Author Note: I will be doing a deleted scenes chapter showing all the scenes and ideas that I have deleted throughout the story (including, but limited to: a drunk Erin, a mistletoe mishap, and more).


Chapter 64- Old Home, Old Memories

Third Person

Erin and Lucille were the ones who sat by Lysander throughout the funeral service. Lysander did speak with Castiel- the two had apologized to each other and all was back to the way it was between the two. Castiel even gave his condolences to Lysander after hearing that his father had passed away- a few people from school had heard and even sent Lysander flowers (Nathaniel, Iris, Violette and Melody being some of the few that did). However, Castiel couldn't come to the funeral. As much as he wanted to be there for his best friend, he knew Erin and Lucille would keep Lysander's spirits lifted as Castiel had a family event to attend (though it was nearly against his will).

The funeral wasn't nearly as sad as Erin thought it would be. There was no rain, no bleak weather. There wasn't a tension in the air. Most people seemed to be giving sad smiles. The church bells seemed to ring across the countryside. Apparently Lysander's father was well known through the small country town. Erin subconsciously fidgeted in her black dress and briefly wondered if she dressed to fancy for the occasion. Though Lysander was just as well dressed as she was (as was Leigh and Rosayla). Lucille was fidgeting in her small carrier, uncomfortable with the silence.

Lysander had his hand tight around hers as people went up and spoke about his father. Most spoke about how he was a kind man that brought hope into their lives. A few spoke about how he always had a smile on his face and how much he loved the country. A couple spoke about his children and how he was proud about how they had grown up. It was very heartfelt and though the words were a bit cliché, Erin could feel the passion in them.

Though she only knew Lee Hughes for a short while and even then she didn't know him that well. Yet she sat through the service as it was Lysander's father that had passed away. It was very clear that despite their differences, both of the Hughes brothers were very close to both of their parents. Leigh and Rosayla were comforting Mrs. Hughes (or was it Miss Hughes now?) throughout the whole service while Erin did her best to comfort Lysander.

Finally, the service came to an end and everyone was free to leave. Flowers were set by the tombstone and the coffin was lowered. Everything was done. Lysander pulled Erin into a tight hug.

"He's gone," he whispered, "He truly is gone."

"I know," Erin whispered as she rubbed his back, "You'll be alright…"

The two parted and Lysander gave a small kiss to her cheek as he picked up Lucille's carrier. He led Erin away toward the street.

"Mother mentioned a small gathering at the old house," Lysander said simply, "It's within walking distance of here. I hope you don't mind."

"Of course not," Erin shook her head, "The walking will do us good… At least it's not too hot out today… Your old house?"

She looked at Lysander curiously. She knew that he was from the country, but she wondered what his house would be like- the house he grew up in.

"It's… It's a farmhouse. It's nothing too big or fancy. Mother had a small farm she takes care of, animals and all. There's even a barn. When Leigh and I left to go to Sweet Amoris to pursue our independence and love for fashion, young boys from the nearby families jumped at the opportunity to help her. I still often wonder if Leigh and I did the right thing in leaving her and father…"

He stared off into the distance before he finally looked at Erin and Lucille. He gave her a small kiss on the temple,

"Of course, in the end, leaving worked out for the best. I did meet you- the love of my life, the light of my day, the air in my lungs, the passion in my soul… And we did have Lucille… My previous little flower."

He gazed fondly at them. Yes. Leaving was the right thing to do. It led me to them. 'Tis destiny.

The little house was very quaint. It sat alone in the middle of a large acre farm, a small barn beside it. Lysander led her up the winding dirt road to the house where she deserved how homey it felt. When they entered, she was pleased to see that it looked just as homey as it had felt. The classic throw pillows on the couch, the many pictures on shelves and on the walls, little figurines, and even a lazy cat sleeping under the table to avoid the people.

There were many people in and around the house ranging from elderly to newborn. If Erin didn't know better, she would have thought that the whole town had shown up to the house. Kids and teens, all younger than her, played around the house and ran around. Many wives and mothers stood around talking to each other, a few with babies in their arms. A few men were talking about something or another with a beer.

