A/N: So I decided to go a different way with my OC power ranger story. So I deleted Delta Blast and started up Cyber Drive. This time putting Conner in the mentor position, taking up the roll that Tommy did in Dino Thunder. I hope you like this story, I know I wasn't getting a lot of reviews for Delta Blast but that's to be expected with an OC story.

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-Cyber Drive-

Streams of ones and zeros were lining the walls of the building that he was running through, trying with all his might not to let go of the brief case that he was holding in his right hand. Looking behind him, the man could see that the weird looking robots behind him were catching up and with that incentive he picked up the pace and turned a corner before ducking into a room just up the hallway. Kneeling next to the door, the man tried to listen for his pursuers and suppressed a groan when he could hear a command being given by what sounded like a female commander. The sound of metal feet passing by the door did nothing to steady his heart beat as he tried to keep his breathing soft so that he wouldn't be heard by the weird looking bots. When it sounded as if they were out of the hallway his was in, the man slipped out of the room and started off back the way he came, only to be kicked in the chest and sent sprawling on to the floor. Looking up, he could see that the female he heard earlier was now standing in front of him and he was finally able to get a good look at her. She looked to be no older than early twenties, with medium purple hair that had silver strips going through it, her black body suit also gave off a shine telling him it was leather and the twin daggers on her waist looked like they were ready to go.

"You have something that belongs to us," she said pointing at the brief case, "hand it over and I promise you'll be quickly reunited with the other rangers McKnight."

"Yeah," Conner said standing up, "somehow, I don't think that's your real plan for me."

Conner let out a yell and kicked the woman in the gut, causing her to stumble and allowing him to rush passed her. Running down the hallway, he wasn't at all surprised when he was struck in the back and turned to see that the woman had chased after him and looked livid that he would even dare to attack her. Clutching the brief case in his hand, the former red dino thunder ranger started his fight with her again, not letting go of his prize at all, making it somewhat hard to attack her. Ducking underneath one of her daggers, Conner took to opportunity slip away again, making her scream in anger as he turned a corner. Looking at his watch, Conner quickly pressed a button causing a portal to open up in front of him and allowing him to escape. Trying to get through the portal, the woman yelped as she hit the ground, growling as she stood back up and looked around at her surroundings.

"Darn it! I had him right where I wanted him…and he gets away!" She yells stomping her foot.

"Now don't you fret none Gem," an old timey western accent rang, catching her attention, "boss knew that ya weren't gonna be able to catch him."

Spinning around the woman, now known as Gem, glared at a strange looking orange humanoid looking monster wearing some old timey cowboy clothing. Letting out another growl, Gem stomped up to him and poked him in the chest, hoping to get him to move but with no avail.

"Listen her Scores I don't need you telling me not to fret, I promised Commander that I would stop him and I failed," she hissed leaning up so they were face-to-face, "so don't you go telling me not to worry about it you stupid little…"

"That's enough Gem," a booming voice said making her stop what she was about to say.

The two turned around to see that a being in what looked to be golden knight armor walking towards them, making both of them separate from each other and bow down to the ground as he stopped in front of them. Without looking up, the two wondered who it was that was going to be punished first, but when no strikes or screams came, they glanced at each other and then up to the armor cladded figure.

"C-Commander Alcon! I-I assure you that I didn't mean too…"

"Silence Gem, you have failed in capturing the red dino thunder ranger, and with that you have also failed in keeping the cyber keys in our possession," Commander Alcon stated making her flinch, "and because of that we will be sealed her until we can find another way to free ourselves of the cyber world."

"Commander please allow me to…"

"I thought I told you to be quiet Gem, or do you want to be derezzed?" Alcon threatened, turning to face her.

"Commander Alcon, if ah may, wouldn't Digi be suited ta get us out of this place?" Scores asked tapping the handle of his pistol.

"Yes and when I see him I will start him on this task," Alcon said walking passed them and down the hall, "mark my words we will escape this digital prison and we will digitize the user world."

-2 Years Later-

In the dark of the night, a tall being darted in through the shadows as it ran through the alleyways, looking like it was trying to find something important when another being darted passed him and knocked him out into the light. The first being was now reviled to be a humanoid monster with light blue skin and sharp claws where its nails should be, and long tentacle styled hair.

