After his hangover Dumbledore decided it was time to regrow his bits and go check on Harry. He had a love potion keyed to Ginny ready as he had a grand scheme. With Harry likely dealing from the loss of Sirius he could take advantage and steal the inheritance to add to his own already vast fortune. But when Dumbledore arrived upon privet drive hevwas shocked at the yellow do not cross tape and was horrified to find the Dursley's dead. This was a blow as it meant Harry was at this point independent and he could not have that if he were to cover his ass. "Harry are you there" Dumbledore called out frantically. The homicide investigator on scene noticing the strange man tried to apprehend him for questioning but before he could the man disappeared.

Back at the castle Dumbledore was furiosly trying to fix his tracking devises that tracked Harry's movements like a surveillance camera. Just yesterday he watched Harry shower with it and it worked fine. For now he needed company as in his boyfriend "ah Filch me boy" said Dumbledore with a moan.