Lysander looked around a bit lost, unsure where his brother, Rosayla or his mother had disappeared to. He handed Lucille to Erin. She took the baby in her arms and held her close, cooing softly. Lysander gave Erin a kiss on the cheek.

"I'm going to go speak with Mother… If I can find her… Remember if all of this becomes too much, use our safe word, cappuccino."

Before Erin could protest, Lysander had disappeared. She looked around a bit hopelessly, feeling out of place. Though it was making her happier that she and Lysander didn't live out in the country.

"Excuse me, dear," a voice called, "Why don't you bring yourself over here!"

Erin turned to see one of the mothers waving her over. Oh no, she thought as she went over with a gulp. She adjusted her grip on Lucille and headed over. The mother, who held a baby that seemed to be about eight months old in her arms, smiled charmingly at Erin.

"We saw you with Lysander. My name's Kennedy. This is my little boy, Orlando. This is Gertrude, Grace, and Kaylee."

She waved to each mother as she introduced each of them. Erin was relived that they were friendly and seemed like good people. Though they really had a country-old fashioned vibe around them that made her a bit uncomfortable and nervous.

"I'm Erin," Erin said with a smile, using her free hand to shake each of theirs, "Erin Hopper. I'm Lysander's girlfriend. This is Lucille Elizabeth Hughes."

With that simple introduction, Erin had opened a can of worms. The mothers swooned.

"Ah young love."

"When do you and Lysander plan on getting married? You two make sure a cute couple!"

"How did you and him meet? Is he good to you? Does he treat you right?"

"Do plan on having any more kids with him? I can give you a list of the best brands to buy for diapers and everything."

"Do you breastfeed or use the bottle? Remember to use the nipple butter if you breast feed otherwise they'll crack and bleed!"

"Oh I remember breastfeeding James. I still can't feel my nipples."

Oh dear, Erin thought horrified.

It took Lysander a full thirty minutes before he finally returned to Erin. Her face was flushed, but the mothers didn't notice how uncomfortable they were making her with the very explicit details about sex, birth, breastfeeding, baby barf, and not to mention the horrors of explaining puberty to kids. For a brief moment, she almost wished that they disapproved of her having a child with Lysander before marriage. If anything to get them to stop with the embarrassing conversation.

Lysander walked straight up to Erin and greeted her with a small kiss to the cheek. Though Erin pulled him in for a brief hug so she was able to whisper into his ear.


They pulled away and Lysander gave a nod of understanding. He turned to his aunts and previous neighbors with a small smile and a bow,

"I hate to interrupt this conversation, but I wish to show my girlfriend a few things myself. It is a pleasure to see all of you again, looking as lovely as ever."

The mothers swooned and had no qualms about Lysander taking Erin and Lucille away from them. Erin let out a sigh of relief as Lysander led her away from the mothers and into the empty, peaceful barn nearby.

They sat down on some hay as Erin handed Lucille over to Lysander. He held his daughter with a smile and gave Erin an understanding look.

"I understand that my aunts can be a bit much at times. They don't have a filter on their mouths and never know when something is too much."

"The only positive thing I got from that conversation was three new sex positions," Erin said dryly.

Lysander blushed slightly at what she was implying and adjusted his grip on Lucille. Erin gave a small smile seeing him so flustered and she rested her head on his shoulder.

"You know… It's kind of nice out here," she mused, "It's very peaceful."

"I came out to this barn often," Lysander admitted, "When I was younger, I often came here to find some peace. There were many bunnies here back then and I would play and feed them. Most of them were wild, but they seemed to tame quickly with me. I gave names to each of them."

"Really," Erin said with a small giggle, "And just what were their names?"

"Blossom, Buttercup, Thumper, and Daisy," Lysander answered easily.

"Well, who knows," Erin chimed, "Maybe one day we'll get some bunnies. I'm sure Lucille would love them."


Lysander wrapped his arm around her and kissed her forehead, Lucille still balanced on his lap.

"But with you, love, I have everything I will ever need."