'It's not you; it's me.' I started down at my phone in disbelief for what seemed like the millionth time this week. How could someone break up with another person over text? I mean breaking up with someone was hard enough, but to do it over a text? That's just cold. I sighed as I put the phone back in it's place on my nightstand as I rubbed my eyes. I spent my basically my entire high school life with her. How could she do this too me? I felt small tears escape from my eyes as I felt the pain of knowing she is longer mine hit me. I did everything with her. She was my first kiss, first dance, my first time and my first love. How was I suppose to just let her go? How did she just let me go so easily? Was these three years we spend together really this meaningless to her? I let the tears flow as the memories of us together ran throughout my head. She was my everything. I pictured her deep auburn red shoulder length hair that swayed gently with each step she took. Her dark brown fur that was softer than anything my fingertips have ever touched. Her smile that lit up a room and her laugh that just made you want to laugh along with her even if you had no idea what she was talking about - just to be a part of it. The way she never cared for outer appearances but yet always maintained to look incredibly beautiful. Then what made me break down was when I thought of her eyes; her beautiful deep ocean blue eyes. They made me nervous, happy, excited, scared, and safe all at the same time but even so, since the first day I made contact with them I never wanted to look away. They felt like home. I suddenly heard a knock at the door and quickly whipped my tears away. "Come in." I said weakly. The door slowly opened until finally it revealed a small petite girl on the other side. Her waist long pastel pink wavy quills were so thin that they appeared more like actual hair than anything. She wore a dark forest green V neck long sleeve shirt that exposed how big her bust really was since it was tight around her chest, and to go along with the shirt she wore dark washed skinny jeans with a chocolate brown leather belt to keep her jeans from falling. Then on her small feet were short tan winter boots since it was the beginning of the winter season and it was starting to get cold.

Her bright jade eyes looked at me worriedly, "Hey Sonic." She said softly as she closed the door then made her way towards me on the bed.

"Hey Amy." I said blankly as I laid back down on my bed staring at the ceiling just like all the other days this week.

I felt her body weight on the bed - which wasn't much since she was such a small girl - to indicate that she was next to me. She rested a gentle hand on my knee, "Sonic you haven't been out of your room since things ended with Sally, and me and your mom are starting to get a little worried."

Even hearing her name stung.

"I am fine, I don't even care about that so you guys don't need to worry."

Her head turned and her eyes made contact with mine, "Sonic I know you are lying."

I sighed. This was the downside of having a childhood best friend; they know you so well that they know when you are lying right through your teeth - but then again I have never been a great liar. "Amy I just don't wanna talk about it..."

"I never said I wanted you to talk about it. That wasn't why I came." She then got up and made her way towards my closet.

I supported myself with my elbows once again and watched as she picked out fresh clothes for me to wear, "Then what did you come here for?" I asked while raising an eyebrow.

"I came here to take you out. I am done with watching you mope everyday about Sally so we are going out to see a movie or at least to go get you some food." She then threw me the fresh clothes and made her way towards the door. "Get dressed and freshen up, I will be down stairs with your mom drinking the coffee I brought for us." WIth that she left the room leaving me once again alone. I laid back down on my bed and let out a deep sigh. I was glad I had a friend like Amy that cared enough to take me out so I can get my mind off Sally but at the same time I'd rather be alone so I could repair the damage...But there was no reasoning with Amy once she gave an order she expected you to follow suit and I was definitely not in the mood to deal with her anger issues today. I slowly got up from my bed and walked towards my bathroom to get ready. Today was going to be one long day.

I walked down stairs to see Amy making small talk with my mother but once they noticed I was in the kitchen with them they both looked at me. My mother was the first one to greet me, "Well look who finally decided to show up." She said brightly as she brought me into a warm hug. Her light blue eyes looked into mine warmly once she pulled away and let go but I instantly looked away because her eye color was so close to those of Sally and I was trying not to think of her - which seem physically impossible so why do I even bother. She then walked over to Amy and placed her hands on her shoulders, "You are so lucky so have Amelia in your life Sonic. Who knows where you would be without her."

"Lost." Amy said jokingly which received a small giggle from my mother.

I rolled my eyes at her once again, "Yeah. Yeah. Let's just get this day over with."

"Well someone's grumpy." Amy said mockingly as she stood up. She faced my mother and kissed her cheek then brought her into a warm hug, "Well Aleena it was nice to catch up with you. Sorry I haven't really been around the house lately, work has me on a tight schedule. You don't even know how hard it was to get today off."

My mother giggled as she let go, "Well don't work yourself too hard Amelia. If you ever need help with the bills or with anything then you know I am here for you." I chuckled as I saw Amy cringe a little when my mother used her full name instead of her nickname.

Amy nodded in response, "Thank you for the offer Aleena but I am doing well. If I ever have any troubles I know I can always come to you."

I walked towards my mom and kissed her cheek, "Well Ma, I will see you later tonight if Amy doesn't kill me with her reckless driving."

She gasped and then playfully hit me on the arm, "Sonic hush your mouth don't say things like that."

I chuckled and rolled my eyes, "I was only kidding Ma." I then made my way towards the front door where Amy was as she handed me a dark brown winter coat and put her matching one - my mother had given us matching coats last christmas.

