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Of course there would be consequences. Lucy should've known. As if Cana was going let them slip away without a "real party", as the brunette put it.

Lucy had enjoyed her Honeymoon very much, and she had a feeling Natsu did too from the fact he didn't stop smiling the whole time, and was practically glued to her side.

But leave it to the members of Fairy Tail, amazing bar and secret fight club, to have the first question be asked "Did you bang or what?" and of course it was once again Cana, who was obliterated, to completely ruin any warm, fluffy, feelings the couple had upon returning.

But now they had been forced to attend one of the drunken girl's "famous parties" since they didn't go through with their actual wedding ceremony, and it was so crowded with random drunk people, a lot of who weren't even invite, that Lucy successfully lost her husband in 5 seconds flat.

The blonde groaned and pushed her way through the masses of people, these men apparently unaware to the fact that this party was celebrating her wedding as they continuously tried every cheesy pick-up line they could think of, and while it was funny and cute when Natsu texted them to her while she was at work (and he was too, but he wasn't his own boss and got in trouble for it), it was extremely annoying when others did it.

Lucy finally stopped after searching the whole room, facing the fact that she probably would have to wait for him to find her.

When she felt a tap on her shoulder, she turned quickly, thinking it was Natsu, but her face fell at the sight of another drunk guy.

"Hey, cutie, wanna dance?" he hiccupped, and Lucy scrunched up her nose as the smell of beer assaulted her senses. She doubted he could even stand up straight in his state, and did he even know how to do a dance that didn't involve groping her?

Her eyes lit up as she had an idea. She could just as easily turn him down, but it would be much more fun to make him regret asking a professional dancer to dance.

"You wanna dance?" she asked sharply, making the poor sap's eyes widen "Fine. Let's dance." And with that she grabbed the front of his shirt, yanking him into the fray of dancing people "Just don't slow me down" she tsked, channeling her inner Aquarius.

It hardly took 30 seconds and the guy was already scared as she moved her body perfectly to the beat of the music. The music wasn't her favorite but it would do. She twirled perfectly, her white dress fanning out around her like a sea of cotton.

Just as she was really getting into it, despite her "partner" begging her to stop, as he couldn't keep up, she felt a large, warm hand grip her forearm. She would know that grip anywhere.

"Natsu…" She breathed, looking up at his as his firm chest was pressed into her back, and he rested his hand on her hip.

"I usually would love to watch you shame drunk idiots with your amazing dancing" Natsu cackled at the pale face of the scrawny boy who dared to think he could handle Lucy "But I think it's time for a switch in partners"

Lucy's eyes lit up at this. It was rare Natsu actually wanted to dance, despite being almost as good as her, but it was probably from how often she called him into her studio to be her partner, to show her students how to properly tango.

Natsu expertly spun Lucy in his arms, stopping her just as quickly as he had twirled her, as she fully faced him, his fingers laced through hers and his other hand resting on her lower back, and a mischievous glint in his dark eyes

"You just wanna show off, huh?" Lucy realized, giggling

"Well, just enough for every other person here to realize that only I'm fit enough to be your partner" He answered, chest rumbling in laughter

"Fit indeed…" Lucy mused, noticing how tight his black T-shirt was on him, her lips quirking up in a smirk

He only laughed, and then the song changed. It was a fast-paced song with a lot of beats, and Lucy could already tell she would need a lot of water after this.

Natsu had swept her off her feet, spinning her before setting her down again, and as soon as her feet touched the ground again they were off, their feet moving in time to every beat, but they became so swept up in each other they didn't notice the circle starting to form around them until Natsu dipped Lucy down low as there was a brief pause in the music.

"I think they're intimidated" Lucy giggled breathlessly

"Good." Was all he had time to say, before the beat sped up and Natsu hooked his arm under her leg, and held her up to his chest as they spun, and Lucy laughed lightly, knowing he loved these parts, and she was soon lifted to just above his head, as they spun a few more times.

He finally set her down again and spun her one last time, before pulling her into his chest as the song ended.

There was a brief silence, as the couple panted hard, only seeing each other, before the whole room erupted in cheers, aside from the few drunken men who had hit on Lucy earlier that day, who shrank away.

But Natsu wasn't letting a certain one get away so easily.

"Where are you going?" He said in a sadistic tone, grinning

The boy gulped a bit "D-Dude I can't compete with you!" he cried out, wriggling as Natsu hefted him up from the floor with one hand.

"Of course you can't. Because you're just a little punk upstart who thinks it's ok to flirt with a married woman who can't even hold his alcohol or knows his limits" Natsu growled out, tearing into the kid "So next time you wanna dance, you're dancing with me. And I can assure you my kind of dancing is way more painful than Lucy's."

He dropped the kid, who fell on his ass, glaring at him harshly.

Lucy approached from behind, grabbing his hand with her smaller, softer one, tsking at his attitude "Natsu, he's just a tiny fella, you'd hurt him without even trying… actually I think you already did."

Her husband grinned sheepishly, scratching the back of his head "Sorry, couldn't help it…" he apologized

"Your street fighter instinct?" Lucy teased, which made everyone step back more

"Whatever it is, I wanna go home now." Natsu decided, and hoisted her up, making his way to the exit "Thanks for getting everyone drunk, Cana!" he called out sarcastically

"Sure thing, hot stuff!" Cana responded drunkenly and shamelessly "Nice skinny jeans! Shows off yer butt nicely!"

"Thanks!" Natsu replied, giving a short wave as he continued his walk out.

"Does she always make crude comments like that?" Lucy whispered to the man currently carting her out.

"It's Cana, of course she does" He replied with a grin.