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Next, with the whole mature themes thing, there will be some heartbreaking scenes. Not every character will have the same fate as the games would have you imagine.

Finally (and most importantly), this story will be a fusion of ORAS and Emerald as well as a crossover between the games and the anime. Some scenarios will follow the anime (battles, trainers owning legendary Pokémon, certain plot points, evolution, certain type effectiveness) whereas other scenarios will follow the games (super effectiveness, contests, certain plot points, and dialogue).

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Two years ago...


Up high in the air, a massive Pokémon kept watch on the people of the Hoenn Region. It blended in with the night sky as it made sure that everything was at peace. As it continued its flight, it suddenly felt as if something were wrong. Something was in its home... causing a disturbance.

It was a dark, stormy night in the southern sector of the Hoenn Region and seas were clocking up to three meters in height. The lightning was flashing wildly and the sound of heavy thunder pounded through the skies. The winds were so strong that they could have easily lifted buildings high into the sky.

However, far away from most civilization, there was a sealed tower that beckoned for help. It gave off light shining with brilliance of the seven colors of the rainbow, alerting a select group of people that something was terribly wrong. Something was there that shouldn't have been, and it needed to be removed.

A teenaged girl and her younger brother managed to surf to the forsaken island to the east of Pacifidlog Town. They were both drenched from the rain and tired from their journey. They would have flown there had the lightning not been dangerous for their Pokémon. Instead, surfing in the wild seas was without a doubt the safer option. Despite the terrible conditions they faced, they had to make the journey to the island as the fate of the world depended on their actions.

After traversing a small cave at the base of the island, the duo managed to hike up to the center of the island where the massive Sky Pillar stood. While it was clearly in disrepair, they could see that it was definitely regal in its prime. The windows were boarded up and there were large cracks in the walls. There were even some holes where it looked like intentional damage had been done. They approached the door and the girl pulled out a rusty old key from her pouch.

"Here we are, Ray," the girl told her brother. "Isn't the Sky Pillar amazing?"

She looked to be about eighteen years in age with straight brown hair and dark brown eyes. Her pink leggings and somewhat of a professional outfit made it appear that she did not look dressed for adventure in the slightest. There was this look of determination on her face that spelled nothing but danger for anything that crossed her path.

"I don't know how I feel about this, Olivia," her brother Ray replied quietly. "I feel like we should have brought either Zinnia or Aiden with us. They would have been extra protection."

He looked to be around sixteen years of age with black skater hair and deep brown eyes that resembled his sister's. His thermal jacket and khakis made him more dressed up for adventure than his sister, but still not as dressed up as he should have been. Unlike his sister, Ray clearly did not want to be at the Sky Pillar during a stormy night. He had heard the legends of the abandoned tower and did not want to disturb what lurked inside.

"Oh, don't be silly, I know exactly what I'm doing," Olivia replied. "After all, there's a reason that we could see the Dragonhark Altar glowing with a rainbow light from a distance. Ray, we have a job to do. The Hoenn Region depends on us."

"I'm not so sure I can back you on this..."

"I'm going to open the door now," Olivia said in a hushed voice as she slid the key into the keyhole. After fumbling it around for a bit, she heard a click and was able to push the door in. "Just be calm and I promise everything will be fine."


The two walked into the tower slowly and took in the musky, dusty air with big breaths. It was as dark as the night inside and the dust flew about everywhere. They carefully walked the ruined halls of the ground floor until they reached the first ladder. On the wall was a massive mural depicting a large serpentine Pokémon in the sky in between two other Pokémon fighting a battle; one in the sea and one on the land.

Ray paid attention specifically to the serpentine Pokémon. The legends had said that it was the protector Pokémon of the Hoenn Region and that it roosted at the top of the Sky Pillar after it was done watching over the region. It was also said that this Pokémon was ferocious when disturbed and would stop at nothing to revert the world back to its state of balance.

"Should we climb?" Ray asked after he had finished inspecting the mural. He looked up at the ladder in front of him with worried eyes. "This ladder looks really unstable."

"We didn't come here for nothing," Olivia replied and clutched her hand on the first set of steps. "Now let's get moving."

