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Chapter 9

Mount Justice: Wednesday, 8 pm

It was a school night, not that it really made any difference to the teenagers who occupied this mountain. But it was a school night none the less, and Tim had a project he still had not completed. He knew he should be home, he should be using his supposedly night off catching up on school work and loss of sleep, but he couldn't find any will power to read any more useless articles on effects of alcohol on the developing brain. His body told him he should be home resting at the very least but something inside of him couldn't rest just yet. He had a bad feeling that he just couldn't shake. He contemplated training in the bat-cave but Batman and Nightwing were working there and he knew they would bug him about taking the night off. He had said he was going to the mountain to hang with Gar but that was a lie. He was in no mode to socialize. Instead he snuck into the mountain's training room to battle his worries out with the punching bags.

He was thankful that the room was free of occupants; he had just wanted to slip in and out of this place without the need to pretend he was doing okay. Because the truth was, he wasn't sure how he was doing. He wasn't sure how he was supposed to be doing and he didn't like that one bit. Tim was a particular boy; he liked things in a way that meant he had control over them. He had always been independent, he had always been a loner, never by choice of course and never really by his own desire. It was just the way life was for him and for the most part he was content with that.

Each strike cut through the air with as much precision as an arrow. His knuckles had long since grown tolerance to the brutal force of constant training and combat. His skin would always be rough and hard to the touch but he did not mind. Well at least it never truly crossed his mind to be bothered by it until the other night when he held Cassie's hand in his. Only now he was vaguely self-conscious of how unpleasant it must have been for her. Her skin would never wear like his had. It would be able to take a lot more than his and yet show no real signs of combat at all. She was soft as silk to the touch, smooth and delicate which just didn't make any logical sense but was amazing to him all the same.

He punched the bag again and again, with each hit pouring his frustrating, anger and loss, hoping that maybe once he stops he would be in control once more. It was a fruitless battle with himself and he knew that, but it felt better than nothing.

Meanwhile Wonder Girl had just returned from a mission with her mentor, Wonder Woman. She was still ecstatic over the whole ordeal. Diana had told her that she had done well and that she was on the road to becoming a great hero. She was buzzing from the complements but sore from the fight. As she hovered towards her room she passed by the training room, doubling backing when she noticed the boy wonder training away. She hovered by the door watching the sweat ride down the boy's face as each punch and kick struck hard. She was in awe at how hard he trained; each muscle was formed with hard work and will. He wore black fingerless thin boxing gloves, grey sweat pants and a black tight singlet that highlighted his strong arms, and of course his mask as he always did for training. She bit her lip as she admired the way the black singlet hugged his muscles. She briefly found it amusing that he appeared stronger than her, even though she was by far more powerful; she kind of loved that fact actually.

Slowly she floated down until her feet were planted on the ground. Tim's ears pricked at the sound of her feet making contact with the floor. He instantly stopped what he was doing and turned around to see who was near.

Cassie didn't mean to interrupt, she was just admiring from afar, which now as the boy looked upon her she realised how creepy this must seem.

"Robin! Hi!" She cringed internally as her voice rang loud in the room where silence once stood. Being quiet was not one of her specialities, actually it was one of the skills Diana had specifically told her she needed to work on.

"How long have you been there?" Tim blurted out, then internally kicking himself at how rude that was. "I mean- Hi!" He cringed at his own volume.

'Dammit Tim, smooth, real smooth' He thought.

"Only like a second or two…" Lie, it was at least a minute, maybe three, she wasn't sure as she was busy checking out the boy as he worked; like hell she was going to tell him that though.

"Oh okay… um how are you anyways?"

"I just got back from a mission with Wonder Woman, so you know just amazing! We totally kicked butt!" Cassie replied as she crosses the room stopping just a meter away from him. She keeps mentally telling herself off for her loudness but sometimes it felt like her mouth had a life of its own. "You?"
As she said it she knew it was a bad idea. She felt awful at how excited she was when she just remembered how bad he probably still felt.

