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Where am I?

"Hey." Harry groaned as someone shook him. "You ok kid?"

Someone spoke in a strange language.

"Come on. Someone help he get him out of the sun."

American. Definitely American.

"Uhhh…. Where am I?" Harry forced his eyes open to squint at the brown haired man with glasses. "Who are you?"

The man helped him to stand and lead him into a pyramid. "I'm Daniel Jackson. How did you get here? You're a long way from Britain, if that's where you came from. Judging by the accent anyway. Did you use the Stargate?"

"The what?" Hurry frowned as he looked out at the desert. "I don't know what you're talking about. And yes, I am English. How did you know?"

Daniel sighed. "I guess I'll have to explain. The Stargate allows travel between planets. And I guessed your nationality based on your accent."

"Wait, so this isn't Earth?" Harry stared as the man in disbelief. "Then how did I get here if I didn't use this Stargate thingy?"

"Well, you appeared in a flash of light. Does that mean anything to you?"

Harry shook his head. "What is this planet called anyway? And is there any way for me to get back home?"

"Well, I guess you could use the Stargate but you'll just end up in a military base. And we're on Abydos," explained Daniel. "If only you had done this a few days ago. You'd been able to return home then."

"So I guess I'll have to stay here." Harry sighed as a boy ran over and started to chatter excitedly to Daniel.

One year later

Harry looked down the sights at the soldiers before Daniel rushed in. "Lower your guns!"

Harry reluctantly did so as did everyone else.

"Hello Jack. Welcome back."

One of the soldiers walked past Daniel and greeted Skaara.

"Who are these people Daniel?" asked Harry as he placed his gun on his back.

"Well, they're the soldiers that came with me to Abydos the first time."

"How are you Daniel?" asked the man Harry presumed to be Jack.

"Good. You?"

"Much better now I know everyone's ok."

Harry watched the woman study the pedestal. "Amazing! This is what was missing from the dig in Giza! This is how they controlled it! It took us fifteen years and three supercomputers to MacGyver a system for the gate on earth!"

"Captain?" asked Jack.

"Look how small it is!"


The Captain jerked out of her admiration and introduced herself as Sam Carter.

"So, what's been happening on Earth?" asked Harry. "And since when were you a Doctor Daniel?"

"And you are?" asked Sam.

"I'm Harry. Harry Potter."

"What's been going on Jack?" asked Daniel.

"Six hostile aliens came through the Stargate on Earth," explained Jack. "Four are dead and one's missing."

"One of them looked like Ra," added one of the other soldiers.

"Well, they didn't come from here," said Daniel slowly "I mean, we take shifts guarding it. We'd know if they came through here."

"They came from somewhere Daniel."

"So, they came from another planet?" asked Harry. "I mean, the Stargate's like an airport, right? Planes can go to and come from many places."

"Ok, where did you find him?" asked Jack as he looked at Daniel.

"We found him out in the desert. When you return to Earth, take him with you."

"What?" asked Jack.

"I'm from Earth," explained Harry. "Don't ask me how I got here, I don't know."

"I think I can help you find out who took them Jack but it's going to have to wait until the sandstorm passes," said Daniel. "You can have our evening meal with us while we wait."


Harry watched Jack spit out the beer and laughed before listening in as the topic turned to the Stargate.

"Uh, are you sure about that?" he asked once Sam said that the Stargate only worked between Earth and Abydos. "I mean, I think there's like a network of them."

"You're a kid. Stay out of this," said Jack gruffly before the conversation continued.

"Hey, there's no need to be nasty." Harry sighed and walked to the entrance to the pyramid before following Daniel as he explained how he found the room to the soldiers and what the room was for.

"Hey, there's this saying that two heads are better than one and just because I'm young, that doesn't mean that i don't have anything to say." Harry glared at Jack who ignored him.

Sensing that he wasn't needed, Harry returned to the Pyramid just in time to see it finishing dialing and for the people to walk through before pulling his gun off his back and firing, hitting a few. He froze as he watched Sha're being pulled away.