The other being walked out and was shown to be what looked to be a male in his late teens, cladded in familiar looking suit. His outfit was primarily red, the only thing that was different was the white boots, gloves, and the cloth of his outfit that covered his neck that he wore with a gold ring along the edges. Along the right side of the outfit was a white data stream, starting from the shoulder and going down until it reached the belt, a golden rectangle acting as a belt buckle. The helmet he wore bore a resemblance to the space rangers, though his helmet lacked the white outline and the black top, the tip visor instead extending to the sides of the helmets. Reaching for the blaster on his right hip, he pulled out the gun and pointed it at the monster's chest before stopping several feet away from him.

"You guys just don't know when to quit do you?" the red cladded figure asked as he readied his trigger finger, "I thought I told you that no matter what you do you won't free your commander."

"I wouldn't be so cocky if I were you Cyber Red," the monster stated backing away, "last I checked there was only one of you but Commander Alcon can keep computing more Viralites, and soon you will be over run."

"I'll take down whoever you're commander sends," Cyber Red challenged firing his blaster.

The shots managed to hit their intended target causing the monster to stumble back in shock before realizing that the red ranger was already in front of him. Spinning around, Cyber Red kicked the monster in the chest and continued his assault on his opponent when the monster jumped into the air and landed on nearby roof. Looking at where the monster landed, the red ranger got ready to get up there and when he did a double take as a mass of lightning struck the ground around him. The monster then jumped back down and grabbed the red ranger, twirling him around tossing him into a car. Standing back up, Cyber Red pulled out his blaster again and pushed up on to the back of it, switching it into a sword and running forward, slashing his enemy multiple times. Ducking underneath some of his opponent's claws, the red ranger ran and kicked off a wall, spinning in midair and slashing the monster yet again. Continuing his attack, Cyber Red switched his weapon back into its blaster mode and fired some more shots at the monster, making his grip on the cylinder he was hold weaken. With a quick kick from the boy in red, the container flew into the air, allowing the red ranger to jump into the air and grab it before it was too late.

"Hey give that back!" The monster yelled as Cyber Red landed and turned to face him.

"Yeah right, this container and what's in it doesn't belong to you, it belongs to me," the ranger said attaching the container to his belt.

The monster charged at the red ranger and managed to tackle him before he could jump out of the way, the two of them crashing through a wall and rolled across the ground before the red ranger pulled out his saber again and stood up. The two ran towards each other, they both slashed the other across the chest and stepped back before going at it again. Sparks started to fly everywhere as the two clashed with each other, Cyber Red doing his best to keep the container on his being. Finally the monster grabbed ahold of the ranger and threw him through the air, the ranger hitting a concrete pillar in the building they were in before falling to the ground, groaning as he tried to stand up. Reaching for his belt, he quickly found that the cylinder wasn't there anymore and looked around only to find it in the hands of the monster that he was fighting.

"Thanks for getting this back to me ranger," the monster said as he started to vanish, "it's been fun but now I must take my leave."

"NO!" Cyber Red yelled before pulling out his blaster and firing at the monster.

The shots flew through the air and, thankfully, managed to hit the container right before the monster vanished, causing the ranger to sigh in relief as he stood up and walked demorphed into his civilian mode. Now standing in the place of the red ranger was a young man looking to be about eighteen or nineteen years in age, white skinned with short light brown/dark blond hair that was spiked in the front and blue eyes, wearing a pair of faded jeans, some black tennis shoes, a grey long sleeve shirt and a red t-shirt over the long shirt. Walking over to the cylinder to pick it up, when an older man, who looked to be in his late twenties, walked up and picked up the cylinder before he could.

"You know Drake, you remind me of me when I was the red Dino Thunder ranger," the man said looking at the younger male, "you shouldn't be so reckless."

"Hey I got the container didn't I?" Drake challenged as Conner chuckled, "Anyway open that thing and let's see what ranger we saved."

Conner twisted the top of the container and waited as steamed rolled out as the seal was broken, before taking the lid fully off and reaching in to the cylinder. Finally grabbing something, the former red ranger pulled out what looked to be a data chip and sighed as he saw that it was completely white, a blank. Groaning, Drake punched the wall next to him and ran a hand through his unruly hair as he started to pace while Conner put the chip back in its container.

"You're kidding me right, all that for a blank?" The young red ranger questioned turning back to his mentor.

"Calm down Drake, yes it's a blank but it's okay," Conner said as he placed his hand on the younger man's shoulder, "don't worry, we'll save the rest of the rangers in time."