"No doubt. I bet they didn't stand a chance against the two of you." He sent a small smile her way as he watched her smile slide and her brain ticking at the words she had spoken. "It's okay Cassie, you can ask and you can be happy about the mission."

"How did you know-?" She responded startled at the boy's reply.

"How did I know that you were thinking that?" He smirked at her confusion as she nodded in conformation.

"It's written all over your face. You wear your heart on your sleeve Cassie" Tim said with a smile on his face. He truly loved that about her. He found it difficult to express his emotions, yet for her they seemed to come easily. "Don't worry, it's a good thing. Maybe not in combat but I think it's… kind of awesome."

What was he saying? Had he really just said that out loud? Both teens cheeks flushed red at the remark.

"Thanks... Well then… how are you?"

"Um okay I guess."

'Aww this is awkward, why do I always have to be so awkward?' Tim thought.

"Okay well, I know we don't know each other that well but if you ever want to talk… or just hang, just say the word." Her smile was as natural as the sunrise.

Before any logical side of him got a hold of him he found himself jumping at the girl's offer without even fully comprehending what he was doing or what she was offering. It was probably only a hand of friendship, he thought, but he was jumping on it none of the less.

"Yes!... I mean that sounds nice." Her smile grew at his awkwardness; she felt it was adorable how nervous he seemed.

He mentally calmed himself down, praying his cheeks are not too red and casually asked, "actually I was…" he was about to ask if she wanted to hang in the lounge but he remembered that Bart, Jamie and Gar were there playing x-box and he wasn't sure if he wanted to share Cassie's attention with them at the moment. He was sure he would slip into the crowd there.

"Yes?" Cassie raised her eye-brow in amusement; she could practically see the clogs working in his brain.

"Oh sorry, I was just thinking I have to finish up stretching here… um did you want to join? Or hang out… you could tell me about your mission with Wonder Woman."

Her smile radiated light and he couldn't resist the urge to mimic it as she opted to take him up on the offer. He stretched and she sat on the ground with her legs out and hands behind her while relaying her day, bubbling with excitement as she spoke.

He was a good listener; it was what made him good at his job. He observed and listened, and from that, he could gather a lot about a person. She didn't seem to mind that he didn't say much, of course he added in a word here and there but he was happy being swept away in her voice. It was a welcomed distraction.

Before either of them knew it, half an hour had passed and Robin had long since finished his stretches and had joined the blonde on the floor. They both lay on their backs staring up at the uneventful roof, which they were quiet content with it. The room was darker than it had been; Tim had never switched on the lights in the hopes that it wouldn't attract attention to him. It had enough light from the hallway and rooms coming off it but many had been switched off since then. It was okay though as it made the big empty room feel a little less exposed and a little more private. They were hidden away and Tim felt at home that way. Cassie was pretty comfortable in most situations but she felt lying on the ground in the dark with Robin most exiting. She still had a lot to learn about the mystery boy but right now she felt she was getting a chance to experience a bit of his world.

Never had he had felt more aware of his own body than in this moment. On the surface anyone would say he looked relaxed, more relaxed than he had ever really looked in this cave but internally he could feel every invisible itch, tick and drop of sweat on his body. The space between him and the blonde angel next to him seemed simultaneously too grand and too close. He was well aware of where their hands were place. Each were casually placed besides themselves and as time faded the space between them lessened until Tim could feel the heat from her body radiating off her. It would be so easy for him to shift his pinkie finger ever so slightly to touch hers. So easy to just reach out for her hand like she had done the other day, but that was out of friendship and this, this could be a mistake. He could make this wonderful moment disappear into a painfully awkward one.

She was a goddess and he was mortal. How could he even entertain the idea that she would be interested in someone who was her complete opposite? She seemed to be as bright and loud as sunlight and he was a child of the night. He blended into the background, stalking and observing his prey, always cautious, always calculating, trained to listen and then act. She defied gravity and met threats with a warrior's attitude. She was as strong and unmoving as a bolder, and he was swift and fast as the wind.

