A/N: As some of you already know, I have always been a Demily fan and was, of course, loving their elevator scenes on Episode 7! I was also pleased that they had another scene on this past week's episode as well.

Ever since 4x7 aired, I've been contemplating how I would like to see an extended aftermath scene play out between them. So, here is my attempt that. This is intended to be a one-shot, but who knows where the road might eventually lead. ;)

Regardless, I am interested in hearing your thoughts. It makes me happy to know there are other people out there that still enjoy this couple as well, and think their chemistry is undeniable (as twisted as it may be). I must say hats off to the writers of the show for at least giving Demily an opportunity again when I think most of us, myself included, thought they had forever killed Demily. Okay, enough of my rambling. I hope you enjoy! :)

Chapter One

"Was any of it real?" He asked with a hint of hope in his voice while stooped on the floor of the dark elevator as he admired her straddle the wall in limber fashion.

"Nothing comes to mind," She absently replied, more preoccupied with her task at hand of finding an escape from the stalled box in which they were trapped.

"What about when I proposed to you? You can't tell me you weren't with me in that moment. That it wasn't real." He suddenly had her attention. She cast her eyes downward, not speaking. But her silence was his answer: that moment was, indeed, real...as fleeting as it might have been. "Yeah, that's what I thought. But then you had to go and dismantle my life."

"No, I didn't do that. You did that to yourself." She was standing before him now and he looked up her, watching her eyes soften for the briefest of moments. "And maybe there was a time when the feelings were real and we could have had a real relationship. But the moment you aligned yourself with your father, it was all over."

Daniel would probably regret this, but he could not help himself. He had played their conversation over and over in his head ever since it had taken place the day before. The front door swung open, revealing a hostile Emily on the other side. He expected nothing less. "Daniel – what are you doing here?"

"I wanted to talk with you."

"Well, I'm kind of busy -"

"Please? I'm not here to fight."

"Fine," Emily conceded and stepped aside so that he could enter the home that had once been his. Daniel took in the aesthetic changes she had made as he walked through the large foyer into the living room. He had sworn to himself he would never set foot in this forsaken house again, and yet, here he was... visiting the woman, he also swore, he would never again give the time of day, much less seek out. But then his sister...their sister...had shared the shocking game-changer: Emily Thorne was actually Amanda Clarke.

Something happened in the elevator between them. A spark was re-ignited for Daniel as he spoke with her, questioned her. And when Emily had agilely used his shoulder as a springboard, hoisting herself through the ceiling of the elevator, Daniel realized there was so much he had to learn about her, that he wanted to learn about her. She had always been mysterious. Maybe this was why. Maybe this was why he had always been so drawn to her, so fascinated. She was unlike anyone he had ever known.

Daniel had told her he didn't want her to explain, but that was a lie. He wanted to know anything and everything. He knew it was wishful thinking on his part though. He would be lucky if Emily opened up at all. But he was going to try his best to chip away at her barriers. He would never stop wondering, if he did not. "I keep thinking about our conversation in the elevator...if you can even call it that. And...I have more questions."

Emily crossed her arms as they sat down, unamused by the prospect of continuing their previous discussion. "I don't have to explain anything to you."

"No, you don't. But...I'm asking you to." Daniel leaned forward, his eyes reflecting his sincere plea. It had been a long time since Emily had seen such a look from him. "Please, I...I need to know if the past few years of my life have all been a lie or not."

Emily paused, contemplating her response. She did not have a need to relive the past, but perhaps, she could do it for him. She supposed she owed it to him, in a way. "What do you want to know?"

"A lot of things, actually. Let's play a little game -"

"Daniel, I'm in no mood for games."

Daniel ignored her resistance, much like he had in the elevator the day before. "Let's call it: True or False. I pose the scenario and you honestly answer me if there were any truth to it, or if it were completely false...just all part of your plan. Can you do that?"

Emily sighed, already regretting acquiescing. "Okay."

"Let's start at the beginning when you spilled your drink on my jacket -"

"False," Emily flatly replied, her response almost immediate.

"Okay, I suspected as much. How about the first time we kissed?"

"False." This was really almost fun, she thought.

"And the first time we made love?"


That stung a little more than Daniel wanted to admit, and so he quickly proceeded with the next question. "What about when you told me you were falling in love with me?"

Emily took a moment to consider her response. It had been quite a while since she had even thought about any of this. A part of her wanted to lie and tell Daniel it had all been fake, every single moment. It's what he deserved, she told herself. He had, after all, nearly killed her. But she had committed to being honest for this little game, and ultimately, it was actually kind of nice to be open with him for the first time. "True...but... I used it to my advantage."

"Fair enough," Daniel said with a small nod, his esteem having been boosted slightly. "What about the night of my birthday... when you gave me that scrapbook and told me I already felt like home to you? Was that real?"

