Dragon Ball Legend

1st Saga: School DAZE


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-Potentially inappropriate relationships.

If any of these themes offend you, please do not continue to read this story.


A little less than two years after Cell is defeated, Gohan is sent to middle school. During this troubling time in any young person's life, Gohan will have to come to terms with who he is, how he feels about his father, who he wants in his life, and who he wants to be. Gohan's new friends will play a major role in helping to shape our hero from this day forward. And perhaps they'll even be able to lend Gohan a hand as he faces the greatest threats to earth yet.

I'd like to apologize to everyone waiting on my other stories. It's been a rough few months dealing with break ups and depression. As much as I wanted to I just couldn't get in the mood to write anything decent.

Well NaNoWriMo came along, and the rules of NaNoWriMo, for anyone not familiar with it, is you must write a story of 50,000 words or more within the month of November. It has to be a new story, not a continuation of something from the past. I debated it for a while and decided I'm going to do it. So this is my entry for NaNoWriMo.

At the time of this posting I'm a little over 25,000 words into the story. I'm going to post it chapter by chapter still but there is at least that much and I definitely hope my exercise proves to help get my confidence and creativity back up there.

Chapter 1: A Social Experiment

Two years after the Cell Games…

Chichi watched with a forced smile on her face as her twelve year old son spoon fed his little brother. "Come on Goten! Who's gonna grow up and be a big stwong super saiyan? Is it you? Yeah it's you huh?! Better keep eating then!" Goten giggled as his brother teased him and gave him more toddler mush.

There were times like now when Gohan acted normal and happy, but Chichi was starting to see the truth… her son was depressed and lonely. In part she blamed herself for being such a strict parent and forcing Gohan to spend so much time concentrating on his studies…

"Why do you hate it that I just want to spend time with my friends? Is that really so wrong?!" Chichi remembered Gohan snapping at her the last time she told him he couldn't go spend time at Master Roshi's house. He immediately realized what he had done and his expression softened, "I… I'm sorry mom… I didn't mean… I'll get back to studying…"

Did she not want him to spend time with friends? This was true in part… No matter how she tried to look at it, she just wasn't comfortable with Gohan spending so much time with friends considerably older than he was. All of Gohan's friends were, after all, his father's friends. He was just born at the wrong time to have anyone his own age inside the family's circle of trust.

A thought had been bouncing around her mind for a little while now… it seemed like the perfect solution to her… Every kid needs to socialize and the rest of the world socialized by going to school. She just had two hurdles to overcome to put her thought into action. First was convincing Gohan to go, and second was convincing herself that allowing Gohan to slouch to the level of normal was what was best for him right now…

Chichi had gone through the trouble of researching the curriculum Gohan would be learning in a school with his own age group… and quite frankly… she had him doing most of that kind of work when he was Goten's age… They were still studying Algebra for crying out loud! She had Gohan learning Calculus when he was seven… She sat down and sighed as it just became all the clearer how much rougher Gohan had it than a normal kid.

"Goten's all done mom, I'll be going up to finish my homework now…" Gohan informed his mom as he tidied up the kitchen.

She was going to do it… no second guessing… "Gohan sweetie, come here for a minute."

Gohan looked confused but did as he was told and took a seat in the living room by his mom, "What is it?" he asked mildly concerned.

Chichi looked very serious, "We need to talk about something, this is important for you alright?"

Gohan nodded still unsure of where the conversation was headed.

Deciding not to beat around the bush, Chichi stated frankly, "Gohan honey… I'm not sure how you're going to feel about this, but I want to enroll you in a full time school."

"WHAT?!" Gohan fell back in shock, definitely not expecting this of all things.

Just the reaction she'd expected… Chichi pulled out a folder of information, "I took the liberty of contacting a few appropriate institutions and they sent me quite a bit of information, why don't you have a look?" She handed the pamphlets to her son, "These are a few of the schools nearby for you. I remember the city close by being called Orange City, but apparently they've renamed it during the last year," She stopped talking and sat back in her seat awaiting a reaction.

