Jasercy Fanfiction – A Night To Remember

Characters © Rick Riordan / PJO HoO
Idea © Mine

Enjoy :)

A Night To Remember

Chapter 01: What happened last night?

Jason awoke, surprisingly well rested. As he opened his eyes, he looked up at the white ceiling and heaved a big sigh.
What a rough week.
Monster attacks several times a day, every single day.

Jason groaned and put his hand over his face.

As he turned his head to look around in his room, he frowned.

He couldn't remember his room being so untidy, with dirty laundry lying around on the floor.
He looked at the far corner and noticed a water fountain.
Since when did he have that in his room?
And what was he meant to do with it, anyways?
He looked around at Percy, who was sleeping next to him.
Since when did Percy sleep in his room?

He looked back up at the ceiling and sighed, closing his eyes and trying to fall back asleep.
He'd simply clean up his room later, give the water fountain back to whoever decided to lose it in his room and take Percy back to his room.

Then he shot up.

Dirty laundry? In his room?!

A water fountain? In his room?!


He jumped out of bed and looked around him. What the hell?! This wasn't his room! This was PERCY'S room! What in the name of Hades was he doing in Percy's room?!

He wanted to rush out the room when he noticed a small, but to him quite shocking detail. He was only wearing his underpants.
He stared down at himself, unbelieving. Then he tiptoed over to the bed, where Percy laid beneath the blankets, hoping he wouldn't wake up.
He slowly pulled up the blankets. Oh great. Percy was only wearing his underpants as well.
Jason looked around in the room, searching for his clothes. He found one of his socks in the water fountain, the other one near the window.
His t-shirt was close to his door, while his pants were entangled into Percy's at the bed.

Seriously, what had happened here? This was almost as if...as if...

Jason's insides filled with dread.
No, this couldn't be.

It simply couldn't be.

There must be a logic explanation to this whole thing.

Percy and Jason had probably just sat down together and laughed and joked and it had gotten so warm that they had gotten slightly undressed. And then they had been so tired to fall into bed together, completely uncaring, and fallen asleep.

Yeah, that must be it.

But even as he tried to reassure himself, he knew it wasn't the truth. First of all, he would never get undressed just because he was feeling hot and then go into somebody else's bed.

Second, Percy and Jason couldn't stand each other and would never sit down in the same room unless it couldn't be avoided or everybodys lives depended on it.

But it still didn't make sense.

He looked around at Percy, who was sleeping like a baby. They wouldn't...would they?

Hell no. Of course not.

Jason grabbed his clothes and started putting them on as fast, yet as quiet as possible. He so did not want to be here when Percy woke up.

He looked around in case he had missed anything that belonged to him, then rushed to the door and ran outside.

It seemed to be early morning still as he fled for his room and locked the door behind him. He was feeling immensely sick. What was he going to do now?

He forced himself to calm down. Everything was ok. He didn't feel strange or anything, so even if they had done...done THAT, it still hadn't been him to be the bottom.

Not that that cheered him up much. The thought of penetrating another guy was almost as disturbing as being penetrated by one. He shook his head firmly and dropped onto the bed.

What the hell had happened yesterday?
Had they been drugged? He couldn't remember a thing.

That is...he could remember faintly, what had happened during the day. But from the meeting with the others to now, everything was fuzzy and undistinguishable.

He sighed and looked about his room.

Yes, this was his room. Neat and tidy, no stupid fountain in the corner and the bed for himself. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Then he thought of Percy next to him and got up again.

He needed a shower. Now.

An hour later he came out the shower, having washed off any imaginary dirt he could have found and every trace of Percy's smell on him eliminated.

He went about his room with only his towel around his hips, when it suddenly knocked on the door.

He looked up. It was still barely 7am in the morning. Who was up this early, other than the people on duty that would switch in an hour?
Maybe it was Leo to ask him to take over early, so he could tinker with that wii-controler of his? „It's open." He said and turned his back to the door to take some fresh clothes out of the wardrobe.

"We are having an early-...oh..." Piper started but stopped, blinking at the mostly naked Jason in front of her. Then she turned her back to him.
"Sorry, I just wanted to tell you that we are having an early meeting today. Please be in the dining room in ten minutes. Annabeth said it's important." She said and left.

