What's up, doc? Here I am with another crazy story idea!

See, I come from a generation where Looney Tunes used to show up every morning on the weekends and I'd wake up early just to watch. I've watched a couple of old clips on YouTube and I have to say that I miss the zaniness and overall craziness.

So, I've decided – with the help of two very close people – to try and make a Naruto and Looney Tunes crossover!

I own nothing and I hope to leave you all laughing, chuckling, or even simply smiling wherever you read this!


NaruToons Chapter One

The Looney Maelstrom


We begin this tale with a peaceful little village, where-


A teenager dressed in a black shirt with an orange vest, red pants, and black sandals wearing a Hidden Leaf headband runs in front of a blank white canvas.

Pointing at the viewers, the teen yells, "Hey wise guy, we can't have a story intro without some scenery!"

Huh… I guess I forgot to put that there. Hang on a sec.

A paintbrush appears next to the redheaded boy and moves in an artistic fashion, giving the viewers an image of the beautiful Village Hidden in the Leaves with the teen standing on an old apartment rooftop.

How's that?

"It'll do. Now, onto the story!" (1)


There was a large, gray colored building within the walls of the Hidden Leaf, placed in one of the more secluded sections of the village. This building was dull and quite plain, but a large sign out front read Hidden Leaf Asylum.

It is here that citizens of the Leaf who have, to put it bluntly, lost their minds for any reason reside. Within one of these rooms, an elderly man was seen seated in a comfortable chair with a straightjacket on while a redheaded teen was lounging on his back with his arms as a pillow…on the room's ceiling.

"…And that is where you come in, my boy," stated the man, finishing the explanation to his dilemma concerning the Academy Graduates. "You're the only one around their age group that is remotely prepared for what's out there; though I had hoped you would've learned from a more…reliable source."

The teen grinned widely and waved his hand in dismissal. "C'mon Gramps, you're too hard on her. She said she was sorry after all. Besides, it's not her fault that some guy with pink eye drove her nuts."

"Even so, she's the reason you're in this place, Naruto," argued the man.

"Pfft! You know for a fact that the reason I'm here is not because of her." He dropped from the ceiling and sat down to face the tied up Hokage. "The reason I'm here is because you thought it'd be best for me when I was just fine! I mean, look at me! I'm in the prime of my life here, Gramps! So what if you think I'm crazy!"

"Naruto, I never said that."

"But you implied it. Besides," his grin grew and stretched across his face, "I'm not crazy; I just don't give a darn!"

He then started bouncing all over the walls in whooping laughter that made the Hokage both mentally smile and frown at the same time. He was happy to see Naruto so upbeat, but he knew the only reason he was so was because his mind was damaged.

It had taken years – ever since Naruto was seven years old – for the truth of Naruto's mental damage to be brought to life. From what he had gathered during the rare moments of Naruto being serious, the boy had escaped into his own mind when the hatred and disgust of the villagers finally got to him. The boy had unknowingly entered the representation of the seal and met the Kyuubi; who revealed itself to be a female.

Desperate for an escape and a release from his life, he had begged the vixen to put an end to the hurt and the pain, promising anything in return. It still surprised the old Kage that the Kyuubi only damaged Naruto's mind to the point of insanity instead of outright hilling him. The result of the damage done by the vixen was Naruto disregarding all signs of the village's hatred of him in exchange for insane antics.

His pranking had tripled in activity during the first year, and the pranks were surprisingly far more intricate in design than they were before. Not only had that occurred, but the mixture of the Kyuubi's chakra into his brain had spread to his entire body, coating it and his natural network in small fragments of Bijuu chakra. This resulted in something worthwhile happening to Naruto; which was another reason for Hiruzen to place him in the Leaf's asylum.

Now, the Hokage wished to utilize that worthwhile phenomenon to full effect and have Naruto join the ninja core. With his insanity and the unusual abilities the Kyuubi had unknowingly – or possibly even knowingly – bestowed upon him, the Uzumaki would be a force to be reckoned with.

First, he had to get Naruto to calm down and agree.

"Naruto, settle down for one second please and listen!" The boy was in front of the man on a dime, once more surprising the Kage with his speed. "I need you to take a spot on the remaining team of graduates from the Academy. Without you, they would be down a member and unable to become Genin of the village."

Naruto nodded and hummed in thought. "So, I get to be a Genin then, huh? Why not just pull someone from reserves?"

"Because most Genin from reserves are already experienced enough to be Chunin and are awaiting private tests with an experienced one. This leaves you, Naruto, since you're trained and you're around their age."

The teen frowned at that before his thoughts turned inward. 'What do you think?'

"I say go for it. I mean, it's not like you'll be allowed to do much else in here, considering you're loony and all."

'I guess… Hey, does this mean I can mess with other people…on the outside?' His grin grew to new lengths at the thought.

"Of course, Kit! You'll be able to fuck with any person you meet and show them your special brand of crazy!"

"I'm in!" yelled the redhead, to both the old man and his tenant.

