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Alone in the Dark

Chapter One

Logan was sitting at his desk in front of his computer hacking away over some case of major fraud that was going on in some charity institution in Seattle. Lately he had discovered that some of the company's shareholders were stealing money, which was supposed to help terminally ill children, so that only a small amount actually reached its destination. Most of the money simply disappeared through various transfer actions. And that was only a very small part of a much bigger picture. It had taken him all night and most of the previous day to locate the missing money which was distributed on various bank accounts al over the world.

Finally, he was making his way through the countless security codes of the bank companies through which the bastards were washing the money. When he eventially got access to the account he was looking for he started to study the entries trying to determine which of the transfers matched the missing amount of the charities general account. He was so indulged in the numbers that he did not hear the key that was turned in his door lock.

When finally the sound of heavy steps reached his ears he, he did not even bother to turn around to see who was coming.

"Hey, Mr. Eyes Only" Bling said, "am I wrong to assume that you haven't moved an inch from that very spot since I left you last night?" Logan didn't bother to answer. This case was just to hot for him to be distracted now.

Bling dropped the shopping bags onto the counter and walked over to Logan's office. "Hey, man, have you stopped talking?! I brought some fresh rolls and some fruits. So we can get something decent to eat before we start your workout. And I even found." he trailed of when Logan still seemed to ignore him.

He knew that Logan was often completely taken in by his work, forgetting everything around him. Forget to eat, drink, even forgetting to sleep, which seemed to be the case this time. His dedication was really over the top some times.

Suddenly there was a flicker on the screen followed by the message: ACCESS GRANTED, which prompted Logan to call out with satisfaction. He had finally busted the code he needed to make his own little transactions, to send the money back to where it belonged. "That's it!" he exclaimed finishing up the transaction and shutting down the connection quickly, so that no one would be able to trace him.

He yawned and turned around to finally face his friend. Bling threw him a puzzled look: "Finally found what you were looking for?!" He sounded a little bit pissed of. Even as patient man as he was, the 'Logan Cale, Savior of the World' attitude of his boss and good friend could enrage him from time to time.

"Hey Bling, what's up?" Logan uttered as if the tall black man had just sneaked him behind his back some seconds ago. Bling just stood there silently watching him stretch and bend backwords in his chair in an attempt to loosen his strained muscles. He could see him flinch with every move.

In fact, he couldn't help to notice how miserable his friend looked, not having slept at all. Again. He decided not to make a big deal of it, however as his physical therapist he still felt responsible for Logan's well-being.

"Breakfast?" he asked again. "Let me just make a phone call and finish this." Logan said, as he turned around again to shut down his computer.

Without a word Bling walked over to the kitchen counter and started preparing breakfast.

Logan shut down his computer and wheeled over to the kitchen. He grabbed the newspaper Bling had brought and started to look trough it in search of new victims of the cruel and corrupt system who needed to be saved. While he leafed through the pages he constantly moved his head from one side to another in an attempt to straighten his neck muscles up again. It sent a constant ache up into his head and down his spine up to the point where the bullet had cut all nerve connections, wiping him of his feet. The very site were his spinal cord had been severed was emitting a burning sensation right now, which got worse with every move of any muscle in his back. He groaned and put down the paper to stop the unpleasant movement and watched Bling busy fumbling with the blender instead. Wow, he had even found some grapefruits-which were a very rare thing these days. The last time he'd eaten one of those had been his birthday, when Max had brought him one as a present: He smiled at the thought of her always having her ways to get whatever she wanted.

Bling had finished preparing their breakfast an placed a plate in front of Logan who had moved to the dining room table.

"Here we go! Let's recharge our batteries before we get to work. Do you think you can manage without falling asleep on there?" Bling asked with a slight grin and a nod towards the small training unit in the middle of the apartment. He had put up shortly after the accident-or rather shoot-out. Logan's enemies had literally chased him down. Bling could still remember the newspaper headlines.. Many people had died. Logan had been a lucky guy. The irony of this thought flashed through his mind.

It had been a long hard way for Logan up to this point. Bling had met his new 'job' four weeks after the shooting. He was not part of the regular hospital staff, who did the regular daily physiotherapy for imobilized patients, he was more like a private trainer. Not many people could afford that, but this guy seemed to bathe in money. From what he had read in his file he had undergone a five hour surgery as the doctors tried to retrieve the bullet from his spine. They had removed most of it but there were still some splinters left I there.

The bullet had hit his spine at the height of TH 8, which meant that his back muscles, pectoralis and probably part of the upper abdominal muscles would still be working, -to which degree, he would have to find out. Bowel and bladder control were things to deal with and sexual function.well, there would be no feeling below his belly button, maybe a bit further down on his back.

But for now the thing to do was get the guy out of bed, give him back some independence and get him motivated to work on the resources he had left. After four weeks the phase of the initial spinal shock should mostly over, and the spasticity be gone, so that they would be able to do some good rehab now. The first two weeks were a constant fight, with Logan as miserable and bitchy as he was. They were taking a day at a time, often rather doing two step back than a step ahead. Logan had been in a deep depression and it had required all of Bling's patience and psychological and rhetoric abilities to get him start fighting to get back on his feet or rather into the chair for once. Even that required a lot of practice and patience. Not having any sensation and muscle power below his waist it had not been easy for Logan to keep his balance and not trip over with every move he made.Bling sighed, as he thought of the endless fights and discussions and pep talks of the past months. It had never been fast enough for Logan. He wanted everything all at once. He would get eager to reach a new goal, then overdo it and with every little setback he would fall back into a new depression. He wanted to push it and get out of there, to actually walk out of there but it just was not the way it worked. For a long time he was denying that he had a permanent at all, and to a certain degree, Bling thought that was still the case. How do they say? Hope is frail but hard to kill? No doubt about that! Everybody needed hope-but this was about acceptance and adjusting at his new circumstances. To come to peace with oneself. His friend was still a long way from that, he knew. The sound of the newspaper, being put down, interrupted his thoughts.

Meanwhile, Logan had finished his breakfast and gulped down his glass of grapefruit juice. "Well, I'm done. You might want to finish your breakfast while I'm dipping my head in some water and getting changed." Then he wheeled out of the room leaving him to clean away the dishes. As eager as Logan was to do everything on his own, when it came to household chores he still was the spoiled rich boy, who needed to be cleaned up after, Bling thought with a mental shake of his head.

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