The two carefully climbed up the ladder until they reached the second floor, which looked identical to the first save for an even more unstable floor. They carefully walked through until they made it to the next ladder. Like the first floor, the second floor also depicted a mural of the three Pokémon. This time, however, it appeared that the serpentine Pokémon let out a powerful roar and sent the other two Pokémon into a slumber.

"Look at this mural," Olivia halted to appreciate the artwork. "It truly depicts how powerful these Pokémon once were."

"Let's just keep moving," Ray tugged his sister by the shoulder and began to climb the ladder. "I don't want to spend so much time in this place."

After climbing the remaining ladders of the tower, the siblings were finally able to make it to the penultimate floor.

"We're almost at the top," Olivia whispered. "Let's be careful so we don't wake it up."

"Shit." Ray's faced flushed completely as he thought of the large serpentine Pokémon. "I forgot we weren't alone."

"It's okay, we have our Pokémon with us," Olivia reminded him. "We should be fine."

"I sure hope you're right."

"Trust in them, Ray."

As they reached the last ladder, they could see that there was another mural. This time, the serpentine Pokémon flew into the sky with a meteorite high above it. There was a mass of DNA symbols flying out of the meteorite and into the Pokémon. The two of them used their knowledge about Mega Evolution to conclude that the serpentine Pokémon had reached the level of power required for it to Mega Evolve.

After studying the mural carefully, the two of them climbed up the final ladder and opened the last door leading outside. They could see that the top of the tower was well above the clouds. The duo walked outside and climbed up the final set of stairs until they were finally at the very top of the Sky Pillar, the Dragonhark Altar.

"Whoa, we are so far up," Ray marveled as he looked at the sky him. "This is incredible."

"Stay close to me," Olivia whispered to her brother. "We have to stick together up here. It might come for us."

"I was expecting the two of you," a deep voice spoke from the other side of the tower.

The two of them looked up at the top of the Dragonhark Altar to see a man in a red robe with wavy red hair. He laughed maniacally and walked down from the altar to approach the two.

"Maxie!" Olivia growled. "I should have known that the Dragonhark Alter gave off its distress lights because either you or Archie were up to no good. What business do you even have here?"

"The same business that you two have, as well," Maxie laughed. "I, too, want the Rainbow Meteorite and all of the secrets of Mega Evolution that it contains."

"Well, you can't have it!" Olivia shouted at him. "It can't go to the wrong hands."

"If you want it to be this way, I'll gladly have a battle here with you." Maxie crossed his arms. "Here on top of the Sky Pillar, looking over the rest of the Hoenn Region."

"As a trainer, I respectfully accept," Olivia nodded and pulled out a PokéBall from her pouch. She threw it forward with full force. "Latias, I choose you!"

In a brilliant flash of white, the red Eon Pokémon took form from its PokéBall in front of her. It cried once before facing Maxie dead in the eyes.

"So you have a legendary Pokémon at your disposal, huh? I'll go with you, Crobat," Maxie said smugly and threw his PokéBall forward. Crobat took form and flew in front of Latias.

The two Pokémon stared each other down before waiting for commands from their trainers.

"Latias, use Mist Ball!" Olivia commanded. "And make sure it hurts!

Latias formed a sphere of mist from its mouth and fired it at Maxie's Crobat. The attack was a Psychic-type attack, so it was super effective against Maxie's Poison-type Crobat. Crobat, however, managed to hold up just fine.

"Crobat, recoil with an Air Cutter," Maxie commanded.

Crobat batted its wings until they started to glow. With one more set of bats, it fired a wave of crystallized air at Latias. The Flying-type attack managed to do normal damage as Latias shook off the hit quite well.

"You could have used a Dark-type attack such as Bite or Crunch yet you failed to realize your Pokémon's strengths." Olivia shook her head. "This is where you come short as a trainer, Maxie. Latias, use Psychic!"

"Crobat, use Poison Fang!"

Latias took in air molecules and formed them into a sphere of mist in its mouth. It positioned its aim straight for Crobat's body and fired its attack. Crobat flew straight for the attack, took it with full force, and latched its venoumous teeth onto Latias's skin.

