The unusual thing about the police stationed in Diagon Alley by the Met was that they were armed. They carried small weapons, handguns, the occasional sub machine gun but this was still unusual in England where guns were illegal and only specialised units used guns.

Despite this, the muggleborn actually found the presence of armed muggle police officers comforting.

The gang's first stop in England was to Ollivander's at the suggestion of Harry. In fact there were a few shops in Diagon Alley he recommended they visit which was strange considering the animosity he held for the place.

"Well, well, well. Aren't you three an interesting group?" Ollivander mused as they entered the shop. "And so many of you too. You certainly aren't from around here and your auras… they are so new."

"We're friends of Harry." Dudley explained.

The old man's face lit up with a smile. "Wonderful, wonderful! You must be his lovely wife." He turned to Kono. "He mentioned that he had a way to give muggles- I apologise, non-magicals, magic. I really must get used to the proper terms." He chastised himself.

"Could you tell us why Harry sent us to you?" Ziva asked curiously. "After we dealt with the Ministry he practically fled the country. He hates it here."

"Well of course he does! All the vial things he has been subjected to." Ollivander said in disgust. "The reason he probably recommended my shop was because a group of us were present at the massacre done in his name and with his face. Florean Fortescue and Tom the innkeeper at the Leaky Cauldron were both adamant that Harry Potter would never do what we saw. We combined our knowledge and talents and managed to get messages to Harry to assure him that we knew the truth."

"He never mentioned anything like that before." Chin muttered.

Dudley and Kono both agreed.

"He couldn't." Ollivander said sadly. "As much as we wanted to support him we also had to protect ourselves. Our messages were charmed so that only Harry could read them but not talk about them. We were able to pass useful pieces of information to him but only he could act on them."

He smiled happily though. "But now that you have dealt with the situation here we have broken the charm and you can easily talk to him.

"Now, let's find you all some wands."

Tony and Harry had barely landed at the Honolulu Portkey Terminal when Harry's phone went off.

"Hey Seeley, mission accomplished if that's why you're calling." Harry smiled tiredly.


Harry frowned as Tony watch the conversation with interest. "Doesn't the hotel have an on call doctor or nurse?"


"It was one time Seeley! You were there too. Why can't you handle it?"


"Fine, give me your GPS coordinates." Harry grumbled as he gestured for Tony to give him something to write with.


"Yeah, yeah, we'll be there in less than ten minutes." He said as hung up.

"We leaving already?" Tony asked.

"Tony, my friend, you are about to have the most horrific and beautiful experience of your life… to date."

As the group walked down Diagon Alley looking in windows and soaking up the culture word quickly spread from Ollivander to Madam Malkin to Florean Fortescue and so on that the wife of Harry Potter and one of the leaders of the fall of the Ministry was in the Alley.

The group was practically ordered into Madam Malkin's where she and her seamstresses and sales girls were all over the women in the group as the men stood there uncomfortably.

Except Deeks who was really enjoying himself.

Until Sam and Gibbs slapped the back of his head at Kensie and Ziva's request.

It took two hours during which Sam pulled out a deck of cards and started a game of poker amongst the men.

At the end of the two hours the girls were supplied with a full assortment of things that… only certain men would be entitled to enjoy.

They exited the shop to be greeted by banners declaring things like 'freedom', 'victory' and other sentiments as a cheer went up.

Everyone was cheering the group exiting the clothing store.

"Aren't we supposed to be… covert?" Danny asked Kono out the side of his mouth.

"And the Ministry was supposed to prevent us from hearing anything about Mr. Potter except what they made up." Ollivander smirked as he approached them. "But that didn't stop us from getting newspapers from Australia and America.

"You are quite the celebrity, Lady Potter." He informed her with an elaborate bow.

"And now I'm beginning to understand Harry's hatred of fame." Kono muttered.

Tony DiNozzo was sitting on the floor of a stable, surrounded by horses, straw, hay and blood as he held a tiny little human.

