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She had been alone for as long as she could remember.

In the Hidden village of the Mist, it was every man for himself. Apparently, that applied to five year old children too.

Her clan had always been full of talk of violence and blood, but they were still her clan. Her family. Then on day, she had come home to an empty compound. Home from where, she couldn't remember.

Just that there was no one was there. Not a single child or elder.

Just to make sure, she even checked out the cage where she remembered seeing a boy sitting inside. Even he was gone.

She had stayed there for a while, only to find out the next day that Kirigakure was attacked by a clan. All of the clan members had been wiped out. There were no survivors.

The first things she had done was pack her bags and leave the compound. She didn't know why. Something, perhaps her inbred clan instincts, told her that she should, and she did.

Even now, she didn't know why she had acted the way she had. Not once had she cried any tears for her parents, or her so called clan members. She didn't even remember most of them. They had left her for 'fun', after all. Left her to fend for herself.

Stealing was something her body did naturally these days. It was like an instinct. It came so naturally that it hurt.

She knew that there was supposed to be more to the world than dirty houses, sick and dying people, and the now usual smell of blood and death. She yearned to go out and explore, but that was not possible right now, nor would it be possible anytime soon.

Her dirty clothes and two kunai were all she owned in the whole entire world. That had all she had needed so far. If she needed anything else, she stole them as easily as if she were taking another breath.

She had come all this way depending on two kunai and the funny bone thing she could do. However, ever since someone had attacked her when they had seen her with a bone jutting out of her arms, she had learnt to keep this ability hidden.

She would later come to know that she had barely escaped the Kekkei Genkai purges, the only thing keeping her alive being the fact that she had been too young when her clan had been wiped out for anyone to recognize her.

To the, she was simply another street rat, which was better than a street rat with a bloodline. Only slightly, but still better.

It had kept her alive, after all.

She had survived one year, all alone. For a five year old child, that was a great feat.

She gripped the handle of her kunai harder. One in each hand, she faced the person opposite her.

He looked only a few years older than her. Yet, he held himself with pride. Just like the shinobi she had seen.

She eyed the kunai in her opponent's hand. From the way he held it, he knew how to use it. She gritted her teeth. She had self trained herself to use the kunai. Not once had she faced off with someone who actually knew how to use a weapon.

She eyed the bag of food lying at the person's feet. If she could grab it, it would last her for at least a week. Probably two. And she was hungry, very hungry. The last time she had eaten was more than five days ago.

Was it worth it? Should she go for it?

She glanced over her shoulder, towards the exit of the alley.

Or should she run?

She had seen how quick the shinobi were. Even if she made a run for it, it was obvious the shinobi could catch her.

She quickly made up her mind and flew at the boy.

He reacted very quickly, slashed hims kunai at her. She instinctively ducked and shoved him away. She then made a dash for the bag. She could hear the boy slowly getting up and tore the bag open. She ripped out the first thing that brushed her hand, which turned out to be some kind of vegetable. Without hesitating, she bit into it. The flavor flooded her mouth.

She was finished in four mouthfuls, just in time. The boy flung himself at her, knocking her sideways. She flipped, rather awkwardly, and scrambled to her feet. The boy had shifted hsi grip on his weapon, eyes no longer clouded in confusion.

She knew he was now taking her slightly more seriously and that the next attack would probably hit and hurt. She also knew that shinobi tended to react less violently to the bone thing. Pushing down her fear, she let out a threatening growl and concentrated her chakra in a way which she knew would jut out the bones on her arms.

The shinobi recoiled and took a few steps back.

However, he recovered just as quickly. She didn't even see him move before he was in front of her, a blow landing on the side of her head. She flew backwards and this time, was unable to right herself. She landed heavily on the stone floor and lay there, mind scrambling to come up with her next step.

Then she felt another presence.

She lowly looked up to see a man standing at the mouth of the alley. The boy immediately moved back to stand beside the man.

"What is going on here, Haku?" The man asked. His huge figure blocked the dim-to-begin-with street lights.

"I'm sorry, Zabuza-sama. The girl distracted me." The boy, Haku dipped his head.

Zabuza looked up and raked his eyes over her. She quickly stood up and took a few steps back. She stumbled over the bag but continued until she sensed the wall behind her.

She knew the look in his glinting eyes. She had felt it every single day during her life at the compound.

Zabuza, on the other hand, was checking her physical condition. He didn't want anyone holding him down. The girl looked weak, but that was probably due to her unfed state. She was very pale and very thin. However, he recognized the look in her eyes. He smirked.

He then glanced over the bones jutting out from various parts of her body. "And here I was, thinking that the Kimimaro brat was the only survivor."

The girl flinched at the name she had heard a few times. It was almost like a taboo to say it. She wondered if he too had died in the attack. The man did not look like he was going to move anytime soon and the entrance he was standing at was the only way out.

"Why don't you come with me?" Zabuza asked.

The girl jumped and lowered herself even further to the ground. "Huh?"

"Pledge your loyalty to me and fight only for me." Zabuza explained. "Give your everything to me. In exchange, you can stay with me and I'll feed you." He slowly held up a hand and she eyed it warily. "Come with me."

The girl growled and her arms sprouted a line of spikes, almost like a reptile.

Zabuza smirked. "You can have all the fun you want."

She blinked and as if a button had been pressed, the bones slid back into her body. Something calming washed through her at the words and efore she could change her mind, she slowly reached forward.

If possible, Zabuza's smirk widened. "What is you name?" He asked.

The girl straightened, for a second, the upbringings of her once prideful clan shining through. "Sakura. Kaguya Sakura ."

And she took his hand.

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