Valkyria Chronicles: Liberty Brigade

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"Give me liberty, or give me death!"

- Patrick Henry


That was the first thing I felt when I regained consciousness. I slowly opened my eyes and was treated to a howling snowstorm and a subzero temperature as I tried to get my bearings. I could not see well at all, with the snowstorm blurring my vision and the temperature freezing my eyelids.

I tried turning my head but I felt a huge pain on my forehead. I could feel something sharp stuck on it, including blood that was slowly dripping down my face. I did not want to imagine what was stuck on my head, fearing that it would accentuate the pain. So I tried moving my body, but I felt an even greater pain. It was as if I had been hit by a train.

Nevertheless, I persisted and slowly moved my right arm, which was not as broken as my left one. I reached for the sharp object that was causing great pain. But when I grabbed it and tried to pull it out, I essentially started to torture myself: I could feel my skull being torn asunder as I desperately tried to remove the object. With one sudden pull I managed to extract the fragment from my forehead, but the pain had reached its apex: I cried so loud I could be heard miles away.

But no one came to my aid: I was standing in the middle of a blinding and deafening snowstorm that had me imprisoned within its thick white veil. After taking a moment to relieve myself from the pain, I slowly got up and took a good look at my surroundings as the snowstorm calmed down.

I was standing on a snowy meadow, surrounded by hundreds of soldiers who lied motionless on the ground. Strangely none of them appeared to be wounded. It was as if they had been knocked out rather than killed. Suddenly I started to hear a flaming sound in the distance. It was loud and managed to break through the noise barrier created by the snowstorm's howling. It was coming from a short distance. My legs felt brittle, but I was able to walk, albeit slowly.

As I walked towards the source of the flaming sound I started to feel hot. What could emit such a powerful heat wave in the middle of a freezing snowstorm? But as I made my way up a steep hill, the heat grew stronger and stronger. When I reached the hilltop I was standing in front of a giant crater, roughly 300 yards wide. I took a closer look at the center of the crater and realized that the source of the flaming sound was not a "what", but a "who". A woman, more precisely, whose pale body was emitting a blue flame. She was facing the other way and was carrying a lance on one hand, and a shield on the other. Her long and silky silver hair was blowing in the wind. She looked like an angel, one whose descent upon the earth was so hard that the impact ravaged the landscape.

But before I could so much as take another step forward, the woman slowly started to turn her head towards me. Her piercing and glowing red eyes struck terror into my heart. She had blood splattered on her right cheek, and her face revealed a soulless expression that made her look like a remorseless killer. As I stood on the hilltop, my eyes started to widen in fear. Suddenly, I stopped breathing: I felt like she was going to seal my fate, and within a heartbeat, I began recollecting past events. How did I end up here? Why did fate guide me here? Those were questions that only the past could answer…