So I've finally got an epilogue up! I'm not particularly happy with it, but I promised you guys an epilogue, so here we go.

Clary let out a sigh as she pushed her hair out of her face and studied the designs in front of her. It had been a long day and all the pictures and words in the immaculately put together scrap book were starting to bleed together. She blinked and pushed the book away from her, careful not to disrupt any of the other papers and booklets on her desk. One of the many bonuses that came from being her own boss was that she could choose her own hours. She took in a deep breath as she looked around her office, unable to hold back her smile.

It was so full of colour and life, so completely different than the way she had been living when she was with Jacob, eight years ago. Her life had been so devoid of hope and anything good, and she had been stuck in the mind set that that was her life, and that was as good as it was ever going to get.

And Clary thanked God every day that she had been wrong.

Since escaping Jacob and being reunited with Jace, things had looked up for her. That wasn't to say that everything had been easy and smooth running. Obviously there had been the bumps along the road to begin with, and then when Jacob had showed back up in the picture...For eighteen months after the fight that had resulted in Jacob's death, Clary had to go back into the hospital for CT scans every couple of months to make sure everything was okay after she had cracked her head. She also had a scar just below her left breast from where her rib had stabbed through, and Jace had a long scar that was hidden by his hair at the back of the head, where he had required stitches. And then there were the nightmares that still woke Clary sometimes in the middle of the night, but as the weeks, and then months, and finally years went by, they became less and less frequent.

Clary picked up her coffee cup and walked out of her office. Everything about her was so different, but then it was like she was just becoming herself again. It was like the years that she was married to Jacob, before everything inside her had been beaten, had been reversed, and she was the gorgeous, free-spirited, confident girl that she was before, when she was a teenager. It hadn't been easy, but she had gotten there.

Her and Jace had moved out of his place a few months before Simon and Isabelle's wedding, and into a place that was normal sized for Clary, but small for Jace. It was just a rental, a three bedroomed place that didn't fit all of Jace's stuff so a lot of it went into storage, while his place was put on the market. It didn't take long before it sold, and then they had started looking for places together. Clary had been a little nervous at first, not sure if she wanted to commit to something as big as buying a house together, not in the way that she had committed to another man who had hurt her so badly.

But she had done it, and she hadn't regretted it.

The house that they moved into was still a little excessive for Clary's tastes, but Jace was used to living a certain way, and she had to admit, that she was starting to get used to it as well. The place that Jace brought still had a pool, but it was only one storey this time. There were four bedrooms, with two lounges, one at each end, and a large kitchen, as well as an office that Jace had said was all hers. She had protested at first, saying that he needed an office more than her, but he refused, saying that she was either going to take it, or it was going to sit empty. So in the end, she had started doing up the room, moving things in and starting to paint again. As she started her course on interior design, she started working in there a lot more, and after graduating, it didn't take long for her to actually get a job—not when Isabelle and Jace had connections all over the place.

The past few years had been incredible.

Sometimes her heart ached with how happy she was now.

Photos hung from the walls as she walked down the hallway, pausing to pat Hunter, their husky puppy that they had brought a couple of months ago after constant insisting from the rest of her family. Clary had to admit, she had wanted a dog as well, even though she kept saying they should wait until Jocelyn and Isaac were older.

She heard a car in the driveway and she looked up at the clock that hung above the fire place in the lounge, seeing that it was just after four in the afternoon. Jace had to go out to a baseball game to scout another player, but he had been gone since that morning, so he was due back about now. She flicked on the coffee machine, and then leaned back against the kitchen counter as she waited for the hurricane of her family to come into the house.

Hunter started barking excitedly and running toward the door as soon as he heard feet approaching from outside. The front door opened and Clary felt that familiar tingle in the pit of her stomach as she heard yells coming from the end of the hallway. Hunter was going crazy, she could hear the scratch of his nails on the tiles by the front door and then she heard Jace calling out to her.

"Cherry! We're home!" She heard him getting closer, but there was a patter of smaller feet coming toward her first, and Clary grinned as her three year old daughter, Jocelyn, named after her mother, sprinted into the room.