Gohan was still getting over the shock of full time school when he brushed over the curriculum section of the pamphlet. His face contorted slightly as he tried to hide his surprise as to what his age group was still learning, "Wait… why… why these schools?"

Chichi grinned unnoticeably to herself knowing she at least had his interest now, "Both Orange Star Middle and St. Ajora Academy are reputable schools with near equal high averages on all the recognized standardization tests. St. Ajora's is definitely a more expensive school, but your grandfather has offered to help pay the tuition if that's the one you choose."

"I don't need an expensive school," Gohan replied immediately as he looked over the packets, "Wh… Why do you want to send me to a Middle School? I mean… not that… you know that's entirely out of the question or anything… but… don't you get all of my textbooks from some post graduate academy somewhere?"

Chichi shook her head, "Those schools are just much further away from us, plus the students there are a lot older than you are."

Gohan scratched his head, "It's just… you took a look at the courses they offer at this school right? So I thought…"

Chichi smiled, "Are you saying you're too smart for Middle School?"

"NO! No… it's not like that… but…" Gohan was at a loss for words.

Chichi rubbed her son's shoulder deciding to lay down all the cards and just be blunt with him, "There's a reason I want you to go to a middle school Gohan."

Gohan cocked his head to the side, "There is?"

Chichi nodded, "I think you're missing out on a lot by not having friends your own age. When your father was your age so was Krillin, and Yamcha wasn't that much older." Gohan's expression darkened a little at the mention of his father and Chichi mentally cursed herself for that, "I just want you to see the world from your own generation's point of view. Go see what they're like out there. Find out more about the real world and not just read about it in books and newspapers but live it with your peers. I expect you to work hard and learn about modern trends in youth today and incorporate new theories into your communication skills. We can consider this a… social experiment. What do you think?"

Gohan thought about it for a minute, "Well… I guess I could learn something from that…"

Chichi smiled, "Great! Then we'll be going into town tomorrow to take the exam and shop for school clothes for you!"

"OK…" Gohan agreed still unsure of what exactly he was getting into, but now he was at least mildly excited.

The next day, Chichi was waiting patiently outside the testing room at Orange Star Middle Academy. Chichi was all dressed up and had makeup on to look as professional as possible. She had made sure Gohan wore his business dress clothes also. From the moment they walked in the door he was getting compliments on how sharp he looked which made him quite interested with the ground all the way through the building.

Chichi couldn't help but chuckle as her son may have been the most powerful warrior in the universe, but he still lacked the skills to confidently speak to normal people. More than ever she was sure she was making the right choice.

The door to the exam room opened and the instructor led Gohan outside. Chichi smiled to herself when she saw the bewildered gaze that crossed the instructor's face. The instructor hurriedly called out the principal before going over the results.

"How'd you do?" Chichi asked her son as he took a seat by her.

Gohan shrugged, "I'm pretty sure I did well, there was nothing on it that looked unfamiliar… but as soon as I finished he just looked at me funny and started mumbling…"

The principal finally came out of her office looking very excited with the instructor close behind, "Mr. Son, may I shake your hand?"

Gohan nodded meekly, "Okay…"

The principal gave Gohan's hand an enthusiastic squeeze, "My goodness you are a smart one aren't you?"

"Ummm…" Gohan obviously didn't know how to respond to the situation.

The principal couldn't help but chuckle, "You see no one has ever completed our entrance exam within the time limit much less aced it. Mr. Son… I must congratulate you on being the first student ever to achieve a perfect score! Remarkable! We welcome you with open arms to Orange Star Middle Academy!"

Chichi cleared her throat drawing over the principal's attention, "I'm so proud of you son, I knew you could do it! Now when will he be able to start?"

The principal looked over the paperwork, "I have the staff taking care of processing his registration paperwork right now. We just have to clear him with the district since your permanent residence is outside our designated school zone, but I am sure we will have no issues getting the transfer approved by the superintendent. Would Monday be alright to come back for his first day?"

