Chapter 14: What actually happened that night

"Guys...there's something I need to tell you..." Leo said quietly, scratching the back of his head as he stood in front of Jason and Percy.

Jason blinked.

It was unusual of Leo to be so...well, like this.

He tightened his grip around Percy's midriff, pulling him closer and resting his chin on his shoulder.
It was great being with Percy.

Truth be told, not that much had changed between them.

They still teased and mocked each other, though it had become quite endearing rather than annoying.
Also, when one would find the other occupying their seats, they wouldn't throw a rage attack or sigh exasperated, but grin at each other and kiss quickly before either deciding to sit on the other ones lap or simply taking a different chair.

They still sparred like madmen, hacking happily away at each other as if they were archenemies and only one could survive.
They still fought like they used to, if not even better, for now they were working more as a team than a one-man-army.
Which was, needless to say, a hundred times more effective.

They kept sleeping together in Jason's room, which had kind of transformed into their room when Jason had opened his door just to find Percy carrying in his water fountain.

"That thing is not going inside my room." Jason had said back then.

He looked around at the water fountain in the corner.

Needless to say, it hadn't interested Percy much and he had kept complaining and begging until Jason had given in – at the price of a nice long make-out-session.

Jason felt his pants tighten.

Ok, maybe not a good idea to think about that right now.

He shuffled around on the seat a bit, feeling Percy adjusting on his lap.

Percy watched Leo intently.

Somehow, he still hadn't completely let Leo off about that whole stuck-to-pants-thing.

They had found him still running around with Jason's boxer shorts glued to him, so Percy had had enough proof to know it was the truth.
They had even helped Leo find the tube with self-created anti-superglue-paste that was supposedly the only thing that could make the glue dissolve.

Jason sighed. He had thought that the two boys had started getting along better with each other again.

But apparently not.

He kissed the side of Percy's neck softly.

"Sure. Spit it out, Leo." Leo fumbled around with some screws in his hands and nodded, looking about the room for a chance to sit down.

He looked at the bed, then his gaze hushed over to Percy and he hesitated.

Jason looked at Percy out of the corners of his eyes, wondering if he noticed.

He did.

He lifted his arms and waved them in direction of the bed, wordlessly saying 'Go ahead'.

Leo went and sat down, looking over to the door longingly.

Jason had the distinct feeling that this was something pretty important and not exactly positive.

"So…erm…there's this one thing I need to…need to tell you…" Leo began, still tinkering away with his hands, avoiding to meet their gazes.

Percy shuffled on Jason's lap for a moment.

"It's kind of…difficult…I don't really know how to tell you this…"

Jason had never seen Leo quite like this.

It must be something really awful.

"Do you…remember what you said at the dining table? That it all started with you two waking up not remembering a thing from the evening before?", Leo started tentatively.

Percy stiffened. "Does this have to do with whatever we don't remember?" He asked and Leo flinched.

"Erm…kind of…I suppose…well…yes…"

Jason blinked.

Did that mean it was Leos fault all of this had started?

Did he know what happened?

What DID happen?!

Did they really want to know after all?

They had kind of decided that it didn't really matter.
But now Jason was feeling slightly sick.

What if all had been one big misunderstanding and they had started this whole thing because of something completely stupid?
But would that really change anything?

All in all, it shouldn't matter what had happened that night.
They were together now, and they were happy.

Even if it had all started over nothing, they should still be glad it started at all, for it let them find each other.

Still, Jason was feeling rather unwell and began shuffling, making Percy turn his head in his direction with a questioning glance.

Percy seemed more curious than nervous.
Well, if he was alright with finding out, no matter what it was, then Jason should be too.

They fixed their eyes on Leo again, who was looking anywhere but at them.

"So you know what happened?", Jason asked.

Leo fidgeted. "Partly, I guess. I…well…I kind of left at some point because I thought you could take care of yourselves by then."


Then Leo sighed. "Ok, I admit I was a bit…very stupid. I had some trouble with the engines and Buford and you two were the first I found, bickering on the ship as usual. So I took you with me and made you help me. And everything would have been great if it hadn't been for that dumb super glue."

"Again?" Percy asked drily.

Leo made a face. "No, actually, it was a lot different from this time…"

Jason held up his hand, interrupting him. "I'm certain we'll find out in a moment what happened and how it was different. I just have one question: Is there a way we can remember it by ourselves? So we know all that happened?"

Leo fidgeted, looking uncomfortable.

Then he sighed defeated and pulled a vial out of his pocket.

"Sure…I gave you a potion that made you forget a certain amount of time, completely blocking it out. I gave it to you with some alcohol to get you less likely to notice any changes because it said on the back of it that side effects would be dizziness and the like."