"Sha're!" He leapt after her before realising that he wouldn't be fast enough. And that only one thing would help him. "Reducto!"

The stone send shards up. One of the guards left Skaara in order to deal with him.

"This isn't your power. Where did you get it?"

"I had it all my life!" Harry slammed the butt of the gun into his face. He grunted.

"Do not let yourself be captured."

Harry barely had time to react as he turned and dragged Skaara away to a man in gold armour. "Skaara!"

The guard sent him a warning look before they left through the Stargate. Daniel returned and they stared at the damage.

"Harry, what happened?"

"I don't know. These people came through the Stargate and attacked. I managed to get a few."

"This one?" asked Jack as he studied one. Sam tried to help one of the soldiers as Daniel spoke with a dying man.

"I think so."

"Good shot."

"Colonel Ferretti needs medical attention now!" called Sam as she tried to slow the bleeding.

"Go, help him, I can send you back," said Daniel as he sighed.

"You're coming with us this time, Daniel. I've got orders," replied Jack.

Daniel laughed. "I don't care about your orders, Colonel. My wife is out there. So is Skaara."

"And the only way we're going to get them back is for you to come home with us. Ferretti might have seen those coordinates. Captain, do you have the video?" asked Jack.

"I've got everything I need." She held up her camcorder.

"Harry, are you coming?" asked Daniel.

"What? No, we're not bringing the kid Daniel!" protested Jack.

"He came from Earth Jack. He belongs there," pointed out Daniel. Jack muttered to himself as Daniel told the Abydonians to seal the Stargate.

Stargate Command

"Ok, that wasn't too bad," said Harry as he looked back at the Stargate before jumping as the wormhole was covered. He held up his hands as the soldiers pointed their guns at him. "Uh, not going to hurt anyone."

Jack looked like he was debating with someone. Daniel joined them as Harry's gun was taken off him and led to a cell.

"Oh, very friendly." Harry sat on the bed before shivering. It wasn't as warm as the desert. Time passed before the man Jack had been talking to entered the cell. Harry hesitated before standing.

"Harry Potter, correct?"

"Yes, that's me. May I ask who you are?" Harry looked at him curiously.

"I am General Hammond. Your arrival here has caused a stir. Now, you're British, correct?"

"English to be specific. Well, before I ended up on Abydos."

The man behind checked something. "It says here you've been missing for a year, presumed dead."

"Where is this leading General?" asked Harry as he glanced at the man. "And I'm surprised that my relatives even filed a missing persons report. And that you know about it, being American."

"Dr Jackson requested that you be put on the rescue team. In fact, it was his condition for working here."

"But I'm sixteen! And I'm not even in the military or even American in that case," protested Harry. "And last I checked, Jack was reluctant to even bring me to Earth."

"I have my doubts too. But Dr Jackson seems to think that you could be useful."

"You're seriously considering it, aren't you?" Harry studied the man. "Daniel did teach me a few things about Archaeology. Add in the fact that certain languages come easily to me..."

"Depending on your test results, yes."

Harry groaned. "Tests. What I just love."

Several hours later

Harry collapsed to the floor, panting. "You're trying to kill me, aren't you?"

"That's the last test. Here." The doctor passed him some water. "You must be thirsty."

"Thanks." Harry quickly downed the water. "So, when do I get the results?"


"Real specific. Thanks Doc."

"I suggest you get some rest."

"Sure thing." Harry stretched and made himself comfy against the wall before quickly falling asleep.

Harry jerked awake in his cell. He rubbed the blurriness out of his eyes before pulling on the clothes next to his bed. It took him a moment to realise what he was wearing.

"Oh great. Please don't tell me I'm in the army."

"Harry, you need to get ready quickly," Daniel called through the door. "Ore we'll leave you behind!"

Harry quickly pulled on the rest of the uniform before walking out the door. "So, I'm on the team then."

"Yep. I mentioned a few interesting things about you so they just want to keep a close eye on you for the time being."

"I still don't think this is the wisest course of action."

Harry secured the helmet as they caught up with the other two.

