(A/N: This one is kinda a filler since I need to progress the story, so nothing too extreme, but it's filled with a lot of foreshadowing to what's going to happen next so I still wanna keep you guys on your toes :D Enjoy!)

Seduction comes in many forms,

and before you know it, it's claws dig into you,

as it flows through your veins, taking over your mind.

Amy stood there silent long after Sonia left. Her eyes refusing to rise to meet my gaze; she seemed distraught by her words.

The large home never felt so small. I wanted to run, I needed too, but I was still slightly intoxicated so my desperate attempts at moving towards the door was futile.

Finally, a soft sigh escaped Amy's plump lips, as she let herself fall backwards onto the couch, slumping into the cushions. Her voice was a hoarse whisper as she spoke, "You should follow her."


She lazily motioned towards the door (or elevator since we didn't have a door), "Follow her Sonic."

I scrunched my brow, confused at her instructions, "You want me to leave?" I started, to clear the confusion.

Amy's jade eyes looked upward, towards the now lifeless city below us; the stars dimly shining as the synthetic lighting of the miles and miles of buildings took over our view. "No, of course not."

I lifted one foot, then the other, tenderly walking towards her. "Then?" I asked anxious. I feared she was starting to believe into the toxic lies that everyone around us seemed to be spewing; those lies seemed more harmful than the toxins that ran through my veins now.

She ran a shaking hand up to her hair, taking out the tight ponytail that was happily sitting on the top of her head, then she let her loose curls gracefully fall from the once captive hold. She took in a breath, holding it in. I worried for her response, and I wondered what could possibly going through her mind; the more I thought about it the more anxious I got.

Finally, she said, "I'm just saying maybe, maybe, they are right?" Her head turned slightly to look at me, "I'm not exactly doing great things right now, and I'm not in a great place either."

I cocked a brow, "What do you mean?"

I could see her tighten up, her eyes darting away from me back towards the window in front of us "I'm just, not the best role model for you right now."

"I never asked you to be."

She scoffed, "Yeah, but without me you wouldn't be doing all the things you are now."

That sentence pushed me off the edge.

I scrunched my brow, glaring at her. My voice turned dark, darker than I had intended it to be but I've had my limits tested and tested again; this was crossing a line I wasn't willing to overlook. "Did it ever occur to you that I have a mind of my own? That I am fully capable of making my own decisions with or without your assistance?" Amy's gaze softened at my harsh tone, "I'm not a child Amy! I don't need supervision or guidance. I'm a grown ass man who can do whatever the hell he pleases to do! Why can't anyone see that!"

"S-Sonic," she fearfully stuttered, "I wasn't trying to-"

I held up a hand cutting her off, "Save it Amy." I turned to walked towards the elevator, even as a small ounce of fear brewed within me as I imagined the caving in of my heart from our last encounter; but anywhere was better than being here at the moment.

"Where are you going?" She called frantically, I could hear her feet scrambling to stand.

"Out." I walked into the cold metallic grasp of the elevator and watched the doors slowly close as if tempting me to reconsider my decision as Amy's eyes watched me intently; tears quietly sliding down her gorgeous face. I looked down, as I heard a final satisfied slam of the doors.


It hadn't been more than an hour or so since I left Silvers place, and when I arrived the calming atmosphere had changed. A full raging party was now in motion, as girls wearing nothing but their undergarments walked around freely (some choosing to wear nothing at all), each holding a drink in their hands. I desperately looked for Silver through the mob of women, and came up empty handed.

"Can I help you handsome?" A pair of skinny arms wrapped around my shoulder blades. I could feel the woman with the teasing voice pressing her frail body against mine.

I quickly shrugged her off of me, turning to look into the eyes of a familiar icy blue eyes, "Mina?" I looked down at her attire, white lace panties with a strapless white bra; she was insanely skinny.

I could see every invitation of her bones from each of her movements, I couldn't deny that maybe to some males she seemed attractive as she resembled many models who inspired women to keep a slim figure. But I like my women with a little meat on their bones, something I can grab and tug onto; someone like my gorgeous Amy.


I groaned as I felt my body rise in heat; I was slowly slipping away from my anger as my body yearned to be besides Amy again.