Jason wanted to say something, but was at a loss for words. Ever since he had broken up with Piper, things hadn't been very smooth between them. Of course, it had all turned out for the better for Piper, for she had found Annabeth and the two of them seemed quite happy.

Though of course that had only fueled Percy's distaste for Jason even more, for he blamed the loss of his girlfriend on him.

Percy. Again Percy. Why always perfect Percy?!

Jason grimaced and put his clothes on fast.
He didn't fancy being late in case Percy was there.

Damn it.

Why would he care if the son of Poseidon was going to sneer at him again? First of all he would do it anyways and second of all, who cared what that son of Poseidon did at any rate?!

He rushed to the dining room and arrived at the door the same time as somebody seemed to want to open it, for Jason slammed the door straight in their face.

"Oh my god, I'm so-...oh...you..." He started to apologize but then realized it was Percy he had hit.

The son of the sea god had toppled to the ground, holding his head, a fat bruise on his forehead. The others looked around at them aghast.

Annabeth only raised an eyebrow. "That's what you get for wanting to lock him out, Percy." She said drily from the best seat at the table – the seat Percy and Jason kept bickering about.

Jason glared at Percy, then left him sitting on the floor and went over to the table.

At least he tried to, but Percy threw himself at Jason's feet and grabbed his legs, making him stumble and fall.
Then Percy scrambled up and ran past Jason towards the table and sat down on the seat Jason had wanted to take.

Jason growled. Percy sneered.

Then Annabeth cleared her throat loudly and Jason heaved himself off the floor, went around the table and sat down at the chair next to Hazel, which was the one exactly in front of Percy.

They glared daggers at each other.

"Boys!" Annabeth hissed and they both looked at her with innocent expressions.

She rolled her eyes for all to see and started talking. It was something about their current course and how she had calculated some sort of shortcut, where they could also stop somewhere along the way and pick up more supplies to fix up the ship some more.
The monster attacks surely had taken their toll on the Argo II. after all.

All the while, Percy's feet began kicking Jason's and Jason was tempted to stick his sword into his right foot that seemed especially annoying.
But instead, he ignored it and kept his face pointing to Annabeth, even though he only took in half of what she said.

While they were already there, they also had breakfast but Jason found he wasn't really hungry.
To his surprise, Percy didn't eat much either, though that didn't stop him from teasing Jason about barely eating anything.

The others were used to this scenario by now and ignored them both.
Seriously, they had been this way ever since they had both wanted to sit down on that chair that Annabeth was occupying at the head of the table.

When Jason finally had enough, he got up and went to leave.

Percy got up as well- and winced, making everybody turn. Jason included, who was now feeling sick again and looked at Percy, horrified.

"You ok, Percy?", Hazel asked surprised, but Percy waved it off. "I probably just lied down wrong, no worries." He said and then met Jason's gaze. "What are you staring at, superman?" He spat the last word out and Jason's eyes narrowed, but he didn't reply.

Instead, he turned around and left, wondering if there really could have been something between Percy and him last night.

He kind of wanted to know, yet was afraid of the answer.

Since he wasn't on guard duty until noon, he went into the training room and started chopping off dummy heads.

He began his normal stabbing movements until he tried to remember how Percy usually sliced with his sword at his opponents. He had tried to pick it up at Camp Half-Blood and had made some progress, but it still didn't look remotely as freestyle as Percy's work.

Though he assumed to be able to slash blindly at your foes you had to be dense enough to not make a plan beforehand and just slash around in order to do something.
He tried slashing at his opponents as he had learned at Camp Half-Blood and heard somebody chuckling behind him.

"Your stance is completely off. Put your legs further apart and raise your arms a bit higher. You don't want to stab-slash, but do a decent slash." An only too well known voice said and Jason looked around, positively annoyed.

"Mind your own business." He barked, surprised at how harsh his voice sounded.

Percy held up his hands, coming closer. "Just trying to help you not getting all of us killed, that's all." He said and pulled out his pen that turned into Riptide as he uncapped it.