"Tony." Seeley grumbled.

"Hush. You'll wake him."

"It's a girl you idiot." Harry retorted.

"Most beautiful girl I've ever seen." Tony cooed.

"Agent DiNozzo, if you do not give me my daughter I will shoot you."

It doesn't matter how damned cute a baby is… a mother's ire will have you jumping as ordered.

The brand new human was handed back to its former home.

"Tony, stay here and keep an eye on them until the ambulance arrives. I'm going to have a word with the owner of this little establishment." Harry glared as he stormed off.

Tony and Seeley shared a worried look.

"Yeah… I'll go and confiscate his gun." Tony said hurriedly as he ran after Harry.

Tony caught up with Tony as he was walking down the service road to the main building with his phone at his ear.

"Yeah, Laura, it's Harry."


"I need you to buy the hotel I am currently at."


"They pissed me off- that's why!" Harry scowled.


"Look, I've sent you the address of the hotel. Just throw money at them and call me when it's done." Harry said in annoyance as he hung up.

"We are definitely taking that woman out for a meal tonight." Tony told him. "Focus that anger Harry… and give me your gun."

Harry rolled his eyes. "I'm not going to kill anyone."

"I know you Harry. You're not above knee-capping people who piss you off." Tony retorted.

"You make me sound like a mobster."

"Mobsters have smaller incident reports on file." He grumbled.

They reached the lobby where a greeter was manning the desk.

He paled at the sight of the two blood stained men. He didn't bother trying to stop the men, especially as one of them clearly had a gun. He just ran for his boss.

Tony was a step behind and to the side of Harry so he could keep an eye on all parties.

And Harry's gun.

"Ladies and gentlemen!" Harry announced loudly. "Due to the incompetence of management, this gathering and hotel is closed effective immediately. You have one hour to collect your belongings and sign out. You will be refunded the cost of your rooms and the cost of travel if you can provide receipts."

There was a stunned silence as a man pushed his way through the crowd. "Leave immediately or the police will be called."

Tony pulled out his badge and ID. "We're already here." He sighed.

The last thing he needed was some beat cop putting Harry's name into the database. The people here looked rich and snobby. That meant that Harry's diplomatic immunity would mean nothing to them.

"You are the idiot who refused to help a pregnant woman in labour, aren't you?" Harry glared at the man who was clearly the maitre'd.

"This is a private party. All of our rooms are booked and-"

"I'm sorry, did I hear you right?" A well-dressed woman in her late thirties demanded as she stepped forward from the crowd. "You refused to let a pregnant woman in labour seek help here?" She demanded of the maitre'd.

The man turned and tried to explain respectfully. "Mada-"

"Shut it you worm." She snarled angrily. She turned to the crowd. "John, get out here, there is a woman giving birth."

The crowd began to ripple as they made way for 'John'.

"John is a doctor. He's delivered most of the our children." She explained.

"Erm… Mandy, I'd have to say that the woman has given birth already… judging by the state of these two men." The man was older, in his fifties with greying hair.

"Then go and make sure there are no complications." She ordered.

"Yes dear. Where are they now?" He asked Tony.

"Barn out back."

"A BARN?!" Mandy screeched. She turned and spotted a waitress standing there just as stunned as the guests. "You! Go and grab clean towels and linens and take them to the barn."

She then turned to Harry and Tony. "You two, follow me. I saw a medical room with a bed. We might be able to find something useful in there."

It doesn't matter how much political capital you have, how high you security clearance is or how many bullets are in your gun… when faced with a woman on a righteous rampage you just nod and say 'yes ma'am'.

"Harry has always hated his fame. Even when it was in his favour." George Weasley said with a slight chuckle as he sat with the team outside Fortescues. All around them the shopkeepers were drinking and celebrating.

"There was talk amongst a lot of us of pulling up stakes and following him just so we could take care of him. I quickly put a stop to that." He sighed. "It would have just been more pressure on him."

