After finishing her paperwork earlier than expected, Julia headed home to their hotel room, greatly anticipating the removal of her corset. It had been digging into her ribs for the past two hours, and though she would have preferred her husband to liberate her from its evil constraints once again, she simply couldn't wait that long.

At room number 311, she retrieved the ornate key from her mauve hand purse only to find the door was already unlocked. Slightly perturbed, she nevertheless pushed it open and called out.

"Hello? William?"

A minor disruption came from their bedroom and then absolute silence. Julia smiled to herself, wondering what William had up his sleeves this time. Just as in everyday life, he had proved himself to be quite the inventive lover and she had yet to find herself even slightly bored with a routine. Quite eager now, with a spring in her step, she hastened towards their well worn double bed.

Without warning a figure dashed past her and out of the apartment. Momentarily surprised, she didn't immediately chase after them, and by the time she caught sight of them again, they had already made it to the elevator and the doors were closing. Before they did however, Julia managed to get a good look at the person who had invaded their privacy.

It was the same young woman who had been so infatuated with her husband during what she liked to call and to his utter consternation, The Murdoch Appreciation Society case. Only about a week ago this Ruby woman - of course that was her name - had grabbed William without his consent, and now she had broken into their makeshift home for God knows what reason!

All of the repressed jealousy from their last encounter boiled up to the surface in one fell swoop and Julia darted towards the stairs in the hopes of cutting Ruby off and demanding an explanation. Practically flying down the floors, startling a caretaker badly, she rushed out into the lobby just in time to spot Ruby coming out the elevator. Eyes making contact, the woman briefly looked like a deer caught in carriage lanterns. The next moment Ruby had mastered herself and was sprinting to the nearest exit.

"Stop that woman!" she yelled shrilly to the doorman, eliciting a few interested looks from others.

Not surprisingly the somewhat dimwitted man didn't respond quickly enough and Ruby was now getting away. Panting, Julia pursued her quarry out into the sweltering summer heat and busy downtown streets...and proceeded to lose Miss Rosevear amongst the crowd.

"Dammit!" she muttered in a rather unladylike way.

Unclenching her fists and jaw, she wiped the sweat from her brow and stalked back into their cooler hotel, ignoring the idiotic doorman's queries.

An hour or so later Murdoch came home to a rather dour looking Julia with a glass of red wine in hand. When he noticed that the decanter was mostly empty, he prepared himself for what was to come with a mental sigh. Things had been going splendidly with them for over a month now, reality was bound to crash in sooner or later.

"Julia," he greeted, taking off his hat and hanging it on the rack.

"William," she murmured from her leisurely position on the couch, not quite managing a genuine smile.

They just stared at one another.

Then he sat down beside her. "Has something happened?"

Julia polished off her glass before responding. "Your biggest fan, Miss Rosevear, broke into our apartment and stole one of your ties!"

Stunned, it took a moment for him to process this absurd pronouncement. "Which one did she take?"

His wife blinked, incredulous. "That's hardly the point, William!" she shouted, gesticulating wildly. "The silly girl has crossed a most grievous line and I demand that you arrest her again!"

Murdoch put a calming hand to her thigh. "I will go speak with her at once if you insist upon it."

As expected, Julia eyed his hand while she mulled that over. "Perhaps such a thing can wait until the morning."

"Very good, Mrs. Murdoch," he replied with his most seductive look.

Once they had enjoyed themselves yet again, his wife draped an arm across his damp chest and said, "I shall never tire of this."

"Nor I," he said, hugging her closer.

"Now then, we really must discuss what is to be done with Miss Rosevear."

Displeased that his tactic had only distracted her for a half an hour, he nevertheless said, "Yes, I suppose we must."

"Once you arrest her, I wish to be granted an audience."

"For what purpose?"

"I would have thought that obvious, William." Murdoch gave her a clueless look. "To give her the tongue lashing she desperately needs."

Hesitantly, "Surely arresting her would be sufficient dissuasion."

"You've already tried that once and it has done nothing to deter her from breaking and entering. Who knows what she may do the next time her psychosis afflicts her?"

"Psychosis, Julia?" Murdoch echoed, turning on his side so that he could look at his stubborn and beautiful bride. "Ruby may be a little misguided, but I would hardly consider her psychotic."

Mrs. Murdoch frowned at him for the first time in a long time. "Now you are on a first name basis, are you?"

Feeling trapped, he didn't respond and merely waited for the next blow.

"Do you like this deranged woman, Mr. Murdoch? Is that why you are relentlessly defending her?"

"I simply think you are being rather harsh where her mental acuity is concerned. Miss Rosevear is just the enthusiastic sort."

Sitting bolt upright, the sheets falling from her sublime torso, Julia said, "Enthusiastic, indeed!"


"If I didn't know any better, William, I would say you yourself were fascinated by her! But of course, such a notion is preposterous!" She eyed him closely. "Or is it?"

When he didn't immediately respond, Julia hopped out of bed and began tossing handfuls of ties into a nearby trunk.

Shrilly, "Well, then, let's just send her all of them!"

Reluctantly he attempted to explain himself. "I've never had admirers before, Julia." His wife stopped throwing ties but didn't turn around to face him. "It's nice to be appreciated."

"I appreciate you!" she yelled, whirling around. "Isn't that good enough?!"

Murdoch got up and took her hand.

"The world has never been kind to me solely because of my faith. Many a time a less qualified individual has been advanced over me. I only made Detective because they had no other option." He shrugged. "It's hard to be severe on those that applaud my efforts at every turn."

Sufficiently softened she sighed and said, "And I understand the desire to protect those that celebrate your accomplishments. But this woman could very well become a danger to you, William. Or me for that matter. At the very least she must be made to see the error of her ways."

"You're right, and I fully intend to...come morning."

Another sultry look later and they were back in bed.

Later that evening an extremely embarrassed concierge called to inform them that they had once again received several noise complaints. Once more Murdoch was mortified. Julia just laughed and said, "Well, Detective, it appears you had better get started on our house. We will surely be asked to leave within the fortnight!"