Author's Note:

This story has its origins in 2014 when I was asked to write a Hobbit fanfiction set as a highschool AU, and I thought it would be fun to mix several fandoms - and that's how Thorin and my original character, Wren ended up as students in Hogwarts. As mad as that idea seemed to me at the time, it worked! The story was a blast!

Later I was distracted by a different story, and Thorin Durinson and Wren O'Leary were abandoned in the middle of their angsty teen drama. And then I decided to write a sequel, which was published here on Wattpad for a while. He became Alistair Greyling, and her name was Sybella Brennan.

And now that sequel has become an independent Kindle novel titled Mundane Magic. All Potterverse references have been weeded out of its text, although a few of terms and concepts that I've used in my world building are a nod - and a wink - to the original material. For example, the Aurors became DAWN officers, and my Mages travel by the spell-tube. I hope you enjoy the humour!

Mundane Magic is available on Kindle since September 15th.

There's also a story titled Magical Together on my Wattpad page (Katya Kolmakov) that you can read for free - the sequel to Mundane Magic - and in it we'll see how Sybella and Alistair will survive - or not - the life in a committed relationship. The horror! :)

And lastly, all the chapters in Magical Together are titled with the names of the songs by artist Lenka. In 2013 when I was just taking my first steps in my writing journey, I ran into her song Everything at Once, and it seemed like the perfect theme song for my original character Wren, at the time a beloved of Thorin Oakenshield. Times changed, I changed, and so did Wren. I re-discovered Lenka a few weeks ago, and she's my 'life soundtrack' at the moment. I think her songs fit Sybella and Alistair's story. You can find my playlist on Spotify, if you're curious. I'll be adding links to videos to the chapter, where available.

That's all for now, my lovelies! I hope you enjoy and consider buying the first book on Kindle!

Love xx