But I quickly was waken back into reality, and awaken back into my angered state as I felt a slender arm link with mine. I yanked my arm from Mina, "For heaven's sake put some clothes on." I said repulsed.

She smirked, "I remember back when you use to find me very attractive."

I rolled my eyes, "Mina, I would hit on you only to piss Amy off."

She crossed her arms over her small chest, "Well where is Mrs. Perfect anyway?"

I turned away, continuing my search for Silver.

"Oh," she sang, "Trouble in paradise?"

"Get lost." I seethed.

She grinned, as she slowly walked around me. Making a small circle, "Well, if you ever wanna try something new - something more on the wild side," her eyes narrowed seductively, "give me a call."

I shooed her away with a lazy hand as I continued to search for Silver. And it wasn't until I heard the many giggles of girls, when I found him. He was surrounded by a group of girls each wearing some sort of lingerie outfit as he sat on a counter with a black silk robe that exposed his upper body, and his dark boxers he wore.

His golden eyes danced around the room, and when they landed on me he instantly grinned. "Blue?" He shouted as he hopped of the counter effortlessly pushing past the women who surrounded him. "You're back already?"

I nodded, as I felt his heavy hand collapse on my back. Silver was around my height, maybe a few inches shorter even though he was at least two years older than I; yet around him I felt as though an aspiring brotherly connection was to be formed.

"Yeah," I scratched the back of my neck, "Amy and I got into an argument so I needed some air."

Silver's face brightened instantly at the sound of my issue - but not because due to his personal gain, but because it seemed he had a perfect solution to my problem. He quickly dug into his robe pocket and took out some mint colored pills, "This is a great way to relax."

He let them drop into my palm, as I eyed them, "What are they?"

"Just take em'," he pressured, "Nothing too strong I promise." He said while he placed a single hand over his heart.

Taking his word, I placed them into my mouth.

See? Amy wasn't here, and I on my own decided to take the pills that were handed to me; no one forced me, no one pressured me. I took them at my own free will; and from the buzzing feeling in my head, and elated feeling of my body, I was starting to enjoy my decision.

Silver then guided me to the pool area, as many girls were running around screaming and splashing each other. I wasn't interested though, and from the looks of it, neither was Silver. "Why do you have girls over?" I asked curiously.

He shrugged, "It helps me cope."

I laughed, as I watched a group of girls instantly latched onto Silver though he clearly ignored them, but they seemed relentless in their pursuit. "Not a bad way of coping." I agreed as I continued to follow him towards the bar, he completely ignore the women but the more he ignored them the more they insisted on being beside him.

As I took a seat at the bar Silver stood behind it, as he maneuvered through the many alcoholed filled bottles, mixing the many clear liquids together to make me a drink. And as I sat there a girl with blonde hair, outstretched her hands to touch me, skidding her hands to my shoulders and arms, though I tried my best to pry her from me she refused to detach herself. Silver looked at her amused at her attempts, "It's pointless hun." He coldly spoke.

Her chocolate eyes looked up at him, a soft smile on her ruby lips, "Now, why would you say that Silv?" she teased as she took the seat besides me, pressing her arms together to draw attention to her chest.

Silver didn't notice her actions, in fact he looked rather indifferent about the girl; completely disinterested and uncaring at her easiness. "He is dating Amy Rose."

Her eyes instantly flew to me, "The singer?"

I nodded.

Her mouth dropped slightly making a small 'o' shape, but was instantly followed by a wicked smirk. "Well," he hand slithered towards my thigh, "what doesn't know won't kill her right?" She flipped her long golden locks away from her chest to show off what she had to offer me - she had a nice body sure, but I wasn't remotely interested. "Besides," she cooed, "I'm much prettier than her."

Before I got a chance to respond, Silver had hollered out a laugh. The girls brown eyes turning into black pools of hatred as she glared at him for laughing at her. He continued to laugh, as he had to hold his stomach lightly to contain himself. "That's a good one blondie." He shuffled through his soft chuckles.

She cocked a brow, fuming, "I wasn't joking."

"Well," Silver said grinning, "It seemed like quite the joke to me." He motioned to the many girls, many beautiful girls that were around his home, "Most of these girls here are models - you blondie are probably a model yourself - but if you were to combine all of them, every last one here, they still could never amount to the beauty that is, Amy Rose. She's something else," he whistled, "something out of this world."

