He'd had better days, Ozpin reflected idly. Earlier today, he'd had to finish the rosters for the second semester, and now…he had expected Port to tell him that he'd gotten no news, that the rest of the world was still covered in Grimm, with only the known strongholds of humanity standing out. Instead, he'd sent a rather…bewildering report, and was now standing in his office accompanied by a tall, older man with a clipped beard in a massive trench coat, with khaki pants and a light shirt.

Ozpin glanced over his spectacles at Port, before sighing and picking up his coffee. "You're absolutely certain?"

"Yes." The professor rumbled. "This island was completely free of Grimm. They had their own school, dedicated to training their own hunters. In fact, they believed that the rest of the world had been overwhelmed themselves."

"That part I can understand…." Ozpin sighed. "This part about their…Semblances having evolved?"

"That's what the professor I asked to come with me said." Port shrugged. "That the Semblance was a stepping stone towards the real power of Aura…a reflection of the user's own soul."

That was when the second man stepped forward, grinning genially and extending his hand. "Ozpin, was it?"

"You are correct." The headmaster said, taking the man's hand in his own and wincing. That was a significantly stronger grip than he'd anticipated. "Tell me, professor…Joestar, was it?"

The man's grin somehow grew wider as he nodded. "Joseph Joestar, yes."

"Of course." Ozpin said absent-mindedly. "Tell me…why did you come?"

"Well." Joseph shrugged, grin fading. "I understand your students and even your professors are expected to fight Grimm using only their Semblance?"

"Along with their extensive weapon training and physical abilities." Ozpin said, slightly defensively. He didn't like the suggestion that he was endangering his students. Joseph shrugged.

"Sorry if I offended you. I brought one of my school's teams – four of our best and brightest – here in an exchange program, to better integrate with the newly discovered world!" Joseph grinned. "Why, my own grandson is on it!"

"We're grateful that you're taking this revelation so well." Ozpin agreed. "However, you said that you were here to teach as well?"

"I have to teach you how to defend yourselves. All of you." Joseph shrugged. "I'll teach you how to evolve your power…"

Ozpin carefully put his coffe down and glanced at him. "Yes, this evolved Semblance that Port mentioned. What did you call it?"

"It's called a Stand." Joseph said, extending his hand. "Hermit Purple!"

A chain of purple, thorny vines snapped out of his sleeve and wrapped around Ozpin's cup, yanking it into Joseph's hand. The older man kept a perfect grin on his face as he slowly drank the coffee, making an appreciative sound.

"That's good coffee." He admitted, putting it down again. Ozpin's eye twitched slightly in annoyance. "Now, you're going to say…'when do you start?'"

"When do you-" How on earth did he do that?! "…is that another power of your Stand?"

"Oh, no, I just do that." Joseph chuckled. "Still, this semester, hopefully. Sorry if it's hard to fit into your schedule!"

With that, Joseph turned to leave, clapping Port on the shoulder and leaving us to it. Port shook his head.

"He's a friendly sort, but a bit overwhelming." He admitted. I nodded in quiet agreement, glancing down at the four young men on the helipad, waiting for their teacher's return.

"Tell me…what do you know about this team?"

"They're the best that their academy had raised." Port shrugged. "I saw their leader in action myself, the one in the long coat. He took out a Death Stalker in mere moments with his Stand, I've never seen anything like it."

"…if we can teach our students to unlock these Stands…" Ozpin said slowly. "…we may just get an advantage. Thank you, Port. I need to make a personal call."

Qrow would want to hear about this. Port nodded and left the room, leaving Ozpin to stare at the roster for the submitted team.

"Team JOJO…" He muttered. It was strange, how their nation didn't follow their regular colour naming patterns, although he supposed it made sense. "Jotaro Kujo, Giorno Giovanna, Josuke Higashitaka and Guido Mista…interesting."

He'd have to check the files on their abilities later. Right now, all it mentioned was the name of their 'stands'. Star Platinum, Gold Experience, Crazy Diamond and Sex Pistols…there was something strange happening here.

Some powerful new players had been added onto the side of the angels…but things didn't just get better without cause. Ozpin suddenly felt very, very certain that in order for this to happen, the side of the demons must have had some kind of boost.

He didn't know how right he was. Hundreds of miles away, in a base filled with White Fang terrorists, Roman Torchwick found an old, rotting casket floating through an underground river. The only word on it?


STAND - Hermit Purple

USER - Joseph Joestar

Destructive PowerDSpeedCRangeDDurabilityAPrecisionDDevelopmental PotentialE

Other Powers: Psychic Photography. By attaching Hermit Purple to a camera, Joseph Joestar can print a photo of something potentially miles away. If linked to a TV, it can produce live psychic broadcasts that allow communication as well.

Jotaro Kujo was not having a good day.

First, he'd been reluctantly seperated from his own friends - no matter how little he outwardly seemed to care for them - and sent on a plane with a group of people he hardly knew (and, in one case, had a rather strained personal relationship with - Josuke was technically his half-uncle), but know he was trying to eat, in a cafeteria full of people staring at them, whispering about their purpose.

Why couldn't they have waited until after the assembly to try and eat?

"I can't eat this!" Guido whined, pushing his food away. His odd manner of clothing, skullcap with blue arrow especially, had drawn him all sorts of looks - as had the fact that he was the only one of the four apparently armed, a revolver hanging at his waist. "There's four things on it! What, does the cook want me to die or something?"

