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The early morning sunlight peered through the bedroom window. Korra's eyes slowly blinked open as she awoke from her deep sleep. She stared at the white ceiling above her, realizing it did not belong to her room. She closed her eyes and smiled as memories of the night before flooded through her mind. She slid her hand to her side, in search for Mako's body.

Her eyes shot open when all she felt were cool sheets. She sat up and realized that Mako was not there. She tried not to jump to the worse conclusion, and simply thought, Maybe he just went to the bathroom.

She blew out air through her mouth, resulting in her lips making a horse like sound. She scratched her head and looked around the room.

Wait, what the–?

She looked to the floor and saw it was clean. Not one piece of their clothing was apparent. She quickly turned to the bed posts behind her and saw there was no rope on, or around them.

Okay, what is going on...?

She was so confused. Why did the room look as though nothing had happened?

Her confusion was finalized when she looked down at herself to see she was wearing her white, long sleeved shirt that she wore underneath her Fire Ferret uniform. She reached under it and found she even had her bindings on.


She threw the covers off her and saw she also had her pants on. She leaned forward in deep thought.

Did she...dream about last night? She couldn't have. It felt so real. No. Not again. She didn't just dream about Mako again. Last night happened. It happened. She knew it did...she hoped it did.

Korra got up and rushed downstairs.

When she reached the bottom of the stairs she was greeted with the sight of Mako cooking breakfast and Bolin hunched over the table; a blanket was draped over his shoulders.

Hey Korra!" Bolin shouted in excitement. Mako turned around and smiled.

"Hey sleepy head." he said, and went back to his cooking.

Korra still couldn't process everything, but still managed to respond.

"H-Hey guys."

Bolin motioned for her to join him at the table. "You sure must be a heavy sleeper. Mako's been banging these pots and pans all morning."

Korra nervously chuckled and sat down next to him.

Mako didn't turn around to face them when he responded with,

"Hey, I wanted to cook for our guest."

Bolin turned to Korra.

"How are you feeling?"

Korra was lost. "What do you mean?"

"Mako told me you passed out during practice yesterday. He took you up to his room and he stayed down here on the couch."

Bolin's statement was confirmed when Korra eyed the couch and saw a pillow and blanket sprawled upon it.

I passed out? she wondered. She didn't remember any of that. Everything was happening so fast, it gave her a headache. She couldn't process her thoughts clearly. It didn't make sense.

"Here you go, Bo" Mako placed a steaming bowl in front of Bolin. It contained an off-white breakfast porridge.

"Thanks, bro." he said as he dug his spoon into his meal.

Mako looked at Korra. "You hungry?"

Hunger was the last thing on her mind. Although, maybe food could help settle her headache.

"Yeah, sure."

He smiled and served her a bowl.

"Thank you." she said. She took a spoonful of the mush into her mouth and enjoyed the sweet taste. Not bad...

Mako joined them at the table and sat on the other side of Korra; facing Bolin. Mako took a spoonful into his mouth and looked at Korra.

"How is it?" he asked. He hoped she enjoyed his cooking.

She smiled and said, "Really good actually."

"You wouldn't think so, but Mako's a pretty good cook." mumbled Bolin as he swallowed his mouthful of porridge.

"Hey." Mako playfully retorted.

"What? It was a compliment."

Korra laughed. Although her thoughts didn't settle, her headache did slowly disappear.

Bolin loudly sneezed, making Mako and Korra jump.

"Sorry guys..." he sniffled.

He got up from his seat and grabbed his bowl. "I'm just gonna take the rest of this upstairs." He sneezed again started walking up the stairs. "Feel better Korra!"

Korra felt fine. Confused, but fine. "You too, Bo!"

Mako watched his brother go up the stairs, then went back to eating his porridge.

"He'll be alright."

Korra tried to finish the rest of her food, but couldn't seem to stomach it. Mako suddenly asked,

"So, how are you feeling?"

She stared uneasily in his eyes. This worried him.

"What's wrong?"

She blinked, and looked away from him.

"N-nothing, I'm fine. It's just–"

Memories, or what felt like memories, of the night before flashed in her mind. She was embarrassed to admit what was really wrong. She looked back at him.

"'s just, I had a dream with you last night and I could've sworn it really happened. It felt so real."

She looked back down so lost in thought, she didn't noticed Mako's hand gently sliding up her own.

Her train of thought was abruptly interrupted when Mako squeezed her wrist and a shot of pain ran through her.

"Ow!" she said, and she yanked her hand away.

She quickly pulled down the sleeve, revealing a red circle around her wrist. Her eyes widened and she shot her head up to look at Mako. His eyes were half lidded and he wore a devilish smirk on his lips.

He slowly leaned in close to her and whispered,

"Now what makes you think that was a dream...?"

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