The blonde girl rolled her eyes at his speech, "She isn't that pretty."

"You just haven't seen her in person." Silver simply said as he threw her a wink. "And this lucky fella has the honor of dating her." He said while sliding me my drink, then placing his hands casually on the bar continuing to roast the poor blonde girl, "So my dear, you are out of your league."

I smiled as I watched her stand, flip him the bird then proceed to leaving. I looked towards Silver as he sent me a wink, I looked back at the drink in my hand, shaking my head. "You probably destroyed her self esteem." I commented lightly.

He smirked, "Her ego was bigger than yours so, I doubt there was much damage."

I lifted my drink up, as a toast, "I can't help perfection Silver." Then downed the harsh liquid into my mouth, letting the harshness burn my throat pleasurably. And when I slammed the cup down, I was met with another drink, coaxing me to kiss it's toxic lips.


"Sonic, wake up." the voice said harshly.


I tried to open my eyes met with nothing but blurred colors, teasingly mixing together to confuse me. I groggily rubbed at my eyes, desperately trying to open them as I felt the heat of the sun's rays tugging at my face.

"Wake up." The voice spoke again.

This time, I opened my eyes, my vision now cleared. And in that same moment I closed them, scratching at whatever surface I could find in order to hide from the painful light that awaited me if I were to open my eyes again. I sighed in content as I found a soft, cotton blanket to wrap around my burning eyes. The chilled cloth cooled my now pounding head as I rolled over to one side, trying to smother myself by anything that could help me escape this horrible sick feeling I had awoken too.

My sanctuary was abruptly taken from me as I met the wooden floor beneath me. It creaked softly from the impact, laughing at my stupidity. "Sonic," the voice said irritably. Then the voice grew hands, as I felt their hard grip tighten around my arm, violently shaking me.

I tried my best to push the hands away, "Mmm!" I mumbled unsure of what exactly I was trying to say, but just wanted the shaking to stop.

The hands suddenly stopped.

Light footsteps echoed into the distance.

Then a soft waterfall filled my sensitive ears, soothing my aching head as I imagined laying in the water allowing it to flow around me, moving me to and fro, then washing away any aching pain in my body - It's caring arms cradling me as I drifted back into darkness.

But what I was met with wasn't the warm welcoming arms that I had imagined the water to be; instead it was unfriendly and cold, digging it's sharp nails into every inch it touched.

I quickly sat up, my eyes darting forward to see Amy's small figure standing in front of me, an empty bucket in her hands. Her eyes narrowed dangerously, (uh oh), she threw the bucket to the side. "So this is going 'out' for you?" She said frighteningly calmed.

"I, uh, I," I croaked. My throat was dry and it was difficult for me to speak; not that I had any form of excuse anyway.

Wordlessly she held up a hand to silence me, as she stared down at me wrathfully, then, surprisingly calm she took a breath. Turned around. And proceeded to leaving.

I scrambled to my feet, unsure of my surroundings as I followed her. I was confused on why she was so pissed off at me, but when I realized we weren't in our apartment, but in Silver's. I understood her irritation. I had spent the night here, or at least I think that's what happened. I couldn't remember much of anything from last night - besides the fact that I was upset with Amy before I had left our apartment the night before.

"Wait," I suddenly spoke. Her fiery eyes glaring back at me, "I think, I'm still mad at you."

She spun fully around, choking out a laugh, "You're mad at me?" I nodded dumbily. She scoffed, "Oh, bite me." She began to walk towards the door, her heels slamming against the wooden floor causing my head to pound vigorously; but I followed her rhythm regardless.

"Ames, please, I'm an idiot."

"Yes you are." she agreed.

I groaned, "I know, okay?" I desperately tried to grab onto her waist to keep her from moving, but each time I got close she would increase her speed. "Ames, please jus-"

"Amy!" Silver boomed. Causing both of us to look upward as he casually walked down the glass stairs, tying his silk robe, "What brings you here so early?"

She pointed backwards, towards me. "I had an idiot I had to come pick up." Her head turned slightly to look at me while she still faced forward, "But you can keep him, I don't want him."