Then he went into his normal casual stance and pointed his sword at Jason. "Duel?"

Jason sighed and raised his own sword. "Fine."

They started circling each other and Percy was the first to attack, which wasn't exactly unexpected. Jason blocked the blow and counterattacked, but Percy already jumped out of the way, just to attack from a different angle again.

For what seemed like ages, Jason blocked attack after attack, trying to get a hit on Percy, but so far all they had achieved was the beheading of several dummies while they tried to get each other.

"Why don't you just give up?" Percy called as he blocked a rather neat attack from Jason.

But Jason simply advanced again. "Could ask you the same question." He stated as he blocked another blow from Percy.

Then Percy suddenly jumped sideways, attempting to strike at Jason's left leg, but as he went to block the strike, he noticed Percy had feigned and was actually aiming for his midriff.

He spun around with his sword, blocking Percy's Riptide at last moment and pushed him back, then advanced at him with the slashing attacks he did know.

Percy was forced to move backwards, which lead him into just the corner Jason wanted him in.

Seagreen eyes locked with sky-blue ones.

Then Percy went for the attack again and they kept fighting on and on until they both were out of breath.

"Giving up?" Percy asked and Jason could detect a glimmer of hope, making him chuckle.

"Never. But maybe you wish to give up."

"Over my dead body."

They stood several feet apart, both panting heavily. Both had their arms on their legs, catching their breath, staring at each other.
Then Percy wanted to get upright again and winced.

Jason blinked as Percy touched his lower back. "You ok?" He asked genuinely worried, but Percy only glared at him.

"I'm fine." He snapped, but Jason put his weapon back onto his belt.

"Maybe you should let that get checked. If it interferes with your fighting-..." Further he didn't get, for Percy threw his sword at him and embedded it in the wall next to Jason's head.

"I said I'm fine." Percy hissed and Jason raised an eyebrow.

"On your period much?" He said nonchalant and noticed surprised how Percy was blushing as he came towards him to retrieve his sword.

"Shut up, Jason. Just leave me alone."

Jason was wondering whether he should get out of the way, but decided to stay where he was.

Percy stopped right in front of him, seemingly expecting him to step aside.

Jason looked at him defiantly.

Then Percy grimaced and tried to grab his sword, but Jason grabbed his arm and pushed him against the wall next to his sword instead.

"What the..." Percy started and tried to get out of Jason's grip, but he held on tight.

Percy's face was only inches from his. He had never seen his face so up-close. Especially not his eyes.

"What do you want?" Percy demanded and looked at him rather annoyed.

Jason let go of him. "Nothing really, just wanted to test whether you always have your guard up, even without a weapon." Percy scowled at him and turned around to retrieve his sword.

And just then, Jason grabbed Percy's sides where he probably would, if he had to picture himself doing Percy and applied some pressure on his lower body. The black-haired yelped and Jason's heart sank.

"What the hell was that for, you damn bastard?" Percy hissed, but Jason only buried his face in his hands and groaned.

"Oh gods...", he muttered.

Percy stared at him. "What? What do you mean with 'Oh gods'?"

Jason shook his head. "You don't remember last night, by any chance, do you?" He asked, a glimmer of hope in his voice.

Percy frowned and capped Riptide, turning it back into a pen and putting it in his pants.

"Of course I remember last night. We had dinner and then I went to my room...and then I went outside and there was you and we had that whole argument about that chair again...and...then..."

He scratched his head.

Jason frowned. "Why was I outside?" He asked confused.

Percy frowned at him. "Hell, how am I supposed to know? But you were. Don't you remember? We were arguing and you said some bullshit and then...well...I guess I forgot the rest of it..."

Jason cursed under his breath. "There couldn't have been something like...me...grabbing your waist...for some reason?"

Percy looked at him, now positively alarmed. "What the hell are you talking about? All I know is that we argued and I wanted to leave. I probably went into my room and straight to bed. Did you hit your head or something?"

Jason opened his mouth to say something, couldn't find any words, and closed it again.

Then he shook his head.

What was the point of talking about this in the first place? It wasn't as if it really made a difference whether they had done it or not.
Percy wasn't a girl. He wouldn't get pregnant or anything.