"Colonel I'd like to remind you that rescuing Doctor Daniel's wife is a secondary objective. In the even you fail to notify base camp within 24 hours, SG-2 will scrub the mission and return without you," said the man leading them.

"Understood," replied Jack.

"Not going to happen, Colonel. SG-2 won't leave without you."

"All right, let's confirm transmitter codes. Remember only the right code will open the iris, and if you lose your transmitter, you cannot get home," explained the man.

"Understood, sir," replied Sam as they entered the Gate Room and the Stargate activated.

"SG-1, SG-2, if you do not return in 24 hours your remote transmitter codes will be locked out, and the iris will be sealed permanently. At that point there will be no return. Is that understood?" asked General Hammond over the intercom.

"Yes, sir," replied Jack as he saluted and then turned to his team "Let's move out."

They started to walk up the ramp.

"I'm kinda nervous, what about you?" asked Harry.

"Well, you'll get used to it."

Harry studied the rippling surface before stepping through and almost tumbling out of the other side.

"Ok, that wasn't nice."

"Damn," muttered Jack. "Hey, kid! Keep close, alright? Don't forget you're here on a temporary basis."

"Uh, yeah, ok? Which team am I on?" asked Harry. "Daniel didn't say."

"Sg-1," replied Daniel before anyone else could answer and sneezed.

"Ok people, let's get the gear out, let's move," ordered Jack.

"Does anyone have a Kleenex?" asked Daniel.

Harry helped move the gear into position as Daniel studied the pedestal before talking to O'Neill. He quickly joined the others as they followed a path, his hand gripping his gun.

"So, is Harry any relation?" asked Sam to Daniel.

"Uh, no. He found him in the desert after a bright flash. The kid's practically a son."

He quickly got distracted by the native monks. After a quickly discussion, they followed them to a town.


"Chulak, sounds good."

"Heard it's nice this time of year," added Jack. Harry rolled his eyes as they entered a room. The occupants stared at them.

"Why are they treating us like this?" asked Sam.

"They think we're gods," replied Daniel.

"Oh great. Just what I always wanted," muttered Harry. "More worship."

"Ok, gods. Now what?" asked Jack.

"I have no idea."

A man blew an instrument and everyone bowed. Daniel followed suit.

"When in Rome…"

Jack reluctantly did so. Harry stiffened slightly as he recognised the man then his gaze drifted to the two behind him.

"Behold, your queen!"

"Sha're," muttered Daniel before darting out towards her.

"Kneel before your queen!"

Daniel stopped before slowly approaching. "Sha're, it's me."

Sha're's eyes glowed before the man blasted him back. Jack aimed his gun at him but Sha're stepped in front of him. Jack hesitated before the guard knocked him out.


"Just what I wanted, another cell," muttered Harry as he paced slightly. Sam tried to wake Daniel up.


"Whoa, easy, you've been unconscious for hours," warned Sam as she stopped him sitting up.

"I saw her…"

"I know, we all did."

"I saw Sha're, she was…" Daniel got to his feet, realizing they're in a new room. Jack moved over to them.

"Well if there's way out of here I haven't found it yet. But look what I did find," he said as Skaara approached them.

"Daniel! You're okay."

"I think so."

Skaara hugged Daniel. He coughed and they eased him to the floor.

"Easy big guy. Welcome back to the land of the conscious," said Jack. "Hey, kid! Do you see anything?"

"Well, that wall at the back is one of the outside walls but apart from that, nothing." Harry shook his head.

"O'Neill told me about Sha're," continued Skaara.

"Jack, help me. We can find her again," pleased Daniel.

"Daniel…don't. If we can't find our way out of here, the mission's a bust anyway. They seal the 'gate in just over 90 minutes. C'mon, Skaara, let's find a way out of here."

"So Ra isn't dead after all," said Sam.

"No, it wasn't Ra. It was Apophis," replied Daniel. Harry listened in.


"Um, it's from Egyptian mythology. Ra was the sun god who ruled the day. Apophis was the serpent god, Ra's rival who ruled the night. It's right out of The Book of the Dead. They're living it."