I sighed.

"Amy, don't be so rude." Silver corrected.

She crossed her arms, "You aren't off the hook either you know."

"Me?" his brows rose, "What did I do?"

"You let him get drunk!" she screeched in frustration.

Silver shrugged, "He is a grown man, he can do as he pleases."

I extended a hand in his direction, "Thank you!"

Amy shook her head, looking towards the ground staying silent. Her shoulders slumped and I could sense the wave of sadness that washed over her.

Silver looked at me, then his eyes darted back to Amy. As he slipped the words, 'hug her' silently. I nodded in understanding as he walked towards his kitchen in order to give us some privacy. Without warning, I grabbed onto Amy, holding her in place as she yanked at my hands to plow me off of her. I rested my head on top of hers and breathed in her fresh scent - wild lavender - "Ames," I hummed.

"Get. Off." She hissed.

"Ames," I sang.

"No, I hate you." She spat.

"Amy," I mused.


I kissed the top of her head, following the path towards her ear, "I love you."

She stopped twitching in my grip, but still refusing to bask in it. Always so stubborn. "No, I'm mad at you, so go away."

I continued to kiss my way downward as I quickly made it to the back of her neck, "I love you Amy," I breathed heavily, her grip around my arm tightened not because she wanted me to release her, but because this had always been one of her weak points. "And, I'm sorry for making you worry."

"No." She whispered.

"I promise to make it up to you." Suddenly, she began to shake, I could feel cold droplets hitting my arms as we stood there; I stopped trying to kiss her and held her tighter against me. "Amy," I whispered, "What's wrong?"

She sniffed, wiping at her eyes that were now forming unstoppable tears. "I hate you."

I sighed, "Amy you don't hate me."

She nodded her voice barely above a whisper, "Yes I do."

I gently turned her in my arms, then grasped her face with both hands, "Tell me what's wrong."

She kept her eyes closed, refusing to look at me. I know eventually she was going to tell me if I just kept pushing her, so I waited until she spoke. She took in a soft breath, letting it out to calm her nerves. "Sonic, I, I don't like being alone."

Her eyes opened to reveal a side of her that, I've never seen before.

Out of all the years I've known Amy, and out of all the adjectives that I could muster up to describe her; never in my wildest dreams would the word sad cross my mind.

But here she was, looking back at me with eyes that held nothing but pure unwavering sadness - but at the same time relief. Her hands cupped mine, as she caressed them with her thumb.

Then waterworks began.

I pulled her close to me, running my hand over her back, "Amy, you know I'm always here for you." I claimed clearly confused by her sudden demeanor.

She cried into my chest, trying her best to contain her untamable emotions. "You, you left me last night." She cried, "you left me crying all night. Alone, I needed you and you weren't there."

She was right, there was nothing else to say but that. Regardless of how upset I was, I never should have left Amy crying. I knew better than that. Amy has always been very sensitive, and very needy; I always had to be attentive with her.

"I'm sorry." I breathed helplessly.

She gripped onto me, "Sonic, don't leave me like that again, please." She gasped desperately. It pained me to see her so broken, never would I imagine her being so worked up over one night of loneliness. But then again I have never left her crying before, I always stayed with her no matter how mad I was.

I pulled back from her slightly looking down at her, "Ames, I will never leave you." I kissed the top of her forehead, "And I promise I will never do that again. I never knew you felt this way."

"Its not something I want to openly talk about..." She mumbled.

I squeezed her slightly, "I know Amy, talking about your emotions has never been your strong suit."

She playfully shoved me.

Amy has always had a hard time expressing her emotions to others, she bottles them in until she blows, because she doesn't want to 'bother' anyone else with her troubles.

I chuckled softly, "Just tell me next time okay? I wanna know everything about you Ames, I wanna understand you." I lowered down to her eye level gently resting my forehead against hers, "And you have go help me do that by letting me in."

She smiled shyly, "I'll try."

Silver suddenly stepped in, eyeing me cautiously as if he was asking me if it was okay for him to come in, I nodded briefly before his million dollar grin took over his features. "So, does everyone wanna go out to eat?" He asked casually trying to lighten the mood, "Because I don't think me cooking is such a great idea."

