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The Sakamaki Sister

Chapter 18

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After what had seemed like hours, but was in reality only one and a half hours, the group of vampires had all met up and then proceeded to go back to to the limo. After such an exhausting day shopping, Mizuki had hoped that the ride back would be peaceful and relaxing, but she didn't seem to have much luck these past couple of days. She was currently sat in between Shu and Kanato. Every five seconds she had to slap Kanato's hand away from her candy, which she was no way in hell letting him have. This was a normal and expected event that Mizuki would have normally dealt with easily but since Shu had decided to use her as a pillow, she was struggling.

"Why are you sharing your candy with him and not me?" Kou whined as he reached over to try and grab some from the bag, resulting in a bite on the hand from Mizuki. "What was that for?!"

Mizuki just glared at him and held the candy closer to her body, using her foot to push Kanato's hand away. She had spent all day wandering around the shop to get this candy and she was not going to give it to anyone.

"No one's getting any." Mizuki said as she sent a glare around at the vampires that were seated around her. "Unless they have something to trade."

"I'll let you hold Teddy." Kanato immediately offered, holding the bear out towards her. "You can hold him until we get home."

"Nope." Mizuki said with a shake of her head.

"I'll sign as many copies of my CD as you want so you can give it to all of your friends at school." Kou said as he once again leant over to grab at her bag. "You'll make heaps of friends!"

"Still no." Mizuki said, once again shaking her head as she reached into her bag of candy to grab a piece for herself, only to find that it was empty. Looking up, she was able to see Ayato chewing it with a smirk on his face.

And then she dove at him.

Shortly after Reiji and Subaru had managed to drag Mizuki off of her annoying brother, they dropped the Mukami's off at their house, much to Mizuki's brothers relief, and then returned to their own home. Which Mizuki had very dramatically stormed into, leaving her brothers outside.

"You've gone and upset her." Laito said with a sigh and shake of his head as he looked at Ayato. "You'll have to cheer her up."

"It will be a bother if she's in a bad mood for the next couple of days." Reiji said as he sent Ayato a glare before heading inside, with the others following closely behind.

The only one left behind was a very confused Shu, wondering what had happened.

Mizuki knocked on Yui door, a pout still on her face as she let out a huff. When she heard a voice yell out 'coming' Mizuki was glad that the other girl was home. It was hard having so many annoying brothers so it was nice to have another girl to speak to sometimes.

"Oh Mizuki!" Yui said with a smile once she opened the door. "Would you like to come in?"

Mizuki nodded and followed the older girl inside, taking a seat on her bed as she continued to pout, annoyed at Ayato for stealing her candy that she had put so much effort into finding. She'd had to go through so much to get that! And then, he just goes and eats it!

"Is everything okay?" Yui asked, noticing the younger girl's silence and pout. "You seem upset."

"I spent all day at the shop looking for some candy and then Ayato ate all of it." Mizuki replied as she turned to Yui. "Why do they have to be annoying!"

"I'm sure Ayato didn't mean to upset you." Yui replied as she gently rested her hand on Mizuki's head. "He just doesn't think things through sometimes."

"Well he didn't have to eat all of it!" Mizuki replied with a huff. "I was really looking forward to eating that.

"Well how about this… I'll take you out this weekend and we can go eat some cakes and then go to the candy store afterwards." Yui said, smiling down at her. "That way, you gets your candy and cakes."

"You'll really go with me?" Mizuki asked, an excited grin making its way onto her face, before she jumped at the girl and hugged her. "Thank you so much Yui!"

Mizuki was truly happy that Yui had began to stay with them. It was nice to have another girl to talk to and Yui was just so kind as well. It wasn't very often that Mizuki was able to interact with people like her. While she would never admit it outloud, Mizuki viewed Yui as an older sister and truly cared for her.

She just couldn't wait until the weekend!