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Death. How he wished for it, to be released from the very bondage of hell. His hell was on earth, it had to be on earth. How else could his life be so miserable? So lost? So misshapen? Death would be the one way to erase all of this, his past memories, all the sins that had poisoned his soul, all the betrayals and failed promises of love. He would forget them, and he would never live again.

Hell. It was true. Guy of Gisborne no longer believed in an afterlife. How could there be one? He knew that if there were such a thing, he certainly would never be worthy of the glory of heaven. He would undoubtedly go to hell, but if he had already been there then what was the point? No, there was no afterlife. There was only here and now and he wished to end it and to fall asleep, never to be awoken again.

Dreams. How they haunted him. Dreams of all he had killed and stolen from. The lives he had ruined. But most prominent were the visions he had of Marian. She came to him, clothed in white, stained with her own blood, the life he had cruelly taken from her. But Marian was different from all of the other phantoms of death. She did not just come to him in his sleep, she haunted him in his waking hours too.

Sleep. Guy of Gisborne never slept anymore. He kept his eyelids glued open, determined not to drift into the floating space between life and death, the vortex, the chasm to his worst nightmares. How he feared all of this and more. And now death would end that. He would close his eyes willingly and would not be overcome by pale and dead faces. Cold and withered hands would not crawl at his skin. He would be free at last, receiving all the sleep he could possibly need. He would sleep. For eternity. Nothing would haunt him, and he would know nothing. He would never think, feel, or love again. He would be gone, lost forever in an everlasting requiem, a peaceful darkness from which he would never awake.

Guy drew his sharp and long sword from its scabbard and pointed it at his chest. He did not flinch or waver, he did not sweat and his breathing did not grow heavy. He just took one last glance around the earth around him, the beauty of nature had never seemed so real in the darkness of the night, on the edge of Sherwood. Robin's face flashed across his mind. At last, Robin would be free, free from the threat of undeserved death and be able to continue on his journey of making the world a better place. And the world would be a better place without the man in black dwelling upon its lands. Marian's voice echoed through his head. "I have seen it! The side of you that is good!" He saw her face once again and it seemed every memory of her flashed before his eyes. Finally, he would be rid of her, rid of her memory... for forever.

Guy's grip tightened on the hilt of his sword in determination and he fingered the pommel gently. The ghost of a smile formed on his lips and a look of peace was upon his countenance. And with one swift and decisive move, he sought to end his life. He buried the sword deep within his lower abdomen, until the bloodied tip protruded from his back. He gasped at the shocking, icy pain as he fell to the ground, his own hands soaked in his red life source. Just like Marian. Marian. Even in his dimming consciousness, his thoughts turned to her and he felt overflowing peace. He felt the last thread of his existence slowly disappearing as his eyes closed involuntarily and the beauty of the earth was lost from view. This was it. He was free.

Voices. If he was free and dead, then why did he hear voices? Through his cracked eyelids he saw the figure of a woman with auburn hair, but it was not Marian. No, it must be an angel sent to carry him back to the pearly gates So, this was heaven. Wait, why was he in heaven? Had he been granted clemency? Surely not. He felt her soft hands cradling his head and searching his wounds. Confusion was the last think he knew before all went dark and numb as Guy of Gisborne lost complete consciousness.

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