I felt Amy swiftly wipe at her eyes as a soft giggle escaped from her, "I could eat." She peeped.

"Where do you wanna go?" Silver asked.

Amy looked up at me, her face now ridden of any makeup she had on when she first came in (probably had rubbed off onto my shirt through her crying), and I couldn't help stare in awe at her natural beauty. Her long eyelashes framing her crystal jade eyes, her soft pink lips pouting outwards and a little swollen from her former crying, and her hair that framed her face delicately. She looked like a little angel as I cradled her in my arms, she is so beautiful that I feared, if I stared too long into her jade eyes I'd begin to cry.

"You were right Silver." I suddenly spoke.

Silver cocked a brow, "About what blue?"

"She's out of this world." I whispered dreamily.


"There is no way this is your car." I protested.

Silver simply laughed at me, as he walked over to the driver's seat. The black Lamborghini sat there with tinted windows, blood red rims, and as the door opened, a sleek leather interior. I couldn't believe I was going to sit in this monster of a car.

Then suddenly, Silver threw the keys to me and with my fast reflexes I caught them (even through my dalious state). "Keep it."




"Wait." I breathed slowly, "Are you serious?"

Silver nodded as he walked towards the passenger seat, shrugging as he slipped his hands in his black slacks, "Sure why not?"

"You can't just give me a car!" I said exasperated.

Silver smiled, bringing out the small dimples that he held on his cheeks. "Its just a car."

I shook my head, "This isn't just any car. This car is worth my entire life savings, this car is worth more than my entire life, this car is something I would dream about; and even then, this car would been too expensive to dream about" I rambled.

Silver rolled his golden eyes, "Okay, then just give it back."

I looked down at the silver key in my hand, grinning sheepishly as I looked back up, "I think I'm suddenly feeling okay with your gift."

Silver shook his head, "Get in." I sprinted over towards the driver's seat, but before I got in Amy came out of the apartment building.

Her eyes landed on me humorously, then they latched onto Silver, "Don't spoil him."

"Its just a car." He restated.

Amy smiled amusingly as she noticed my giddy nature as I was quite literally jumping in anticipation to get inside the car and start driving; never in my life have I ever been so excited to drive a car.

Finally, Amy walked over to the passenger side besides Silver as he opened the door for her and pushed the seat forward, holding out a hand to stop her as she began to get inside, "I'll take the back love."

Amy smiled, "Always the gentlemen."

He winked at her as he disappeared into the back seat, then Amy easily pushed the seat forward, and to my surprise she didn't freak out when she got inside like I had done; she must have be accustomed to Silver's expensive cars.

I gripped onto the steering wheel, nuzzling it. Amy laughed, "If you're done making out with your girlfriend, I'd like to get some food."

I kissed the steering wheel tenderly, "Don't rush us." I teased, "I think we are in love."

Silver hollerd a laugh, "Is he always like this?" He asked Amy mockingly as he pointed in my direction.

She grinned, "You have no idea."

When we got to the restaurant it was packed, the waiters seemed to their max capacity, yet the second the host in the front laid eyes on Silver she instantly showed him towards a table; which I learn was only used for him and no one else under any circumstances.

And through this action, I realized how important Silver must be.

The second we got comfortable in our table we were served wine, along with some of Silver's favorite appetizers. It was a sushi place, I was never a real big fan of sushi; until I tried it here that is. In front of us sat rows and rows of countless of sushi rolls, each prepared different from the other.

Amy who was calmly picking at her food looked in my direction, muffling a soft giggle. I cocked a brow at her, "What?"

She pointed towards my food with her chopstick, "You don't have to pile the food Sonic, we could just order more." I looked down at my plate, I had stacked rolls on top of rolls in order to make sure I could try each one that was set out in front of me. I looked over towards Amy's plate, she had only three rolls placed nicely apart from each other, a brown dipping sauce in between them.

I smiled sheepishly, "I just wanted to try all of them." She picked up her glass of wine, it was a deep red, and placed it gently on her lips. "Ames?" I spoke suddenly, her eyes looked at me as she set down the glass to listen, "Isn't it a little too early to be drinking?" I asked concerned.

