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Chapter 2: Porridge and Owl Post.

        "What /is/ this?" Megan asked, poking the breakfast pudding with her fork.

        "I've told you at least eight times since school started," Hermione replied, "It's /pudding/!"

        "Well it doesn't look very much like pudding to me!  It looks more like mystery meat; with out the meat!  I think I'll stick with the oatmeal." She said, reaching for the porridge.

        "You mean porridge??"

        "In America, we call it oatmeal."

        Harry and Ron then came in and sat down next to the two girls.

        "Geez guys," Megan teased, "Did you sleep long enough?  Class starts in /fifteen/ minutes!"

        "Don't remind me," Ron moaned, "I haven't even finished all my homework.  That was the /longest/ game of wizard's chess I have ever played in my life!"

        He and Harry then began to shove eggs, sausage, and toast down their throats in record time.

        "You guys are such pigs!" Megan said, laughing.

        "Mmmf." Ron grunted.

        Neville Longbottom came over to where they were sitting, looking quite frantic.

        "Hermione," He said in a high, anxious voice, "Will you help me with my Potions homework?  I can't remember the last ingredient for the Forgetfulness Potion!"

        "Kingsfoil." Hermione replied.

        "Oh, right.  Thanks Hermione!" Neville then walked back to where he had been sitting before.

        "Yeah, thanks Hermione!" Ron said, quickly jotting down the information.  "Harry, did you do the Divination homework?"

        Yeah, here it is." Harry said, handing a piece of parchment to Ron, who began to copy it down.

        "Mail's here." Hermione annonced as hundreds of owls flew into the Great Hall.  Megan received three letters, presumably from her American friends.  She seemed to recognize all three owls, petting them, and calling them by their names.

        One last owl swooped down and dropped an envelope in front of Hermione.  It was made of plain parchment, and there was no writing on the front.  With a trembling hand, she picked it up and turned it over.  On the back was a plain, black, wax seal bearing the Hogwarts crest, exactly like the love letter she had received two days earlier.

        "Hey Hermione," said Ron, "What does your letter say?"

        "I don't know," Hermione replied, "I haven't read it yet.  I'm going to class."  She then got up and headed out of the Great Hall.

        "But Hermione," Ron called to her, as she walked out the door, "Class doesn't start for another seven minutes!"


        Hermione arrived at Professor McGonagall's classroom with five minutes until her Transfiguration class began.  No one, not even Professor McGonagall, was there yet.  Perfect.  She could read her note in private.

        She carefully opened it, and found that it, like the other note, was made up of letters cut out of the Daily Prophet.  It read as follows:

   Dear Hermione,

Roses are Red, Violets are blue,  Einstein was brilliant,

and so are you.((A/N: lover boy's a real poet, huh?))  I'll

give you a clue to who I am: I'm in the 5th year.  I'll give

you more clues later.


Your Secret Admirer

        "Hey 'Moine," Megan said, bounding into the classroom, "What's it say?"

        Hermione showed her the note.

        "Another one?  Hey, maybe its /Neville/!  After all, he did ask for your help with his homework."

        "Megan, /everyone/ asks for my help with their homework.  Well, except for you.  And the Slytherins."

        "Well, it's a thought." Megan said, taking a seat next to Hermione as other fifth years filed in the classroom.