First fic, hope you enjoy. The first section is to introduce a new Harry that I feel is necessary for the story, mostly he is just a more applied determined character. Well not much to say really, on with the story.

Chapter 1: West of Terra

Harry Potter stared down at the elder wand, gripping it tightly between his hands. The battle had been won and this was his prize, a wand. His friends, no, his family, for a wand.

Legend told that it was the most powerful wand in existence. Harry didn't believe it. He had studied wand lore and crafting in Ancient Runes, Arithmancy and in the library late at night and had come to one conclusion, wands didn't matter. They were just tools; some seemingly more unique wands resonated with the more powerful of his kind but really, what came first, the wizard or the wand. In the end, it was always the wizard who was more powerful, regardless of their wand, this wand just happened to change its allegiance to whatever wizard was more powerful until eventually, in this legend, the wand came first, the most powerful wand in the world.

Power had been everything to Harry once, a need born in his time under the stairs. He had wanted freedom above all other things, the ability to choose his own path, the opiate of the oppressed. He soon reasoned that his captivity was caused by his weakness and his dependence on the Dursleys and his oppression caused by his Uncles power. So power in whatever its form was freedom. Knowledge was power, as was might and wealth each flowing into each other as one is acquired, but he had none of these. He did not have the means to be wealthy, nor the build to be strong, so knowledge would be the answer.

So he learnt, stayed back after school and read, blaming detention to keep his Uncle satisfied that he was being set straight. He read about everything, first maths and english to seek understanding, then science and philosophy, history and economics. He pursued every subject he was able to. Some he was unable to fully grasp but he pushed forward until he did. He ever displayed this learning though, not to anyone. Knowledge was power.

Then he arrived in the magical world, a place of wonder and bigotry. Harry had been amazed at the secret society and how...lacking it was. With so much wonder available at their fingertips and the arrogance of their position compared to muggles, Harry found it amazing that they acted no better, and perhaps worse, than their fellow humans they held below them. The magical community was dying in its complacency too. Where muggles forged forwards wizards stood still. Monopolistic businesses such as Gringotts feeding stagnation and a government uninterested in enacting genuine social or economic change.

And Hogwarts was its root. As segregated as the society it educated and a muggles study and history course ensuring that the young witches and wizards were none-the-wiser to their stagnation as a society. The hat gave Harry a choice, he could go anywhere, but in the end he had chosen Ravenclaw. So he pursued his studies in Hogwarts with the same gusto as before, excelling amongst his class mates without Vernon looking over his shoulder and had an adventure here or there to boot. Saving the Philosopher's Stone, the Weasley girl, his godfather, the list went on. In the end he hadn't been strong enough to stop Tom's resurrection and so he found out he had to pursue the great pretender's end.

The hunt for the Horcrux with his friend Hermione had been a riot, finding Umbridge's house and taking the necklace. Breaking into Gringotts through the creation of an immense rune array about the alley and suspending it in time. Finding the diadem in the room of requirement. Harry had found them all. Then he found out from Dumbledore's memories that Harry had been one, but when he had been skewered by the damn great snake below Hogwarts it had been destroyed, Dumbledore's plan to sacrifice him would have to be redressed.

So he turned to his mother. Her master ship of runes had saved him from Tom's wrath and the killing curse once before. Harry had found her books in Godric's Hollow, found how she had saved his life by linking theirs. It was masterful. It was wrong. So Harry took the diadem and it's soul fragment. Constructed a new rune array based on her theory and went to face him.

Hermione followed to her doom but she took the snake with her. As his Nagini died Tom flew in to a rage. Casting curse after curse at Harry. Harry took it all until he saw one he wanted. A killing curse. Harry threw the Diadem into the curse and Tom screamed. He crunched over, screaming for someone to save him. Nobody moved. The purebloods would abide by their customs, stopping them from interfering in a duel. Then they fled and Tom was alone, smoke curling from his body. Harry picked up the prize he now held in his had and took Hermione back to the castle she called home.

Sirius Black.

Remus Lupin.

Nymphadora Lupin.

Fred Weasley.

Hermione Granger.

And so many more. All his family. All taken by this world, this world that had not changed after the last war, or the one before that and would not change after this one.

Harry was done with it, this cursed place. There was nobody to miss him anyway. He would leave to the muggle world, or to exile to whittle away his family's fortune.

But first, his prize, the Elder Wand. Harry gripped it hard and slowly it bent, not going quietly into the night. Then a crack, the wood fracturing to splinters, and then the world went black.


The first feeling he felt as time and space, light and thought returned to him was that it was cold. His entire body was cold. Colder than he had ever been in his life. The cold consumed his being so fully that he didn't feel that he was wet, or that he was almost naked except for the cloak still tied about his neck. Harry slowly opened his eyes, it was so bright, as though he had just woke up. He pushed himself up slowly, squinting against the light only for his arms to collapse into the snow, planting his face firmly in it also. His body shook with the cold and effort.