She opened the door to reveal a snowy white winter land, "So where do you want to go Sonic?"

I shrugged as I looked towards the ground and walked out the door, "I don't care." Every place in this stupid town would remind me of Sally anyway...

Amy sighed as she closed the door, "Come on Sonic don't be like that. I know this is hard for you."

I let out an annoyed grunt and rolled my eyes, "You have no idea."

She placed a gentle hand under my chin and lifted my head up to face her; her jade eyes burned into mine. "I actually do have quite a clear picture Sonic, remember Scourge?"

Freshman year Amy met a boy named Scourge and they dated up until junior year when Amy found out about his constant cheating. She was heartbroken to say the least, even now it pains her to see him out and about with his new arm candy - to her she thought he was going to be the one. "Yeah I know Amy, sorry I'm just grouchy today."

Her hand swiftly dropped back to her side, "I know and that's why I am here to help you begin the process of moving on."

"I don't want to move on. I want her back."

Ignoring my comment she continued, "Step one: Delete those messages, and pictures you have saved on your phone." I instinctively put my hand in my pocket to protect my phone from her grasp, she rolled her eyes at me as she just dragged me towards her sleek black car; my mouth dropped when my eyes landed on it - completely forgetting about Sally for a moment.

"When did you get this?!" I quickly ran over to the Ferrari, running my hand over it's smooth body.

Amy let out a soft giggle, "I upgraded last week, I thought I deserved something nice for once." I nodded in understanding, Amy didn't usually buy anything for herself even with all the money she was making from her job, the money was usually put into gifts for her loved ones or charities - and even with all her money she continued to live in the small home next door to me.

My eyes were still ogling the car as I spoke, "So how's living in the lime-light been like?"

She was now on the other side of the car opening her driver's side and smiled brightly, "I'm actually hosting the Mobius Music Awards next week end."

This caused me to look up at her, "What?"

Her smile widened as she noticed my interest, "Yea I got a call a few weeks ago, asking me to be the host and be the opening performance!" She squealed in delight, even doing a small 'victory dance', "Can you believe that Sonic! Me! They chose me!"

I walked over to her side of the car and brought her into an embrace, "Congratulations Ames." She was moving up in the real world, she had become the Mobius top artist since the previous year; Sally and I were actually the ones to encourage her to pursue her dream. I was happy for Amy, I was; but I couldn't help but feel a burning fear in my chest, that with all the new found fame, she would forget me, forget our family.

She pulled away slightly a shy look about her as she looked away from me while she spoke, "I was wondering if..." she bit her lip nervously, "If, you would want to be my escort to the MMA's?"

I rolled my eyes at her sudden shyness around me bringing her into another tight hug, "Of course Ames, it would be my honor."

She hugged me back just as tightly, "I was scared you would you would say no."

I cocked a brow, "Why would I?"

She let her forehead rest on my shoulder, as she spoke softly, "You haven't been yourself lately, and I just, I was scared you wouldn't want to go..."

I pulled away from her and made her look at me as I kissed her forehead softly, "Ames, you're my best friend, of course I'm going to go with you to one of the biggest events of your life!" I smirked, "Besides, isn't Mina going?"

Amy narrowed her eyes at me as she playfully shoved me, "If you want to live, you won't get near her." I chuckled softly at her irritation. Mina was Amy's competition in the music business, they were both new and upcoming so it was natural for them to have a rivalry, even though Amy always came out on top, but still the thought of Mina made her fume.

I sucked in some air, "I mean... It's gonna be hard, but okay for you I'll keep my distance." I let my hands drop from our embrace, "What if she comes to me though?" I asked with a teasing brow.

Her glare intensified, "You better pray she doesn't."

I held up my hands in defense, "Okay, okay, Ames, I won't even look in her direction," I walked back over towards the passenger side opening the door, "Come on lets go."


The perks of going out with Amy is all the free stuff we get, but the bad is the constant chasing of her fans - who consisted of teenage girls and boys. One of the boys had tried to steal a kiss from her when they had asked to take a picture with her, thinking it would be a funny prank but unbeknown to them I was taking on the role of bodyguard today; I had punched the guy in the mouth before his lips ever made it to Amy.

Amy had apologized to the boy for the knockout punch I delivered to him - since she was unaware of his devious plan that I had foiled - and offered him a ticket for him and his friends to her upcoming show, as well as a picture of her kissing their cheeks. Amy was too nice, she would often comply with whatever her fans would ask her to do; which is probably why they loved her so much. She was so giving, so kind, so real to them, making them feel a fond closeness to her.

Me and Amy sat in the food court eating some ice cream, a group of boys sitting across from us taking pictures of her as she ate her ice cream, I grunted in annoyance, causing her to peep up at me, "Sonic are you okay?"

I motioned towards the group of boys who were our age, Amy's eyes followed as a smile and a soft wave of her hand emerged - sudden hollars of 'I love you Amy!' and 'You're so hot!' were heard from the boys. I shook my head, "How does it not bother you?"

She looked at me confused, "They are harmless Sonic."