"Yeah I hope you're right," Drake commented, "it would just be really neat to actually meet the past rangers."

"Trust me, it is," the former ranger agreed, smiling slightly, "and since we're on the topic of rangers I think it's time that I start looking for a team to help you."

Pushing off the hand on his shoulder, Drake gave the older man an unamused look, and turned to walk away when Conner spoke up again.

"You can't do it on your own Drake," he said making him stop, "you need a team."

"No I don't," Drake said walking off making Conner sigh.

-Cyber Drive-

It was the last day of school, and most of the students had already mentally clocked out for the summer, not even bothering with listening to their teachers' last minute be safe lectures. In the school computer lab however, sat four students, two boys and two girls, all of them at one computer as the boy in a green t-shirt typed away at the computer. The other three were watching as their friend did something that they didn't quite understand, hoping that he would explain in the near future.

The boy in front of the computer was named Calder, wearing a green t-shirt with grey sleeves, a pair of blue jeans and white tennis shoes. His dark brown hair was long enough to cover the top of his brown eyes and reaching the top of his neck in the back. His almost pale white skin was a sign of his computer habits as he continued to type away, his reputation as the schools newest computer wiz on the line if he couldn't pull of this prank. To his right was Merrick, his black hair, that was pushed to the side and behind his ears, and pale skin bringing out just how green his eyes were. His white tank top was covered by an opened blue button up shirt that ended just below the start of his jeans, those covering the top of his hiking boots.

To Calder's left was Kris and Amy, Kris wearing a pink v neck t-shirt and a white skirt that accented her slightly tan skin, her wavy brown hair wrapping around the edge of her face and ending just below her shoulders. Hanging loosely around her left wrist was a sliver bracelet with her name on it. Next to her was Amy, a fair skinned girl with long blonde hair that reached just below her shoulder blades. She wore a bright yellow tank top, covered by a black leather jacket, and a pair of black skinny jeans with leather high heeled boots. Around her neck was a gold necklace with a T-rex hanging from it. Looking at the door, Merrick chewed on the inside of his cheek, praying that a teacher wasn't going walk in on them and get them in trouble on their last day.

"Calder come on man just hurry up so we don't get in trouble," Merrick said, his eyes shifting between the door and his friend.

"Oh come on, it's the last day of school what are they going to do, throw us in detention?" Calder questioned, as Kris sighed.

"Calder seriously, I don't what to get in trouble," she stated standing up, "I'm out of here before a teacher shows up."

"Kris is right I'm heading out too," Amy said as she straightened out her jacket, "what about you Merrick?"

Merrick, who was wearing a white tank top and shot sleeve blue button up shirt, nodded and grabbed his backpack before heading to the door with the girls when Calder spoke up again making them stop in their tracks.

"Come on guys this is going to be a prank for the ages," Calder said grinning, "Kirs, Amy, Merrick please don't leave me on what is going to be a glorious day."

The three looked at each other and sighed as they sat back down, making Calder's grin widened as he sat back down and started typing away again, the program on the computer screen showing the electrical grid for the school. With a couple more commands put in, Calder sat back and waited as the program ran through the commands one more time before the yes/no box popped up. Just as he was about to activate the command though, the computer shut off and the group jumped as a teacher stood there at the front of the class where the main switch for the computers were.

"Now please tell me you four weren't going to try something stupid," he said smiling at them.

"I know this looks bad Mr. Clymer but I promise that…"

"Save it Calder, I don't want to hear it," Mr. Clymer said stopping him and turning to the hallway, "anyway, why don't you come in here and meets some fellow next year seniors."

At that the others looked passed their computer teacher and saw that a boy their age walk in, wearing a grey long sleeve undershirt and a red t-shirt. The boy looked at them and gave them a confused look before looking back at the teacher who gave him a 'don't ask look.'

"Now then, children this is Drake Kampell, he'll be joining our school next year and I was showing him around," Mr. Clymer said motioning to them, "why don't you introduce yourselves."

"Hi there my name is Kristina Chandler," Kris said smiling as she shook Drake's hand, "but most people here call me Kris."

"My name Merrick, nice to meet you," Merrick said giving him a small nod of his head.

"Amy Morris," the girl in yellow said.

"Name's Calder, if you ever need anything fixed on your computer I'll be happy to help," Calder said shading his hand.

