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Chapter Fourteen After Effects

Ginny Weasley watched Harry Potter tumble out of the fireplace. It was the day before her birthday, and he was the first guest to arrive. Ginny was glad to see that Harry was back a male. It seemed that someone had also updated his male wardrobe, as he was wearing new black jeans and a t-shirt that proclaimed him "Speed Demon." He was wearing a brand new pair of trainers, too.

As he stood back up, she noticed that he'd grown quite a bit since the day he'd rescued her from the Chamber. He had to be at least a couple inches taller, and his shoulders were a bit broader. He pushed his bangs out of his eyes, and suddenly, Ginny was caught by those emerald orbs. She couldn't look away from him. She'd had a crush on him for a long time, since she'd helped him onto Platform Nine and Three Quarters, really, but it was different this time.

"Hello, Ginny," Harry said, his voice actually cracking. He moved to hug her, just like they'd done many times at Spinner's End. Doctor Chalice had encouraged it, to help him get over the hang ups that his neglect and abuse at the hands of his Aunt and Uncle had given him. This time it was different. This time he wasn't a girl, and different parts pressed against her as they hugged tightly.

"Hi Harry," Ginny managed to somehow say as the hug ended. Despite the fact that they'd shared many things while at Spinner's End, there seemed to be a bit of awkwardness between them. There was silence for a moment.

"I guess I'm staying with Ron," Harry said. "No girls night in your room."

Ginny, feeling some heat in her cheeks, hesitantly said, "Well, you can at least take a look at it." She hoped that she wasn't blushing, but she was sure she was. It wasn't fair. She had spent half the summer with him, not having a bit of the stammering, blushing, butter dish elbows little girl behavior that she'd been the prior summer. Now that he was there, and a boy, she was reverting to form. She took a deep breath, gathered up her courage, and continued, without hesitation, "But the kiss you promised will have to wait for tomorrow, as I'm not twelve until then."

"So noted," Harry said. "Where is Ron, anyway?"

"Getting his turn on Bill's new Firebolt," Ginny replied. "You've got to get a turn on it. It's better than your Nimbus."

"Well, let me get my trunk up to Ron's, and then I'll see your room, and count those flowers on the wall," Harry said.

"I found the missing card," Ginny remarked, as they headed up the stairs. "Not that I have had a sleepless night in weeks. I actually slept in this morning."

"Same here," Harry said. "Aunt Petunia put new curtains in my room and the sun didn't wake me up, so I got up at quarter till ten. I've never been able to sleep in that late at home."

"Was it much better now that your uncle is gone?" Ginny asked.

"Oh yes it was," Harry said. She could hear his happiness in his voice as he preceded her up the stairs. "We got rid of the cupboard under the stairs, and Aunt Petunia and I made dinner together. Dudley is totally turned around. You know he's actually jogging every morning. He can't out run me yet, but he's getting there."

"He's not going to catch up with you. You're fast," Ginny said. "By the way, Fred and George, well," she paused, suddenly unsure how to say it, "they kind of have been teasing me about spending the summer with you." She was certain her cheeks were burning now. "They keep saying we've been doing things."

"Really ... well then tomorrow we're going to really make them think," Harry said as they reached Ron's door. He turned to look at her. "And I'll really have to make sure to give you a good kiss."

"Not until tomorrow," Ginny mumbled, looking down, and feeling her blush getting worse.

"Tomorrow then," Harry said entering Ron's room with his trunk.

Ginny slumped against the wall. She hoped she wouldn't dissolve into the jittery girl with her elbow in the butter dish by dinner time. She'd try, though. Why did Harry have to end up so ...

Ron Weasley and Harry Potter were getting ready for bed in Ron's Cannon's Orange bedroom at the top of the Burrow. Harry had just tossed a nice pair of blue jeans that were a lot nicer than the stuff Ron had normally seen Harry wear onto the cot and pulled out a his pajama bottoms . He peaked over into his best friend's trunk, to discover an item that he never would have expected to see in Harry's trunk. Then again, Harry had spent most of the summer thus far living with Professor Snape, along with Ginny.

"Steal one of my sister's bras?" Ron said, pulling out the plain white bra.

"That's a 32B, your sister wears a 28B," Harry replied, as he slid into the pajama bottoms. "She was a bit surprised that she needed a B-Cup."

"Then whose bra is this? Does Snape have a girlfriend?" Ron asked. "And how do you know my sister's size?"

