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Owl Post

Chapter 13

Friday was a blur for Blaine. All over the castle people whispered at the sight of him and Kurt as they sat together at breakfast, then walked to their classes together. Professor Sylvester kept popping up in the corridors, shouting for everyone to stop gawking and taking house points from anyone who so much as blinked in her direction. She took points from both Kurt and Blaine, too, for being the cause of so many traffic jams.

The whole spectacle made Blaine nervous, but Kurt's hand fit into his palm perfectly. They hadn't kissed or fully talked about what their relationship was yet, but when Kurt had been waiting outside of the Hufflepuff common room that morning, Blaine hadn't been able to say no. Kurt's risk was huge. So far there'd been no backlash, but Blaine was certain it was coming.

"That potion was so weird," Kurt said as they trekked up the dungeon steps into the entrance hall. It was past time for lunch. Their class had run over because of today's concoction, but Blaine had hardly noticed with Kurt working at the same cauldron. "I think those crushed snake fangs are congealing under my fingernails. Ugh."

"There's a bathroom on the first floor. I don't have any more classes today. Do you want to spend the day together?"

Even though it was so clear to him that Kurt wanted to be with him, it still made him nervous to ask. They needed to talk though. About so many things the last twenty-four hours had been.

"Sure! My common room—oh. Well, the library—Madam Pince would rip our tongues out."

"I'm sure we can find an unused classroom or something."

"Yeah, all right."

They headed up to the bathroom which was thankfully empty. Kurt tried his best to wash the crushed snake fangs out from under his nails, and Blaine ended up showing him a neat little spell to help. As he focused his spell on the last of Kurt's fingers he swallowed. He'd love nothing more than to kiss Kurt right now. To breathe one hot breath after another and forget all the questions he still had.

"Thanks. That's a quick little spell. Where'd you learn that?"

"My brother. He's always got to be Mr. Clean for all the modeling he does, fingernails included."

Kurt smiled, and it was too much for Blaine then. He grabbed Kurt's robes and tugged him close, curled one hand into the hair at the nape of Kurt's neck. Blaine kissed him deeply. Kurt's expression was a little dazed when they broke apart, but he smiled down at Blaine.

"So are we friends who kiss then? Or… or boyfriends?"

"Let's find somewhere else to talk," Blaine suggested as the bathroom door opened. A little first year wandered in, then stared at the pair of them wrapped in each other's arms. "Come on."

They took to the corridors in search of an unused classroom that had some sort of furniture. Twenty minutes later, after several close calls with Peeves the Poltergeist, Kurt and Blaine had settled down in a tiny classroom on the fourth floor overlooking the Forbidden Forest. As Kurt waved his wand and lit some of the candles on the brackets around the room, Blaine brought down one of the couches off the stack in the corner.

As the couch scraped the stone floor, Blaine lowered his wand.

"Well? Where do you want to start?"

Kurt bit his lip. "I'm not sure. Maybe with what we both want? It might be best to see if we even want the same sort of relationship before we get into details."

Blaine took a seat. Kurt sat down beside him and twisted to face him. He thought for a few minutes, about how uncertain his trust of Kurt still was, even now that he was being open in front of the entire school. About what might happen if the laughter and jeering and cruelty of the other Slytherins became too much for Kurt to take. Yet he wanted to hold Kurt's hand, while they were alone and in public. He wanted sweet kisses and deeper ones, to feel the heat of Kurt's body and the blistering trust of sharing their fears and desires and hopes.

"I want to be your boyfriend."

Blaine looked up startled, because Kurt had spoken the same words with him. He smiled as Kurt laughed.

"Okay, and friends, too?" Kurt watched him nervously. "I want us to be both."

"Definitely. Best friends and boyfriends."

"Great, so… do I have your trust again?"

Blaine was quiet for a bit before he answered.

"Yes and no. I'm sorry I doubted that you care for me, but I'm still scared that what everyone says or does might make you… that you might…"

"Walk away from us? I won't. And I know me saying that doesn't make you really believe me, but I won't walk away. Not again. If the other Slytherins don't like it, then that's on them. Same with anyone else. I'd rather be with you than without. I'm worried about what they'll do as well, but… I'll deal with it when it happens."

"We'll deal with it. Together."

"Thanks. For forgiving me and for standing by me."