"Latias!" Olivia cried out when her Pokémon flashed a light purple to indicate its poisoning. "Stay focused!"

"Now who has the upper hand?" Maxie asked with a powerful laugh. "Crobat, use Air Cutter!"

Crobat batted its wings at lightning speed and sent waves of wind at the legendary Dragon-type Pokémon. Latias was too held back by its poisoning to be able to respond to the attack.

Before Olivia could command Latias to use her next attack, the entire Sky Pillar shook with ferocity. The three trainers stood atop the tower in shock at what was about to happen. They knew very well what the monster of Sky Pillar was. It knew they were in its home... fighting.

It was not happy.

"Olivia..." Ray muttered in fear. "I knew this was a bad idea..."

"Return, Latias," Olivia said and called her Eon Pokémon back into its PokéBall.

"Giving up just like that?" Maxie asked with a smirk. "Pathetic."

"The meteorite..." Olivia said under her breath and looked to her side where it lay glowing. She ran over to it and picked it up with both hands. She threw it to her brother, who caught it while stumbling. "Keep that in your backpack!"

"Okay!" Ray shouted back as he opened his backpack, put the meteorite in, and zipped it shut.

"You can have it," Maxie said and hopped on his Crobat. "I intend on making it out of here alive. Crobat, fly me away!" In an instant, Maxie fled the scene.

"Olivia, I think we should leave now." Ray swallowed as the Sky Pillar shook yet again.

In the distance, the siblings could hear a deafening roar as the tower shook once more. They could make out glowing yellow lights form in the sky as it approached closer. The yellow lights got closer to them as they were able to see its full form as a green dragon; the one that was depicted in the murals. It flew to the center of the Sky Pillar and faced them angrily.

"Rayquaza..." Olivia said in broke words out of fear. "It's... it's really you."

The massive green dragon lowered its head to Olivia's level and roared loudly again with a terrifying voice that easily broke the sound barrier. Olivia, taken back in fear, jumped back at the sheer volume and power of Rayquaza's roar. It was clearly angry that the trainers tried to disturb its home.

"Rayquaza, understand us," Olivia began to explain. "Maxie wanted the Rainbow Meteorite for himself but we couldn't let that happen! We're here to protect you and the rest of Hoenn from danger!"

Rayquaza raised its head once again and roared while looking towards outer space. It looked back down at Ray and Olivia before firing a destructive Hyper Beam at them. Fortunately, they were both able to get out of the way before the attack got to them.

"I told you this was a bad idea!" Ray shouted at his sister. "Now we're going to die up here!"

"No we're not," Olivia assured her younger brother and thought deeply. After a pause, she smirked as an idea popped up in her head. "Don't you have that old Master Ball that dad gave you and told you only to use in dire situations?"

"Yeah, why?" Ray asked before his face flushed as he realized what his sister wanted him to do. "I'm not sure I like where you're going with this..."

"Well, since I used mine already, I want you to catch Rayquaza."

"Wait, are you serious?" Ray asked with an expression of pure horror . "You want me to catch that thing? Do you realize the consequences that could come up if I caught the region's guardian Pokémon?"


"You've lost your mind!" Ray shouted. "I can't possibly catch Rayquaza!"

Rayquaza roared once more and fired another Hyper Beam. Once again, the two managed to dodge the attack as they took shelter behind the stairs.

"Does it look like we have a choice!?" Olivia asked wildly. "Do it!"

"Well, here goes nothing!" Ray exclaimed and flung his Master Ball at the legendary Pokémon. "Zinnia's going to kill me..."

Rayquaza roared again before being sucked in the Master Ball's warp. The Master Ball fell to the ground and started shaking more violently than a standard PokéBall would. It shook and shook and shook until there was a loud click and it stopped shaking.

Ray trembled as he walked over to his Master Ball. He picked it up slowly, afraid that the legendary Pokémon sealed inside his Master Ball would fly out and attack the two once again. He slowly put it in his backpack and turned to face his sister.

"Now what?"