Hiruzen smiled and nodded, standing up from his seat. "Excellent. Now, we'll head to the Academy at once so you can meet your team. I asked them to wait for me there. I'll have someone give you clothes since a hospital gown just won't do for a Hidden Leaf Genin."

Two ANBU operatives entered the room and freed the Hokage from the straightjacket before leading him and Naruto out. As soon as they were out, one of the operatives grabbed the boy and started squeezing the life out of him.

"Thank Kami you're finally out! I've missed you so much, squirt!" exclaimed a female voice while Naruto's face turned blue and his head started to expand like a balloon about to burst.

His head actually did pop at that, releasing a BANG followed by confetti and streamers. The ANBU casually tossed the body aside and looked up, seeing Naruto standing on the ceiling with a pout.

"That wasn't nice, y'know." He then paled and had a look of horror. "I coulda died!"

"Like you would die from that, squirt. Besides, I hardly hugged ya!"

Hiruzen and the other ANBU member chuckled at their antics before the Hokage stated, "Snake, you are relieved of ANBU duties for the time being. I'm reassigning you to the IT Dept. with Ibiki."

"Oh, goody goody!" gleefully cheered the ANBU member before she removed her mask, showing a young woman with purple hair styled into a fan like tail, brown eyes without pupils, and a slightly fanged grin.

"About time you got outta disguise, nee-chan," Naruto stated with a grin before clothes were smacked into his face.

"Shaddup!" she yelled. "Put those on already and let's go, brat!"

Mocking her command with a high pitched voice that made her eye twitch, he stepped into a small room before coming out in a black shirt under an open orange vest that had a red spiral on the back, red pants, black sandals, and a Hidden Leaf headband loosely hanging around his neck. On his forehead was a pair of goggles that had been given to him as a child by the Ichiraku Ramen chefs.

"Alright then, I'm ready to go!" he stated with a grin.

"Looking good there, Kit. The clothes really suit you."

'Heh… Thanks, Kyuubi.'

"What did I tell you to call me?"

He mentally gulped at her tone and corrected himself, 'I mean thanks, kaa-chan.'

She smiled at him after he rectified his thanks. "That's a good Kit…"

Mentally smiling back to her, Naruto followed the others as they led him to the Academy. Along the way, villagers were giving him shocked looks along with looks of distrust and hatred. However unlike before, Naruto ignored those looks and smiled widely, humming a tune the entire time and singing the verses every now and then.

"Hmm hmm, hm-hmm… Hello my baby, hello my honey… Hm-hmm hm-hmm hmm hmm… Baby, my heart's on fire…"

Mitarashi Anko chuckled at that, knowing the song since he would sing it to himself now and then in his cell. She was a frequent visitor of the boy, seeing as she was the one that Hiruzen had bring him in. The kid was just too much fun and she was allowed inside the room with him at times, allowing her to see firsthand just how loony – his words – he was.

In her eyes, Naruto loved to laugh and be silly, and he seemed to enjoy it even more when he either messed with someone or made them laugh. It was during her visits that the two shared ideas and eventually got close. It was by accident one day that she had called him otouto, and at first she thought she had gone too far when she saw him tense and freeze.

But seconds later, she was busy keeping her balance as the boy sized bullet slammed into her and hugged her tightly. Something sparked in her that day, and she mentally made a promise to make sure that the kid would keep on laughing…for his own sake.

They had finally made it to the Academy and Naruto was led into a classroom where four people were waiting. The first was the Chunin instructor, Umino Iruka. He bowed politely to them while discreetly – in his opinion – eyeing the redheaded boy.

The second adult was a woman with wavy raven hair, wine red eyes, and some unique attire made of what appeared to be wrappings. It suited her well, strangely enough.

The two Genin beside her were a boy and a girl. The boy had bushy hair and wore a coat with a high collar that left only his shaded eyes visible. He had a look of utter calm and seriousness about him. The girl had platinum blonde hair and wore a purple outfit that accentuated her developing figure. She gave the boy a polite wave since she thought he looked pretty handsome. (2)

"Naruto, these three are the remaining members of your team. Your sensei is Yuhi Kurenai," she nodded politely and smiled at him, "Aburame Shino," he stood and gave a small bow, "and Yamanaka Ino." She waved again with a wink.

"Yo! Pleased to meet you!" greeted Naruto. "As for me…"

He grinned before he threw down a smoke bomb that already had Anko grinning. The others were surprised to find themselves in theater styled seats with a stage before them. A spotlight hit the stage and smoke came from openings. From the smoke, Naruto appeared with his arms crossed and a confident smirk on his face.

"Introducing, the world's looniest ninja of all time; Uzumaki Naruto!"

Confetti shot out and Naruto pulled out a top hat and cane from nowhere before he started to tap dance off the stage alongside upbeat music. When he was gone and the lights shut off, Anko laughed loudly in her seat while Kurenai and Hiruzen had small smiles. The two Genin, one Chunin, and remaining ANBU member were left confused as to how Naruto had pulled it off before they turned to Anko who clapped and whistled.