She was easy going, always so positive and social. It seemed easy for her to open up and it was easy for others to open up to her. He had been a loner most of his life. He had always found it hard to open up to others. It wasn't until he became Robin that he started having more people around him to absorb him into their world, pulling him out of his own and teaching him to be more; to be a person who could make a dent in the world. To be less in his own thoughts and more in their shared world. Reality was a place that sometimes seemed harsh and uninviting, but when he was around his adopted family it didn't seem to be so bad anymore. He reminded himself that he wasn't always like this. Sure he was always a bit of a loner but he had his family. He had his hobbies and a few friends, but his hobbies changed, his family was ripped from him by his choices and those friends became harder to relate to. If it wasn't for Bruce taking him in, Alfred giving them all stability, Dick giving him guidance and friendship and Barbara's advice and confidence, he wasn't sure he could spend much time here, in reality. Opening up to them had been gradual and even then he still keeps parts of himself hidden. If he was to be honest, he was scared. He didn't know how to open up and he was scared if he tried he would make a fool out of himself or it would end in hurt.

He envied other's ability to have so many close connections but he was sure it wasn't for him, that he was content with what he had. But then there was Cassie. Cassie made it seem easy. She had this pull that it seemed even he could not escape and that scared him. It would be so much easier to not feel anything, to just get up right now and walk away. After all, they were opposites. It couldn't possibly work out, right? But boy did he want to try. She was something that made reality seem inviting once again. He was just busy debating if he should or not. It seemed like his mind had decided it was a bad idea, that he would screw it up but his body had other plans and they involved creeping closer to that creamy white skin that made up those silky hands.

She couldn't suppress her smile as she sensed the presence of his hand next to hers. As each minute passed she was sure of how she felt about this boy. He was the whole package in her mind. Smart, wise, funny, a good listener, motivated and sexy as hell, but most importantly he could understand this life. He could come to understand her and she could come to understand him, at least she hoped. Until this moment she wasn't sure she would ever have a chance with him and a part of her still doubted herself. She knew that because of who she is, what she does and what she can do, that a lot of guys would find that intimidating. Sure a lot of them would still respect her and want to be her friend, but a lot of them would not be able to get pass the fact that she could bench press more than them, which would make her forever in the friend zone. But Robin wasn't like that, at least she hoped not. A nagging voice in the back of her head questioned if any of her assessment about Robin had any truth, after all she didn't know the boy's real name. She really didn't know much about this boy at all. He had told her stories of how he became to be Robin, and a few bits and pieces of his life but always made sure to never slip a name or detail that could give away his true identity.

But as she felt the slightest brush of skin against skin all doubts and worries vanished. The room was sucked into silence as she lost her words midsentence. She had been talking about running late for school and accidently knocking over her principle as she ran to class, and now she stumbled to find words to continue. She made sure to push against his pinkie with hers as encouragement as she continued her story.

The sensation of her response sent wild tingles through his body. He couldn't help but wonder if only a tiny fraction of her could make him feel this way, what could a hand running up her arm and down her body do? He felt his cheeks burn with the mere thought of it, but pushed it away trying desperately hard to listen to the rest of her story. He took a breath in and let instinct take over, allowing his fingers to brush over her fingers and take her hand in his.

His breath released as she responded to his touch and moulded her hand into his. Their fingers tighten together making both teens feel more relaxed and excited than ever.

Cassie rolled on her side to face him. She felt a giggle escape her lips as she saw a giant and rare grin plastered on his face. Robin's eye's dropped to the side, finally allowing himself to gaze upon the blonde angel who had not rejected him and who in fact seems over the moon about his bravely. He turned on his side, never loosening his grip for a moment as he mimicked her so that now their faces were only inches apart.

They were teenage heroes who were always more responsible and capable than majority of adults, always putting other's needs and wants before their own, always acting for the greater good. But in this moment, they were only a boy and only a girl experiencing the sensations of each other's company. They were kids growing up in an unforgiving and cruel world, but in this moment none of that mattered, because they were happy and excited. They were alive and hungry for more, yet not brave enough to act on it just yet.