Chichi smiled sweetly, "That would be perfect Principal Brennard, I'll make sure he's here and ready for class Monday morning!"

The principal still had an excited smile over her face, "Excellent! Then you rest up and enjoy your weekend Mr. Son. Come back to my office when you arrive on Monday, and I'll show you to your class!"

"Alright, thank you Ma'am." Gohan bowed courteously to the principal before turning to leave.

Chichi and Gohan started walking towards the car, "So what do you think?" Chichi finally asked.

"It's a huge building," Gohan looked around and noticed he was being watched by students hanging out by the windows from a few of the classrooms several floors up. He waved shyly and a few girls waved back, "Everyone seems friendly… I guess it'll be alright." Gohan opened the passenger side of the car and took a seat.

"Good, I hope you'll make a lot of new friends here!" Chichi smiled warmly as she started the car.

"Umm… Thanks…" Gohan thought dryly as the car lifted up and headed to the mall where they were to meet with Bulma.

Bulma was easy to spot once they arrived at the mall. She actually brought a few cart bots with her to carry anything she decided to buy while here.

"Oh boy…" Gohan thought to himself realizing this would not be a quick trip through one or two stores.

"Hi Bulma!" Chichi called giving her friend the usual hug, "How was Goten when you left?"

Bulma hugged Chichi back and smiled brightly, "Oh, he's doing great! He and Trunks were busy playing with the mega blocks, building yet another undecipherable mass of plastic. Vegeta's watching them now making sure neither of them tries to swallow any of the legos." Chichi laughed, long since realizing she had nothing to worry about with her son while Vegeta was watching.

The tug of war began as the two ladies dragged Gohan to stores all across the mall. Gohan sighed as his mom kept pulling polo shirts and plaid pants off of the racks for him to try on. Bulma at least was more aware of his style and found more cargo pants and snuck a few pairs of jeans in for him. She was even good at finding the shirts that were simple yet stylish for him.

Gohan had been whisked through at least ten stores over the last three hours when the sound of shattering glass reached his ears. The roof of the mall was broken as several men repelled through the opening with semi automatic weapons in their grasp. The shattered skylight was directly above the financial nerve of the mall where the ATMs, cash exchange, and broker services were located.

The men pointed their guns at the employees, "HAND OVER ALL THE MONEY NOW!"

"Oh man…" Gohan stared at the events happening on the floor under them.

Gohan was getting ready to jump down to the floor below and help when his mother called him, "Gohan! Be careful no one recognizes you. It could cause a lot of trouble for you if people start associating you with crime fighting and super powers."

Gohan froze thinking about how unrelenting the media alone could be when they found someone of interest to them. Gohan turned around looking torn, "I have to do something!"

Bulma winked at Gohan with an all knowing smirk on her face, "It's a good thing you saiyans come with a built in disguise that should work for now!"

"Oh yeah!" Gohan grinned and ran off behind the service doors to the mall corridors.

Most of the mall goers were dropping to the floor and covering their heads as the robbers fired warning shots into the air and loaded their bags with money. Once they had enough they began scaling up their ropes again to make their escape on the roof.

As the men climbed, everyone in the mall was prone on the ground trying to shield themselves except for two women on the second floor who watched them with arms crossed. Before the men could think much about it, a gust of wind blew out from behind the service doors on the second floor. A young super saiyan burst from behind them and like a bolt of lightning cut the ropes the vandals were scaling, allowing them to fall to the floor.

The three men screamed as they fell to the ground level. They each hit with a hard thud and hurriedly climbed to their feet. Gohan landed in the middle between the three of them, "Give it up, now!"

The three of them turned to Gohan and all fired their weapons at the same time. None of the bullets penetrated Gohan's powerful aura. In a burst of speed Gohan grabbed all the guns and twisted them together into an unrecognizable heap of metal.