I crossed my arms, "They are boys, I know what they are thinking."

She smirked, "They can think all they want, but I'm still of limits."

I shook my head, "But it's an on going thing Amy, boys have been following you all day."

She cocked a brow challengingly, "What about you? When we were kids and you were the one saving the world, girls would swoon over you, stealing thrown away napkins to get a 'little piece of you'." She chuckled softly as I shivered from the memories of the obsessive fan-girls who use to chase me around the city.

"Yea but they couldn't catch me."

Amy shrugged, "I have you to protect me, I'm not scared."

I smile softly at this, feeling a sense of pride knowing that Amy still believed in me and my abilities to defend her even though my fighting days have long been over with. But my smile was wiped instantly, by the sight of the one person I had been trying to forget about.

Her blue eyes made their way to me, and suddenly I felt myself starting to regret being here because I saw her hand slipped in between the fingers of Scourge. Amy noticed my distress and turned around to see what I saw, but she didn't seem discouraged for herself, but for me as she instantly grabbed my hand under the table; while they made their way towards us.

Scourge was the first to speak, "I see you have a fun club?" he looked around the food court to see all the groups of boys who were intently watching her every move.

Amy laugh softly, "I mean that happens when you're famous..." a smirk forming on her lips, "but I mean you wouldn't understand that would you?"

I could sense Scourge tense up and apparently so could Sally as she placed a soothing hand on his arm; I couldn't take my gaze off of her, she looked so beautiful; her hair was up today, bringing out her face and the intensity of her ocean eyes. She wore plain black shorts and a white t-shirt, and I couldn't help but feel robbed, robbed of something that I had claimed mine when we had our first time together; but as she tightly gripped on Scourge and as he tightly gripped onter the lower part of her back I knew she wasn't mine anymore. But she didn't look at me, clearly to shameful to raise her gaze in my direction. An awkward silence wrapped around us, as no one spoke, but I could clearly sense Amy's anger oozing off her; but not for Scourge. "So Sally," Amy began, "How did you too meet?"

Sally looked up fearfully at Amy, not knowing what to say her gaze instinctively landed on me - that's how it use to be, whenever Sally didn't know what to say she would look at me, but it wasn't my job to help her anymore, no matter how much I wanted too. So instead I sat there gazing back at her with the same confused expression she held, "Amy, I never meant too..."

Amy held her hand up, "I don't need an explanation Sally, it doesn't bother me; I was just curious." Amy shrugged, "Besides why would I cry over some guy when I could be in London taking my choosing of any model I want?"

This clearly upset Scourge, "Listen Amy, cool your ego."

Amy laughed sourly, "Why? Did I hurt yours?"

I looked at Amy, I could feel her hands shaking in mine, I could feel the nervousness she felt when speaking out like this but from the outside, from their view, she wasn't fazed by any of this; I admired that about her, she was so strong even when she felt her weakest. "Sonic?" I looked over towards the blue eyes that called my name, her soft voice straining my ears, "Can we talk...?"

Before I could answer, Amy did for me, "Sorry, but I don't feel comfortable with you talking to my boyfriend."

My eyes literally shot out of my head in hearing this, sharply looking at her in disbelief, Sally's mouth dropping along with mine, "You two are dating?" She asked in awe.

Amy lifted our hands from underneath the table, "We've been best friends since we were five, it was bound to happen."

Sally looked away from her, from me; and I wanted to scream at Amy for her sudden lies.

But our little 'family-reunion' was cut short as a man holding a camera came towards Amy - slightly pushing Scourge and Sally out of the way -, "Did I hear this correctly?" He spoke excitingly, "Sonic the Hedgehog protector of Mobius and top artist Amy Rose are now dating?!"

I looked towards Amy to see what she would do, and she looked back at me with an apologetic look before she did the unthinkable. Her soft hand cupped my face, then brought my lips to meet with hers, my eyes shot wide at this sudden action but I felt something, something telling me to just, let it happen.

I closed my eyes, placing a hand behind her head another on her waist and bring her closer to me; I could feel her tense up, and I could feel my heart ache as I imagined kissing Sally, and how hungrily she would kiss me. While Amy was more along the lines of passionate, soft, and emotional.

When we parted my sense reawakened, and I could hear the cheers of Amy's 'fan club' from behind us.

I opened my eyes to look at Amy who was blushing madly, her entire face was red and the poor girl was shaking, I smiled softly; she was still a 'virgin' to physical contact. Amy looked back at me, her eyes looking at me apologetically, as if apologizing for something that was going to inevitably blow up overnight; but I could already tell the reason why she did it, she was trying to help and even though I wasn't exactly sure about her plan I played my part.

I pecked her lips again softly to give it a raw feel, and when we turned back to the cameraman who was recording us - with a smile from ear to ear - I kept her close to me, but not just for the cameras, but to keep my heart from caving in as I felt Sally's gaze on me.

Amy stood up from her chair first as I followed, our hands still laced together - hers was still shaking - and we walked away from the scene of our lie. As I held Amy's hand, and as I heard her soft laughter filling my ears, I was suddenly glad she convinced me to come out; because now I know Sally still cares, and that I still have a chance.