"It sounds like you knew him pretty well." Tim offered.

George smiled wanly. "I probably new him better than most… but not because he let me. Harry was always closed off to some degree, he would rarely hold a grudge but based on the fact that he didn't stay I would say he has finally learnt how.

"Not that I think it is a bad case this time." He admitted.

"You're related to Ron, right?" Danny asked.

"My youngest brother."

"Do you think they will come back here, to London?"

"I hope not. If the word we've been getting is true then England is about to get a massive shakeup in lifestyle. Ron is living off Hermione because he can't hack it in the mu- non-magical world. If he wasn't family I would turn him away myself."

"What the hell happened there?" Steve asked. "Everything I read said that Harry and Ron were best friends. The Queen made him a knight."

"My little brother has a history of letting Harry down in every important matter. The latest was when they were on the run fighting against Riddle and the Death Eaters whilst trying to track down something to kill him with.

"My little brother abandoned them because he didn't like living in a tent." He spat in disgust. "If Ron comes back to London he will be looked on with contempt by everyone you see here."

"Why did he invite him to the wedding then?" Gibbs asked.

"Because he couldn't invite Hermione without inviting Ron. Those two aren't married yet, thank god, but Hermione could do so much better. Ron has always coasted on tails of those two. Hermione with her grades and intelligence and Harry with… just being Harry.

"I guess Hermione always saw Harry as far too unobtainable otherwise they might have gotten together." He saw the look of discomfort on their faces at his speculations and grinned. "It would have been fifty-fifty odds of it working. Her first reaction to meeting him was to assume everything written about him was true… Harry didn't even know he had been written about!" He laughed.

"So, how did you catch my honorary little brother's eye?" He smirked at Kono.

"He crashed her wave." Chin shrugged.

"So she punched Harry." Steven reminded them.

"So Harry broke her nose." Danny finished smugly.

"Shut up you lot." Kono glared at them.

"That is something I have got to see for myself." George laughed. "Let me go get a pensive, we can all share memories then."

Temperance was getting more and more uncomfortable with the amount of attention and people around her. She had been taken to the main building on a stretcher that Harry claimed to have 'found'. Then there were people bringing towels and antiseptics… it was a real three ring circus.

"I'd really appreciate a few minutes alone with my baby." She said hesitantly.

"You heard the lady! Everybody out!" Harry ordered.

"Thanks Harry." Seeley said gratefully.

"No problem. Now hop it!"


"You aren't the baby so you can get out too." Harry said firmly.

"That's my baby!"

"You'll get your alone time soon enough… Temperance gets first dibs."

"Bones, would you-"

"Thank you Harry!" Temperance called out with a smile. She really liked the Englishman.

Outside Seeley was being grumpy.

"She had nine whole months of alone time with my baby. I can't have just a few minutes?"

"When you've spent nine months with it sitting on your bladder, waking you up at god knows what time, demanding food that would normally make you puke and praying to god that you haven't done something to hurt it… then you can complain." Harry smirked.

"Ah! You must be the new father!" An old man in his seventies exclaimed as he strolled up happily. "Congratulations son." He said as he enthusiastically pumped Seeley's hand.

"And you are?" Harry asked pointedly.

"Richard Mirkin. I own this hotel and the land… and considering your accent I am going to assume you are Lord Potter. As I told your lovely Miss Hill, I will not be selling. I have however fired that barbarian of a maitre'd.

"There are always rooms available in emergencies. It is my policy to hold a few rooms in case of stranded motorists and the like."

Harry huffed in disappointment. "At least that bastard is gone."

"Agreed." Richard nodded. "Now, as soon as the new mother is up for it we will move her to my favourite set of rooms. It over looks the lake and the riding trail."

"Er… thanks but we were planning on returning to D.C. right away." Seeley said.

"Lord no! Don't put more strain on the girl. This is your first day with your daughter. I spent the day my daughter was born in Korea. And it was not a vacation. It was nearly two years before I made it back state side and my daughter was scared of me." He said sadly.