In another burst of smoke, the scenery returned to that of the classroom with Naruto sitting on the top of the cane, perfectly balanced and cross legged as if he'd done it many times before. "So, what'd you guys think?" he asked with a grin.

Kurenai was the first to speak, clearing her throat first. "Well, you certainly are as eccentric as ever, Naruto. Though for the sake of our sanity, please refrain from going overboard too much with your antics."

"No promises there, Kurenai-sensei!"

Shino fixed his glasses and commented, "It certainly was theatrical, though I'm unsure of how you were able to change our location so easily. It seems impossible, yet you obviously did it." He nodded, seemingly to himself. "I look forward to trying to deduce these 'antics' sensei says you do, Uzumaki-san."

"Oi, enough with the fancy shmancy smart talk, bug man! Speak the common tongue!"

"I was under the impression that I was. Forgive me if you had trouble understanding."

Naruto shrugged and waved off the apology while Ino finally composed herself. "That was…weird. But, it was kinda stylish at the same time. At least you'll keep things interesting."

"Girl," began Anko with a snicker, "you have no idea how true that statement will be."

"Well, I believe I'm no longer needed here. Boar, return to your post. I'll be in my office shortly. Iruka, you're free to go as well."

"Hai, Hokage-sama," saluted the ANBU and Chunin as they left in a leafy Body Flicker.

"Be sure to listen to your sensei and help your teammates, Naruto. And also, keep in mind that the Will of Fire burns strong in all of us."

He then left while Anko stood up and stretched. 'Well brat, I'm gonna go clean up that extra room of mine. No way am I letting you go back to that poor excuse of a shack you called home."

"Aww!" he whined. "B-But it was such a cozy little shack! It was just my size!"

She bopped him on the head. "Well too damn bad! You're living with me and that's final! Got it?!"

He shrunk – literally shrunk to a chibi size – at her glare with cute little fox ears and a fluffy ball of fur for a tail. "Hai, Anko-nee…"

She grinned victoriously and ruffled his chibi head before she left, allowing him to return back to normal. Kurenai rolled her eyes at that, having seen personally how close the two were when Anko dragged her along for a visit one day.

She had also seen just how crazy Naruto's antics and abilities were, so she knew just how dangerous the boy could be to potential threats. After all, the stuff he could pull off made what he already shown look incredibly tame. She was still unsure if it was possible that he did those things, but she wouldn't question it.

Rumor had it that the last doctor who tried to question the redhead's antics and figure them out found himself with a cell of his own at the asylum.

"Well then, I believe we'll continue this next time. We'll meet at Field 8, which corresponds with our team number, so that we can fully introduce ourselves and I can administer your true Genin Test."

Shino nodded, having already figured out there would be a second test. Ino frowned at the sudden information, but she wouldn't let herself fail to become a kunoichi. Naruto…

Well, Naruto was playing cards with two clones at a poker table; each clone with a large cigar in their mouths.

"I have two Queens," stated the first.

"Flush of Diamonds," the second one said with a smirk.

The last – and original – redhead grinned and threw down his cards. "Royal Straight Flush! I love it when a hand comes together!" he declared, making the other two glare as he pulled all of the chips to his side. "Don't hate the player boys," he said as he took a drag and blew out the rest of the phrase in smoke.

Hate the game!

Kurenai's brow twitched at the blatant smoking coming from the three redheaded players. 'I get enough smoke from Asuma whenever he flirts with me! I do NOT need any more smoke!'

Naruto and his clones caught the small burst of killing intent and froze before they woodenly turned to her. "Uh-oh…"

"Naruto…" she began in a low tone, surprising the other two Genin.

"Well, what do ya know?!" hurriedly exclaimed the Uzumaki as his clones dispersed. "It's time for me to go! Tootles!"

With a start of him running in place so fast his feet became blurring whirls, he shot out of the room like a rocket with a dust cloud trail following him. As the dust cleared, a sticky note was seen on the chalkboard with a drawing of a chibi Naruto with his foxy features throwing them a peace sign and a grin. While outwardly giving a look of irritation, internally Kurenai was chuckling mirthfully at his antics. She was going to enjoy having him. Though, a part of her wished that she could teach Hinata – due to her insecurities – she knew that the Hokage was right about her emotional attachments. She would be more of a hindrance to the girl due to her unconscious coddling.

She hated that it was true, but she couldn't deny it.

With a final nod to her remaining Genin, she left in a Body Flicker while they calmly walked out of the Academy building. The sane members of Team 8 all shared the same feelings of anxiety and worry that day, having seen just how loony their redheaded teammate was.

And their careers would only get loonier from then on.

X-x (End Chapter) x-X

1~ Occasionally, scenes like this will happen where Naruto breaks the Fourth Wall. When these scenes occur, my responses will look like this while Naruto's will be typed normally.

2~ Due to being in the asylum, Naruto never got introduced to the other Rookies. So, no one knows about him yet; though their parents do.

Th-Th-Th-That's all folks for Chapter One! I hope you all enjoyed this and got a good laugh! I gotta admit that this story seems like it'll be loads of fun to type up!

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