They would move slowly and on instinct. The silence was unnoticeable to them; they were happy in the quiet and the dark as if the time had finally stopped for them. As people scattered around the mountain and moved across the earth it would not affect them, and no one would ever know where they are or what they were or not doing. And that was peaceful and incredibility to them.

Never had Tim wanted to take off his mask more than in this moment. It was a barrier that he knew would prevent him to sink fully into her like he so desperately wanted. But it would not stop this moment. There was a pull between them that was invisible but was very much there. Before they knew it their eyes were closing and foreheads touching, to then only move away slightly to adjust their position closer so that now the space between their lips were almost non inexistent.

As the heat from her lips breathed onto his, he felt an ease wash over him. His body had finally relaxed and instead of a heavy feeling of dread and worry he was experiencing something very different, something new and something wonderful. He had kissed a girl before but it was during a game of spin the bottle, it was rushed and awkward. This wasn't rushed and it wasn't awkward, and before he could fully comprehend what he was doing he was closing the space between them.

It was light, more just a touch of skin than a kiss but it still sent a pulse through Tim's body and butterflies to Cassie's stomach. Lightly she pushed forward opening her month ever so slightly to experience a real kiss, one that there would be no debate to whether or not it was a kiss. He responded, feeling his free hand nervously reach for her arm to steady them in their awkward position on the floor.

His fingers graze her arm and their hearts kept racing. Their lips figuring out what their brains are still yet to comprehend and before it even really starts….


Their eyes snap open and as if they were speedsters themselves they pull away from each other and jump up; Cassie to a sitting position bringing her legs up to hug, and Robin somehow managing to stand. His legs felt like jelly and he wasn't sure how he became to stand.

"ROBIN!" Again his name was called out from somewhere in the mountain.

With his brain starting to snap into place he stumbles on his words and cringes as his voice squeaks a little, "I'm in the gym!"

Within a few seconds a shadow appears at the entrance and flips on the lights,

"Why isn't there any lights on…?" Nightwing's voice fades as his eye's soak in the scene in front of him. His eyebrow raised slightly in amusement at the unexpected scene.

"We were just talking!" Tim blurted out. His eyes widen a little in shock of what he had just said, 'real smooth Tim because that doesn't sound suspicious' he thought. Cassie felt her whole face burn red as she snuck her head into her knees.

"Right…" Dick wanted to smile. He wanted to say something witty and supportive and just be happy for his brother, but he hadn't rushed over to the cave to socialise. He would have used his communicator but Tim didn't have it switched on and his phone was on silent, plus he thought maybe he should tell him in person.

Before either young teen had a chance to say anything else Dick continued,

"Datura has escaped from Arkham along with others… including Harley Quinn and the Joker."

Tim's mood broke right then and there. He was too numb to feel the need to cry. He was too stunned to even comprehend their next move. Reality hit hard, and it did not have a care in the world for them. He was at a loss for words. All the comfort he had just received, all the hope and peace of mind he had that she was safe behind bars and they only had Ivy to deal with was all now gone. Ripped away from him was the false sense of security that it would all be okay, that it would all be okay soon. Soon had not come yet and he was beginning to question if it ever would.

Chapter 10

Earlier that day…
Arkham Asylum: Wednesday 7:00 pm

"Hehehehehehehehehehehehehe oh it's good to be home! Did you miss me boys?" An infectious and deadly grin almost seems inhuman as it finds its place walking down the corridors of Arkham Asylum. Blonde pig tales bounce in the air as a recently captured inmate responsible for the grin happily chats away to the guards currently escorting her to her cell. Although this inmate was considered dangerous, she only had two guards escort her down to her cell, one of each sex.

An outsider might see her blubbering movements to be random, unusual with no real intention behind it. But that would be a mistake. Sure the blonde wasn't always known for her smarts, and had been known to make poor life choices, but she was tricky and not someone to be underestimated.

"Ooooh I would know that laugh anywhere! Harley darling, is that you?!" The Joker pushed his slimy face up against the glass of his cell displaying a comical, yet creepy smile. His smile widens as his suspicions are confirmed as the bubbly blonde passes his cell.

