Chapter 1

Harry lay in his damp and cold cupboard under the stairs and cried as if there was no tomorrow. He had just been reassigned the cupboard for "daring to have his freaky friends think they could threaten Vernon Wilfried Decamp Dursley" Vernon had taken all of his things and burned them upon arrival to the house. What bothered Harry the most was that on the platform he saw Dumbledore hidden amoungst the Weasleys casting an imperious curse on the Dursleys and since the had been a lot crueler. He had just lost Sirius and the light side had betrayed apparently betrayed him as he saw all of his friends giving smug looks as Vernon grabbed Harry by the throat out of the train station. Harry let the darkness consume him. He would join Voldemort despite him killing his parents.


The Burrow

"I would like to propose a toast to Bellatrix wherever she may be for killing Sirius", said Dumbledore as the Weasley's and Hermione granger banged their goblets in approval. "That arsehole we get paid to be friends with didn't deserve to hav a father figure we need to find a way to get him killed by the dark lord the sooner the better" said Ronald earning another roar of approval. Hermione giggled and sighed she hated Potter because his grades were higer thanhers without trying and he was just flat out smarter than her, she liked to consider herself the brightest which of her age but in reality she was only fourth in her year and only the third ranked girl. It was Tracy Davis in the top spot followed by Daphne Greengrass then Potter then her. She had permission to eliminate those three according to Dumbledore "in time" so she could graduate No. 1. They all laughed and played poker gambling money all of which was stolen from the account of Harry Potter. They all played until Dumbledore who was severely drunk, toppled over.

Harry was just finishing packing his items to join the dark lord. Hedwig was already at Slytherin castle waiting for him. Just as he was about to leave Vernon was at the door with a shotgun. Harry was forced to make breakfast. Harry wanted to destroy them but he knew e would be in trouble and alert Dumblefork. That was it he would dispose of them without magic. "Come and get it" he yelled as one the Dursleys glided in they never saw the frozen turkey in Harry's hand connect to their heads knocking them out. The Dursley's had a coal stove in the basement and that was where Harry folded Vernon up in and lit. "Goodbye Vernon" he sneered Petunia and Dudley were put in the oven.

Finnallly it was time to go!