my husband, physically, tonight. OK?"

Christian shook his head and my dad nodded,

"I'll try not to."

Kate, Mia, Grace, Alison, Callie (Ros' wife), Gail and Elizabeth, a friend of Kate's who was actually really sweet. I liked her. We were going to make this a party. Of course, we had to have nonalcoholic drinks because Kate was pregnant, and she still had yet to tell Elliot, but we were still going to have fun. Jay clapped a hand on Christian's shoulder.

"Time to go, buddy!" he put him in a headlock.

Those two acted like little kids when they were together. Actually, all of them did. After saying goodbye, I went upstairs to see what the girls had in store for me, clothes-wise. We were staying in-house, but that didn't mean we couldn't dress up. And Grace and Mia were responsible for the food, so they had not gotten here yet. A sleeveless dress with a white top and shimmery gold, fitted skirt was laid out on the bed with equally shimmery gold shoes, like I was going out into a club or something (A/N: I know I'm bad at describing things, that's why I have a pinterest, bear with me please).

"Don't you think that's a bit too dressy?" I questioned, tilting my head to the side.

"Of course not. Just put it on," Kate shoved the dress at me.

Rolling my eyes, I went into the bathroom and obeyed. After putting the dress on, Alison made my hair all wavy and Elizabeth did my makeup. By the time they were done, I had to admit, I looked pretty hot. Since I became a mom, my appearance hadn't been my first priority, making sure my baby was OK had been. With Adrian, he had just wanted me to satisfy him. He didn't care how I looked. At the end of the day, I had to make sure his dinner was on the table and that Rosie wouldn't get in his way. But, I wasn't going to think about that. Not on the night of my bachelorette party. Adrian wasn't a quarter of the man Christian was and I was the luckiest woman in the world to have him by my side. Not every man was willing to take care of a single mother and her child. My father taught me to never depend on a man for anything but Christian...he gave me someone to lean on. I could depend on him to keep Rosie and I safe. And I couldn't wait for him to see his wedding gift that Taylor was helping me with.

"You look hot!" grinned Alison. "If I was a lesbian, I would totally bang you."

"Alison!" I felt my cheeks on fire. "You are ridiculous."

She shrugged, laughing. We headed downstairs and I nodded, impressed, when I saw that they had games laid out and food. Grace walked over to me witha headband that matched my dress with the word "bride" on it. I smiled as she put it on my hair. They had really went all out for me and I truly appreciated it. These women were one of the many reasons my present was a hundred times better than my past.

"Take your drink," Mia handed me a gold bottle of champagne (also matching my dress; I'm starting to see a theme) with a pink ribbon tying a straw to it.

I laughed, "Thanks, Mia...Thank you all. Really. I appreciate it."

"Stop with the mushy stuff. It is time for us to have fun and turn up!" Elizabeth said, excitedly.

Wow. She was ready. I had to wonder if she already had a little something to drink. Either way, I had a good feeling we were going to have some fun.

Christian POV:

The men and I went to Fairmount Olympic Hotel, since the girls had taken over my house. But, it was all good. As long as Ana was having fun, it didn't matter to me. She deserved a break. Don't get me wrong, we loved our baby girl to death, but she was a handful. And, the fact that she was at a sleepover, gave her a chance to make new friends. Here I was, at my bachelor party, and I was so busy thinking about my girls. But, it was instinct. I didn't think that would ever change. Especially when Ana and I decided to expand our family.

"I don't get why we couldn't hire strippers," grunted Elliot, a little angry.

"Do you want me to get a divorce before I even get married?" I shot my brother a look at the same time Ray did.

Ray cleared his throat, "And what would my Katie think about that?"

Oh shit. He didn't know that Elliot and Kate were having problems. And I knew he didn't know Kate was pregnant. Ana told me so. Hopefully, we could keep tempers from rising during my party. It was small. Just Elliot, Jay, Ros, Taylor, Sawyer, Ray and I. Taylor and Sawyer may be my security, but they were still my friends. I appreciated everything they did for me and my family. Risking their lives to protect us.

"Look, Ray-" started Elliot.

"There's no strippers. We agreed on that. Right, Elliot?" I shot my brother a warning look.

He just took his gift (a jar of mini bottles of alcohol, which Jay came up with) and started taking shots. Before Ray could say anything, Ros grabbed some cards and suggested for us to play poker. I couldn't think of a better idea, so we sat around the table. Ros was considered one of the guys and she told me that she fit in more with the bachelor party than the bachelorette party, so I invited her. And she was one of my groomsmen, of course. I've known the woman since I built GEH.

"Of course," he muttered.

So, we gambled. As wealthy men did. We threw money on the table like it was nothing, which it wasn't. A few thousand dollars here and there. And I had to admit, Ray was damn good at taking our money, sweeping us out the first couple of times. Ana told me that he might do that but I either overestimated my skills or underestimated Ray. (A/N: I have no idea how to play poker so I'm sorry that it isn't more descriptive). But, I was growing tired of Elliot moping around, ruining my bachelor party. Standing, I gestured for by brother to step outside of the room with me. We went down to the alley in the back of the hotel and Elliot lit a cigarette. I used to smoke cigars, but Ana hated them and she didn't want them around Rosie. So, I caved.

"Don't look at me like that," scoffed Elliot.

"Look at you like what?" I questioned.