"Right I'll remember that," Drake said with a nod.

"So will you guys finish his tour of the school, I have to head back to the office and finish up some forms for some new computers," Mr. Clymer said grinning.

The others nodded and, with a quick thanks, their teacher left them there, the four friends standing there making sure that he actually went the office before turning back to the new student.

"So tell us, where are you from?" Kris said giving him another smile.

"Well I'm originally from here but I've been traveling for a while now and just got back here," Drake explained sitting down at the computer they were at.

"Wait, if you were here before, then why have we never seen you before now, like in elementary school," Merrick asked, frowning.

"My family traveled a lot, and I was homed school," he told them as the computer turned back on, "the only reason I came back was because my guardian wanted to come back here."

The others looked at each other confused, before turning back to Drake only to see he was typing away at the same program that Calder was typing at earlier. Leaning in, Calder watched as he put in some commands in, and tried to the best of his abilities to figure out what it was that the new student was doing. Thankfully though he was able to read the commands after a while and figure out what it was that he was trying to do. Standing up, Drake smirked and walked over to the window when the some students walked by and the sprinklers went off, making the girls outside scream and run off.

"Whoa! How did you do that, I was just going to shut down the power to the school," Calder questioned as the others looked at Drake in shock.

"Sorry, my guardian asked me to do that, nostalgia or something like that," Drake explained, "So how about that tour?"

The tour went off without any problems, mostly because of Kris's knowledge of the building, being on the student council, and the others followed along to get to know their new schoolmate better. Calder mostly because he wanted to learn how to turn the sprinklers on, Merrick and Amy because their friends were with him. Finally their tour ended in front of the office and Drake gave them a smirk and a nod before walking into the office, telling them he had to fill out a few papers before he left for work.

"Wait you already have a job?" Kris asked amazed.

"Yeah, it's nothing big, my guardian bought a café here that belong to a friend."

"…So he seems pretty cool," Calder remarked as Drake walked into the office.

"I guess," Merrick commented as the group walked out of the school, "he doesn't seem like the type to get along with others though."

"He was quite," Amy agreed as they reached Merrick's jeep.

"I thought he was cute," Kris stated, a small blush on her face.

Amy rolled her eyes, and decided to ignore her friend's comment as they drove down the road and headed into the town so that they could start their summer vacation right. As they were heading down the road though, Merrick was quick to notice something as they drove pass a building and he parked his car. Looking back over his shoulder, he couldn't believe his eyes as he climbed out of the car and confused his friends as he walked back down the road.

"Merrick?" Calder asked as he walked passed him, "Merrick where are you going?"

The three climbed out of the car and chased after him when they noticed where he stopped and why it was that he stopped. Cyberspace was now under a new temporary management, meaning that Hayley had left and they had no idea where it was that she was going or when she was going to be coming back. Seeing that the door was unlocked though, the group walked in and looked around to see that the tables and chairs were where they once were, making them sigh in relief when the back door opened up and an older man with trim brown hair walked in.

"Huh, oh sorry guys we're not quite open just yet, but I promise that we'll be open next week," he said giving them a smile.

"Oh its okay sir, we were just wondering something," Amy said returning the smile.

"Oh and what's that?" the man asked sitting down.

"We were just wondering where Hayley went," Merrick asked the older man, who just seemed to chuckle.

"Hayley, she had to go away for a while, but don't worry she'll be back soon," he said standing back up, "my name's Conner McKnight, I'll be taking care of Cyberspace while the previous owner is gone."

The group frowned, but nodded all the same as Conner bided them farewell and went back into the back as they walked out of Cyberspace and back to Merrick's jeep. But as soon as they were out of the building there was a flash of lights and standing in front of them now as a monster with a small group of robots. Looking around, the monster waved his hand through the air and gave a command.

"Alright Technos, spread out and find that power ranger, Commander Alcon want's him alive," he ordered as the robots started to move out.

Sensing the immediate danger, the group of friends ducked behind a dumpster and hid as the robots walked passed them and started to go through the alleyways. Holding their breath as they passed, the group finally climbed out from their hiding place when they were sure that the robots were far enough away to not hear them. Being the first to regain his composer, Merrick took a deep breath and spoke what was on every one of their minds.

"Okay, what were those things?" he asked as the others finally composed themselves.

"I don't know but whatever they were, they were freaky," Amy commented as Kris nodded in agreement.

