Hello, my good folks! RobSp1derp1g here, with something new and exciting, as I've heard from a friend so many times...

I bring you a new story. This was originally a drabble on the AmourShipping thread on SPPf, and people liked it so much, I turned the idea into a fanfic.

The topic was: Ash won the Kalos League and there's a party in Pallet Town. Serena is invited. How would everyone's reaction be? (paraphrasing)

It's a supposed to be a two-shot, but I have some plans for this. The party in Pallet part (try saying that 5 times fast) will be toward the end, and there will be an epilogue after it. I didn't really have a backstory, so I whipped something up. It's basic, and possibly badly written, but you'll like it... I think.


So, without further ado, here's...

What Happens...

For so, so long, this was all he wanted. With a desire that made men's hearts burn with passion.

The moment his name was announced as the winner of the Kalos League, he fell to his knees in disbelief. His most trusted partner climbed to his shoulder and started celebrating. A celebration that felt more precious than rare materials or diamonds and pearls... A celebration that their souls needed.

After the interviews, the photographs and the obligatory induction in the Hall of Fame, he was finally able to rejoin his friends. A blonde child sat on a chair, swinging her legs, eagerly waiting for the chance to release the accumulated energy that seemed to originate from the tiny mouse located in her satchel. A teenage boy sat quietly beside her, but the same energy was there, though more controlled, as he was tapping his feet. Pacing through the small room, which was dotted with potted plants; was a teenage girl, who seemed more excited than the other two combined. She was electrified. Her small fox-like companion acknowledged her trainer's excitement by barking at her. The girl picked her friend up and held her in her arms, making an unsuccessful attempt to deviate her attention...

A door opened. A teenage boy with black hair walked through it, looking in disbelief and amazement to a gold object in his hands. In his shoulder, a yellow mouse celebrated.

"Ash, is that..." The blond teenage boy asked, walking towards the door that had just opened.

"Huh?" Ash suddenly realizes where he is and all that transpired. He did it. He finally did it.

"Ash, can I play with the trophy?" The small girl ran to his friend, and asked.

"Trophy? Oh, sure, Bonnie." Ash handed the trophy to the young girl, as his yellow companion jumped to the ground and started playing with the creature in the little kid's satchel.

"Serena, what's wrong?" The blond boy questioned.

Anyone watching that scene would ask the same question. The girl had tears in her eyes, but a large smile in her face.

"Him." She turned to Ash. "You managed to complete your goal, defeating insurmountable odds and now, that you're standing here with your dream fulfilled, you can't believe it." Serena explained.

"Clemont, can you come here, please?" Bonnie asked.

"You didn't break the trophy, did you?" Clemont inquired the little girl as he walked away from the teenagers.

"I guess you're right. It's been a very long time waiting for this..." Ash's victory starts to settle in.

Serena threw herself towards Ash, with her arms open, in an effort to embrace him. Seeing as he didn't really have a choice, he put his arms around her. It felt good. It made the league victory he just accomplished, after years of hard work, seem trivial.

"Serena", Ash softly spoke, "thank you."

"For what?" Serena questioned, the tinyest bit of curiosity took over her voice.

"You've been there for me ever since I started my journey in Kalos. When things looked bleak, you never left my side. I don't think I'd be able to be here today, in the Champion's Hall, if it weren't for you." The black-haired teen answered.

"I'm so proud of you." Serena's voice was soft, her emotions worn on her sleeve.

Serena pulled herself back from the embrace, and intended to give Ash a simple kiss on the cheek, to congratulate him on his achievement. But Ash decided to turn his head to the right...

"Okay, Ash, I just need your signature in a few docu...ments..." A voice originating from behind them quickly became quiet in front of what its owner saw.

Clemont looked back to see who was talking, and he recognized the woman, and the lizard-like creature that was perched in her shoulder. But his gaze swiftly changed and what he saw left him flabbergasted.