He rolled himself over instead, laying on the cloak to separate his body from the snow. The cloak provided more protection then you would expect by looking at it. Then again, Harry thought, what do you expect from a Deathly Hallow. Harry looked about, his eyes finally adjusting to the sunshine made worse by the snow. He was in a clearing of a pine forest buried in snow. It was a sunny day today but he didn't expect that would remain the case judging by the clouds in the distance. It was all very odd though, because he knew that this sort of temperate pine forest was only really found in the northern hemisphere, and it was meant to be summer.

He looked about and found the two pieces of the elder wand nearby, along with the Resurrection Stone. He picked them up and felt a little better for having them, though would have preferred some clothes.

A low growl sounded behind him. Then the sound of crunching snow. Harry rolled to the left toward the broken wand and a ball of fur landed hard where he had been sitting not long ago. The wolf turned on him but struggled to move in the deep snow after missing its prey. Harry scrambled and grasped one end of the Elder Wand. He turned just as the wolf pounced again. They fell in a heap of curses and snapping jaws. Harry grasped the canine by the neck holding its teeth from ending its life. He swing wildly with the wand and stabbed the wolf in the neck, blood poured from the wound down its fur and dripped onto his face, blurring his vision to red. The beast struggled against its fate, trying to end his life perhaps in hope that it would not die. But as it struggled it grew weaker until, with a sad whine, it collapsed onto the red stained snow.

Harry pushed the wolf from him and wiped away the blood from his face. A man on a horse was approaching.

"You armed boy?" Called the man as he cautiously rode closer. Harry could see him now. A man with a black beard and hair to his shoulders, maybe 30 years old but still too far to make out the detail of his face. He was dressed in furs and chainmail, a sword held in one had lain across the saddle, ready to use. The horse was a chestnut brown and looked strong as it pushed through the snow, laden with some saddle bags. Harry stared at the man, who had now come to a stop a few feet from the boy-who-lived. 'Chainmail and furs' the boy thought 'nobody wears chainmail or fur any more, except as decoration, not even in the antiquated magical world.'

"You deaf boy?" The man called again. Harry shook his head in response.

"I'm not armed." He finally responded, finding his voice. "Unless you count this stick." He held up the broken wand to show the man.

"Well, isn't this a sight. Old Cid here-" Harry didn't think the man was that old, especially not in comparison to some wizards Harry had met. "-is just ridin about, Out on his daily patrol, and what do I come across but some scrawny runt, naked, fighting a wolf, naked, in the middle of winter...naked." He pointed out again. Harry shivered from the cold.

"I was robbed." He replied, the best excuse he could think of.

"Aye robbed you say. Took everything but yer flimsy cloak, some cruel robbers you met then, leaving someone naked during a winter. Would have been more merciful to just kill you out right." Harry picked up on an odd phrase in this. What did the man mean 'A' winter.

"I had to beg for the cloak too." Harry agreed. The man then looked about, first at the wold, then the stick and then the Resurrection Stone in the snow. The man's demeanour changed instantly, his eye narrowing and sat more upright in his saddle.

"Did you have to beg to keep that there stone too boy?" He asked, using his sword to point at the stone. Harry shifted his body in a defensive way and looked at the man.

"That stone is of no use to you. You could sell it, I'm sure, and get an okay price. But you will never know for how cheaply you sold it." Harry replied, determined to argue the man out of what Harry knew he would do anyway.

"Oh really, but I could sell it anyway, and have more than I had before. Seems I have little to lose."

"Except your life." He replied, with confidence he did not have. Harry may have been of the opinion that wands were not necessary to the use of magic but rather were a crutch to less focused individuals but this was not how Harry wanted to learn if he was right. He couldn't put his faith in an untested theory. So he would rely on one of the only pieces of magic he knew he could do wandlessly.

"So be it then." The man spurred his mount forward. It was slow in the snow but it still began to close quickly. The man lifted his sword. Harry spun where he stood and with an explosion of sound and eyes clenched tight he disappeared. The horse reared in fear at the noise and a naked youth apeared above the mounted warrior, falling at him fast. In surprise the man could do nothing and for the second time that Harry and an attacker collided together, flying through the air, to land in the snow. The man hit the ground first, Harry painfully landing on top of him, his skin greeting on the chain and then rolled off into the snow. He lay there for a second, snow falling on top of him lightly, blown into the air by their landing. A grown interrupted his rest.

Harry turned to face the man. He had landed in an awkward position, his chest pushed up into the air. Harry looked beneath him; the man had landed on a stone. Quickly grabbing the man's sword Harry moved to stand over the man, but not too close.

"Seems you were right boy, I can't feel my legs. It is winter and I cannot move from this spot, my life for a stone." The man coughed hard, he had probably broken his spine and maybe some ribs. Harry went over and picked up the stone. "I should have known better, a naked boy in the middle of winter, should have known it'd be some kind of demon."

"I'm no demon, I can just do things you can't, I was born to a man and woman, just like you." Harry approached the man again, with his sword still in hand. "So, it seems you have a choice to make now. Say I can save you, what would you do?"

"You can save me?" The man asked, though no hope entered his query.