Maybe it was even better if Percy didn't know. Since it was him who had been the bottom, there was no way he'd let that sit like that and Jason did NOT want to wake up in the middle of the night to being molested by Percy as revenge.

He composed himself again.

"Ah, just...wondering. Well, I'll be off. Got to take over guard-duty now. See you." He excused himself and rushed off, leaving Percy standing there all alone, staring after him confused.

He avoided Percy the whole day.

Not that Percy minded, but it was getting on his nerves how glorious Jason looked positively alarmed every time he noticed Percy somewhere close by and hurried off to some other part of the ship.

Jason seemed practically beside himself today. And what the hell had that talk earlier meant, about him remembering last night?


Jason was probably just trying to get to him.

Though he had seemed genuinely upset about something.

At any rate, what had that whole 'did i have my hands on your waist' thing about?
He almost acted as if Percy was a girl or something that bruised at the lightest touch.
Then again, why would Jason touch him there anyways? His lower back hurt again as he got up from his chair in the dining room. Ok, maybe it had been Jason's chair, but hey, he didn't like the guy, so he couldn't care less.

Seriously, how could somebody lay so wrong they hurt their lower back?
It was as if he'd gotten raped or something.

He saw Jason enter the dining room as he was just turning around to leave.

Their eyes met.
Then Jason looked down on him, noticed his hand on his lower back, blushed and left again in a hurry.

That's when Percy realized.

That was guilt in Grace's face, alright.

And right then, he caught up to what the hell was going on.

His insides clenched, suddenly he felt sick, but nevertheless he hurried after Jason.

"Grace!" He yelled and caught up to him when he was almost at his room.

Jason turned around to him and lifted his arms defensively – but Percy already had him by the scruff of his neck and pushed him against the wall as Jason had done previously that day.

"What. Did. You. Do. Last. Night!?" Percy hissed in his face and was practically fuming.

This could not be true.

There was no chance that they would have...would have done THAT.

And that HE would be the bottom...no.

He would not have it.


This was an act against his pride.

He would skewer Jason as soon as he admitted to his crime.

"I have no freaking idea! YOU are the one remembering at least something! I only know that I woke up in your fucking room!"

Percy paled and shook him. "What are you trying to say? We didn't...we didn't...did we?!" His voice was almost pleading Jason to say 'No, we didn't do anything, we drew sparkling, pink ponies and ate lollipops all night and giggled like little girls, no worries.'

Jason looked at him helplessly. "I...I don't know..."

Percy's lips trembled without him wanting to and he let go of Jason.

"Percy..." The blonde tried, but Percy shoved him hard against the chest.

"This is all YOUR fault!" He yelled and shoved Jason away again.

Jason grimaced. "How is this MY fault?! If YOU would have actually left me alone for once, then this might not have happened at all!" He attacked back and shoved Percy, what made Percy even angrier.

They started shoving each other around, forgetting where they were and partially even forgetting, why they were doing this in the first place – but then Percy would wince and both guys would be reminded of what they were fighting about.

Until they were suddenly in Jason's room, with Jason shoved against the door roughly from the inside, Percy at his front, pushing his lips against Jason's without even realizing what the hell he was doing.

Jason stared at him wide-eyed and tried to push him away, but Percy stood his ground and his tongue fought his way into his mouth.

"Jackson...what the..." Jason pressed out under the kiss, but Percy made him shut up with letting his hand glide down Jason's front towards his pants.

Jason practically hissed when Percy began to open his pants and let his hand slide inside.

"Two can play that game..." He then murmured and let go of Percy's arm still holding him against the door, instead letting his hands travel down to Percy's pants and opening them, letting his hands go inside while they started a wild tongue play, determined to find out who was stronger, better, more dominant.

Sadly, they seemed to be pretty well matched, for neither wanted to back down, even when they both closed their hands around each other's dicks and started pumping.

Percy hissed into the kiss, Jason growled.

Then he tore himself free of Percy's one arm holding him and pushed him against the wall next to the door, pulling his shirt up and his pants down.

