Chapter 3

The First Day of Marriage

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As Elincia stirred from her slumber, a sense of déjà vu became apparent. When she opened her eyes, she realized why she felt this way. It was the same as the morning after she met Atem. However, there were differences. First: she was fully clothed in her pajamas. Second: she was pregnant. Of course, when she woke up that day, she had conceived the night prior. So perhaps the second difference didn't count, save for the fact that she was in bed willingly and sober, not to mention she was already carrying her child.

The third difference was the most significant: she was married to the man in bed with her.

After obtaining her glasses and wedding ring from the nightstand next to the bed, Elincia looked over her shoulder and found her husband asleep, with her in his arms. "He must have put his arms around me when we've slept." She thought as she carefully turned to face Atem's sleeping form.

The wedding was still fresh in her mind, but it was a success. The reporters ate up their nuptials like hungry birds to birdseed, which would continue for some time. That made it easier for their child's future as well as their privacy. However, Elincia still found it hard to believe she was married to the tan-skinned CEO next to her.

As he slept, Elincia found herself gazing at her husband. Atem was as handsome as he did when they first met that fateful night. She found it more appealing that she didn't wake to see him with a hangover going on in her head. The sunlight from the glass doors to the balcony ran over his hair, making it glisten appealingly. Elincia soon found herself wondering what her husband's body looked like underneath his clothing.

A blush appeared on Elincia's cheeks as she worked to pull her mind out of the gutter. That's when a thought struck her. What exactly was her husband like? She'd only known Atem for a short time, yet she's married to him and was carrying his child. That was totally unfair! Now her mind switched from Atem's body to his personality and life. All that she was able to get out of Lena was that he was a nice boss, very handsome, and that he was from Egypt.

So far, she had seen mostly of the second, though she had been seeing him with that smug, yet sweet and honorable personality of his. She admittedly liked the honorable part of him. That was a quality she was glad he had.

"Maybe, during this 'honeymoon,' I should get to know him. After all, he is my husband."

Her gaze then shifted to the ring on her finger. It was gold with diamonds studded around the entire band. Atem had insisted that he'd buy her the best ring in the city.

Of course, this made Elincia somewhat ashamed of the simple gold band she had placed on his finger. While his band was only 30,000 yen, her ring was 1 million yen! It was hard enough to save for the ring she gave him what with the salary she had, but to be wearing a ring worth a million yen made her feel dirty. She had heard stories of women who married for money and flaunting it whenever they got the chance.

Elincia was no gold-digger. Despite the struggles, she enjoyed working hard. Proving and improving herself each day. She was never afraid to get her hands dirty and beat up. In fact, her favorite weapon was her fists. She had been in many fights, some of which she came home bruised and bloodied, but she had never lost a fistfight. Of course, there was not much she could do with her hands now other than caress her swollen abdomen as well as average tasks.

Just then, she felt herself being pulled towards Atem, his embrace constricting tightly. He didn't stop until their faces were inches away from each other. A deep moan nearly caused Elincia to burst out laughing. He was holding her like she was a Teddy Bear! The teacher didn't know whether to find it embarrassing or adorable. This man, poised often like panther, was turning into a kitten. Eventually, she settled with 'adorable' and allowed herself to be held in such a manner. Without any warning, her instincts compelled her to place a hand on her husband's face, gently caressing it.

Unfortunately, her hand was kept on his cheek by a tan hand. His hand. Atem's mouth formed into an amused smile as he nuzzled his wife's hand, causing her to blush again, this time even redder. When he finally opened his amethyst eyes, he found himself gazing at the sight of his literally blushing bride.

A slight chuckle escaped his lips as he spoke.

"Good morning, darling."

He let out a laugh again as Elincia's blush got brighter.

"D-do you really have to call me that?" she asked, embarrassed.

He kissed her hand as he responded to her question.

"Why not? Isn't it natural for spouses to give each other a pet name?"