"We need to go get the police, maybe they'll be able to help," Calder remarked, trying to think of something that they could do.

"What are the police going to do?" Merrick challenged turning to his friend.

"Aren't there laws about what to do in these situations?" Kris asked, as the boys shrugged.

"Well typically in situations like this, the power rangers are to take care of it," Amy answered biting her lower lip, "but Reefside hasn't had any rangers since the Dino Thunder team and that was years ago."

"So then let's go to the police," Merrick said as they started towards the police department.

They didn't get far however cause as soon as they were out of the alleyway a mass of electricity stopped them in their path as the monster they saw before jumped down in front of them. Seeing the group, the monster gave a laugh as he pointed one of his clawed fingers at them.

"Oh come on now, there's no reason to involve the police," he said as he started towards them, "now then why don't we make this easier on me and you stand there perfectly still."

The group started to back away from the monster, afraid that he would actually attack them and cause some damage when a flash of red appeared above them and kicked the monster in the chest. Landing in front of the four, the group was amazed to see a red power ranger standing in front of them, holding his saber in his hand, pointing at the monster's chest.

"If I remember correctly, the last time we met I ended up winning," the red ranger said twirling his sword.

"Keep dream ranger, I was the one tossing you around in our last encounter," the monster taunted pointing a clawed finger at him.

"Hn," the ranger grunted before turning his head to look at the others, "what are you waiting for, get out of here, I'll take care of ugly."

Running forward, the two clashed as the four ran off out of the alley and down the road when the front door to Cyberspace opened up and Conner walked out, narrowly missing them as they came to a halt. Sensing that the four of them were in trouble, and hearing the sound of a fight nearby, Conner ushered them inside and closed the door before turning to them.

"Alright, what's going on?" he asked staring at them.

"We were heading back to my jeep," Merrick started when Calder cut in.

"When suddenly this monster and some robots appeared out of nowhere," he continued, "so we hid behind a dumpster till we thought it was clear when we were attacked."

"That's when this red power ranger appeared and told us to get out of there," Amy finished as they tried to see if Conner believed them.

Looking them over, Conner gave them a quick nod before heading toward the back of the shop, leaving the group there confusing them even more than they already where. Running after him, Kris grabbed a hold of his arm, stopping him in his track and making him turn around to face her.

"Look we don't know you that well yet, but we have to help the red ranger," she said with pleading eyes, "I mean he has to have a team right, there has to be some way to help him."

"…He doesn't have a team," Conner told them opening the door to the back room, "but don't worry I'll make sure he gets help."

The four looked at each other as Conner walked into the back, quickly chasing after him so that they could get some more answer out of him. Walking into the back, they watched as he opened a hidden door and started down the steps.

"Mr. McKnight do you care to explain how you are going to help a power ranger?" Merrick asked as he stood up.

"Look I understand that you guys are concerned but don't worry," Conner told them as he turned to face them, "now look right now there's nothing you can do, but trust me, I'll figure something out in time to help him."

"Then let us help you," Kris said stepping forward, "please I want to help."

"You do?" Conner asked surprised.

"We all do," Calder said making the older man look at them for a second.

Conner stared at them for a couple of seconds before chuckling a little and putting his hands in his pockets. He wasn't at all surprised that they wanted to help, he felt something unique about these kids when they first walked in earlier in the day, a skill he had picked up from his own mentor. Shaking his head, he gave them a nod before motioning them to follow him down the stairs. The group walked down the stairs quickly, following the older man when the lights came on and a huge room filled with computers and other things showed itself to them. On one of the larger screens was a video feed of the red ranger fighting the monster and being thrown around but managing to handle his own slightly. When the red ranger hit the ground hard, Kris let out a gasp as he demorphed and showed Drake groaning in pain.

"That's Drake!" she said in shock as the others' eyes were glued to the screen.

"Glad to know that you know his name," Conner said walking over to the computer, typing in a command quickly, "now were you being serious about helping him, 'cause it looks like he could use it right now."

The group looked at each other quickly one last time before returning their attention back to the older man and giving him a nod. Grinning, Conner hit the enter button and, in between him and the kids, a pedestal rose from the ground to revile some morphers on it. The morphers looked to go on their wrist, looking like the lightspeed morphers without the symbol and with a small opening on the side. Next to the morpher laid what looked to be a memory chip each of them a different color.

"Then how would you like to become power rangers and become his team?"