Now disarmed, the three bandits attempted to make a break for it. Gohan grabbed one easily by the leg as he tried running past and hurled him into the other two. Once they were down on the ground Gohan whirled around the crooks and tied them up with their own escape rope leaving a package ready for police to come pick up.

The bystanders began to stand back up again now that the threat was over. Some of them pulled out their camera phones as they approached to get a better look at the boy who saved the day. The glow around Gohan's body intensified causing them to look away and he floated out through the ceiling and vanished.

Gohan quickly snuck back in through the mall through a service entrance and made his way back over to the scene of the incident. He smiled as he noticed people making sure the crooks didn't try and escape and sirens were heard through the hole in the ceiling signifying the police were close.

A loud slap noise from behind startled Gohan and made him jump slightly. A girl with short black hair and blue eyes stood overlooking the scene with her fists clenched, "I can't believe I missed the action! This would have been a great opportunity to test my new techniques too!" She crossed her arms and sighed from her perch over the mall.

The girl noticed Gohan leaning over the rail and approached him, "Hey! Did you see what happened here?"

Realizing he had been staring, Gohan shook his head, "Me? No… I wasn't able to see anything…"

The girl's eyes narrowed as she scrutinized Gohan carefully, "You weren't able to see anything huh? Are you sure about that?"

Gohan gulped nervously; he wasn't sure why, but he felt as though his soul was being peered into, "Well I saw the crooks when they broke in and started firing their guns, but I was running and didn't actually see who stopped them."

The girl crossed her arms and sighed, "Makes sense, sorry I shouldn't expect just anyone to stick their neck out and see what's going on."

A sweat drop formed on Gohan's brow as he rubbed the back of his head. Gohan's nervousness didn't fade as the girl looked him up and down. She gave his dressy outfit a once over and realized it looked a little familiar, "Hey I saw you leaving my school today, didn't I? Did you just enroll in Orange Star Middle?"

Gohan nodded, "Yes, I start class on Monday."

"I see… Well what's your name then?" The girl asked.

Gohan extended his hand out courteously, "Son Gohan, nice to meet you."

The girl took the offered hand and shook it, "Nice to meet you too Gohan."

Gohan didn't release her hand as if he were waiting for something. The girl looked confused which finally triggered Gohan to mention, "Sorry, I didn't get your name."

The girl's eyes widened, "What?! You mean… you don't know who I am?"

Gohan let go of her hand and scratched his head, "Umm… no…"

The girl shook her head, "I'm sorry, with the look you had on your face earlier I had thought you had recognized me, I'm Videl Satan, the daughter of Hercule Satan, the man who defeated Cell."

Gohan's mouth fell open and his eye twitched, "You mean you're… his daughter?"

"I know I know, it's a big role to live up to, but I'm training hard to surpass my father! I'm pretty busy with that so I need to get going. Maybe I'll see you at school sometime! Bye!" Videl called as she ran off.

"Bye…" Gohan waved back weakly.

After a moment of standing in place having watched her leave a shrill voice spoke into Gohan's ear from behind, "Sooo… first day in town and you've already met a girl, aren't you the little Casanova?"

"Bulma!" Gohan whined.

"Okay, I'm sorry… but from the looks of things you're going to need a set of clothes that we aren't going to be able to find here," Bulma beamed as the cogs of genius began to turn.

Gohan cocked his head to the side in confusion, "What are you talking about Bulma?"

"I'm talking about crime fighting silly! It's in your blood, you can't just sit back and watch bad things happen; you have to jump in and do something about it. So to protect your identity you're going to need some kind of disguise."

Chichi started walking along side the two of them, "That's a good idea Bulma, I know I sure don't want the press at my door at all hours of the night trying to get the latest story on the city's newest hero."

Bulma closed her eyes happily and smiled, "Let's go back to my place real quick, I might just have something."

Once the group finished their shopping, Bulma drove them over to the Capsule Corp building in West City. Vegeta was more than happy to push the sitting responsibilities off to someone else once they arrived, so Chichi watched the boys while Bulma took Gohan back to the lab.