"Maybe, though I may accidentally kill you too, then again, without my attempt you are dead any way. So, what will you do?" Harry was getting colder and he wanted to test his theory out before he tried a warming charm on himself.

"You save me, and I suppose I'll be your man. I'll not be yer slave, but I'll help you, till I've worked off my debt." The man sounded sincere and Harry really had no way of testing him until he was healed.

"Very well then...Cid was it? Let's get this started." Harry palmed the Resurrection Stone and held his hands just above the man. He closed his eyes and sought the magic within himself. Without a wand to help shape the spells he needed and with time not on his side Harry planned to use the stone as a catylist, a focus to draw and channel his magic. It worked better than expected, it was still no wand but Harry could make up for it and so increased the power of the spells, he focused as he weaved them one after another, his intent, rather than incantations, driving his magic into Cid. Bone and sinew, tendons and tissue all wove themselves back together under his magic's guidance.

When it was done Harry slumped back onto the snow and cloak. Cid sat up, twisting his body and moving his legs experimentally. He looked at them like they had never existed before.

"You saved me." He whispered quietly.

"I did, as I said, the stone is better in my hands than being sold as cheaply as you would have." Harry replied, pushing the item about in his palm.

"So, not a demon then, what are you? A wood nymph? An avatar of the Seven?" Harry didn't really know what the man was talking about but left it for now.

"A human, as I said, I can just do things. But look, if you aren't going to stick around willingly just give me some clothes and food as payment and point me in the direction of the nearest town." Harry was slowly getting annoyed with the superstitious man. He had come to assume that the man was a muggle, not a hard assumption, but also one who had lived a sheltered life.

"No, no, I have a debt to settle, given under the watch of the Seven. Not something I can dismiss lightly. Plus, if you can 'do things' which I have no doubt about, then it might be profitable to stick with ya, fortuitous even." The man grinned then at Harry, who was taken aback by the man's dental health. Cid then started walking to his horse which had moved some way off during the fight. "First things first though, I guess you'll be wanting some clothes." Harry was inclined to agree and followed after him. "What is it you are wanting to do anyway?"

"I suppose I need to find out where I am first, and then I guess I should try find a way home." The horse shied away as they approached. Cid reached out a hand to comfort the animal and then snatched the reigns.

"Aye, well I can help with that, I have some maps on me to help with the patrol. Old man Moore's kid got killed a few weeks back by some thieves, now he's got paid men looking through all these woods, in the dead of winter if you can believe it." Harry didn't really know what the big deal was with winter. "This was the last area I been paid to check, you didn't see anyone did you?" Harry shook his head. "Well, don't matter, I get paid anyway." Cid pulled out some clothing and threw them at Harry. They were much too large and didn't help much but Harry covertly cast a warming charm on himself as he put them on. The man then brought out some maps.

The first were some mostly forested areas with one or two towns Harry had never heard of before. Cid pointed to a spot in the forest, presumably that was where they were, somewhere called the Vale, a large mountainous peninsula. Harry then pulled some of the other maps out and was confronted with a land mass he did not recognise.

"What year is it?" He asked, transfixed to the maps.

"287, why?" Harry shook his head and just stared at the map. The elder wand had taken him from his world. There were no continents like this one on earth. Here he was, no food, no money and no wand on a new world. He had some Deathly Hallows, though one was useless now, and at least they spoke and wrote in english, so at least that was going for him. He sat there contemplating for some time, Cid watching him quietly, and then he came to a conclusion that, he didn't much care. With Voldemort defeated and so many of his family dead, there hadn't been much for him on Earth. Here he could be Harry Potter, the nobody or the somebody, it didn't matter, he was free to choose his path and in a world potentially without magic he had some advantages too. Harry, for the first time in a while, smiled.

"Cid, I think I'm going to like it here." Harry then looked at the man who was looking at him steadily. "Is it just Cid? No last name?"

"What do I look like boy? Some snivelling lord with a nice fancy castle and worlds that I like saying over and over to any who'll listen." Harry guessed he still had a lot to learn about his new life. "What's your name then boy."

"Harry." He looked down at the stone in his hand and decided that perhaps Potter wasn't right for this world. "Harry Peverell."

"Never heard of it. Peverell." Cid seemed to think on it for a moment. "Nope, never heard of em."

"We were a small family to the north; don't think you'll ever read about us in books. But we fell on hard times and then lost everything in an attack." Harry did his best to sound sad about his concocted family history. "We tried to stay hidden because of But the people turned on us eventually."

"Aye" Cid nodded in agreement. "People'll do that. You got words, a family motto?" Harry considered this for a time, trying to understand what he meant while masking his confusion as sadness.

"The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death." Then Harry traced the symbol for the Deathly Hallows in the snow, a circle in a triangle bisected by a line.

"Sounds about right for a family of the North." Cid then stood up and turned his horse. "Well little naked lord, we'd best be off, it'll be dark soon and even with your talents I don't much wish to be here when it begins snowing." Harry agreed and they both climbed onto the horse.

So it was that the Peverell family was made and Harry Potter's life began again.