A guard grabbed O'Neill's arm tightly. "Ow!"

"What is this?" demanded the guard.

"It's a watch."

"This is not Goa'uld technology. Where are you from?" asked the guard as he revealed his face.

"You again." Harry stared at him.

"Earth. Chicago if you want to be specific," replied Jack.

"Your words mean nothing. Where are you from?"

"Uh, excuse me…" Daniel drew a symbol on the ground. "This is where we're from."

The guard erased the symbol. Harry frowned.

"There's something different about that man."

Jack and Skaara moved over to them as the doors opened and guards marched in.

"Shaka ha! Kree hol mel, Goa'uld!"

"What'd he say?" asked Jack. Harry felt the translation filter through his mind and frowned.

"They're going to choose," replied Skaara.

"Choose what?" asked Sam.

"Who will be the children of the gods."

A royal box was brought in, and Apophis emerged from it.

"Jaffa!" He helps Sha're out from the box.

"Sha're. Jack, help me please." Daniel surges forward but Carter and O'Neill pull him back.

"Daniel, don't, don't."

"Benna! Ya wan, ya daru! Kneel before your masters!"

Guards walked among the people making them kneel. O'Neill catches the guard's eye who gave him a look. O'Neill nodded imperceptibly and kneeled. Skaara didn't.


Skaara knelt. People walked in-between the prisoners.

"Benna, ya wan ya daru! Choose!"

A guard held him up for the people.

"No." the guards toss him aside as the person moves to another. "This one. We choose this one."

She is escorted away. Other people approach where SG-1 are kneeling and Daniel leaps forward, grabbing one of them. Guards prevent O'Neill from interfering.


"This one is passionate."

"How much would I remember if you chose me?" asked Daniel desperately.

"Daniel, what are you doing?" asked Jack. A guards taps O'Neill with a staff weapon in warning.

"Something of the host must survive!"

The Guard shook his head negatively. O'Neill noticed.

"We choose…him." The Goa'uld pointed to Skaara.

"Na-nay, na nay! O'Neill! O'Neill!" Skaara was dragged away.

"Skaara! Skaara!" Jack jumped forward but a guard hits him on the nose with a staff weapon.

"Kill the rest," ordered Apophis as he left. The prisoners screamed and ran to the back of the room. The guards advanced and ready their weapons.

"I can save these people! Help me! Help me," pleaded Jack as the guard passed him.

"Many have said that." The guard turned and fired on his own then threw his weapon to Jack. "But you are the first I believe could do it!"

The two started to fight as Sam pulled Daniel out of the way.

"The hell to the Statute of Secrecy," muttered Harry before focusing. "Reducto!"

A guard went flying and dropped his weapon as the stone exploded.

"Accio staff!" He caught it as it zoomed over to him before helping with the remaining guards,

"Get out of the way!" Jack fired at the wall, creating an opening. He checked it. "All right, let's move!"

"Come on, come on!" Sam hurried the people through. "Come on, move, come on!"

The guard dropped his helmet to the floor in the empty holding room and looked at the dead Jaffa.

"Come on!" Harry tugged his arm.

"Hey, c'mon!" called Jack.

"I have nowhere to go," said the guard.

"For this you can stay at my place. Let's go," called Jack. The guard looked around, then the two joined him. "What's your name?"


"Teal'c, where will they take Skaara, the boy?" asked jack as they hurried down

"To the Stargate, after they've selected hosts for their children they will return home," replied Teal'c as they followed the stream of prisoners heading for the Stargate. Jack took the lead and started to make them move at a fast pace before glancing at his watch.

"We've got less than an hour, how we doing?"

"We lost a few when we got to the forest," replied Sam.

"They will be hunted down and killed. Anyone who does not exist to serve the gods is their enemy," explained Teal'c

"And that makes you…?" asked Jack.

"I am a Jaffa. Bred to serve, that they may live."

"I…I don't understand," said Daniel. Harry frowned.

Teal'c stopped and undid his top. The prisoners nearby screamed as the creature inside poked out.

"What the hell is that?" asked Jack.