"It's never too early to drink Sonic." I heard Silver's voice speak. I looked towards him, and watched him as he lifted a similar glass and pressed it against his lips, taking a sip of the red liquid. He let out a breath of satisfaction, "As long as it's the good stuff."

Amy snorted, "Or the expensive stuff."

I looked towards the wine bottle that was placed on our table, and took it into my hands, as I read the label. "Rom-anee-Con-ti?" I sounded out.

"Romanee-Conti," Silver corrected with a soft french accent.

I scrunched my brow, "How much is this stuff anyway?"

"At least 13,000 dollars or so." Amy answered.

My eyes widened, "You spent that much, on a bottle of wine?" I asked dumbfounded.

"That type of money is pocket change for him." Amy mumbled groggily.

"Really?" My brows raised.

Who had that kind of money just laying around? As a 'superhero' I only made a few thousands of dollars, mainly because I never asked for any money in return. I just wanted to genuinely help others, but even then the most I ever had all together was about twenty thousand. But Silver has that, as change?


How rich is he?

"I'm worth about 25 billion dollars," Silver said calmly answering my unspoken question.


Did he say Billion?

Amy carefully reached for my hand, "Don't worry baby, someday we will have that much money too." She eyed Silver playfully, "Probably even more if I can keep up my career." Silver rolled his eyes almost as if he was saying, 'yeah right'. Amy turned back to me, her jade eyes kissing mine, "But money isn't everything, so even though all this stuff is nice, don't let Silver seduce you. What is important is that we have each other, money will come and go." Her soft lips brushed against my left cheek.

I suddenly felt another hand touch my arm, its rough surface made me look up. His golden eyes burning amusingly, a smirk plastered on his flawless face. "I haven't even begun to seduce you yet."

Amy tore his hand away from me, "Like I said, don't spoil him." Her gaze narrowed, "Money isn't everything, don't put that crap into his head."

Silver rolled his eyes, "Amelia, without my money you wouldn't be as famous as you are now, if I didn't find you then you would still be singing at small coffee shops. My money made your career."

Amy's grip on my hand tightened.

And when I looked at her she had a brow risen, her lips in a flat line and her eyes narrowed. I could see the muscles in her jaw clench, then unclench as she was contemplating how she would respond. Nothing good came from this look, and nothing good will ever come from it; I was just thankful that it wasn't directed at me.

"Is that what you really think?" Her voice was calm, soothing even as if she was just asking the question in a casual tone; but there is nothing casual in the conversation that is about to occur.

Silver clearly caught on as he quickly sat upwards rather than resting against his seat lazily with his legs crossed, "Amy," he sweetly began, "I meant that-" he looked towards me in desperation, I just shook my head 'no', as an attempt to help him escape with scratches rather than cuts. He cleared his throat, "I meant that... I..." he sighed in defeat, "I'm an idiot."

This was the first time I've ever seen Silver so distraught, and it humored me that Amy was the only one to bring that side out in him; with anyone else he would have been unsympathetic. But he was trying furiously to claw himself from the grave he dug.

But unfortunately for him, Amy seemed completely unfazed by his resentment.

Amy nodded, and then pushed away from the table to stand. She grabbed her purse, "Come on Sonic." She softly said.

I looked at Silver, who had his gaze downward at his wine, "What about Silver?"

Amy scoffed, "He can just buy another car to get home."

I sighed as I stood, "Sorry." I mumbled under my breath, as stood besides Amy.

Silver and I had barely mended our relationship, so I didn't want to get off on another bad start; but I sided with both of them on this one. Silver's money may have helped her, but if she didn't have talent she wouldn't have made it; and not only that, she had worked her ass off to be where she is now. Though knowing Silvers sense of humor he was probably just kidding, I knew he greatly admired Amy; it was clear to everyone how much he genuinely cared for her.

More so me I suppose, since I was aware of his true feelings for her.

Amy laced her fingers with mine as we walked out of the restaurant towards the car. She stayed silent the entire walk there, and through the ride. And I wasn't sure how to start a conversation with her, or if I should.

An angry Amy, was a dangerous Amy.

I have learned that lesson quite a few times over.

"Ames?" I called out to her as I brought the car to a stop; my elation over my new car now over.

She looked at me, "Yeah?"

"Are you okay?" I tenderly squeezed her hand, then bringing it up to my mouth kissing the back of it gently.