"You've got your overnight bags, right?" Tony asked.

"Yeah… I guess we can wait a day or so." Seeley admitted hesitantly.

"You go and wrestle the kid from her mother. Tony and I will get your bags." Harry offered.

"Would you mind if I came in? I would like to apologise for how you were treated." Richard nearly begged.

Despite exploring the magical side of London, the team was staying at a hotel in the non-magical side. There was little in the way of holdings and finances for Kono to deal with in London aside from when George had handed her a magically enlarged bag of gold.

Apparently he had stopped using Gringotts years ago with most of the shopkeepers and had been keeping Harry's shares separately.

The following day they had headed up to Wales to Godric's Hollow.

"I've seen some pretty sick things in my time, but this… this is a whole new level." Callen muttered as they stood in front of the remains of the Potter Home.

"Why didn't they at least try to fix it? They could have had it ready for Harry to live in." Kensie growled. "Instead they turn it into a monument."

"Weeell… they say memorial." Deeks said sarcastically.

"He saw it like this." Dudley scowled angrily. "He had to come here during the war and this is how he saw it."

"Stitch, bring the whole thing to the ground." Kono ground out.

The little blue fuzzball hopped the fence whilst sprouting his arms and antennae before he began ripping the walls down.

"Deeks, can you find and cancel whatever is keeping this place hidden from non-magicals?"

"Sure, but you might want to wait until Stitch is finished."

"Fine. Then let's spit ball ideas on what to do with the land? I was thinking a children's park." She said.

"Or a nature park." Deeks muttered. "Like a pond or something."

"Ah… slight miscommunication and that is my fault." Dudley blushed. "The houses here on this street are built on land owned by the Potters. The land extends from the family graveyard-" He jabbed a thumb over his shoulder behind them "- to about a mile out in either direction. From what I learned it is inherited from the Gryffindor line and Godric Gryffindor who this village is named after."

"Hey! What do you lot think you are doing?"

They turned to see an angry man stomping towards them.

"Cleaning up." Gibbs retorted as he stepped in front of the man.

The man was clearly a wizard based on his clothing and robes… and the wand in his hand.

"That's a historical monument! You can't go messing around like this!"

"This is the Potter family home." Dudley countered. "This is the Lady Potter, she is entitled to do what she wants with her land."

"Lady Potter? Ain't no such thing. That monster fled the country when Minister Malfoy defeated him in a duel. And there's no way they'd let some foreigner- urk!"

The man suddenly found himself dangling and inch off the ground with his neck in Dudley's hand.

"Now you listen here you little fool. You will leave this place and never return. My cousin, Harry Potter, would be disgusted to know filth like you is living on his land."

Dudley tossed the man away where he landed on his ass and quickly drew his wand.

A bolt of red hit him as Deeks stunned him quickly. "Anyone got the number for the new law enforcement?" He asked.

Over the following few days Tony and Harry spent their time relaxing on the beach out back of Harry and Kono's home.

There had been one incident where Laura had turned up with a folder and a to do list.

Three spells later and she dressed in a modest bikini, lying on a beach chair staring at a wand in her hand.

She didn't bother fighting it. Especially as she quickly took to learning the silencing charm so she could shut Tony up and not have to listen to him moan about Ziva being there for him to admire in a bikini of her own.

Harry, being the evil bastard that he was, called Rachel, David and Nani. They brought the girls over and Tony had to suffer with three smoking hot women who he wasn't allowed to ogle.

David took perverse pleasure in having Nani sit in his lap and kissing her… until Lilo put a stop to that horrible icky stuff.

"I'm sorry, could you repeat that?"

"I am Lady Kono Potter, wife of Sir Lord Harry Potter of Hogwarts. I am here to inspect my husband's holdings and decide on its future." Kono had spent some time with the Queens servants learning how she needed to act in front of the Queen and other nobles.

She still wanted to pull her gun and be done with it.