A teenage couple sharing the most tender, unexpected kiss in recorded human history. Neither of them expected it, but neither of them were moving... Their eyes, opened by surprised at first, slowly closed to give way to emotion.

The bigger of the yellow mice looked at his trainer and with a smile exclaimed: "Pi ka!" (A/N: Which translates to something along the lines of "About time!")

Clemont smiled. He was happy for his friends. It clearly had been a long time coming. Being a man of science, he'd noticed the smiles, the tiny variations in their behavior when they were around each other. Serena had always been into Ash, but something triggered the same effect on Ash. He suspected something happened when they went shopping for presents for their Pokémon.

The woman who opened the door walked towards the blond boy, taking careful steps not to make any type of sound.

"How long do they do this for?" The woman asked, clearly content.

"I don't know," Clemont explained, his gaze focused on the couple. "They've never done this before..."

"Are you saying I walked in on their first kiss? Good one, Alexa!"

"Whose first kiss?" Bonnie asks, getting up from the ground from playing with Ash's trophy.

As if predicting what would happen, Clemont walked behind his sister and prepared himself. Bonnie looked at Alexa and acknowledged the young woman.

"Alexa, what are you doing here?" The child questioned.

"Well, being the sister of a gym leader has its advantages..." Alexa explained, to which Bonnie chuckled. "When I found out that Ash had won the league championship and was going to battle Diantha, I asked Viola to introduce me to Diantha, because I wanted to be here in case Ash won, and win he did. In more than one respect, I might add."

"What do you..." Bonnie looked at Ash and became electric. "Holy Arc..." She was suddenly silenced by her brother, who covered her mouth with his hand.

"Come with us, Bonnie." Alexa requested.

"But... but... but..." The child complanied.

Alexa took the siblings to the door and opened it. The Pokémon looked at her expectantly, but she just said, "Stay there, we'll be right back". She let the siblings through and crossed the threshold herself, closing the door almost in full, except for a crack.

"Bonnie," Alexa crouched to level herself with the girl, "what you saw in there..."

"I know what I saw in there, I'm not stupid." Bonnie retorted. "Ash and Serena were kissing. What's the big deal?"

"The big deal is," Clemont mimicked Alexa's action and crouched, and held Bonnie's arm with his right hand. "Ash and Serena don't know we saw them kissing. So, if they tell you something about what you saw here, you tell them you only saw Ash won his match against Diantha, okay?"

"Okay... but it's so cute!" Bonnie begrudgingly complained.

"Oh, she thinks we're cute!" A voice rings out.

A triple gulp took place.

Across the threshold were the Ash and Serena.

"Ash, Serena... we... we were just..." Clemont stuttered, nervously.

"Guys, I know you saw us, but I have one favor to ask you. When we get to Pallet Town, in Kanto, please don't tell anyone what you saw here." Ash pleaded

"Why not? It's a beautiful thing." Alexa said.

"Yeah, but if they knew, my mom and Prof. Oak would never let me hear the end of it..."

"Just one thing," Clemont inquired, "Why would we go to Pallet Town?"

"By now, news of my victory must have reached Pallet. Don't you think I'd want to celebrate it with my friends?" Ash smiled.

"Oh, I don't know..." Bonnie replied, faking an upset tone. "It seems you already had a celebration of your own back there..."

All five people began laughing. The Champion and his friends. Ash motioned for Pikachu to join him, and Dedenne followed.

As they walked away from the Champion's Hall, all five of them knew that their dynamics shifted. What was there five hours ago, is not what is there now. And what they left behind...

"Oh no! The trophy! I left it inside!" Bonnie panicked.

"No, you didn't. I got it when we came out." Ash replied.

"Sorry? If it wasn't for me, it would still be waiting for someone to pick it up!" Serena protested.

"Yeah, but... but... I give up..." Ash conceded.

"Wise decision." Alexa commented.

And so a journey came to an end, only for another one to begin. But many things can take place, on the way to Pallet Town.