"You DRUGGED us?!" Percy called, outraged.

Jason's grip on him tightened. "Well, I kind of expected as much, to be honest. Otherwise, how would we just have forgotten about it all?" He said quietly and Percy looked at him with a sour expression before slumping back against him, crossing his arms and not saying another word.

"Well, I'm sorry, ok? So, anyways, that was some sort of mist-thing that clouded your mind for those few hours so you wouldn't be able to remember anything. This here, this would be lifting the mist and let you remember what exactly happened…theoretically."

Jason nodded and Leo threw him the vial, not wishing to get any closer than necessary to them.

Jason caught it effortlessly in one hand and looked at Percy, who looked at him quietly.

They came to a silent agreement and nodded.

Leo got up. "Do you…do you still need me here?"

"Yes." Both said in unison.

Leo made a face.
Then he pulled out two glasses and a bottle of water and tentatively held them out to Jason.

Percy took them from him without a word and put them down on the table, inspecting the label on the water bottle.

Not that he actually read it.

With his dyslexia, he'd be busy deciphering the writing for the next hours.

But Leo got the hint and scowled, looking away rather hurt.

Jason didn't say anything, exchanging another glance with Percy.

"I gave you two drops in the beginning so you'd forget the past two hours as well as have the next hour clouded, then gave you another four drops a while later to make you forget the whole night. Piper explained to me that you should either use the same amount of drops with this vial or start with one and work your way up until it lightens the mist on whatever was clouded. So…yeah…"

Jason passed the vial to Percy. He really wasn't sure whether he wanted to know.

Percy seemed to hesitate for a moment as well.

Then he tipped over the vial and let six drops of the dark liquid fall into his water.

After a questioning glance to Jason he did the same for his glass.

Then he closed the vial and they took their glasses.

"So…there goes." Percy muttered and they toasted, then emptied their water in one go.

They looked at each other, then to Leo.

"So…" Jason said.

"Now we wait?" Leo asked.

"Now we wait." Percy said and they flopped down on the chair again, Percy leaning back against Jason and placing his hand on the side of Jason's thigh.

It was only a small thing, but Jason appreciated the gesture.
It made him relax a bit.

They sat there, waiting.
And waiting.
And waiting.

Then the headaches started.

~Flashback to that Fateful Night~

Jason stood at the railing, looking out at the sea. Water wherever one looked.


He sighed.

The past days had been horrible. Attacks all the freaking time, nightmares whenever he closed his eyes.

Then there was also Percy.

Gods, how he annoyed him!
Couldn't he ever just leave him alone?

Perfect Percy with his dark messy hair and his blazing sea-green eyes.
Perfect Percy with his freaking competitive attitude.

Not to mention the constant bullying.
Seriously, what had Jason ever done to make him hate him so much?

He had actually liked Percy. Thought he'd be a cool guy.
But apparently that was just him.

He pushed himself back and was just about to leave for his room, when he saw the reason for his bad mood walking towards him with a mocking expression.

Just great.

He rolled his eyes and turned to leave.

"Aw, is poor little Jason in a bad mood?"

He hated Percy.
Especially the way he could get to him with just a little bit of mocking.

He stopped, looking around at Percy annoyed.

"Yes, as a matter of fact, I am. But that's not very surprising given how you keep following me anywhere like a puppy."

Percy's eyes narrowed. "Really? I'd say you keep checking out all the places I usually go to, hoping I'd come around and notice you."

"Oh please, I think you simply can't get enough of me, Jackson."

"Dream on, superman."

They sized each other up with distaste written across their faces.

"If I was dreaming, you wouldn't be stealing my seat all the time." Jason said and Percy chuckled.

"Oh, please. I'd be sitting in the head chair if it wasn't for you."

"You mean, I'd be sitting in the head chair if you didn't have such a big head, thinking you're a god or something."

"Well I did get immortality offered to me once."

"You turned it down, so it doesn't count."

"I certainly deserve the chair more than you do."

"Says who?"


"Yeah? And what do I care?"

Their faces were dangerously close, their foreheads almost touching.

They could practically feel the tension between them.

The air whipped around their faces as if to announce an oncoming storm.
The waves crashed against the ship, rocking it from side to side.

They still glared at each other and Percy was about to say something, when his gaze hushed over Jason's face towards his lips.

Then he blinked and pulled back. "Ungh, just shut up, Grace. I did a hell lot more than you did to deserve that chair." He spat and turned away.

Jason frowned at the unusual behavior. "Oh, did you, now? You mean all those heroic deeds you accomplished with the help of your friends?"

Percy gritted his teeth and started walking away.

Very not-Percy-like.