"But we're not an ordinary couple." Elincia pointed out as she worked to contain her blush.

Her internal conversation brought back to her mind, Elincia gave a soft gulp as she spoke to her husband.

"Speaking of which, we want this marriage to work, right?"

This caused Atem to raise an eyebrow.


Taking in a deep breath, Elincia asked her question.

"W-well. Shouldn't we take the time to get to know each other? I mean, we're practically strangers. I only know little about you from Lena."

This caught Atem's attention. Elincia had been putting some thought into this. He understood her hesitation as he sat up.

"You're right."

Elincia blinked in surprise as she struggled to sit up, only to be aided by her husband.

"Excuse me?"

Once his pregnant wife was sitting up properly, Atem clasped his hands with hers. It was then Elincia noticed that he hadn't taken of his wedding ring and figured he had slept with it on.

"I've been actually thinking the same thing last night before I fell asleep. By far, this is a Marriage of Convenience. I want this to be a true marriage, one with love between respective partners. Don't you think that our child would question us if we don't love each other?"

He had a point there. She didn't want their child to grow up with parents who didn't love each other. Or at least respect each other. Her attention was brought back when Atem placed a gentle hand on her cheek.

"Which is why we'll get started today. Starting with a date."

Elincia blinked in confusion again. A date? Like the ones they should've had before they got married? More importantly, how would this be possible?

"Uh…just one question. How? As far as I know, there are probably more of those vultures waiting outside the gate. Not to mention I have to figure out something with my sister-"

But she was interrupted when Atem placed a single finger on her lips, silencing her. He smiled as he answered his wife's inquiry.

"How about we start with a tour of the estate? Is there anywhere you would like to go?"

That was a start. Elincia already had three places in mind. Her stomach made itself known as it announced what they should do first. Another blush rising in her cheeks, Elincia answered her husband.

"How about we get breakfast first? Got to eat for two, after all."

Atem gave a laugh as he helped Elincia off the bed and into their closet.

"I say that sounds like a perfect start. Anywhere else in particular?"

As they changed, Elincia voiced her chosen locations.

"Well…I want to see if you have a library here. Even before I became a teacher, I've had a love of books."

This brought a smile to Atem's face as he got dressed in a royal blue designer shirt and dark pants.

"Well we certainly have one of those here." He answered amusingly as he pulled out a burgundy maternity shirt and handed it to his wife. "Here. This brings out the color of your hair and eyes."

Elincia was about to protest being told what to wear when she looked at it in the mirror. Atem was right, it was a lovely color on her. Her stomach telling her to feed it and the baby, Elincia submitted and put the shirt on before finding a pair of tan pants as Atem helped her.

"There is one more place. Mostly out of curiosity."

"And that is?" he asked.

The blush returned as Elincia answered her husband's question.

"The nursery."

Now Atem couldn't help but smile further. Before him was a woman who was trying to find some stable ground in her dignity, yet she wanted to see their child's nursery. He couldn't help but chuckle at this endearing request.

"But of course. I have found a room close to ours that should be perfect for the baby. It's not decorated, to be honest. I want to get the mother's approval before settling on the room. I also wanted to wait until we know the child's gender before we do so."

The mother then realized that what her husband said made sense. It should be fairly soon that they could determine if they were going to have a son or daughter. When was that? 20 weeks? About five months. She decided that when she got the time, she should consult the pregnancy books she had purchased a week ago. But for the time being, she should work on her marriage first. She was also surprised at how considerate her husband was being in seeking her approval.

Once they were both dressed, Atem once again led Elincia through the manor. It was about 7 o'clock, so Alicia was probably still asleep. Atem assured her that once Alicia woke, he would bring her along the tour as well. While Elincia found it considerate, Atem admitted that it also gave him some alone-time with Elincia, much to the latter's embarrassment.