Percy fought against him again but Jason's grip on him was tight and his hand on his dick merciless.

"You...will not...make me..." He said through clenched teeth and sweat ran down his forehead as he still tried to tear himself off the wall.

Jason chuckled and began to lick and suck down Percy's neck, biting down at a spot between neck and shoulder.

Percy couldn't suppress a little gasp.

Then his grip on Jason's erection hardened and he pressed down hard on the tip, making Jason shiver with pleasure – but not lessen his grip on Percy.
The two of them looked into each other's eyes, determined to not give in to the other one.

Jason was going insane.

A moment ago they had been pushing each other around, now they were all over each other, kissing and biting and gnawing, without even really knowing what the hell they were doing.

All he knew was that he didn't want to lose against Percy.

So he kept him tightly pressed against the wall with one arm across his chest, his whole weight against him, while his other hand was in Percy's pants, jerking him off and trying different movements to get a freaking submissive moan out of the son of the sea god.

But Percy was tough.

He stood his ground, even though he couldn't get away from the wall and had Jason's dick in a firm grasp, concentrating on the tip of it, which felt annoyingly good.

He pushed their bodies harder together, so they could feel their hot skins pressing against each other.

Percy looked at him with open contempt, yet it was him who initiated the next kiss again.

"Don't enjoy this too much...I will never touch you again...after this..." Jason growled as they tongued each other wildly, both tongues fighting for the upper hand.

Percy hissed. "Trust me...at the end of this you'll be begging for me to touch you just once more..." He said maliciously and pushed his hips towards Jason's.

Then Jason let go of him to rip his orange t-shirt off his body and attack him full force.

Percy couldn't even look around fast enough, then he was already pinned against the wall again, both hands suddenly above his head, Jason's mouth on his and one of his annoyingly good feeling cool hands moved over Percy's naked upper body.

As he neared his nipples, Percy practically fumed with anger and he tore away from the kiss.

"Don't you DARE, Grace! I swear! I am NOT a girl!"

But Jason dared.

His fingers started pinching and playing with Percy's nipples and no matter how much Percy tried to act like it left him completely cool – the way he flinched and his dick throbbed showed Jason what he wanted to see.

Then Percy managed to rip himself free and tackled Jason, pulling his shirt up and kicking his own pants down completely, as they both randomly fell onto Jason's bed, Jason beneath him, staring up at Percy daringly.

Percy pushed Jason's t-shirt up so Jason couldn't see for a moment, then pulled his pants down to expose his dick completely.

For a moment, he stayed like that, just staring.

"Damn it! We are even the same size!" He howled and Jason, finally managing to get his t-shirt off his face and his hands free again, looked down at their erections as well.

Then they were all over each other again, Percy on top but unable to do much with that, other than rub their dicks together, as well as the rest of their bodies and kissing and gnawing at each other.

Then he felt Jason's hand on his backside and growled, his eyes narrowed to mere slits.

"No. You. Won't."

Jason grinned up at him maliciously. "But you'd already be used to it, wouldn't you?"

Percy hissed and tried to get the upper hand again – which he did, surprising them both, as he suddenly held Jason's arms over his head and had his other hand travel down his well-trained body.

"I'm going to make you scream my name, Grace." He said and pushed his finger into Jason, who flinched and only looked at him menacingly.

Percy was pretty pleased with himself.

He had Jason exactly where he wanted him: beneath him.

But somehow it was annoying, having to use one arm to hold Jason's fighting ones up and his other one down Jason's body to penetrate him.

He wished he could let go of Jason's arms and just concentrate on showing him that he was the better lover.
But he knew Jason would never admit defeat.

Then he felt how his arm started falling asleep.

Oh no, why now?

Jason noticed the difference immediately and pulled himself free from Percy's grip.

But instead of throwing Percy off him or stopping him in any way, Jason's hands travelled all over Percy's body and while one hand began to pump his hot, pulsating dick again, the other one stayed with his nipples and Percy let a low moan escape.

Jason's sky-blue eyes flashed with something Percy couldn't decipher and he kept going, while Percy used his other hand to massage Jason's balls.
A deep groan escaped his mouth and Percy's eyes filled with glee.