"PUDDIN'!" She cried. She felt she could practically jump out of her skin at the sight of her beloved. The last time they saw each other had ended on an unpleasant note. He left smelling like fish as she slapped him across the face with one, and her with an increased number of bruises and a black eye. She had fled, retreating to her unusual partnership with a certain red-head, and he pulling an elaborate plan ending with him locked away. Yet as time passed, memories became funnier and by the time they cross paths again they started all over again.

Laughter filled the halls as they shared joy at the sight of each other.

"OH-MY-GOD! WHERE THE HELL DO YOU NUT-CASES COME FROM!?" A hand slammed against the plastic glass causing the blonde to jump a little, letting out a smaller giggle. The woman behind the glass felt she was going insane just listening to one clown laugh all day, the thought of another one was making her consider hitting her head against the glass until she passed out. If she didn't have a duty to fulfil she would have done it already.

"Oh don't mind Miss Touchy over their Harley. She is just sour because she is in denial of who she is, isn't that right bat brat? Haha!"

"Clown I swear when I get out of here I will have your head!" Snapped one pissed off red-head. Joker only found amusement from her threats.

Harley studied the green woman as she passed the cell. She was full of glee as she quickly intervened into the conversation,

"Ooh goodie! You must be the Red's new toy, Datura, right?"

It was one of the first times someone had used Datura's name instead of another, and for that she was partly more intrigued by the annoying blonde in front of her, but unsure of who "Red" was. The name did seem to pull at a hidden memory at the back of her mind, but she learned a long time ago not to drive too deep into her memories, only to allow some useful information flow to the top of her consciousness, anything else was best left untouched.

"Red?" Datura asked as she watched the girl pass her cell and out of sight.

Harley stopped in her tracks as she realised she had gotten lost in the excitement over being back and seeing her love that she almost forgot what she was really doing here.

"Oh silly me! Haha"

The guards seemed confused at the woman's sudden stop and tried to drag her along some more.

"Come on inmate, lets go!" Said the female guard.

"Oh right! The magic word! Mother Nature said release" as soon as the words slip from Harley's mouth the male guard stopped walking and released his grip from Harley's arm. She stepped back from him with a smile as the female guard who was still holding onto Harley's other arm suddenly jointed backwards at the sudden stop.

"Hey-what the-"

"Knock her lights out chum!" Ordered the blonde clown.

Before the female guard had a chance to defend herself she received a punch to the face knocking her out cold. She hit the ground with a bang sending Harley's smile to grow even larger.

"Good boy! Now be a dear and unlock Datura's and Joker's cell!"

The guard did as he was told moving to unlock Datura's cell first.

"That's my girl! I was just thinking it would be nice to get some fresh air! Maybe do a bit of shopping too! But I don't see why we need to bring that party-pooper."

Ignoring the clown's comments from the other cell, Datura moves closer to the door of her cell eyeing the blonde outside of it. It was clear now that the guard was under mind control, and if her suspicions were right, Ivy or one of her seedlings were the ones to do it.

"Who are you and why are you breaking me out?"

"Why I told you Red two! Red sent me here, you know Poison Ivy! She said she would help get puddin' out if I broke you out too!"

She studied the girl more; still hesitant to trust someone so giggly. She walked out of her cell as soon as the guard moved to unlock Joker's. Datura walked up to the blonde and stared down at her.

"That's Mother Nature to you. She is going to rid this world of evil and restore balance. She deserves the upmost respect. I should have your head for that lack of respect."

"Gee, you're welcome! Red wasn't joking, you are a serious solider."

"Arr Batman does know how to suck the fun out of his toys! Haha" Joker added while walking towards the women.

"I swear clown if you don't watch your words I am going to suck the life out of you!"

"Oh I don't think I am ready to take the next stage in our relationship just yet hahaha."

"Hey! Back off Ivy Jr, he's taken!"

"Gross! NO! Not what I meant! I'm going to kill you clown!"