"I've actually been working on this for a few years now since the Cell Games. Back then it was challenging enough just mimicking Vegeta's armor that was capable of expanding to enormous size with enough elasticity to return to its original shape once free of stress without permanent stretching. Well let's just say that since then I've made some enhancements!" Bulma grinned as she pulled out a capsule and opened it to reveal a manikin wearing her customized space armor.

The bodysuit to the armor was still skin tight and entirely black. Rather than cloth boots and gloves the armor had dark navy blue plating which entirely covered the lower legs and forearms with various built in gadgetry. Brighter blue Elbow plates and knee plates attached to the arm and leg pieces for added protection and provided a jagged accented look. Instead of a full chest piece, the armored covering angled out only half way down the chest, but had full shoulder pads matching the knee and elbow plates. In the center of the short chest piece shined a bright red lens like a large jewel.

"Wow…" Gohan looked over the suit amazed at how space aged it looked. "What does it do?"

Bulma had to laugh before beginning, "Well, as I said, it is much more advanced than the original saiyan armor was. You'll notice the material is incredibly dense. I was able to engineer a series of polymer chains that stretch instead of deform under high amounts of pressure."

Gohan nodded feeling he understood a little, "So the high density lets the material spread evenly instead of breaking?"

"Exactly!" Bulma grinned, "And then there's the tech! The panel inside the left arm controls all the function settings of the suit and can also act as a radar capable of locating objects such as unearthly metals, dragon balls, and energy sources. It also picks up any band of radio frequency. Under the lens in the chest is a powerful superconducting electromagnet. It generates powerful magnetic fields capable of repelling away from the Earth's magnetic field, and it's been programmed to detect free fall and compensate to soften a hard landing. The fields are also capable of stopping bullets and can even cancel out ki blasts that register up to five hundred thousand on the scouter scale. Compared to you and Vegeta I know that's practically nothing, but it's a lot more than the old suits protected you from."

Gohan whistled as he listened to everything this suit could do, "Wow Bulma… It really sounds like you've put a lot of work into this… are you sure you want to let me have it?"

Bulma laughed, "Gohan, I made these suits to be used you know. I just need to make a few adjustments to make it a little more convenient for you. We're going to need something to conceal your face most of all to protect your identity. And I also think we can use a special capsule to make it immediately deploy… Yes, let me check into that… OH! I suppose we should also theme it with whatever you're going to call yourself. Have you put any thought into that yet?"

"Ummm…" Gohan scratched his head, then rubbed his chin and looked from side to side, "Call myself… Like an actual superhero name… Super… Mega… Ultra…"

"Looks like I should have given you some more warning," Bulma sat down and watched the thought process for a moment.

"Wow this is hard…" Gohan paced around the room, "I guess I want something kind of original, cool sounding, simple, and it needs to strike fear into bad guys…"

"Yeah you don't want to completely rip off a comic book or anything like that, unless it's old enough that people wouldn't get it anymore," Bulma joked.

"Old…" Gohan perked up, "what about something like from mythology?"

"Now you're onto something!" Bulma cheered.

"I've been enjoying Norse Mythology lately, maybe something like… Odin!"

Bulma nodded, "Very cool idea, it will take a while to theme a space suit to look more Norse god like. They wore lots of armor didn't they?"

Gohan frowned again, "I don't want to make this hard on you Bulma, and that probably would take a lot away from how cool the suit already looks… It would probably be easier to theme it like an animal of some kind. Saiyans transform in oozarus which seems cool, except a small monkey probably isn't that cool…" Bulma was about to interject when Gohan lit up again, "A mythological creature! Something that everyone would understand when they see it no matter who they are… Something like… a dragon! Like Shen-ron!"

"That gives us some concrete design cues, and you're right, no matter where they're from, even Namekians know what a dragon is," Bulma rolled over to her computer and started making design changes on the screen to the suit. "This shouldn't take long at all for something this easy, give me about an hour. Oh and tell your mom sorry for the wait and that I insist you all stay for dinner tonight!"