"It is an infant Goa'uld, the larval form of the gods, I have carried one since I was a child, as all Jaffa carry one," explained Teal'c as it retreated before starting to walk.

"Get it out of there," suggested Jack.

"In exchange for carrying the infant Goa'uld until maturity, a Jaffa receives perfect health and long life. If I were to remove it, I would eventually die," continued Teal'c

"Yeah, well if I were you, I'd take my chances."

"Rather gross looking, aren't they," said Harry to no one. Everyone looked up as ships passed overhead.

"All right come on people, let's go, let's move!" yelled Jack as they started to move.

"The boy you seek is no longer who he was," warned Teal'c

"I don't want to hear that." As they near the Stargate, a Goa'uld glider swooped over them, readying its guns. "Take cover!"

The ship fired as the prisoners scatter. Jack and Teal'c returned fire but make no difference. Harry frowned.

"Colonel, we're sitting ducks here!" called Sam.

"Bombada maxima!" An explosion clipped the ship.

A missile shot towards the ship and hit it. Everyone looked towards the source.

"Kawalsky," muttered Jack.

"Yeah!" SG-2 waved from the hill as jack turned to the prisoners

"C'mon, folks, up the hill!"

Kawalsky moved down to help O'Neill up.

"Great shot! How many are there?" asked Jack.

"A dozen, maybe more. They're headed back through the Stargate," explained Kawalsky.

"What about Skaara?"

"He's with them. Colonel, we don't have much time before they lock us out." They run up the hill with the others as Kawalsky took a lead position. "Warren, Casey, on my right!"

They took positions the crest of the hill, overlooking the Stargate. Jack spotted Skaara about to enter the Stargate.

"No. No." He ran down the hill.

"Colonel! Sir!" called Kawalsky.


"Jack, wait!" called Harry.

Skaara turned and smiled walking back toward Jack a few steps.


Skaara's smile disappeared as his eyes glowed and he hits O'Neill with his hand device. Jack was thrown back. He hit the ground as Skaara left and the Stargate deactivates. Jack got to his feet as the others ran down to him.

"Did you see the symbols?" asked Daniel quickly. Jack shook his head.

Warren and Casey watched the forest with binoculars when they spotted movement.

"Sir, we've got movement in the trees, a lot of movement in the trees. We've got hostiles, sir, hostiles closing in!"

"All right, people we're going on a little field trip. Daniel get busy on that Stargate, we've got company." Kawalsky turned to Sam. "Captain, arm your claymores. Me, Casey and Warren will be the last men out."

"Negative. That's my job. Captain, help Daniel. Once you've sent the signal I want you to go through, tell them we're bringing company," ordered Jack as everyone flocked to the Stargate.

"Boys, give me an update!" ordered Kawalsky into his radio.

"Looks like a whole battalion, sir. 200 yards and closing."

Kawalsky readied the claymores as Carter stood with Daniel who was searching for the Stargate address in his notebook. Harry gripped his staff and aimed it.

"Doctor Jackson?"

"I've got it, I know I have it here, I know I've got it," muttered Daniel.

"Come on!"

"Sir, we've got hostiles coming out of the trees." Sounds of gun fire echoed around the area.

"Daniel!" called Jack in worry.

"Oh here!" Daniel laughed.

"Go go!"

Daniel started dialling. On the hill the soldiers were overpowered.

"We can't hold them, sir!" the voice crackled over the radio.

"Send the signal as soon as it opens, Captain," suggested Daniel as Sam held her arm with the remote transmitter up.

"Pull 'em out!" called Jack

"Fall back, fall back!"

The Stargate opened.

"Is it working?" asked Daniel.

"Oh, let's hope so. If not, I'll be the first to know," replied Sam as Warren and Casey run down the hill from their positions, towards the Stargate. They took defensive positions behind rock and continued firing on the guards as they reach the crest of the hill. Sam stepped through the Stargate, and Daniel started to encourage the prisoners to go after her.

"Come on, come on, come on."

Harry sent spells at the advancing Jaffa.