"Mama!" Jocelyn screamed as the little strawberry blonde whirlwind wrapped herself around one of Clary's legs and Clary let out a laugh.

"Hey, munchkin," Clary grinned as she picked her daughter up and held her on her hip. "Did you have fun at work with daddy?"

"Yes! And I had a hot dog and chips and three whole sodas, all by myself!" Jocelyn held up three chubby little fingers proudly and Clary's wide smile quickly turned into a frown as she looked toward Jace expectantly as he entered the room.

"Three whole sodas, huh?" She lifted an eyebrow and Jace gave her a guilty smile.

"They were only tiny ones?" He attempted.

"You're going to be dealing with the sugar high when she can't sleep tonight," Clary rolled her eyes and Jace just grinned back at her. Isaac joined the three of them in the kitchen, Hunter tangled around his legs. "Hey, sweetie," Clary smiled at Isaac, who gave her a dazzling smile, the bright green eyes that he had inherited from his mother sparkling as he looked up at her.

"Can we go for a swim, mama?" Jocelyn jumped up and down in her arms, jostling Clary's petite figure, but she had gotten pretty used to holding both kids now, and she had adapted.

"Okay, but only a short one. It's going to be dinner time soon," Clary replied. They were lucky that it was summer, and the sun was still beating down outside despite the fact it was late afternoon, so the pool water would be warm.

"Will you come with us?!" Jocelyn grinned charmingly up at Clary, who grinned and nodded. Jocelyn put her hands on either side of Clary's face and leaned forward to give her an eskimo kiss, nuzzling their noses together. Clary rubbed her own nose against her daughters, and Jace watched the two of them with a softness in his eyes that only his children and Clary could get from him. Jocelyn gave her adorable giggle and then wriggled out of Clary's arms and sprinted off to her room, her six year old brother chasing after her.

"Three whole sodas, huh?" Clary repeated, and gave Jace a disapproving look that he got maybe twice a day since their children had been born and as usual, he just laughed and came over to her, wrapping his arms around her waist and burying her head in his neck.

"She was giving me that look," he groaned. "Where she sticks out her bottom lip and makes her eyes go all wide and I just can't say no! I'm weak, Cherry—weak, I tell you!" Clary snorted, unable to stay mad at him. He kissed her shoulder and then her neck before pulling away and pressing a kiss to her mouth.

"What happens when she's sixteen and she's giving you that look because she wants to stay out past her curfew because of some cute boy on the football team?" Clary teased him and the smile on his face dropped.

"Well, that's never going to happen, is it?" He grumped. "Because she's not dating until she's thirty-five. And even when she has kids, I'm just going to keep telling myself that it was another miraculous conception."

"You're such a cliché," Clary laughed as she ruffled her hand through his hair and gave him a comforting kiss. Jace turned it into something deeper, lazily rolling his tongue into her mouth and lifting her up easily so that she was sitting on the edge of kitchen bench.

"I love you," he breathed against her mouth.

"I love you more," she whispered back, the pair of them pulling away just as their two children sprinted back into the room, dressed in their togs.

"Mama! You need to get dressed!" Jocelyn pointed out, bouncing up and down on her tip toes.

"C'mon, mama! We want to swim!" Isaac was grinning up at her, looking even cuter now that he was missing one of his front teeth.

"Yeah, I'm coming," Clary pushed Jace out of the way and slid off the bench. "But first, mister, you haven't given me a kiss hello." Isaac grinned and loped over to his mother, throwing his arms around her waist and tilting his head upwards for a kiss. Clary tightened her arms around his shoulders and leaned down to press a quick kiss to his nose.

"Can we go now?" Isaac tugged on her arm and Clary nodded.

"I'll just go change," Clary said, and the two cheered and started toward the back door that lead out to the backyard. "Don't go near the pool before me or dad is out there with you, okay?!" She called after them.