Gohan smiled at the thought of dinner, "Alright, thanks a lot Bulma! Really! You're too cool!" Gohan ran off to go let his mother know.

Once Chichi had agreed to stay for dinner, Gohan was on his way back to go watch Bulma work when Vegeta stopped him in the hallway, "Have you been keeping up with your training brat?"

Gohan turned his head nervously as he realized where this conversation was going to go, "When I have time by myself out in the woods I train still."

"In the woods? You call that training? Follow me," Vegeta started walking back the other way.

"Where are we going…?" Gohan asked as he followed close behind the prince.

Vegeta's trademark confident grin crossed his face as he replied, "The gravity chamber for a sparring session."

Gohan gulped, "Oh boy…" Though a little worried, Gohan followed Vegeta into the room and shut the door behind him as Vegeta turned up the gravity to over five hundred times that of earth. Gohan stripped off his nicer clothes and set them aside where they'd be safe and faced the prince.

"Alright boy, now fight me!" Gohan bowed to Vegeta as was custom for him before a sparring match, though Vegeta held no such traditions and threw a punch that grazed Gohan's arm, "Sentimentality only leaves room for an early defeat!"

Gohan gulped down some apprehension and jumped back. Vegeta gave chase and began throwing a series of punches and kicks at lightning speed. Gohan blocked and dodged all of the attacks while he continued to jump back away from Vegeta.

"Stop running and fight!" Vegeta buried his fist into Gohan's stomach to drive his point home and launched him into the wall.

Gohan opened an eye and noticed Vegeta's knee incoming toward his face. A loud bang echoed through the chamber. A victorious grin settled across Vegeta's face, but then he saw Gohan had caught his attack with his elbows braced against the wall. Gohan pushed Vegeta off then launched himself into a power backed uppercut. Vegeta took the hit under his chin and was thrown back.

Vegeta pushed himself quickly to his feet and noticed Gohan hadn't moved from where he landed his last attack, "Why do you always wait for your opponent to recover? Keep attacking!" Vegeta launched a blast at Gohan which Gohan side stepped to dodge. Instead of fading to nothing, the blast circled the chamber and came around the room a second time. The boy barely managed to put his hands back up in defense as the energy swept him away.

Gohan was pushed across the floor by the blast and noticed Vegeta was coming up quick from behind him in a blur of super speed. Right before he was sandwiched between Vegeta's attacks, Gohan rolled off the energy blast and redirected it to the approaching Vegeta. Without room to maneuver, Vegeta put his hand out to cancel out the blast. Because of the flash of light, Vegeta hadn't noticed Gohan was following directly behind it and smashed his fist around Vegeta's arms. Vegeta had to switch to a defensive stance to block Gohan's punches. Once Gohan noticed Vegeta was about to attack, he changed his attack style as well and struck a nerve in Vegeta's defending arm to momentarily disable it. Once the arm dropped out of the way it was only a matter of launching a fierce strike through the temporary vulnerability.

Vegeta growled as Gohan's fist connected squarely with his chest and launched him back. He shook his arm to get feeling back into it again, "Using pressure points is certainly not one of Kakarot's maneuvers…"

"Nope," Gohan tried to catch his breath, "I learned that from Mr. Piccolo."

"Right…" Vegeta clenched his fingers getting feeling back into them, "I forgot you may as well be half alien slug." Without warning he lifted recovered hand up and fired an energy blast at his opponent. Gohan countered with his own energy blast and the room filled with a bright overwhelming light.

An hour later the door to the gravity chamber swung open and two beat up saiyans emerged, "Not bad punk…"

Gohan couldn't help but laugh, "Wow, so I've been promoted from brat to punk now?"

Vegeta snickered as the intercom went off, "Dinner is ready!"

"Come on then," Vegeta nodded to Gohan, "Sustenance is important after fierce training."