Sam rolled through the Stargate onto the ramp and stood, putting out a hand as two prisoners follow after her. The soldiers around the Stargate raised their guns.

"Hold your fire! They're refugees!"

She helped them to their feet.

"I hope you know what you're doing, Captain," said the General over the intercom.


"Come on, please, two of you, two of you!" Daniel begged the last of the prisoners. The guards stepped over the crest of the hill and O'Neill turned to Kawalsky.

"Hit the claymores!"

They exploded and took a line of guards with them. He hit another and another and the guards go down in droves. But there are still more and one of the prisoners was hit by enemy fire.

"Hurry! Come on, come on. C'mon, c'mon, c'mon. We need cover here!" called Daniel. Harry jumped in front of them.


The shots hit the shield and diffused. Kawalsky started to fire his weapon wildly. Daniel got the last refugee through the Stargate.

"That's it!" called Daniel as the last refuge ran through.


Daniel paused for one reluctant second and then ran through the Stargate.


"They behind you?" asked Sam as Daniel appeared.

"I hope so."


Everyone ran to the Stargate. One of the soldiers got hit.


They helped him through the gate with a bit of a struggle. Shots missed them.

"Reducto! Stupefy!" Harry tripped on a step before clamouring up them. He jumped through the Stargate as the last prisoner jumped though.


The prisoner jumped out of the Stargate and the soldiers cocked their weapons as Teal'c came through. Sam and Daniel called out simultaneously to stop them firing.

"Whoa! Hold your fire! Hold your fire!"

"They're with us!" continued Sam as she walked up to Teal'c and received his weapon from him with a nod.

"Phew. That was intense," sighed Harry as he sat down. "I still have no idea why you let me go."

"Well, let's say it was a test. I mean, you passed all the tests that you did here on Earth." Sam shrugged.

The last three fell through the Stargate as one collapsed to the ramp.

"Now! Lock it up, lock it up!" called Sam.

"Closing iris!" the metal closed over the wormhole. Four metallic thuds echoed as the guards that followed hit the metal. Then the sounds stopped. "Wormhole disengaged."

The iris opened. Medics rush up the ramp as they are called.

The refugees surged forward and circled Carter and O'Neill, hugging and thanking them warmly.

General Hammond walks up the ramp amidst the confusion as a man cleared the way for the medics who lifted Casey on to a stretcher and left.

"Colonel O'Neill. Care to explain?" asked General Hammond.

"Um, we can use the Stargate to send these people home, sir," explained Sam.

"What's he doing here?" He indicated Teal'c.

"General Hammond, this is Teal'c," introduced Jack. "He can help us."

"Do you know what he is?"

"Yes, sir I do, he's the man who saved our lives. And if you accept my recommendation, sir…he'll join SG-1," said Jack. "As well as the midget."

"I am not a midget!" Harry glared at the man.

"That decision may not be up to you."

"Anyway, how did you do that?" asked Sam as Jack checked on Kawalsky.

"Do what?" Harry acted innocent.

"You know perfectly what I mean. You said a word then something happened."

Harry winced. "I'm not allowed to talk about it to normal people. There are laws in place."

"Colonel O'Neill, Major Kawalsky, this sure-to-be-very-interesting debriefing for SG units 1 and 2 will be at 0730," said General Hammond.

"Yes, sir."

"All right, let's get these people situated."

They left the Gate Room, leaving Teal'c, Sam, Daniel, Harry and Jack standing at the base of the ramp. Daniel looked back to the Stargate.

"She's out there somewhere, Jack."

"I know. So's Skaara," said Jack.

"So what do we do?" asked Daniel.

"We find 'em."

"Dude, thanks for trying to get me on your team." Harry grinned.

"Well, let's say that I think you would be a useful addition."

Several hours later

Harry sighed. "I keep telling you, I can't tell you. I'm sure there are things that are meant to kept secret in the air force."

"Look here son, I understand why you're reluctant to talk. But surely you can give us hints." Jack frowned slightly. "I have lots of classified secrets myself."

"Do you think you can get some letters out for me? Depending on the answers I get, I'll be able to tell you."