"Okay!" Came back their sing song voices. Clary huffed a laugh under her breath as she went to her and Jace's bedroom. She pulled off her clothes and got into a one piece bathing suit and tied her hair back in a braid and then pinned it to the top of her head so that it didn't get wet. She then joined the rest of her family outside, where Jace was putting Jocelyn's floaties on her arms and Isaac was hopping from foot to foot impatiently by the pool. Clary felt her heart do that little skipping thing that it always did when she was around the three most important people in her life, especially when Jace said something to Jocelyn that made her toss her curls around and giggle, and Isaac skipped over to his dad and bowled into his side. Jace pretended as though it had been enough force to knock him over and he tumbled to the side, dragging his son down with him as Isaac laughed and held his arms above his head when Jace lifted him up into the air. Clary ran past them, tucking her legs up to her chest as she bombed into the water, sending up a spray of water.

"Oh God!" Jace cried out as the water soaked through his shirt and the two strawberry blonde children laughed. "Go get her!" Jace encouraged them with a smirk on his face. "Go get mum!" Isaac let out a war cry as he sprinted toward the water and jumped in next to his mother. Clary laughed as she grabbed out for him as he bobbed back to the surface.

"I can swim myself, mama!" Isaac protested as he paddled around. Clary pushed another kiss to his forehead and then let him swim off. Jocelyn slid into the water, the floaties on either of her arms keeping her above the surface, and Clary glided over to her daughter, turning her around in her arms. Jace watched the three of them, bracing his arms behind him, a soft smile on his face.

Sometimes he still couldn't believe what he had.

He had always known that he loved Clary, but he had thought that he had long lost her. But now he had her back in his life; waking up next to her every morning, coming home to her every night, making her laugh and smile. And she had given him the two most precious people in the world, Isaac and Jocelyn, both of them with hair that was a mixture of both of theirs resulting in this adorable reddish-gold colour, and big green eyes like their mother. Isaac was this sensitive, sweet kid and Jocelyn was this ball of never ending, passionate energy, and Jace couldn't imagine life without either of them. They weren't married, and Jace wasn't sure if Clary would ever be ready for that, but that was okay.

What they had going on now was perfect.

"What do you say we get dad in the pool?" Clary's voice brought Jace back to the present and he blinked as he saw all three of them at the edge looking up at him, Clary wiggling her eyebrows at him.

"Yeah! Dad!" Jocelyn squealed, splashing the water up around her.

"I'm still fully dressed!" Jace protested, but Clary just shrugged, and their two kids just laughed and waved their arms at him. Jace rolled his eyes as he toed off his shoes and shrugged out of his jacket. He was probably going to regret this later, given he was wearing jeans, but hell, that was for later. "Watch out!" He shouted at them as he ran toward the pool and leapt off the edge, soaring over their heads and splashing into the water behind them. There were cheers as he came back up and took in a deep breath.

"Dad!" Jocelyn cried out, attempting to paddle over, and managing to get to him with a little push from Clary, who followed after her along with Isaac. Isaac swum alongside his sister, one arm protectively under her stomach to make sure she was kept afloat, and Clary slung an arm around Jace's shoulders, wrapping her legs around his waist under the water.

"You happy?" Jace murmured as he ducked in close to her. It was a question he asked her at least once a day, his eyes imploring hers. Clary leaned in, resting her forehead against his as their kids laughed nearby.

"You know I am, Jace," she told him as she leaned in and pressed their mouths together. The moment was sweet and was promptly broken as Isaac made a gagging noise.

"Ew!" He stated.

"That's yuck," Jocelyn chimed in as her brother pulled her along behind him as he swam over to join them.

"You're yuck," Jace shot back at her childishly and Jocelyn just laughed as he picked her up and held her with the arm that wasn't around her mother. Isaac completed their little circle, holding onto Clary's shoulder to keep himself up. The smile Clary wore was almost big enough to break her face in half as Isaac started making faces to Jocelyn, the little girl letting out laughs that warmed her parents hearts, and there was a matching smile on Jace's face.

Yes, Clary was happy.

Happier than she had ever been in her life.

Very cheesy, I'm well aware.

But I felt like they deserved it.

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