Harry blushed, as he replied, "It's mine. I spent my time at Spinner's End under a potion that made me what I'd look like if I'd been born a girl. And I did the laundry."

"Really, you spent the time at Snape's as a girl?" Ron stated. He had a very hard time picturing that, much less even thinking about what the change must have been like. He did know, however, that Harry was always compared to his father's looks. "What did you look like?"

"Well, I had shoulder length red hair, with a bit of a curl to it," Harry began to describe, pulling his t-shirt over his head. As he did so, Ron noticed that with each bit of description, Harry changed. "I was about two, two and a half inches taller, and that 32B breast size, of course. Boy those were annoying. I weighed a bit more, of course. My hips were wider and my waist smaller." The button on Harry's pajama bottoms popped loose.

Ron's mouth dropped open as Harry tossed his t-shirt aside, revealing those 32B size breasts. Ron had never really seen bare breasts, at least that he could remember, and seeing the on his suddenly female best friend. "Um Harry," Ron finally managed to squeak out. Harry looked up at Ron, puzzled. "I think you're a girl again."

Harry looked down, noticing his breasts, grabbed the bra that Ron was still holding, and turned around. Moments later the red hair and female form disappeared. "I'm going to kill Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore," Harry growled, pulling up and re-buttoned his pajama bottoms and reaching down into his trunk to pull the top out of it.

"Why?" Ron asked, as Harry pulled the top over his head.

"His little potion that had me a girl this summer isn't apparently clear enough of my system, despite staying an extra day at the Dursley's to make sure," Harry said, as he sat down on the cot to put his socks and shoes on. As soon as those were on, he stood up. "Come on, I need to talk to your Mum about contacting the Headmaster, failing that, Professor Snape, about this. I thought I was done being a girl."

As they left Ron's room, he asked, "Okay, but I want to know more about this being a girl for the summer."

"I don't think you really want to know about that," Harry replied. "I wish I didn't know about being a girl. Especially about a girl's period. Being a girl is not fun."

"If you say so," Ron replied, sure that he didn't understand what Harry meant.

Harry Potter pounded down the stairs. He couldn't believe it. He'd though he was done with being a girl. He was looking forward to tomorrow and his planned kiss of Ginny Weasley. In fact he'd had a really good dream about it after Professor Snape had given him the talk. That had been embarrassing, but not as embarrassing as his aunt discovering that his sheets needed to be changed.

Then suddenly, while he was changing, he had to end up changing back into his girl form. It was a good thing that his boxers actually fit now, because if he'd been wearing the pairs that he'd worn before Spinner's End, he was sure that he would have ended up practical naked when it slipped down. And it was a really good thing that he had turned back quickly.

He knew who to blame, and once again, like he had that day she had work up bleeding. "Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore," he growled, in an echo of that day, each syllable matched with a pounding step down the stairs.

"That is Professor Dumbledore, Harry," Mrs. Weasley reprimanded.

"Not when he's responsible for me turning into a girl," Harry growled. "I had two periods, and apparently the potion hasn't quite worn off. I was telling Ron about how I looked when I was changing into my pajamas, and I changed back into my girl form briefly."

"Professor Snape did say you were cleared of the potion?" Mrs. Weasley asked.

"Yes, a day a half ago," Harry said.

Mrs. Weasley appeared to be thinking a bit. "Do you know if you have any metamorphmagi in your ancestry? Fred and George once tried a prank on Charlie's then girlfriend who is one, and their transformation potion enhanced her changes for a while."

"I really don't know much about my ancestry, ma'am," Harry said politely, with just a touch of sadness. "I didn't even know my Dad's name until Hagrid told me when he gave me my Hogwarts letter."

"Let's see, probably not on your mother's side, though it could be, but we wouldn't really know," Mrs. Weasley said. "Your father's parents were Fleamont and Euphemia Potter. Fleamont was the only son of Henry Potter, who's mother was the last Fleamont, tragic story there. Her father was Josiah Fleamont, who married, Andromeda Black twin to the first Cyrus Black, the one that died in 1851. I believe that Andromeda was a metamorphmagus, as was her youngest daughter, Nymphadora, who Charlie's girlfriend was named after. I never quite understood why she didn't like her name, but we called her Tonks."

Harry yawned, before replying. "I really need to write my family tree down. I don't even know if I'm related to anyone."

"Well, there aren't may close to you. James, Fleamont, and Henry were all only children," Molly replied. "Now, Harry, I don't think I've ever seen you needing a haircut."

Harry thought back, trying to recall when he had. "I think it's been two, maybe three years," He replied.