Jason began to follow him. But right when he wanted to say something, there were footsteps rushing towards them.

They both looked around.

"Guys! Guys, I'm so glad I found you. I need you. Both of you. Now. You gotta help me." Leo called and motioned for them to come with him.

"What's wrong?" Jason asked, already moving, when he noticed Percy glare at him.

Ungh, did anybody understand that guy?

Leo didn't reply, already rushing away again.

Jason looked around at Percy.
Their gazes met for a moment.

Then Percy rolled his eyes and began hurrying after Leo with Jason.


"What in Hades…", Percy started as they entered the engine room.

Everything was smoking and hot and made loud nasty noises that even they understood as something bad.

"Fast, fast! Jason, get over here! I need you to hold these parts together. Percy, grab Buford and get me the tube on the inside of the drawer, right side, far in the back!"

Jason rushed over to Leo and grabbed hold of two big wooden beams, pulling them together so Leo could begin screwing and hammering away at light speed.

Percy looked around for the dumb walking table.
Where was it?


He sighted the table hurrying towards the exit and lunged for it.
He grabbed hold of it and forced it to a stop, tearing open the drawer and rummaging through it.

He found a hell lot of things – some of them to his horror even alive – but couldn't seem to find a tube.

"Percy, come on, hurry! Jason, you need to keep holding onto these. I need to fix the engine now or we can forget about ever lifting off the ground as well as moving in any sort of direction." Leo said and hurried towards the steaming engine in the middle while Jason only made a pained noise and held the beams together with all his might.

Percy found a tube in the far back and pulled it out.


Leo looked up hurriedly. "YES! Get over to Jason, I'll be right there."

Percy rushed over to Jason's side just as he groaned and began to loosen his grip on the beams.
He almost dropped the tube, coming to his aid and grabbing hold of them as well.

He instantly understood why Jason was having such a rough time.

It was as if the wood was alive, churning and moving and fighting against being held together, like magnets pushing each other away.

Leo ran over to them, snatching the tube and opening it hastily.

"On the count of three, you two need to let go! This is my own super-glue, if you touch that and touch something else, you'll never be able to free yourself!", he called and the two heroes nodded, eyeing the small tube warily.

Gooey, semitransparent glibber oozed out of it.

Leo began closing in on the beams with the tube.

"One…two…" They both readied themselves to let go.

Percy wondered what Leo was thinking.
Super-glue was great, yes, but no superglue worked within three seconds.
Especially not with these beams.

Leo had applied it all around the beam now, narrowly missing Jason's hand.

"Three!" They let go and expected the beams to soar apart.

They didn't.

Instead, they seemed to WANT to jump apart, but were held together tightly by the insta-glue.

Percy was quite impressed.

But it wasn't over yet. The engine made a wailing sound and Leo paled, rushing towards it and pulling out different things from his tool belt.

Momentarily forgetting about the tube, it slipped out of his hands and fell onto a loose plank on the floor.
As Leo lunged for it, he stepped onto the side of the plank and the tube got catapulted through the air.

Percy tried to catch it as it flew towards Jason's face, hurrying towards him.

Not that he wanted to save him or anything.
Well, maybe a little.

Jason noticed the tube in the last moment and grabbed the tube inches before his face, the glue spilling all over his hand.

Percy tried to break down, but tripped and collided with Jason just as he tried to wipe the glue away with his other hand.

They both made a surprise noise and Percy could feel Jason's hands on his bare hips as they both toppled over, landing hard on the floor.

Well, Jason did.

Percy had a rather soft landing on top of Jason, their legs entangled and his face inches from Jason's as his arms held him upright on the left and right of his Jason's head.

They stared at each other, a mixture between shock and surprise on their faces.

Then Percy tried to get up.

For some reason, he couldn't.

"What the…dude, let me go." He said and tried to get Jason to let go of his hips.

Jason pulled and pulled them closer to each other.

"What in…" Jason muttered, panic on his face as he tried to tear his hands away from Percy.

Without success.

Percy's hands grabbed hold of Jason's and pulled and tore and tried but to no avail.

"Leo!" They both called at the same time, looking around at Leo horror-struck.

They were stuck!

Leo looked over to them, blinking. "What the hell are you doing?! Get over here."

"We'd like to do that but…"

"…we're kind of stuck here!" Percy finished Jason's sentence and pointed at Jason's hands on his hips.

Leo frowned. "I'm sorry, guys, but I don't really care whether you want to do each other or not. Don't you think you can postpone that until we're done saving the ship?"

"Leo! I got the glue on my hands!" Jason explained, outraged and red in the face.

Percy looked down at him, involuntarily smirking at the blush on his cheeks.

