A/N just a fun and funny little poem that I wrote, enjoy it!!

Frank N Furter built a creature

In a Science Fiction Double Feature

Darkness conquered Brad and Janet

Servants went to a distant planet

Riff Raff says "I think I can"

Rocky is the perfect man

Eddie comes out from the freezer

Leather clad a sax playing greaser

Columbia screemed with joy when she saw he

And she screamed in pain when Frank got picky

Frank claimed he could make you man

Dynamic tension what a plan

"Great Scott!" Brad proclaimed

At the sight of his friend

Who just crashed in from the zen room

In a wheelchair he went zoom

Then came dinner what a scene

Because Frankie was so mean

Then the floor show, oh what wonder

In the pool they all went under

Riffy then conquered all

And Rocky had a great fall

The movie ended, it was great

And now Denny's meatloaf we shall eat.