"That's not normal, Harry," Ron said, reminding Harry that his best male friend had followed him down. "Mum cuts my hair at least every two months, when I let her."

"And you can use another trim," Mrs. Weasley said. "I heard you tell the tale of the bad haircut. You haven't had to cut your hair since then, have you?"

Harry thought back, and shook his head.

"Now, you said you were describing to Ron what you looked like as a girl," Mrs. Weasley began. I want you to do that again, and think about how it felt being a girl."

"Well, I had shoulder length red hair, with a bit of a curl to it," Harry said. "I was about two, two and a half inches taller, and that 32B breast size. I weighed a bit more. My hips were wider and my waist smaller." With that his pajama bottoms snap came loose again. He was a girl again. His hand shot down to hold the bottoms up.

"Try to stay that way for a moment, Harry," Mrs. Weasley said, as she began casting a few spells silently. At his expression, she continued. "With Fred and George you learn quite a bit."

"Where are, they?" Harry asked, trying to keep the thought of how he looked as a girl in his mind. "I haven't seen them since I flooed in from Mrs. Figgs' house."

"They're with Professor Snape," Mrs. Weasley said. "He gave them an opportunity to do some nocturnal potions making. There you go. Now think about how you are as a boy."

With a deep breath, Harry found the feeling of his hair raising, and his boxers filling.

Mrs. Weasley started casting again. A couple minutes later she stopped. "The transformation is complete. No sign of any potion in either form. I think you've triggered a dormant metamorphic trait. We probably need to have Madam Pomfrey check, but I think you're okay."

"But how do I stop changing into a girl?" Harry asked.

"Don't think of being a girl," Mrs. Weasley said.

Two seconds later, Harry was a girl again.

Professor Severus Snape looked at two sets of potions arrayed before him. A couple of them required the phase of the moon just completed, of last quarter. They were not the most easy of potions, but well within the capabilities of someone about to begin their fifth year. The two red-headed menaces that he'd invited to attempt the potions had done a surprisingly well job. If they had been making at Hogwarts and they'd been Slytherins, he would have probably given them points.

The aforementioned red-headed menaces were looking at him eagerly. They'd been told that this was a rare chance. They'd also brought some of their prank potions, already made, which also sat before him. Each of the potions were carefully labeled, as if a Potions Master of his caliber couldn't identify them by appearance alone.

"It appears that your potions work tonight has been ..." Severus paused for just a bit, "acceptable. It has been quite a bit higher than I have been given to expect from you at Hogwarts. I shall expect similar levels of work this coming school year. I believe you are capable of outstandings on your NEWTs in Potions, and shall expect nothing less."

Fred and George Weasley nodded, with an rather satisfying expression of trepidation. Severus then turned his attention to the other prepared potions.

"As to your creations," Severus said, picking up the first of them, a canary colored potion with just a bit of cloudiness. "I believe this one is a transformation potion, probably intended to be mixed with a cream candy. Do not use dark chocolate as a coating, as it might result extended size issues. Consult with your sister on shrinking solutions if you intend to have the subject reduced to canary size."

"What about changing to alternate animals?" Fred asked. Severus was sure which one was which.

"Stick to avians with this potion," Severus said. "You'll find a very good option for amphibians in this year's text book. I shall offer extra credit for a frog chorus this year. Do not get caught, but do submit a quantity of it before you use it."

"Yes sir," George replied.

"Now this one, I admit to being briefly puzzled, as I did not expect such quality," Severus replied. "A fever remedy was not among the potions I expected in your portfolio. Quite the opposite. I shall be asking for your assistance in providing the supply for the Hospital Wing later this year. It is top rate. In fact, aside from what I now consider a rather curious failure with shrinking solutions, I find your work outside of the usual classwork to be quite outstanding. We shall be fixing the latter this winter, as it is generally a potion chosen for the practical part of OWLs.

"Now explain to me exactly how you intend to deliver this nausea potion."

"Well, Professor, we were thinking of perhaps using a toffee nougat, or perhaps saltwater taffy," Fred said.

"It's got to be something that's sticky, and can handle a liquid center," George said. "We tried using chocolate, like chocolate covered cherries and it was a disaster."

"I see," Severus said, briefly thinking about how the late James Potter would be surprised that he was even considering advising pranksters. These two were talented, though, and safety alone made it wise to help them. If they went wrong, he'd probably have to clean up after them at Hogwarts. "Taffy is probably your best bet, but be careful with certain colorings."

"Which ones?"