Conclusion: Spellbound Honeymoon

Author's Note: The sparkling conclusion to Eratos shall end in a lemon. Hot, fresh, wild and just the way you like it ^__~ --Colonel Karl L. Schubaltz

The luxurious hotel in the middle of a tropical resort was what the Exemplar ordered. The König Wolf tromped up and knelt to let Leon and Karl out. The happy Newlyweds looked up at the hotel and Karl whistled. But before he knew what hit him, the slick Leon hoisted him over his shoulder. Walking inside, Karl's giggling and playful kicking around got everyone's attention. Leon stopped at the desk and grinned nonchalantly at the host.

"Your finest penthouse honeymoon suite perferably a room with a view, two bottles of your finest champagne, a bowl of strawberries, your most elegant and lacy chocolates in mass quantities, some delicious and edible massage oils preferably raspberry or cherry, your finest steak dinners with all the peotatoes and helpings and no fucking interuptions... STAT."

"Yes, sir. Do you have any luggage that needs to be carried upstairs with you courtesy of our busboys?"

"I got my luggage right here." Leon playfully smacked Karl's butt, getting a playful yelp and some giggling. "Actually there's some bags in the König Wolf, careful, she bites."

"She, sir?"

"Don't you know? All zoids are like cars.... they're all girls." Leon winked and took the key, then headed for the elevator.

"This is the normal crowd." The host moaned, rubbing one temple.

"When are you gonna put me down, Leon?" Karl laughed, his hands gripping the fabric of Leon's dress uniform.

"When we get to the room, Karl." Leon smirked then patted Karl on the ass again.

"Will you cut that out? You'll bloody me up before we consumate the marriage!" Karl joked, then kicked one leg back a ways.

"Ah, dun worry, love. Just making it all nice and firm for the big moment. But you didn't need my assistance there."

The elevator stopped, allowing Leon to carry Karl to the bedroom door. Telekinetically using the key to unlock the door, Leon looked back to see the elevator doors closed. When he opened them, Leon's jaw nearly dropped.

"Wow... now THAT's impressive."

Walking in, they saw that the bedroom suite was really luxurious, with a nice homey tropical feel to it. The room had a gorgeous view of the beach, walked over to the canopy bed and tossed Karl onto it. Karl's hat flew off and onto the floor, the crafty arch-mage crawled on top of him and they kissed deeply.

"I missed this." Leon took off his uniform hat and tossed it aside, then kissed Karl again.

"Leon Nygel Schubaltz." Karl's arms slid possessively around Leon's neck, their lips kissed again and again.

Leon's fingers began the daunting task of taking off Karl's uniform while they kissed. Karl took on the task of removing Leon's uniform, they kissed again and again. Leon moved downward to Karl's neck, savoring the taste of Karl's pale skin. The buttons of the undershirt were easier than the uniform itself, Leon left it hanging open as he took off his own undershirt.

"What position do you want, love?" Leon asked, his fingers stroking Karl's wheat gold hair.

"I don't care, Leon. Do me either way."

"Now you're talking." The Imperial arch-mage grinned, then kissed Karl's neck under his chin. Karl arched his back upward, tipping his head back all the way, Leon's kisses were like pure, lacy chocolate and sugar. Tossing Karl's baggy uniform pants aside, Leon allowed Karl to remove his pants as the green-eyed angel kissed Leon's tight, firm abdomen. Pulling down Leon's pants, Karl was enthralled by the erection it was covering for. Taking it in his hand, the effeminate colonel began to lick on it and suck on it erotically, moaning to the taste of it.

"Oh, Karl... oh yes... Hmmmmmmmmnnnnnn." Leon's fingers meshed through the soft, feathery locks of Karl's golden hair. His husband continued to lick and suck, giving Leon one hell of a blowjob. With semen dribbling from the corners of Karl's pink lips, he slid his body all the way up Leon's manly, tan body and kissed him deeply. Leon kissed Karl, licking up the semen from around Karl's lips. Pulling him close to his body, Leon whispered so sweetly, so lovingly. "Let me know if this hurts."

Clasping Karl's firm butt in both hands, Leon slid his husband on his erection, causing Karl to jump back with his eyes wide open. "L-l-leon!!!!" Karl leaned forward, his hands on Leon's shoulders, tears came to his beautiful green eyes. "Y-yess!!!!!"

At first the entry was painful, but the pain eased before the first set of rocking and thrusting began. Karl let out a breath before holding in the rest, his hands grasped Leon's shoulders tightly. Leon took a hold of Karl's waist and rocked him up and down his erect penis while his head hit the headboard.

"K-karl!!!" Leon huffed, his eyes closed tightly, his hair out of the braid and all over the pillow under him. "Baby...!!"

Stars danced in Karl's emerald eyes, his mouth wide open hoping to take in more air. Only to be interupted with moans and gasps of pure erotic pleasure and the sound of Leon's name called in the hottest passion. Leon went faster on the rocking, making Karl arch his back all the way. A thin layer of sweat glistened on their bodies, the cool sea air cooled their heated skin. Karl's hands slid on Leon's muscular pectorals, his hair on either side of his face sticking because of the sweat.

"Yes!!! Yes!!! Leon!!!!"

Leon's penis was hitting Karl's g-spot just right, and at the innermost heightened wave of ecstasy, Karl released his seed all over Leon's stomach. Huffing with breathlessness and covered in sweat, Karl pulled himself off and took a towel to wipe the semen from Leon's stomach. Leon grabbed Karl's wrist and pulled him down on the bed, kissing again and again.

Karl was the only one awake when the moons hit their hotel room and onto the bed. He stroked Leon's hair and back affectionately, watching the arch-mage sleep so soundly.

//This is the first time I ever seen him sleep this peacefully. Leon usually never gets a good night's sleep, not with all the dreams he has. At most he gets about 5 hours.//

Tenderly kissing Leon's cheek, Karl smiled and stood up out of the bed to take a shower. //Sleep, my handsome Leon. You deserve it.//

The bathroom light wasn't turned on until he closed the bathroom door. Leon shifted in his sleep and snuggled under the satin sheet, but in the long run, the sheet ended up covering just Leon's legs. Karl emerged from the shower sometime later and crawled back into bed, he snuggled up next to Leon and closed his eyes, letting the sleep take him away.