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Kagome x ? (Various for now)


The silence was deafening as three pairs of eyes stared at the unconscious girl in an array of emotion – mostly that of disbelief and skepticism.

"Soooo..." Of course it was Hange who finally broke the tense atmosphere and she ignored the deadly glare that Levi sent her, "Anyone else as surprised and excited as I am?" Her face began to flush heatedly with said excitement.

"Shut the fuck up, Shitty-Specs," Levi hissed, though his steeled eyes never left the pitiful girl lying on one of the infirmary beds, "You'll wake the brat up with your goddamned obnoxious voice."

Erwin let out a breath that could be thought of a sigh and sent the two an almost exasperated look, "Enough," He said with a tone that was on the verge of tiredness, "We have more important things to deal with right now."

Levi sneered, finally ripping his eyes away from the girl to look to the Commander, "Like what?" He drawled, "We have to wait until this little brat wakes up before we can question her."

"It would be best to let her sleep for now," Hange said, as she forcibly pushed away her enthusiasm for a more calm state, "With the injuries she was found with, it's a miracle that she even survived."

All eyes zeroed in on the bandages wrapped tightly around her throat.

"Her throat was slit," Hange said with a seriousness that was uncommon for her, "The doctor said it was a clean cut caused by some sort of sharp weapon, yet the wound type is not compatible with the blades we use, so it wasn't a soldier.."

"I think the question is how the hell can a scrawny civilian girl like her even survive outside the walls for ten minutes without ending up as Titan vomit?" Levi snorted, "Those fucking Titans seemed like they were actually protecting her before we cut them down."

"A Titan Shifter?" Erwin broke his stare at the mysterious girl to momentarily close his eyes. He had to agree with Levi in that this girl looked far too delicate to even fight against another human, let alone a Titan – but he knew he couldn't judge a book by its cover.

"This brat better–" It was only when Levi abruptly stopped talking that Erwin opened his eyes again, glancing at the Lance Corporal briefly to see him staring down at the bed with slightly widened eyes, so he followed the action and was slightly surprised himself.

He was met with broken blue...