"Nobody wants you to die, Guido." Giorno sighed. His purple suit was fairly normal, by their standards - except for the heart-shaped hollow above his zipper. His blonde hair had been braided, with three rolls at the front standing out. Of everyone at this table, Giorno was the one that made Jotaro nervous the most. He wasn't sure if he could take him in a fight, and everyone knew who HIS ancestor had been.

Josuke's purple pompadour bobbed next to them. "Yeah! If you don't want it, I'll have one part! Then you'll only have three to choose from!"

Guido thought about this for a few seconds, then nodded in agreement. Josuke, grinning, impaled his steak on his fork and dropped it on his own plate, leaving Mista with broccoli, potatoes and carrots.

"HEY! What are you trying to pull!"

"You said I could take one part, right?" Josuke grinned, cutting into the steak. Mista opened and closed his mouth a few times, before sighing in defeat and slumping back in his chair, Giorno patting his back comfortingly.

"It's alright, Guido. Next time just don't ask for any carrots."

The gunslinger let out a low whine as Jotaro shook his head and returned to his own meal.

This was their introduction to the school at large, and as far as they go, it was fairly normal. Well, up until Cardin decided to vent some of his frustrated curiosity on Velvet, yanking at her ears again and - somehow - blaming it on her. Coco saw this and stalked towards him, but one other person - who was closer - stood up.

"Please let her go." Josuke said politely. Cardin glanced at him.

"Hey, pal. You're new around here, so let me give you some advice - you take your stupid haircut somewhere else, and I'll do what I want, got it?"

The temperature in the room seemed to drop several centigrade, and as one the rest of Team JOJO sank their heads into their hands.

"Shit." Guido muttered. Josuke's eye twitched.

"I'm sorry...what did you just say about my hair?"

Cardin, despite his faults, was not a complete coward. "I said it was stupid! You got a problem with tha-"


"Oh, hell." Jotaro cursed under his breath as Josuke's Stand manifested. A powerfully built humanoid, in fragmented light blue armor over pink muscles with a tall, flat-topped helmet rose up next to him. Cardin had a moment to blink in surprise before the first - and last - punch was thrown.


Cardin Winchester was a first-year student, with fairly high combat grades. Josuke Higashitaka was one of the best students that the Joestar Academy had ever produced, and was master of a particularly powerful Stand. Beacon Academy's walls were designed to withstand most impacts from training.

The walls did not withstand the Cardin-shaped impact. Josuke smirked. "Don't come back! Asshole..."

The room stared at them in shock, and Jotaro took off his hat to run a hand through his hair. "Yare, yare daze..."

An ordinary introduction, completely ruined. Well, this was off to a good start.

A/N: probably me hitting Maximum Nerd, really. Oh well.

For the JoJo uninitiated - a Stand is a reflection of your soul, that manifests near you and can do...stuff. It's really hard to narrow them down beyond that, because there's all kinds of crazy shit that they can do. Foo Fighters is a stand that animates a mass of algae into a humanoid form, for god's sake.

Despite the tone of this prologue, the story will be mostly RWBY focused - which is why it's set in the world of Remnant rather than the JoJo-verse. Assume that all backstories for JoJo characters are, to a point, correct - and then they joined the Joestar Academy (set up in remembrance of Jonathan Joestar and his death battle with Dio Brando, located on what was previously known as the 'Last Island' - this has proven to be an incorrect name, and will be changed in the future). Here's the fixed character bios:

Professor Joseph Joestar: Grandson of Jonathan Joestar, and one of the Joestar Academy's main teachers. One of the few remaining masters of Hamon, a more primitive form of manipulating Aura into killing the undead -with the undead's extinction following Dio's supposed death, it fell out of use. Quick to joke, smarter than he looks and somewhat irritating. His stand is Hermit Purple, which has very little combat application.

Jotaro Kujo: Joseph Joestar's grandson, protagonist of Part 3: Stardust Crusaders. A stoic, honorable but somewhat delinquent student, Jotaro's stand is Star Platinum - incredibly fast, strong, durable and precise, with a yet-to-be-unlocked ability of devastating power.

Giorno Giovanna: A distant relative of both the Joestar family and the Brandos, he was seen as a black sheep despite his kind and caring nature. Wants to find out the identity of the mysterious 'Boss' of Passione, a terrorist group from the same island as the Joestar Academy. His stand is Gold Experience - again, strong and fast, with the ability to imbue an object with 'life'. This is a lot scarier than it sounds.

Josuke Higashitaka: Joseph's illegitimate son from later in life, a kind boy who models himself after a mysterious stranger who saved his life as a child, right down to his hairstyle. Do not mock his hairstyle, it ends badly. His stand is Crazy Diamond, which is almost as powerful as Star Platinum while having the ability to repair objects on contact - he uses this creatively.

Guido Mista: A petty thief who joined Joestar Academy with the idea of robbing it blind. He met Bruno Buccelati, a senior, who put him on the right path instead. Fairly helpful to strangers in need, and completely paranoid of the number Four. His stand, Sex Pistols, is six (except numbered 1 through 7, missing 4) imps roughly the size of a bullet who can merge with his revolver, guiding his bullets and doing other actions that small, flying imps would be useful for.

Later chapters will be longer, this is just the plot bunnies attacking me and needing to get something out so I could convince myself to just go to freakin' bed already.