Harry might be influencing her a bit these days.

The old, stern, Scottish woman in front of her was flabbergasted. "I don't know who you are trying fool young lady but there is no such thing as a 'Lord Hogwarts'. I know for a fact that Harry Potter is no lord."

"The position was created by her Majesty several years ago and the lands of Hogwarts and Hogsmede were gifted to him by the Queen herself." Dudley spoke up. "Professor McGonagall, perhaps you should contact the Ministry of Magic."

"I have no need to do any such thing, thank you very much!" She said indignantly. "I know full well the history of these lands having lived in the area my entire life!"

"Alright you little old bidd-"

"Ok! Let's take it back a notch!" Danny said as he quickly grabbed the now enraged Kono and tossed her to Chin.

"Why am I always having to watch her?" Chin grumbled.

"Because you're family and the only one Harry won't kill for touching her." Steve explained.

"Look lady, either you let us in or we remove you from the equation." Danny tried to explain reasonably.

"Williams, back off. All of you back off." Gibbs ordered.

Considering Gibbs was the acknowledged senior member of the group (due to experience, not grey hairs) the rest took a few steps back.

"Ma'am, are you aware of where Harry Potter has been the past few years and what he has been doing?" Gibbs asked calmly.

"I heard rumours that he was in Asia working with the sorcerers there." McGonagall said thoughtfully.

"I am unaware if he has ever been to Asia, but I know for a fact that Potter fled to America, specifically Washington D.C. following multiple attacks by Death Eaters and the Ministry of Magic. He has spent the past years training with the US Government and has made himself a life there, which includes Mrs. Potter.

"Once the non-magical government of Britain got wind of Harry in America they immediately offered any protection they could and the Queen of England honoured him with a knighthood and lordship for his service to the crown along with Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley."

"Then why haven't I heard any of this?" She demanded. "According to the Daily Prophet he was run out of the country by Lucius Malfoy following and ill-advised attempt to duel the curr."

"And who controls the Prophet?" Gibbs asked leadingly. "Most of the shopkeepers in Diagon Alley have spent the past few days celebrating the fall of the Ministry of Magic at the hands of Harry Potter, our people here and soldiers from both the US and UK. They knew the truth of what happened to Potter and managed to send messages to him."

"And just how do you intend to prove your claim?"

There was a flash of red and the Professor fell to the floor only for Gibbs to react quick enough and catch her.

Gibbs turned and glared at Deeks. "I was getting through to her!"

"No, you were about to go full circle. Trust me, I've dealt with British wizards before." He said with a bit of a wince.

"Yeah, we're talking about the same gits that placed a famous, powerfully magical baby with a family that hated magic… hated his family. That baby spent ten years being abused and lived in a cupboard under the stairs, he finally gets to this school and he's emaciated, he was found under circumstances that involved a hunting rifle and yet no one does anything." Dudley said calmly, his disgust was clear though. "This will be so much better if we can get in there and establish ourselves without attempting to reason with them."

"Well, what are the kids doing now?" Kensie asked.

"Probably in class." Dudley answered.

"Why don't we ask Mr. Ollivander to come and explain things?" Tim offered. "He seems to be well respected."

"Harry we really need to discuss these issues-"

"Laura, I just helped liberate an entire society." Harry interrupted his assistant. "I am now on holiday and the only work I intend to do is teaching you five how to use magic.

"Now, Rachel, the shield charm, please." He instructed.

"I'm no a fighter, Harry." She argued again. "I'm just a mother."

"And I was just a baby until some lunatic decided to kill my family and attempt to kill me." He countered. "I'm not training you to fight, I'm training you to defend yourself… and your daughter."

That actually changed her attitude. She began to put her all into it.

Laura just sighed. She would just tell Dudley and Kono and let them deal with the fact that the UGF had pressured the US Government into declaring the small island that Nani and David lived on a diplomatic embassy due to the number of aliens living there.