"Until we're on the Quidditch pitch," Blaine said. He grinned and pulled his feet up onto the couch. "I get the feeling we're going to be fighting for the Quidditch cup in a few months, and when that happens, you're on your own…"

"Oh, I see how it is! But you've never played me before so…"

"So what?" Blaine leaned into Kurt then, toward that brilliant smile and the glow that settled warm blue in his eyes. Kurt pecked him on the lips. "Oh, is that your secret weapon? Kissing me to death?"

"Is it working?"

"On the ground, sure. You'd have to catch me in the air…"

Blaine smiled into their next kiss, at Kurt's hand on his neck. He pressed his lips against Kurt's mouth, into the warmth of his breath and the smile of his kiss. They kissed gently at first, hands timid as their tried to figure out where was best to place them. Kurt broken one kiss and paused.

"This is okay?"

Blaine nodded. "Definitely. Um, is it okay if I put my hands on your sides?"

Kurt agreed. They took a few minutes playfully placing their hands in different spots. On each other's shoulders, biceps, waist, even ears. By the time they kissed again they were both laughing. Blaine fell backward onto the couch, taking Kurt's weight with him.

His laughter stopped immediately. Kurt's body was resting on top of his. Their thighs resting against each other, Kurt's hand brushing against his hip, his warm breath on Blaine's cheeks.

"Hi," Kurt whispered. Blaine watched his throat as he swallowed. "Is this—"

"I'm fine. Do you want to kiss me again?"

Kurt nodded and leaned down to kiss him once more.

Blaine wasn't sure for how long they stayed like that. Trading sweet kisses and smiling at their chapped lips and rosy cheeks. Moments like this were all Blaine had ever thought to want in a boyfriend. Something pure and true. No pressure or insistent pushing to go further, just him and a boy of his choosing, finally on the same page.

As the sun began to set across the high window nearby, Kurt rested his head on Blaine's shoulder and sighed.

"I never thought I'd have a boyfriend before I left Hogwarts."

"Why? You're gorgeous, Kurt."

"Have you met some of the gay guys at Hogwarts?"

Blaine nodded and glanced down at what he could see of Kurt's face. "They're mostly less awful clones of Sebastian. Has he said anything yet?"

Kurt shook his head. "I'm sure he will soon enough. As long as I keep my Quidditch spot, I'll be okay."

"You're sure?"

"Well, my Quidditch spot and you. Smythe would hate himself if he put Rachel back on the team, so I think that'll be mostly fine." Kurt raised his head to look at him. "Do you want to go to Hogsmeade on Valentine's Day? Just the two of us?"

Blaine sat up so fast he knocked Kurt to the floor.

"Sorry! You mean like a real date?"

Kurt winced as he sat up on the stone floor. "Yeah, of course. We'll go together and leave together. Not like last time. A real, true date for Valentine's Day."

"Yes. I would love that."

Blaine smiled even as the force of their next kiss made their teeth knock together. Kurt was so giddy as they stood and collected their bags, he was practically bouncing.

"We're boyfriends," Kurt said. "I have a boyfriend."

Blaine laughed. "Yeah, we are Walk me to dinner?"


Kurt spent one glorious weekend with Blaine before his housemates seemed to come to their senses. Sunday morning, the hoots and snide remarks started in the Great Hall at breakfast. Kurt ate quickly and then left for the library. Blaine had Quidditch practice all morning, and despite wanting to go see him play, Kurt understood how it would look if he did. Blaine's new Slytherin boyfriend showing up at their practice after they became official wouldn't look good to the rest of Hufflepuff house.

He turned up the grand staircase, intent on getting some homework done until Blaine's practiced ended. But it wasn't meant to be.

"You're wasting all this time dating him, and you aren't even down at the pitch spying?"

Sebastian Smythe fell into step beside him. Kurt adjusted his bag's shoulder strap and kept walking toward the library. He hadn't spoken to his friends since dinner on Thursday, but clearly the assumption was he was pretending to like Blaine for his own gain. For the team's gain.

"I'm not spying on my boyfriend," Kurt said without looking at Sebastian. "Same way he won't be at our practices."

Sebastian made a noise of disagreement and grabbed Kurt's arm to stop him mid-stride. Kurt looked at him. In an instant, Sebastian's amused grin faded.

"You're serious."

Kurt swallowed. Honesty. That was the best way forward. The path Blaine had talked about only yesterday when they'd discussed how to deal with the rest of the school over the coming weeks.