"Yes," Emily whispered, averting her eyes from him. This was a bad idea. She should never have agreed to it. Daniel was managing to stir something in her emotionally, and it was suddenly making her very uncomfortable.

Seeing the shift in her demeanor, Daniel continued full forge ahead. Now they were getting somewhere. "What about the night of Tyler's murder...when you told me you loved me and would be by my side no matter what? Why did you stay with me? Was it just because of your plan?"


"Why then?"

"Because... in the few horrible moments when I thought it was you lying dead on the beach, I realized...my feelings for you were real." Emily shook her head in attempt to jar herself back to reality. "Now...we could go on all night taking this trip down memory lane, but...I think we've said enough."

Daniel wasn't ready to leave yet though, wasn't ready for their time together to end. There was so much more he wanted to know. "Ems, please."

"Don't call me that," Emily snapped, her voice cutting. Her walls were back up. "You lost that privilege a long time ago." She stood to escort him out, and he immediately stood as well, holding up his hands in surrender.

"Just one more question, and then I'll go." Though Emily remained silent, she lowered her chin in concession. "You said that any chance of us having a real relationship was over the moment I aligned myself with my father."

"That's right."

"So you're telling me that everything we shared after that point was a lie? The reconciliation, the whole thing...it was all fake?"

Emily crossed her arms again. "Yes."

Daniel shook his head, not wanting to accept her answer. "I don't believe you. No one is that good of an actor."

"Look, I'm not saying that there weren't any real moments between us, but they all ultimately played into my plan to take down your family." There, that was the truth. Her heart belonged to Aiden during Daniel and Emily - Part Two, but there were still times in which she cared about Daniel. And one thing never changed, she always wanted him to be free of his parents.

"You really had no problem betraying me like that? No crisis of conscience?"

Emily wasn't sure why, but his question incited her. Maybe it was because there were so many unresolved feelings between them...things she had never gotten an opportunity to express. "You really want to talk to me about betrayal? You shot me, Daniel. Not once, but twice, and left me to die. What's worse...I can never have children because of you! I'd say we're more than even," She seethed. "And that was more than one question."

Daniel was momentarily at a loss for words. Emily had betrayed him and committed many wrongful acts, but he had caused irreparable damage to her body. She had never forced him to own up to it until now. If looks could kill, he would be dead from the hatred which was now burning in her eyes. Daniel finally found his voice. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry for what I did. It was unforgivable... Can you honestly say the same?"

"Get out," Emily whispered with disdain. When he didn't budge, she swiftly moved passed him and towards the front door, Daniel following hot on her heels.

"Can you?!" He asked again, his voice louder. Emily reached the front door and began to open it, but he slammed it shut from behind. "Just answer me," Daniel ordered, almost begged, pinning her body against the door.

"No. I'm not sorry. I would do it all over again." And in one swift motion, Emily reversed stances with him so that it was now Daniel who was pinned against the door. He was momentarily stunned by her ability and speed. And as an added touch, Emily firmly held her arm at his throat, making it slightly difficult for him to breathe. "The only thing I'm sorry for is wasting any feelings of love on you. You could have made the difference, Daniel. You could have exposed your father that day on live television, but you didn't. Instead you sat there, knowing what he had done to David Clarke, to my father and to me...and you did nothing."

"I didn't know who you were!" Daniel nearly shouted in desperation, and then with his voice softening, "I would have helped you." Emily wasn't expecting him to say such a thing. His words softened her and caused her to lower her arm. As if forfeiting, Emily then descended the two entry steps and walked towards the sitting room. Daniel's voice gently stopped her. "Let me choose again."

Slowly, Emily turned to face him, her brow narrowed in confusion. "What?"

"I want to choose again." Daniel began moving towards her as he spoke, unsure why he was willing to exhibit any vulnerability whatsoever. Emily was the enemy, after all. But there was something different in knowing that she was Amanda Clarke. It didn't erase the pain she had caused him, but it somehow provided a new-found clarity, and with it, came a whole new desire, and perhaps for the first time, true regret. He did want to choose again. Things could have turned out so differently for them. They could be different now. Didn't she see?

"You can't. It's far too late." Her tone was blunt and lacking in emotion. He was wasting her time speaking such nonsense.


"Isn't that beyond obvious?"

"I may not be able to re-write the past, but... I can help you now."

"Daniel, this conversation is pointless. We've brought each other nothing but pain. Let's leave it at that."

"I don't want to. Not anymore." Daniel grabbed her face in his hands, pulling her mouth to his. Emily squirmed, pushing him away with all her might.

"Have you lost your mind?" She spat, but her rejection did not seem to dissuade him. Daniel merely kissed her again, more forcefully this time, and thrust her back against the entry wall. Again, Emily pushed him away, slapping him this time. This only spurred Daniel on more though. He had never wanted her more than he did in this very moment. He hungrily kissed her again, restraining her hands above her head. Emily moaned in displeasure, writhing under his grasp. "Get off of me." Her voice resounded with anger as she tore her lips away. How dare he come onto her. She hated him, hated him for being so arrogant.