Finally, some progress. He added a second finger to the one already penetrating Jason's butt, but the blonde was unwilling to make any more sounds, much to Percy's dismay, but instead of giving up he started looking for Jason's good spot.

He knew he had found it when Jason suddenly groaned through clenched teeth, his eyes tightly shut.

Percy practically gloated and continued hitting the same spot over and over again.

"Told you you'll like it." He whispered almost softly at Jason, who was a trembling mess beneath him.

"Shut up...Jackson..." Jason hissed through clenched teeth and drew a sharp breath as Percy added another finger.

Jason's hand that had been on Percy's nipples wandered down to Percy's balls, where it began to massage them while his other hand concentrated solely on the tip of Percy's dick now.

Percy hissed as pre-cum trickled out of it.

Jason was doing this on purpose.

He wanted to make Percy cum first so he couldn't possible take him.

But he wasn't going to let that happen.

Instead, Percy pulled his dick out of Jason's grip and positioned himself between Jason's legs.

Jason growled something inaudible, but Percy's eyes only narrowed maliciously and he pulled his fingers out, replacing them with his dick.

As he pushed into Jason, Percy could only see stars.

Why the hell did Jason have to feel so goddamn tight and good around his dick?!

Jason hissed and scowled and growled and groaned, yet he didn't even try to push Percy off.

His hands clenched the bed sheets and his face was screwed up.

"You gonna start crying now?" Percy pressed out between clenched teeth and looked down at Jason, as he pushed himself deeper into the blonde, the tightness around his dick taking his breath away.

"Shut...up..." Jason spat and as Percy chuckled, the blonde pulled him down into a deep kiss, at least dominating Percy's mouth, because Percy wasn't paying much attention anymore to anything but pushing into Jason.

"Damn...so...tight..." He hissed and saw Jason's face still screwed up – and maybe he was feeling a bit bad.

He grabbed Jason's dick and tried to time his thrusts with the movements of his hand, intently watching Jason's face for a sign that the pain was at least subsiding.

Jason gasped and groaned and looked at him with half-closed eyes.

"There's...no way..." He muttered and Percy chuckled as he pushed into the blonde harder.

"So you ARE enjoying it, eh?" He grinned and leaned back to change the angle of penetration, aiming for the spot he had hit with his fingers earlier.

Jason kept his mouth firmly shut, not allowing one peep to escape, but Percy could see it in every other part of his body that he enjoyed it.

"Come on, why don't you moan out my name for me? Am I not doing a good job?" Percy asked gleefully as he felt himself nearing his orgasm.

Jason hissed but didn't wish to give in.

Everything had hurt so much, he couldn't understand how the pain could just convert into pleasure?!

This was Percy fucking Jackson touching him and he actually LIKED it?! What was he, gay? No way in hell!

But as Percy grabbed for his dick again, his mind was annoyingly empty and every fiber in his body screamed for release.

He still pushed it down. No way. He was so not going to lose against Jackson.

Percy groaned on top of him and Jason felt himself react to the way his voice sounded.

Oh, hell no!

He tried to push the odd desires forming in his dazed mind away – with little success.

He could feel how close he was to his orgasm.
The way Percy handled his dick was simply too good – something he would NEVER allow Percy to know.

So, desperate to at least not be the one to cum first, he grabbed Percy's nipple with one hand and started rolling it between his fingertips, squeezing it.

He heard Percy gasp for breath and then curse.

"Not...fair..." He hissed and Jason could feel how Percy's body began to tremble.

A grin formed on his lips, though it was hard to really control his face muscles that well right now.

"Why don't you scream out my name instead, Jackson?", he said sardonically but Percy just hissed and squeezed the tip of Jason's dick.

"Why...don't you just...cum...already?!", Percy pressed out and still picked up speed with his thrusts.

Jason wanted to moan out loud and just let his orgasm take him, but he was so not going to show any weakness.

Not to perfect Percy.

"Could ask...the same question...", Jason pushed through gritted teeth.

Sweat was rolling down the sides of Percy's face, but Jason knew he was no one to talk.

Why did this feel so good anyways?

And why couldn't he even concentrate on this question?