Amy sighed, "He is an asshole."

I sighed, "Ames, I don't think he meant it."

Amy laughed roughly, "No, he did." Her head shook, shaking her long waves, "You don't know him as well as I do Sonic. He thinks money is everything in life, he doesn't care about anything or anyone; just him and his money." She let out a soured snort, "Honestly, he thinks he can just go around buying people and their affection."

"What do you mean?"

She narrowed her eyes, "Are you serious?" raising her hands to motion the car we sat in, "He gave you a car Sonic, no questions asked he just gave it to you. Who does that?"

I shrugged, "Maybe he wanted to make up for our past arguments Ames."

"Sonic, that's how he gets you." Her hands now waving in front of her dramatically as she spoke, "He spoils you with extravagant gifts, makes you feel special and important; then he expects you to kiss the ground he walks on as if he owns you."

"Amy, come on, he isn't that bad." I deafened.

"He's already pulling you in." She said breathlessly.


"You are defending him. After what he said to me..." Her eyes looked down, "He's already sucking you in."

"Amy," I said irritated, "he doesn't have control over me. I just know what he is going through."

She laughed briefly, "Yeah? What would that be."

"He just," my brows fused, "he loves you Amy, and it's killing him not being able to be with you." I sighed, "I mean, the guy bought you a new place to live."

"So? I never asked him to." She quickly continued so that I wouldn't interrupt, "I never wanted him too. The reason he bought me the apartment was because he thought maybe I would be swept away by his money - again."

"Again?" I asked fearfully.

She bit her lip nervously. We were traveling down memory lane, and I wasn't too sure if I wanted to hear this memory; but regardless she continued. "Back when I met him, I was impressed with all the money he had, and just like you Sonic, it was all so new, so exciting." She looked away, away from the present as she dwelled in the past, "He lavished me in gifts, he took me out to expensive places, bought me designer clothes, and introduced me to things that he shouldn't of." I knew what she was talking about; the drugs. She blamed him for her addiction, and apparently so did most of the people around her.

"You loved him." I stated.

"Yes." She breathed, "but," she hiccuped, "not in that way. I never loved him more than a friend, I just couldn't."

I nodded.

A gentle hand gripped mine, "Sonic, I you can't trust him; you have no idea what you're getting into if you involve yourself with someone like Silver."

"You sound like Sonia." I mumbled under my breath.

But instantly took it back as her eyes painfully softened, "Sonia was overreacting. I'm nothing like Silver, he is something you will never get away from." She harshly whispered. Her jade eyes hardening as she looked right at me, darkening, turning into a deep forest green rather than the clear crystals I loved so much. "Silver will build you up, and then completely demolish everything you have; he will tear you apart piece by piece until there is nothing but an empty shell of you. He is incapable of caring about people, he sees us as pawns in whatever game he intends us to play in."

I sat there silent, but she continued.

"He doesn't care about you Sonic, he doesn't care about me, he doesn't care about anyone." Her fingers intertwined with mine tightly, "Don't let his money blind you, he isn't someone you want to get involved with. So please, trust me on this one. Stay away from him."

With that said she opened the door, and stepped out walking towards the elevator in the parking garage that would lead her into the home we shared.

And I just sat there, staring at the steering wheel beneath my hands; running my fingers over the tight leather.

I know I should trust Amy's judgement.

I know I should just walk away from it all,

before I get consumed by him and his world.

But I can't.

I can't bring myself to let go of my dream that feels only a few inches away now that I'm in his good graces.

Maybe, maybe I could just play it safe? Be his friend, but keep my distance at the same time in order to get from what I need from him.

I smiled softly as I gripped onto the steering wheel, looking around the dimmed car then down towards the clothes Silver let me take before we left his home. The satin black shirt clung tightly against my skin comfortably, I looked in the rear-view mirror as a young man with lime green eyes met my gaze.

I wanna be able to buy cars like this.

I wanna be able to buy clothes like this.

I wanna be able to buy wine over thirteen thousand dollars.

I wanna be able to buy everything my heart desires,

and lavish Amy in the most expensive jewels known to man.

I just can't let go yet.

And then, you slip,

slip under its spell completely.

Losing yourself.