"I'm dating Blaine because I like him."

Kurt continued down the corridor, but Sebastian caught up after only a few paces.

"Is that why you blocked me earlier this year?"

Sebastian elbowed him, but it was a playful gesture that gave Kurt pause. They stopped in the corridor and faced each other.

"Like, I get it. He came back from summer absolutely gorgeous. If I was any sort of monogamous guy, I'd have been all over him for more than just Quidditch. But… come on, Hummel. At least get us some intel."

"No. We promised we wouldn't sabotage each other's Quidditch teams. And—why are you taking this so well? I figured you'd be screaming to throw me off the team."

"What? And have Berry back? Are you kidding me?"

Sebastian shook his head and sat down on a window ledge. "Look, as long as you don't go blabbing our Quidditch stuff mid-orgasm—"

"We aren't… the only Quidditch talk we have is about the international league, okay? It's fine."

"Right. Well, good."

Sebastian dragged the toe of his shoe along the floor. "Brittany said—nevermind."

"Has she been blabbing to you now too?"

Kurt crossed his arms and started walking again. This was awkward. Why weren't any of them reacting the way he had expected them to?

"No, come on." Sebastian followed after him as a little group of chattering third years passed. "I… she said you were pretending, even to Blaine, because of us."


Kurt gave him a withering look and continued down the corridor to another staircase. Maybe he had been foolish, but how was he supposed to know they'd be on his side? After the way they'd treated Blaine in Hogsmeade, Kurt had been convinced he'd had every right to never let them find out the truth. For years they'd talked down to Hufflepuffs and Gryffindors. Why would now be any different?

"Why'd you give a damn what we think? Seriously, you never give a shit if we like what you say or not. I mean, we're all friends, and we're sort of awful to each other for fun, but… we'd have been on board with you dating a guy you like." Sebastian shrugged. "Well, maybe not Berry. Or a Gryffindor. That'd be hard to stomach. But Santana and me? We aren't exactly straight either. It's hard enough finding people to date without worrying about our friends taking the mickey out of you for who it is."

"And when you lot cornered Blaine in Hogsmeade? When you stood there and humiliated him for no good reason?"

"We—" Sebastian had the decency to look ashamed.

Kurt didn't trust the expression on his face, but he stopped and waited for an answer.

"I was there, you know," Kurt told him. "He asked me to meet him, after weeks of writing to each other in secret because I didn't want to lose my friends, and then you—all of you—"

Sebastian grunted. "Sorry."

"It's not me you need to apologize to." Kurt shook his head. "This is all ridiculous. I can't believe none of you are mad or treating me like shit for dating a Hufflepuff. You've always said—"

"Saying and doing are different. We're fine with it, honestly. So what if the other Slytherins have a go? They'll get over it. Unless you're spilling Quidditch secrets. Then there's a problem. Well, and Berry. I'm sure she's pissed about everything to do with you these days."

"Let her be. I'm done with her drama. That's all she is anymore."

Sebastian nodded. "Well, I've got plays to plan for practice. Do not spill any Quidditch secrets just because he's cute. Or on your dick."

"You're such a pig."

Sebastian grinned as he walked away. Kurt watched him go, and wondered…

How could he have been so wrong? He'd had every reason to doubt his friends, and yet, here they were supporting him dating Blaine. Kurt took a seat on a window ledge in the next corridor. Maybe this was all on him after all. All the doubts and the fears and the belief that those he considered friends wouldn't support him as he was and for dating who he liked. Maybe he'd been wrong and blind. Or maybe he hadn't, too. It was complicated. Life was complicated.


Mercedes stood in front of him, her own school bag over her shoulder.

"Oh, hey. How are you?"

Mercedes frowned. "Trying to get some essays gone and your brother's gone and turned our common room into a practical joke party. Sounds like a concert in there, so I'm going to the library. Are you and Blaine still—"

"We're good. Great. It's been a… strange few days." Kurt stood up and hooked his arm through Mercedes'. "Want to go to the library together? I'm heading there myself. Blaine's supposed to meet me for lunch later, too."

As Mercedes glanced up and down the empty corridor, Kurt smiled. "No worries. I might as well do this being open and honest about my relationship thing right, yeah? That means friendships, too. We are friends, aren't we?"

"Absolutely. Which reminds me, this droopy thing you've been doing with your hair since third year… it has got to go."