Summary- Ruby is tired of celebrating everyone's happy ending but hers and realizes leaving everything she's ever known may be her last chance of finding it. What Ruby doesn't know is that not everyone is as content with their happy ending as she thinks.

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Ruby had felt so alone in the beginning, she had thought she would never have anyone to love her the way she loved Regina. A few years had gone by, the two women were so in love with each other. Regina had connected with Zelena when it turned out that the redhead was truly meant to be with Robin. Although many thought Tink was meant to be with him, turns out she was meant for Archie and they were now married.

Emma and Hook reconnected and had a little girl they named Hasley Milah Jones, the little girl became a big and important part of Henry's life. Rumple and Belle had twins Elijah Michael and Kinsley Grace, the two parents' couldn't be happier. Neal was excited to be an older brother even if it was in his late thirties, he was now married to Maleficent and they were expecting their first child, a boy they were planning to name Lucas Killian Cassidy.

Snow and Charming had one more child after their son Neal, her name was Alison Harmony Nolan. The little girl was the highlight of Emma's days when she would visit her parents, she had always wanted to be an older sister.

The wolf is broken out of her thoughts by a hand on her shoulder. "It's time." Belle says standing behind the brunette.

Nervously running her hand over the laced up pure white wedding dress with dashes of red, because she wouldn't be Ruby without her red. "I'm scared."

Emma smiles from where she stands in the doorway. "I was scared myself Rubes, but when I looked into Killian's eyes I remembered it was worth it." she says trying to calm the wolf's nerves.

Still very nervous she allows Belle and Emma to lead her from the room that Emma had magiced up for the wedding.

"You'll do great Red." Belle says softly resting a hand on the wolf's arm as they walk.

Ruby takes a deep breath and looks over at Belle, "I'm pregnant." she says quietly. "We found a spell in one of the books she had and Regina made a potion but it's been so long that we didn't think it had worked." taking another deep breath she looks up as she sees Regina by the town line. "I want to tell her so badly, but maybe we should get through the wedding first?" she asks nervously.

They had chosen the town line because that was where Ruby and Regina finally connected. It was their beginning, and no matter what anyone else thought Ruby was glad she had been pushed over the line. Being pushed over the town line proved to her and to Regina that they were strong enough to overcome anything that happened.

Regina stares at Ruby from her spot near the line, their eyes meeting from across the distance, the former Queen's heart swelling with love.

Ruby lets her smile grow at how beautiful Regina looked in the black and purple dress Maleficent had made her. 'I love you.' she mouths as she meets Charming at the police cruiser.

It had been a year since Granny had passed, the older woman having gone in her sleep while lying in Marco's arm. The sadness the wolf had felt quickly passed, when she realized that Marco and Granny had passed together and not alone.

"You ready for this?" David asks as he holds out his arm for her.

The wolf nods and takes his arm. "I've been waiting for this for as long as I can remember." she says as the wedding march starts to play, they begin the walk to Regina, her smile growing with every step closer she is to the former Queen.

"So have I wolfy, I was just waiting for you to make your move" The former King says as he walks to the beat of the wedding march.

A soft laugh leaves her as she looks at her best friend's husband. "If we walk a little faster, then I can marry her." she teases him because he was walking to the beat of the wedding march.

The blonde man laughs "Eager are you?" he teases her, although he is extremely happy for her.

"Don't act like you weren't eager to marry Snow." Ruby responds as they get even closer, only a few more steps and she would be standing in front of the woman she loved.

David grabs Ruby's arm and practically pushes her forward into Regina's arms teasingly. "Fast enough for you now?" he asks.

"Yes." Ruby responds as she stands up straight and smiles at the other woman. "Hi." she says softly as she takes in the woman she loved. "You look so gorgeous."

"You are prettier then blooming lilies." Regina says with a smirk crossing her rosy red lips.

A deep throated cough interrupts them, "Should we get on with this then?" Mr. Gold asked

The wolf can't help but laugh, this had been an ongoing joke between them since they went to a flower shop two years ago and Ruby sneezed in front of the lilies.

Looking over at the man who coughed, Ruby smirks. "Sorry Gold."

"We are all gathered here to unite these two women together as one. Do any here have any objections speak now or forever hold your peace?" The former dark one says loud enough for everyone around them to hear.

Everyone stays quiet, they were all excited for the two women to get married after being together for five years.

Clearing his throat Rumple nods, "Now these ladies have prepared a few words to say to each other. Ruby why don't you start first?"

Ruby takes a deep breath and grabs the other woman's hands. "Regina, we have been through some extremely tough times, and we almost lost each other. But we are here today, and we are together. I thought I would be alone for the rest of my life, and it hurt because I was in love with you. That was five years ago, but today we are getting married, and I couldn't be happier. I love you so much, and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you and our child." she adds in the child knowing Regina would be excited.

Regina's eyes fluttered open wide in pleased surprise. "The stuff worked? she whispers.

The wolf smiles brightly and nods, "It worked, and we will be having a baby in just a few months." she whispers stepping closer and going in to kiss Regina.

"Ah ah ah." Rumple says putting a hand between them. "Not until we get to the I do's."

"Ruby I have loved you from the first moment I laid eyes on you in the Enchanted forest. Even then I had wanted to make you mine, we've been through a lot together. I've almost lost you so many time which scared me half to death. But when everything happened with you and the line, I knew then that I could not wait to make you my own, I can't wait to be yours forever my little wolf." Regina whispers softly as she stares into Ruby's eyes.

Ruby smiles and stares into Regina's eyes. "I love you."

"Regina do you take Ruby Red Lucas, to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold and woman forsaking all others keep thee in sickness and in health as long as you both shall live?" Rumple asks looking between both women.

"I do" Regina breathed softly.

"And, Ruby do you take Regina Elizabeth Mills, to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold and woman forsaking all others keep thee in sickness and in health as long as you both shall live?" Rumple asks looking at the wolf.

Tears were in the wolf's eyes as she responded. "I do."

"Ring bearers bring forth the rings." Rumple says looking for the two boys.

Little Neal walks forward with Henry following him, both carrying a different ring.

Ruby takes the ring she had gotten Regina, it was sterling gold with a black and purple diamond. Slowly sliding it onto Regina's left ring finger the wolf can't help but lose her breath.

Turning to Neal and Henry Regina smiles and grabs the ring she had gotten Ruby. The golden ring had a bright red diamond situated in the middle encompassed by to purple stones on each side. Slowly and gently sliding the ring onto Ruby's left ring finger the former Queen smiles.

Rumple sends a loving look to Belle and the twins, before he turned back to the two woman before him. "You may now kiss the bride."

Without a second thought Ruby pulls Regina in for a passionate kiss, both women pulling the other closer. After a few minutes they pull back and smile at each other.

"I love you." Ruby says softly as she stares into Regina's eyes.

Regina smiles as she looks into Ruby's eyes, "I love you too."

"Glad you came to me for your rings, now you can cross the line and go on your honeymoon." Rumple says with a smile.

The two women say their goodbyes before crossing the line and getting into Ruby's car, Emma having driven it over the line for them before the wedding.

Waving one last time Ruby turns to look at her wife. "You ready?"

"Paris here we come." Regina says in response before they drive off.