"Like I'm a fucking wreck. Like you pity me. Well, guess what? I don't need your fucking pity and I think that I'd rather spend my time with strippers than hear about your perfect wife or daughter that isn't even yours-" Elliot began to snap.

I cut him off before he could even finish his last sentence, "Don't bring Ana or Rosie into this. The only person pitying you is you. Get your head out of your ass long enough to get your shit together and realize that Kate is pregnant!"

My brother's eyes widened and he straightened. Damn it. I promised Ana I wouldn't say anything about Kate's pregnancy. But, the way Elliot was acting, someone needed to tell him something. He was my brother and I loved him, but I was tired of Ana and I have to play the go-between for them. They were adults and it wasn't even about them anymore. It was about them giving the best life to that baby that they were having together. Lord knows all of us had to pray it worked. If things ended for Kate and Elliot, there was no doubt in my mind that it would affect my marriage before it even started. Yeah, maybe that was selfish. But, I had my own family to worry about. The last thing Rosie needed was for people to keep coming in and out of her life. I didn't want to be one of them.

"She's pregnant?" Elliot breathed, heavily.

"Yeah, she is," I confirmed and Elliot doubled over, emptyiing his stomach, narrowly missing my Italian leather shoes.

I just hoped telling him wouldn't be what messed up Ana and I.

Ana POV:

The next morning, I woke up stretched across the sofa, still dressed up and head pounding. We got really drunk last night, bottles of alcohol littering the floor. Our whole night was spent playing games, even the dirty bachelorette ones. At first, I didn't want to play that game with my future mother-in-law arounnd. But, Grace was way more cool with it than I ever could have expected. I laughed more than I ever had before, in my life. It was the best bachelorette party I could have ever asked for. Yeah, there were no male strippers or whatever, but I didn't need all of that to have fun.

Yawning, I sat up and saw the others also laying around on the other furniture of the living room. I made my way upstairs to take a shower and some Tylenol before changing into a loose fitting, white T-shirt and grey joggers, while remaning barefoot. When I went back downstairs, Gail was already in the kitchen.

"Do you ever take a break?" I laughed, shaking my head as I helped myself to a cup of fresh coffee.

"I did. Yesterday," insisted Gail.

The food smelled amazing. Gail knew how to make hangover food, according to Christian. And now she was making what looked like a loaded breakfast skillet. Eventually, the rest of the girls started waking up, taking their showers and changing before joining us in the kitchen.

"This is amazing, Gail," Grace insisted.

It was. I could feel it working already. I don't know how she did it, but she was a Godsend. After breakfast, there was a knock at the door and I went to go get it before Gail could even move. Rosie was standing there, with Mrs. Mason, the mother of the little girl whom's house she slept over at. She, immediately, jumped into my arms.

"Hey, baby!" I missed her so much, as I kissed her on the cheek.

"Hi, Mama," she wrapped her little arms around my neck.

I looked back at Mrs. Mason, "Thank you again."

"No. Rosie was an absolute pleasure to have," insisted Mrs. Mason. "Becca would love for her to come back soon."

Becca was a girl in Rosie's gymnastics class. The two were inseparable. I loved that my baby had a new best friend. It was the most adorable thing in the world.

"I'm open to it. And, if you also want me to take Becca off of your hands for a night, I don't mind," I offered.

We agreed to set up another date soon, which made Rosie excited to see her friend again. After Mrs. Mason left, I took Rosie's jacket off and put her bookbag by the door.

"Did you have fun, honey?" I asked as I led her toward the living room, where the rest of the women were.

"Yes!" answered Rosie, enthusiastically, making me laugh. "Where Daddy?"

"Daddy is with Uncle Elliot and Grandpa and his friends," I explained.

I would have to talk to her about maybe having a little brother. (A/N: Most of you guessed what Ana's wedding gift was going to be so great job!). Taylor promised he would look into us possibly adopting Baby Doe. I couldn't believe that the mother didn't even care enough to name him. It just felt so cold calling him that. And Christian was right. No, we couldn't save every child. But, the thought of that little boy going into foster care or being put up for adoption with no guarantee that anyone would take broke my heart. Christian adopted Rosie, which he absolutely didn't have to do. I wanted our family to be complete. Yeah, we would probably have more kids, but Baby Doe already kind of felt like ours.

"There's my niecey!" Kate grinned, holding her arms open for Rosie.

"Auntie Kate!" Rosie ran into her arms.

The other women immediately started cooing over Rosie, who loved the attention, of course. It was like she had always been a Grey. And, as I watched them, I came to terms with the fact that I couldn't have a better family than this one. It may be makeshift and mismatched, but those were the best families. The ones that weren't perfect, but, the ones that understood that families fought and grew from it, instead of letting it tear them apart. Well, as long as Kate and Elliot made up that is.

Unknown POV:

HE was getting ready for the biggest day of his life. A day I could have had. A day I should have had. Little did he know, it would be the most tragic day of his life. He wouldn't get away from me again. Maybe I would die. I probably would. Knowing Christian Grey, he would have security everywhere to secure his so-called "family." But, someone was always telling me that God put us on this Earth for a reason. Maybe my reason for living was to get rid of the devil. To get rid of the man that had no feelings for anyone that he didn't care enough to know. I was tired of being walked over and treated like I was nothing. I was NOT the scum of the Earth, like he wanted me to be. Or like he thought I was.

But, I knew one thing for sure: Christian Grey will regret the day he ever met me.

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