First of all, I am a huge fan of all of Genndy Tartakovsky's work, so I do not intend to change his vision or add anything that I don't think he would want. The character of Kimiko is not really an original character because she is meant to be a grown-up version of the little girl from Jack's flashback in episode XIX. This story was originally intended to be a screenplay to conclude the series, but I know Genndy has his own story in mind that he plans to produce if he can raise enough money, so I'm writing this as a fanfic instead and placing it here for your enjoyment.

Also, if you enjoy writing fanfiction, I highly recommend checking out match-dot-colaborator-dot-com where I help out with the interactive features. The producers of Match encourage their viewers to write fanfiction and participate in forums for each short in the web series. If they like your idea, you could get hired to bring it to life and help out with future story ideas, which I think is pretty cool!

This first chapter is fairly short, but they'll probably get longer as the story evolves.

Chapter 1: The Fallen Princess

It had been one year since the disappearance of the famous samurai who possessed the only known weapon that could harm the demon Aku. His hostile takeover of Asia was well into play. After conquering the kingdom of Japan, Aku moved on to other nations, including the small kingdom of Ryukyu, where Princess Kimiko was trying hard to adjust to her new life as a slave.

"I don't understand," said a little girl from the village, as she pulled with all her might on a rope to help erect a large statue of Aku. "You're a princess, Kimiko-sama! Why do you have to work too? And how come you don't wear your pretty gold kimono anymore?"

Kimiko looked down at the shredded white rags Aku's minions had forced her to wear when they overthrew the palace. It was nothing like what she was used to, but that didn't bother her nearly as much as what had happened to her parents. Aku chose to make an example out of them to prove his power. He tortured them to their death, forcing her to become an orphan. Part of her wanted to join her family on the other side, but Aku took too much pleasure in her suffering and allowed her to live as his slave, just like the rest of her kingdom.

"I was a princess," Kimiko corrected the child. "Now, I am no different from anyone else. There is no royal family anymore. There is only Aku."

"But who put him in charge? He isn't being very good. His parents should punish him."

"Demons don't have parents," said Kimiko, chuckling to herself. "There is only one person who could stop him, and he disappeared a year ago."

"Where did he go?"

"Most people think he perished in battle, but I believe he survived. His sword was forged by gods and contained the magic of his ancestors. It could not be destroyed, and it is useless in the hands of Aku. If the emperor's son had truly perished in battle, Aku would have used it as a trophy of his defeat. Yet, it was never seen since that day, and neither was the samurai."

"So the samurai is still alive? And he's going to save all of us?" the girl asked with a spark of excitement in her voice.

The cracking of a whip interrupted Kimiko's thoughts. Instinctively, she jumped in front of the little girl to protect her. CRACK! A burning red lash appeared on her stomach from the minion's whip. Both girls dropped the rope, and the statue fell to the ground.

"No one will save you now! Aku is your leader. If you speak against him, you can only look forward to more pain and suffering!" shouted Aku's minion, raising his whip again to the little girl.

"Don't hurt her!" shouted Kimiko. "She's just a child!"

"She is a slave of Aku, just like everyone else in this region. Now get back to work!"

Kimiko stood protectively in front of the child to prevent her from getting hurt as they both struggled to pull the statue back into place. Was this the end for her? Had her life in Ryukyu really been reduced to being a demon's slave? She thought back to her childhood about the sweet boy who taught her how to make an origami cricket when the one she was chasing flew away. He gave her hope by showing her that nothing is really gone if you can still hold the memory of it in your heart. As long as the people continued to remember the samurai with the enchanted katana that had the power to defeat Aku, there was still hope for the future.