Fortunately they hadn't requested that the human residents be evacuated, just that the land be turned over to Harry and Lilo on their behalf.

The US Government wasn't pleased, but there was very little they could do if they wanted to have good relations with the UGF.

Minerva McGonagall was startled when she awoke suddenly and found herself in her office. She was seated in the chair opposite her desk… sitting in her chair was the so-called 'Lady Potter'.

She quickly noticed that all the portraits were missing, sitting in the chair next to hers, but facing her was Garrick Ollivander.

"What is going on here?" She demanded as she began searching for her wand.

"It seems that Lady Potter and her friends didn't believe you were capable of listening to reason so they decided a more active approach was needed to make you listen." Garrick explained. "They called me in to provide testimony as to the truth of their words."

"These people claim that they are working for 'Lord Potter of Hogwarts'!" She said sarcastically. "We both know there is no such person."

"On the contrary, I am well aware that Harry Potter was knighted and elevated to Lordship by her Majesty." Garrick smiled. "I am also very pleased to announce that the corrupt Pureblood Ministry was ended not two days ago by the Lord and Lady Potter and an elite team of non-magicals."

"The Ministry has fallen to muggles?" She asked in horror. "How did they find us?"

"Common sense." Kono smirked as she spoke for the first time. "You British Wizards have dismissed non-magicals for the past few centuries… but they didn't dismiss you and they developed and became more evolved.

"I was born non-magical… but two days ago Harry used non-magical methods to make me into a witch." She waved the wand that was in her hand causing a flock of birds to erupt form the end.

"Impossible! We would know if that was possible! I'm sure the Ministry would have-"

"And there is that Pureblood arrogance you were talking about, My Lady." Garrick sighed disappointedly as looked at Kono.

"Are all of the students and teachers going to be the same?" Kono asked.

"Very likely. They are fairly insulated up here in the castle and the syllabus hasn't changed since I was a student."

"I'll see if I can get the new government to set up a new school system. Hogwarts isn't working. Maybe they should stick to regular schools instead of boarding schools."

"Whilst there are legitimate reasons for having a boarding school in our society, I agree that Hogwarts is no longer an ideal locale for a school." Garrick allowed. "A change is needed to move our society forward to match that of the non-magicals… or at the very least, the magical Americas."

"There is no difference between the non-magical and magical cultures in America." Kono explained.

"That sounds lovely." He sighed.

Kono turned to McGonagall. "As of September 1st of this year I want the castle vacated. Hogwarts will no longer be a school. A new system will be determined by the government. This land is the property of my husband and I expect you to respect his wishes."

"You can't just evict us from the school! This is our home! This castle has housed and taught students for a thousand years!" McGonagall raged.

"And look where there that has gotten us Minerva!" Garrick snapped. "Muggleborn and half-bloods flee the country as soon as they know what they are! The Ministry has been destroyed by non-magicals because we thought they were better than them.

"Lady Potter's reasoning is sound enough for me and she is well within her rights."

"You'll forgive me if centuries of history convince me otherwise." She said waspishly.

"My Lady-"

"Please don't humour the girl."

McGonagall was hit by a bolt of light from behind and she fell unconscious.

Garrick turned and glared at Deeks and the others as the wizard in question began removing the disillusionment charms from the rest of the team.

He received a slap round the head from Gibbs. "Stop knocking out civilians." He growled.

"That woman was never going to budge." Deeks said as he rubbed his head.

"Come on Gibbs, this is one of those times where it is better to ask forgiveness than permission." Callen agreed. "I say we let the new government evict them come August. We've done enough here."

"I would certainly agree." Garrick said as he continued to glare at Deeks. He turned back to Kono. "If you would leave word with the new government I would be happy to handle any affairs on your behalf regarding the castle and lands. The only thing I would ask is that you consider allowing Hagrid to keep his position as groundskeeper. He has lived here for more than fifty years and that is most of his life."

Kono just nodded, Harry had nothing but good stories of Hagrid.