"Wait…" Gohan panicked looking down at his bruised form, "My mom is in there and she'll lecture me for hours if she sees me like this…"

Vegeta tsked, "Always that constant fear of the harpy. Fine, take this!" Vegeta tossed Gohan a senzu bean and took one for himself.

"Thanks you Vegeta!" Gohan swallowed the bean and ran to the bathroom to get cleaned up.

Once Gohan was out of site Vegeta grinned almost proudly and walked toward the dining room.

Dinner ended and Bulma showed Gohan and Chichi what she'd managed to come up with.

Gohan and his mom looked on in awe at the new modifications to the suit such as a helmet which tapered into a dragon like snout above the eyes, an open dragon's maw around the red lens on the chest piece, and a ribbed armored spine going down the back. "I decided a helmet would be the best way to go about concealing your identity. It interfaces with the control panel on the arm piece to display information. It's designed to function just like a scouter, in fact the entire visor is the exact same red filament display screen that scouters use. There's also a speaker and transmitter on the left side to let you tune in and broadcast on those radio frequencies easier." Bulma handed the helmet to Gohan to let him look it over better, "Oh, and since I was modifying the chest piece, I went ahead and threw in one more surprise,"

Gohan was still admiring all the functionality of the helmet, "A surprise? Like what?"

"Well if I told you, then it wouldn't be a surprise," Bulma grinned like an evil genius.

Gohan could hardly believe all this amazing tech as he put the helmet back on the manikin, "This is awesome Bulma! I can't believe you came up with this in only an hour!"

Bulma laughed, "Thanks to the auto draft and production equipment around here, that actually only took me about twenty minutes, the belt took the other forty."

"Belt?" Gohan was unsure why his costume needed a belt at this point.

Bulma nodded, "I wanted to make sure the belt looked ordinary enough that it wouldn't draw attention while you're wearing it in normal clothes, but also continued the patterns of the armor to look right once you switch over."

Gohan still didn't quite understand quite what made the belt so important in the first place.

Bulma caught the confused look and explained further, "The belt has a specially designed capsule in the buckle you see. Watch what happens when I press this button." Bulma demonstrated by clicking the button in and the entire suit on the manikin disappeared.

"Now put the belt on, Gohan," comprehension dawned over Gohan as he threaded the belt through the loops on his slacks. Rather than a normal belt buckle, it had a thick metal clasp with a small switch under the side that wouldn't be easy to press by accident.

"You said this button?" Gohan pointed at the buckle.

"That's it, go ahead and try it," Bulma crossed her fingers that it would work right.

Gohan pushed it, and in a flash of light the new armor was properly adorned on his frame, "Whoa… that is cool Bulma!"

Chichi nodded in approval, "You are amazing, it looks really good."

Bulma laughed, "The harder part was getting it to switch out Gohan's clothes for the suit. The suit is basically skin tight, so obviously if he's wearing other clothes it wouldn't be able to simply place the armor over it. In all honesty I kind of rushed the programming and was crossing my fingers that it wouldn't leave him naked."

Chichi laughed along with Bulma and only made Gohan blush slightly.

"Well I'm glad that didn't happen, and really this suit is awesome Bulma! I actually can't wait to use it!" Gohan hit the button to return to his normal clothes and in a flash of light Gohan's arms were sleeved through his pant legs, his shirt was wrapped around his lower torso, and his underwear was draped over his head. Gohan fell over to the side due to the constraining shirt on his legs and looked pleadingly over at Bulma, "Can you please fix this?"

Bulma and Chichi couldn't help but break out into a full fit of laughter much to Gohan's embarrassment. He managed to get the belt off and give it to Bulma as she moved a screen over to give him some privacy to fix his clothes.

The problem was fixed in less than fifteen minutes and Chichi loaded her boys into the car and waved goodbye to the Briefs. During the drive back home Chichi couldn't help but notice the smile on Gohan's face reflected in the window as he stared out the side of the car. So far her plan was looking to be a success!

End Chapter

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