Harley jumps in between the two as Datura moves closer to Joker, her fists already clenched and ready to hit their target. Joker bores into her eyes with excitement; this day was becoming more entertaining to him with each passing minute.

"Now doesn't that go against one of your bat-codes Batgirl?"

"I have nothing to do with Batman and his damn codes! Poison Ivy is my maker, my queen. And I very much doubt she would care if I took your pathetic life, rag doll!"

"And they think I'm crazy! At least I know who I am. Most of the time anyways! hahaha" Joker's head goes back in laughter, Datura was becoming one of his favourite amusements.

Laugher rolled off one convict as anger grew hotter within the other. The atmosphere was becoming more dangerous with each word spoken. Harley was quick to intervene in the hopes to escape before the guards that hadn't been put under mind control caught swift of what was going on.

"Okay, okay, no need to fight! How about we just get out of here and bring you to Mother Red before we get caught again! She said she needs her baby girl to be ready for the big day Friday, you wouldn't want to disappoint Mother Nature now would you?"

Datura had nothing but hatred for the green-headed clown before her. She wasn't even sure why it was so strong. The urge to tear out his eye-balls was there as soon as she heard laughter spill from his lips. It was as if he lit white hot fire within her, tearing at the walls of her sanity. She just knew he was pure evil. Evil like that does not belong in the new world that her master would lead them to. She reminded herself that. Soon Gotham would see the light and she could rest knowing that the likes of him would soon go with the scum of this trash can of a city. She took a breath in, tearing her eyes away from the sickish grin to test the sincerity of the words spoken from the other clown. The blonde flashed her white teeth in the hopes to calm down the hot-tempered woman.

"You're right. Mother will be expecting my cooperation. I have to go prepare. Thank you for reminding me of my duty blonde woman. What did you say your name was again?"

Sweat dripped down Harley's face. The look she received from Datura was truly horrifying; she was glad she was able to calm down Datura enough to get out of this place. The rumours of Datura on the street were no joke; Datura was terrifying and was not one to mess around.

"Harley Quinn at your service! Now let's get out of here!"

The escape was rough. Ivy's seedlings had been the ones to put the guards under control which meant they weren't under long enough for Datura, Harley and Joker to make it out without having to knock around some people, which Joker rather enjoyed. Thanks to Harley's knowledge of the building, Datura's quick thinking and computer skills, as well as Joker's brutal force they were out of building in no time. However not without a lot of noise, it was nothing but pure luck that they managed to get away before Batman arrived at the scene. Three seedlings were hidden outside of the gates of Arkham waiting for their arrival. They made a quick escape into the city, then ditching the car under a relatively quiet bridge. Datura was at the end of her tolerance of the green-headed clown by the time they parted ways with him and Harley. If it wasn't for the knowledge of what would come to pass in a few days then she would have ripped him apart with her bare hands as soon as they escaped imprisonment.

"Now don't be a stranger sugar, this was fun! We should do it again sometime haha," Joker's laughter once again filled the night sky of Gotham city.

"Quinn you better get your bitch under control before I rip his skin off and turn him into a personal punching bag." Datura was sure his laughter would be the cause of her going deaf.

"Hey, that wasn't very nice! I hope you don't kiss your mother with that mouth, oh right you don't have one haha!"

"Haha now play nice you two, we were having a good time! Tell Red I will see her around!"

Just like that, three deadly villains would run loose across Gotham city once more. They say that it is darkest before the dawn but Gotham had not experienced its darkest night just yet, but rest assured, dark days lied ahead for the unsuspecting citizens of Gotham city.

Gotham City: Thursday, 9pm

Fog closes in on a hidden alleyway in one of the seedier suburbs of Gotham city. It creates a prefect cloak across the streets, allowing many citizens to pass through without detection. It is strangely quiet, one might assume that Gotham was at peace this night, but sometimes the quiet can be scarier than a roar from a monster under a child's bed. As the quiet can be loud, it can be a signal that time was slow but it was still moving. It seems that Gotham's time was ticking away, and no one was capable of slowing down the inevitable change the wind would bring the next day. But there were always some that could sense the change within the quiet of the streets. It might be too late to run for some, but for others it wasn't too late to seek help from a friend, which is what one anti-hero found himself doing this very night.