Once they reach the first floor, they stopped at the dining room. It was surprisingly small enough for no more than ten guests and, like with the rest of the manor, it kept the Egyptian theme. There was a long oak table with matching oak chairs in the center of the room, sitting on an ornate rug. There was also a wall that was had a large window to let in a large amount of sunlight, giving the dining room a faint glow.

Elincia was brought out of her thoughts as Atem led her to the table. He pulled out a chair and motioned her to take a seat. Though she was unfamiliar with the practice of chivalry being used on her, Elincia knew not to look a gift horse in the mouth and sat down. Once he slid his wife toward the table, Atem took his usual seat next to her at the head of the table. He then remembered something as a delectable smell came from the kitchen. He then placed a hand on one of his wife's hands and spoke.

"I forgot to tell you. The staff here at the estate knows about the pregnancy as well. They are eager to meet you when the chance comes."

The professor mentally face-palmed at this information. She had completely forgotten that an estate such as this needed hired help to keep it clean and efficient. The pregnant mother snapped out of her thoughts when a maid came into the dining room with a couple of silver platters on a cart.

She placed one platter in front of Atem before placing the other in front of Elincia. Upon removing the covers, the maid reveled their breakfasts. Atem's breakfast consisted of poached eggs with bacon, black pudding, and toast with a side of jam that Elincia was unable to identify. Elincia's breakfast was consisted of a bacon and egg frittata, Greek yogurt with an assortment of fresh berries, and a glass of milk. It was better than a simple bowl of cereal and some toast like she normally ate.

The two remained silent as they ate. But near the end of the meal, Atem opened up the morning's newspaper and started reading.

"Check this out. 'Corporate CEO and University Professor Tie the Knot. The wedding of Atem Ishigami and Elincia Elric.' Front page news."

"Like we've planned." Elincia replied before sipping some milk.

Atem nodded as he screened the paper.

"They've really went into detail in this paper. The wedding, the reception, everything. Even your dress."

A sigh caught Atem's attention. He moved the newspaper away to find his wife pinching the bridge of her nose in disbelief.

"Is everything alright, Elincia?"

Removing her fingers from her nose, Elincia spoke to her husband.

"I know we've put on that wedding for a good reason. But even though it was ours, it still puzzles me that people would get so excited about a wedding."

Atem raised an eyebrow at his wife's inquiry.

"But weddings celebrate the union between two people and signaling the start of their family."

"I know that. I mean at how people treat is as a spectacle. Back in the day, a wedding would be a humble, happy time. Now these days, everyone goes crazy over them. Buying expensive dresses, serving expensive food at an expensive venue, and that's just the reception. So instead of a humble, happy time; we have bridezillas and money-leeching industries waiting to strike."

Atem pause as he processed what his wife had said. He was unable to keep his stoic look due to her smart-alecy response and burst out laughing. Elincia was caught off guard at her husband's boisterous laughter. Ever since she met the man, the only laughter she ever heard from him were chuckles and low laughter. To see and hear him in such a way was a complete surprise.

"What? It's true!" Elincia protested, feeling more embarrassed than ever.

His laughter dying down, Atem was quick to respond to his wife, though he was still laughing.

"I believe you, darling. I really do. I just never met anyone who was quick on picking at something like a wedding and turning it into a history lesson without missing a beat."

Seeing Elincia's face still red with embarrassment, Atem stood up from his chair and kissed his wife on the head.

"I think this marriage is going to work, after all."

Elincia raised an eyebrow in confusion.

"What makes you say that?"

Placing his arms around her, Atem placed his forehead against Elincia's as he spoke.

"Because I'd rather have a wife who speaks her mind rather than an obedient android for a spouse."

Hearing this, Elincia was so stunned that she ended up speaking her mind.

"You surprise me more and more, Atem Ishigami."

This earned another laugh from her husband as he kissed her, a habit that was on Atem's side of the prenuptial agreement.

"And you continue to do the same to me, Elincia Ishigami."

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