Emily could feel Daniel's hot breath on her face as his head hovered at her own. In a single motion, she would drop him to the floor in sheer satisfaction. He truly under-estimated her abilities. But there was something stopping her from doing so. What was it? Emily looked into Daniel's dark eyes which were dancing between her own with desire.

"Is that what you really want?" He asked in a heavy whisper, pressing his body to her's. Emily parted her mouth to speak, to tell him she didn't want this, that she wanted him to leave her alone, but she had no words when the time came. "Be with me just once...just once as Amanda... as the real you."

Daniel's request was twisted. In fact, the entire situation was beyond twisted. Emily had not been with anyone since Aiden for she had been taking time to properly mourn the loss of him. In the back of her mind, the only person Emily had even considered giving herself to was Jack, but had chosen to protect him instead. Jack was good, and she had already caused him enough trouble and pain. In a sick way, she and Daniel deserved each other.

Emily wanted to scream and push Daniel away again. It would certainly be the smartest thing to do. No good was going to come from them being together. But his offer was suddenly very enticing. He was gorgeous. He always had been. Being with him now could serve as an escape. Perhaps, it was temporary insanity, but Emily found herself answering his request with a hungry kiss of her own. Daniel was surprised that she had given in, but gladly reciprocated.

She liked the roughness of his beard as he kissed her, a roughness which matched the way he was touching her and dragging his mouth down her neck. It was different than all the times before, and she wanted nothing to resemble what they once had shared. Daniel seemed to be of the same sentiment as his lips ravaged her skin, his hands firmly planted at her hips. As he lifted, Emily coiled her legs around his waist, and he carried her into the sitting room. Conveniently, Emily had decorated the room with a pool table in the center of it which soon became their landing pad.

Her back hit its felt surface with a gentle crash, Daniel's body heavy upon her. He was kissing her passionately yet again, desperate to take in every inch of her. He then felt Emily press the bottom of her boot into his abdomen, pushing him backwards. Had she changed her mind? But when Daniel looked into her eyes, they now only reflected want. Her mouth curled up in the corner as she sat up, removing her shirt in the process.

Daniel's mouth curved into a smile as well, and he followed suit in removing his jacket and shirt. He couldn't help from noticing the bullet scars on her skin, and for a moment, he almost faltered with guilt. But Emily did not seem to care about their past for this suspended time of perfection taking place between the two of them. Daniel soon decided not to either, and their torrid entanglement left them both breathless when they slowly came down from their high minutes later.

"Man..." Daniel rolled over on his back, beginning to laugh. "You uh...you really were holding back all those times before."

Emily smirked as she stared at the ceiling. It had been exhilarating to allow herself to truly be with him just now. What had transpired between them had been nothing short of incredible. Maybe they had found the perfect combination of truth, hatred and attraction. She slid off the pool table, grabbed the throw blanket from the back of one of the plush chairs in the room, and then returned to where Daniel had not moved, and draped the blanket over them.

"So that was...the real you?" Daniel questioned, somewhat rhetorically.

"It's what you asked for," Emily reminded, turning her head to the side so that she could see him.

He mirrored her motion, a sexy grin forming on his face. "I like Amanda better."

Emily rolled her eyes, amused. She wasn't really even sure if Amanda actually existed anymore, but whoever she was, it was the first time she had been with Daniel without her facade in tact. "When are you going to tell your dad the truth?" Daniel pensively questioned as he shifted the subject matter completely. He was not sure how Emily would react, but it did not seem to upset her in the least.

"I did tell him. It didn't go well. Your mother's...accident...interrupted us."

"And here I thought you were going to take the credit for her nearly dying."

Emily pursed her lips, fighting a smile. "No, that was just karma at its finest."

Daniel nearly laughed, as awful as it was. "I have felt a little guilty for not visiting her in the hospital."

"Do what you can live with."

Daniel turned on his side, propping himself up on his left arm. "And what are you going to do?"

Emily sighed in defeat. "I've been fighting for a man my whole life...who...doesn't seem to exist anymore."

"So what, you're just going to give up? That's not like you."

"Maybe I'm just tired of fighting."

"I'm not buying it." Daniel was faced with the problem he always had with Emily. For him, once with her was never enough. One conversation, one fight, one kiss, one time of mind-blowing sex... he always wanted more. But his next statement surprised even himself. "I'll help you take down my mother...once and for all... Reveal to your dad that she's lying...that she betrayed him all those years ago."

"Daniel -" Emily immediately began to protest, but he interrupted.

"I would much rather be on your side of this war."

Emily arched her eyebrow, smirking again. "You scared of me or something?"

He smiled. "Maybe a little. I, of all people, know that Emily Thorne f.k.a. Amanda Clarke, is a force to be reckoned with."

It would be an alliance than neither one had ever thought would be possible.