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Did you ever have one thing.

One thing that meant the world to you.

One treasure.


Worth more than life itself.

So hard to obtain.

And you didn't know you had it until it was too late.

But what if time could be changed.

Back to that one day.

And you could change one thing.

Without even knowing.

That would let you keep your treasure.?


Seto didn't like the people who came by. He didn't like lining up with the other children in hopes that some rich family would take pity on him and adopt him.

Unless they wanted Mokuba too.

The young brunette, who's eyes made even the rarest of sapphires jealous, didn't care about anyone but his brother. The two had been inseparable. Many families had wanted Seto himself, but none had wanted them both.

And then there had been the runaways. Children who had left their warm beds and their cozy homes in search of something better. What a disappointment. Seto hated them all. They were all pathetic.

Especially the blonde one. The blonde runaway with the amber eyes. He had come with his sister, a darling young girl with reddish-brown hair and hazel colored eyes. He was friendly. Kind. Cheerful.


Yet there had been that time. That one time when Seto had been on his way to the lineup. The boy and his sister had hidden again. One time, he might have overlooked them. One time, he might have left them there.

This wasn't that time.

He glared, a threatening look that promised he would call an adult over and the two could get kicked out of the orphanage.

The boy glared back, but his sister complied. She stood, her small hand clasping his. She bowed respectively, while he simply glared.

The three went outside, where a man was looking over Mokuba. Seto rushed forward and wrapped his arms around his younger brother, and the man left. The lineup ended, and all the children went back to the orphanage. A group of boys surrounded Seto and his brother. Seto was losing the fight.

If he had stayed inside, he might not have been able to help. If Seto hadn't dragged him out there, he would have never been there. But he was. The blonde rushed forward to help, while the young redhead stay back. The fight ended with Seto and the boy back to back, barely scratched. The man had seen.

He came back, hovering over them. "What's your name?"

Seto bowed. "Seto. And my brother is Mokuba."

The man caught the way Seto lingered with his brother, and the way he introduced them. He looked to the blonde boy next. "And you?"

The boy shifted, his sister coming to his side.

"Katsuya Jounouchi. And my sister, Katsuya Shizuka."

The man nodded, walking to the orphanage. A moment of silence passed between the children.

"I didn't ask for your help, you weak puppy."

"Good, because if ya had, I wouldn't have saved yer butt!"

Mokuba tugged on Seto's pant leg, and the young boy sighed. "But thank you anyway."

Jounouchi scoffed. "It's no problem."

The man exited the orphanage, carrying a small suitcase and a few papers. He walked to his limo, then turned to them. "Follow me."

All four froze. They had been adopted.


Jounouchi and Seto were to share a room. They had pushed the other away, constantly insulting each other, until one night at dinner, when the man they had been instructed to call 'father' struck Mokuba for not wanting to eat his vegetables.

Seto and Jounouchi stood in front of him, taking whatever blow was intended for the younger boy. Shizuka shrank back in fear, watching the two get beaten in horror. It had been that reason that she and her brother had run away in the first place.

It was after dinner that Seto and Jounouchi dragged themselves up to their room. Shizuka and Mokuba followed, neither wanting to return to their own room. In the end, Jounouchi had shared his bed with his sister and Seto had shared his bed with his brother.

Both boys were wide awake.

"I didn't ask for your help, you weak puppy."

"Good, because if ya had I wouldn't have saved yer butt!"

Seto smiled. An actual smile. "Thank you anyway."

"No problem." Jounouchi smiled back.


Maybe in another time.

Maybe the runaways hadn't been there to be found by their parents the next day...

Maybe Seto hadn't cared that they had been there.

Maybe in another time.

Maybe it wasn't that other time.

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