He closed his eyes and let his head fall back. Why did Percy's dick in him make him feel so damn good?

And why did those stupid hands make his dick so freaking ready to explode? He opened his eyes, again and met Percy's gaze.

His face was a mixture of pain, pleasure and the urge to cum. The seagreen eyes bore into his own and for just a moment, Jason was distracted – and his orgasm took him by force.

As he at least tried to not moan out loud like a girl, he still couldn't keep his body under check to not move so freaking 'see how awesome I can cum because you touch me like that'.

But right when he thought he had really lost, he could hear Percy cursing and groaning out himself.

For some reason, hearing Percy with that low, husky voice intensified Jason's orgasm even more.

Damn that Jackson!

Percy groaned and cursed as he stared down at the annoyingly good-looking blonde beneath him, a writhing moaning wreck – which was exactly what made Percy cum so hard right now.

Damn it, why did Jason have such a horrific effect on him?

The orgasm he had been trying to push down washed over him.

So hard, he seemed to be blind for a second.

He felt himself pushing into Jason, filling him with his sperm as wave after wave of pleasure and ecstasy hit him and made him see stars.

Which seemed almost possible, for when he next blinked, he was low over Jason and their eyes were locked.

He stared into those sky-blue eyes and for a minute, they only panted and gasped for breath, their faces inches apart, simply staring at each other without another word.

Then Percy's arms gave way and he dropped onto Jason, vaguely feeling how something wet smeared along his chest as he tried to slide off Jason. Lying next to each other more or less, they still panted and tried to catch their breath.

"You...so enjoyed that..." Jason huffed and looked around at him, trying to grin, but failed miserably, just showing off some of his white teeth before gasping for breath again and closing his eyes for a moment, as if savoring whatever feels he had right now.

Percy tried to scowl but knew he failed as well. "Did not...but you seemed to be...completely into it..."

They stared into each other's eyes for a moment, sizing each other up – but then they both dropped it and stared at the ceiling.

Percy was determined to just stay lying like this for a few more moments, to then take his leave, looking like a boss.

Sadly, the moments became several minutes and even though they had caught their breaths now, he still felt all fuzzy inside and knew his legs would give way as soon as he'd try to stand.

Damn it.

So he just laid there next to Jason and stared at the ceiling, not willing to take a look at the blonde.

He didn't like what effect the boys face had had on him during their little...well whatever it had been.

He could feel his body cooling down slowly, but only to notice the warmth radiating from Jason's usually cool body.

Could that guy ever not be annoying? Ok, maybe it wasn't exactly the warmth that annoyed him, but more of the fact how his body now wanted to snuggle closer to that warmth.

That was really disturbing and completely wrong.

Still, somehow, no matter how much he tried to think of all the bad things about Jason and how uncomfortable he was here, he still seemed to feel comfortable enough, for shortly afterwards, he could feel himself dozing off slowly.

Jason still stared up at the ceiling as he felt Percy's body relaxing next to his and his breath coming out evenly now.

He turned his head slightly, finding Percy's face utterly relaxed and his mouth slightly open.
He seemed to have fallen asleep.


Jason's stomach turned.

NOT cute!

He felt horrible. His backside ached and it just all felt so wrong!

He had considered getting up to take a shower and finally getting this nasty feeling off him, but he hadn't wanted Percy to notice his legs to be all wobbly.

Well, at least he could be proud of not being the first one to fall asleep.

Pleased with that, he closed his eyes as well, instinctively turning sideways, closer to the source of delightful coolness next to him.

Then his eyes shot open and he turned away again, as far away from Percy as his bed allowed.

Never that.
The day he snuggled closer to Percy fucking Jackson was the day he confessed his never dying sparkly rainbow-love to that seaweed-brain.
Which was NEVER! Because HE, Jason Grace, was not gay. End of story.

Still, he couldn't deny that it had actually felt interesting when Jackson had pushed him down and dominated him. He had felt a rush of excitement going through his body at the thought of not being the top. Actually just letting somebody else take the course of action, simply enjoying himself.

He pushed the thought far out of his mind.

Then he fell into a dreamless sleep.