"You know I must say, I am surprised to hear from you, especially so soon after your escape."


"What is it?" The anti-hero caught a small rectangle box in his left hand, while his other rested on top of one of his guns still in its holster. It was a white wooden box with a black flower painted on top of it.

"It contains two stringers, one for you and one for a companion if you desire. Keep an eye on the sky tomorrow, then you will know when it is time to take it."

The woman stayed in the fog, barely letting the moonlight touch her face, only allowing enough for the man to know who he was talking to. She stood a few meters away, allowing the silence to comfortably fill the air between them. He didn't mind, he only came out of curiosity. He heard rumours of a drug being given or sold to certain citizens, that this drug was given to friends of Poison Ivy. Plus it still blathered him that the woman before him used to fight besides him many years ago, so a small part of him was just curious to see her again. It was strange to him how different they now were.

"I am guessing this has something to do with whatever it is Poison Ivy has planned?"

Green eyes flashed behind the fog as the woman turned around and started to walk away. She had no intention of letting any more details spill about her master's plan for the following day.

"Okay well at least tell me why?" He said as he took a step towards the woman.

"Why?" She stopped for a moment, however not making the effort to turn around to face him.

"Why are you giving me this?"

"Isn't it obvious?" She replied in a dry tone, almost sounding as if she was bored of him.

"Clearly not." The man replied with irritation in his voice.

"I was in debt to you. Now I am not. If you decide to take it or not that is your choice."

"Right… well thanks I guess."

"Don't be mistaken. We might have helped each other once but we are not friends, nor are we allies. This doesn't mean that you will be completely safe when the time comes. Cross us or get in our way, then there is nothing that I can do for you."

As the woman vanishes completely within the fog, the man returns to the shadows.

"Gee, talk about no personality. What a freak." Jason said under his breath as he made his way to a rooftop. Although at first the news about Barbara didn't seem to bother him much, it was something that had begun to hang around his mind more and more.

When he woke up drenched in green liquid and dragged his way from his death bed, he was only consumed by terror. He was confused and dazed for many weeks after that, barely able to piece together who he was and how he became to be. Slowly pieces of him returned as he wondered in a strange forest, starved and frightened. He remembered what had happened, that he was beaten until broken, and then slaughter down, taken away from everything that he had loved. He wanted to go home, but he soon found out he was replaced and that the corporate for ruining his life was locked away but not destroyed. He was consumed by revenge. All other emotions, morals and rational thoughts could not pass through his mind then. So when he heard of his old partner, his friend who he teased and called Barbie had been taken away too, that she had been turned into a deadly solider, killing for someone else's gain, it did not do more then send a half-assed laugh to his lips.

But as each day passed, each decision in front of him was becoming grayer than black and white. The colours were mixing within his mind and new found pain was beginning to surface. She had barely crossed his mind a few weeks ago, but for some reason now guilt was starting to take grip within him like a slow acting virus.

From memory they weren't even that close, hell they barely got along but he thought that he still cared for her once, right? So he had no right to feel responsibility in helping to get her back, right? And back to what? A family that already mourned him? That got over him so quickly and easily that they already had another boy running around with his name? Right? He doesn't care. He shouldn't care. Yet her bright smile and red hair plunged his mind. He had a dream that he could see her smile fade. Her lips would darken to black and her skin turn emerald green, her eyes changed too, they lost their bright colour, they lost the thing that made her, her. But her hair stayed the same. Why did it do that? Why did he care? Those were the thoughts spinning out of control within his mind that lead him to do something next without putting too much thought into it. To reach out to someone not out of hope to reconnect with this man, but perhaps out of guilt for the girl he once knew. It would be for the best, right? This feeling will disappear then, right? He could wash his hands of this and leave it up to fate then, right? He wasn't sure, barely aware of his actions but his body seemed to know what to do.

So it will be okay. Right?

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