NOTE: Not just a crossover, but a messy mutt of a mash-up of characters from Homeland, Battlestar Galactica (circa 2004), Betrayal, and a tiny bit of General Hospital. Clearly, I see no boundaries between all I obsess with. This story has been percolating for months and, unlike other fanfic I've posted, I wanted it to be finished before I posted. Now, months later, it is finished! About 6000 words maybe? I will be posting arbitrarily delineated chapters, which I hope are reasonably sized for maximum reading enjoyment and engagement. I absolutely LIVE for feedback. Seriously. Follow along, it'll be fun!

Chapter One: She Gets Confused Flying Over the Dateline, Los Angeles

The minute Jack McAllister introduces Carrie Mathison to her new partner, the air in the room thickens and grows cold. Kara Thrace examines Carrie with hooded eyes and frowns. Carrie looks up at Kara standing over her and her eyes go momentarily soft searching Kara's face. She notes the anger in Kara's glare, stops searching and straightens in her seat. As the two grudgingly shake hands, Jack turns to the keyboard on the conference table, punches some keys, and a dossier flashes up on the wall-mounted screen.

"Wish I could give you two the chance to get acquainted, but there's work to be done. We need eyes and ears on this guy ASAP. One Tavindish McSid. Fucker has alluded all efforts at electronic surveillance so I'm going to need you two to do things the old-fashioned way: grab some coffee and donuts and stake him out."

Carrie shoots Kara a "get a load of this clown" look. In response, Kara relaxes her frown a tiny bit. After gathering all the specifics on the case against McSid, they venture out to their vehicle.

Kara asks, "Shotgun?"

"Sure. I've always loved driving in this crazy town."

Kara senses the sarcasm and responds equally sarcastically. "My brother told me how wired you always were. Always on, never a dull moment."

Carrie flashes to the image of Kara's brother, Gai. His hands taking hers and, with a gentle firmness, moving up her forearms in an effort to slow her down. She remembers the warmth of his grip and the miraculous way it would make her pause and breathe. As she buckles into the driver's seat, she briefly wraps her arms around herself and murmurs, "Yeah, your brother did know that about me very well."

They drive in silence to the location the suspect was last seen, a brownstone storefront in an industrial part of the city. Carrie parks the car outside the front entrance and fidgets in her seat not able to calm her jittery legs.

"Waiting is the hardest part, yeah?" Kara is bemused at Carrie's nervousness.

Carrie motions to the glove compartment. "Open that up and check if I've got something in there."

"What, is Cagney taking downers? Is this something the job should know?" Kara opens the glove compartment and finds several three packs of Trader Joe's dark chocolate bars with almonds. She laughs, tears open the wrapper, and snaps off half the bar for herself before handing it to Carrie.

Carrie takes a firm bite. With a mouth full of chocolate, she says "Yeah, I'm sure Jack totally needs to know about this. Go ahead and write me up Lacey." She glances sideways at Kara and is visibly relieved that Kara seems to have loosened up a bit since their first meeting in the office.

Kara retrieves binoculars from the glove compartment and examines the windows of the building. "Doesn't look like much activity, for now. Not even shadows. We may be here a while."

They both relax and settle in for what may be a long stakeout. Carrie quips, "Maybe we should have picked up some donuts after all." She looks over at Kara for some response but sees that her face has returned to the tightness she had back in the office. "Hey, I didn't have a chance to ask you back there, but are you okay? Working with me, I mean?"

"Why would I not be? You mean because my twin brother off'ed himself over the broken heart you left him with?"

Carrie smarts from the blow and inhales deeply to get rid of the sting. "Yeah, that."

"Look, it's a job. I'm doing my job," Kara says.

"We can talk about it if you want. Clearly, you're still angry."

"You think?"

"Okay, we don't have to talk about that. But let's just talk about your brother for a bit. I'm guessing not many folks want to talk about him with you. And I do. That is, if you want to."

Kara relaxes somewhat and quietly says, "Okay…Yeah, you're right no one seems to want to talk about him anymore. I guess people think not talking about him will make what happened less real or he'll somehow be less gone. But it doesn't really work like that, does it. So, yeah, let's talk about him."

Carrie breathes a sigh of relief. "So I never got a chance to ask Gai about his name. Tell me, where did your parents come up with names like Gai Baltar and Kara Thrace?"

"Not surprised he didn't tell you. He hated the story," Kara says.

She continues, "Our mother visited a sweat lodge in the Southwest. She came across this ancient tribe of Geminons who believed they'd been alive for thousands of years, lived in this state of remembering all their past lives and living them all at the same time. She had a peyote-fueled vision and heard the names Kara Thrace and either Gaius or Gaeta. Anyway, two years later when she got knocked up and found out she was having twins, the names came back to her. Apparently Kara Thrace was some ancient kickass freedom fighter, so, being the romantic fool she was, that name was a no-brainer for her girl. And Mom vaguely remembered that Gaius was sort of the antithesis to a freedom fighter, a man totally out for himself, but she loved the name. Then she heard the name Gaeta and, according the Geminons who remembered it all, he was a pretty okay dude who called Gaius out on his shit...his remarkable talent for self-preservation…so she decided to combine the names to come up with a name for my brother, making him sort of a twin within a twin."

Carrie nods. "Very cool. I think I would've liked your mother."

"Yeah, you would have. She was crazy as hell."