"Oh, somebody liked that idea, huh?" He muttered and Jason glared daggers at him.

Then Percy felt Jason's leg between his legs and bit his tongue, trying to get out of the way before things got nasty.

It didn't work quite so well.

Leo seemed to have understood, for he came over and tried to pull at Jason's fingers – to no avail of course.
Then he began pulling them both up.

"I'll try to help you in a moment, but right now the engine needs fixing much more than you. Come on.", he said, trying to rush them.

But walking together like that was not exactly the easiest thing in the world.

Percy swore and was tempted to strangle Jason.
This was all his fault.

"Why did you have to grab me anyways!" He snapped at him, but Jason only glared back at him.

"Excuse me for trying to soften your fall after you ran into me, Your Highness."

"Well, sorry for trying to catch the tube before it hits you in the face."

Jason chuckled. "Sounds almost as if you cared, Jackson."

Percy growled.

But before he could say anything, Jason pulled his arms upwards and easily lifted Percy off the ground.

"What the…" He hissed and found himself instinctively holding on to Jason's shoulders.

Jason smirked up at him teasingly. "Scared?" He asked and began carrying Percy over to Leo, who was swearing loudly and looked around at them impatiently.

"Would you just drop it and help me?!"

Jason set Percy down again and they began trying to work with Leo, which was pretty difficult.

Not only because Jason couldn't do anything with both his hands glued to Percy's hips, but also because neither really understood the terms and words Leo threw around at them.
Nevertheless, they somehow managed to fix the engine, though of course it was mostly Leos work.

The engine stopped steaming and thanks to Percy's water-powers, the room managed to cool down considerably after he used cool water to wash over the surfaces, the steam fading together with the other smoke.

Jason only stood there, so freaking close to Percy he felt like seriously strangling him.

Why couldn't he have grabbed Percy's hand or something?
Why did it have to be his hips?

They were so damn close to each other he could practically smell him.
Though, annoyingly, he couldn't even complain about that, because it seemed as if Jason had only recently taken a shower, judging by the fresh, rather nice scent of his.

Which only pissed of Percy even more.
Stupid Jason.

He tried staring through Jason to at least try to ignore him, but his gaze automatically drifted over those broad shoulders and muscled chest.

Stupid, good looking Jason.
He lowered his gaze and instantly found himself staring at Jason's pants.

Uh, no.

He looked back up, flustered, noticing Jason staring at him.

He felt his face getting hot.

It wasn't as if Jason was looking at him in a particularly mocking way or annoyed.
He just stared at him quietly, watching his face intently.

For some reason, it made Percy nervous.

He forced his gaze away, for once being the first one to break eye contact, instead focusing on a point to the right of him, far away from Jason and his creepy gaze.

"Whoa…thanks, guys. I have no clue what I'd have done without you right there…" Leo muttered as he finally came out from a hole in the ground next to the engine, where he had changed some cables and reconnected other stuff they hadn't really understood.

Percy and Jason only stood there, looking expectantly at Leo, who blinked, then made a face and hurried over, checking on Jason's hands.

"Well, they're definitely glued skin to skin."

"Thanks for stating the obvious.", Percy commented quietly.

Leo frowned but didn't reply.

"Can you separate us again?", Jason asked.

Percy blinked. What if Leo couldn't?
The thought hadn't occurred to him yet.

What would they do if Jason was stuck to him forever?
He'd die from the humiliation.

Not to mention they'd be useless in a fight.
What would they do?
Have Jason carry him into the battlefield?
There had to be a way.

He looked to Leo, hoping for him to laugh and say something like 'yes, of course'.

But Leo looked rather thoughtful, and not in a good way.

"Well…I did make a paste that would help loosen it, but I'm not sure how it'd react to human skin. It was more meant for different types of fabrics or wood or metal."

"What's the worst case scenario?", Jason asked calmly.

Percy stared at him.

How could he keep his cool in a moment like this?
What if they would be stuck forever!?
What if the stuff was pure acid, destroying Jason's hands and his hips?

Jason met his alarmed gaze and Percy found himself relaxing automatically.
There was just something about Jason's sky-blue eyes that calmed him.

Although he would never admit to that.
It was really annoying, after all.

"Hard to say…well, how about you two go ahead to one of your rooms while I get the paste? I'll be right there. I'd say let's go to my room, but it's kind of stuffed with projects right now, so you really don't want to go in there." Leo explained and shoved them out the door.

Jason and Percy looked at each other.

"My room." Both said at the same time.

Both growled and glared at each other.

Then Jason rolled his eyes.

"Fine. Move it then, Jackson." Percy, still surprised that Jason gave in, started to move forward, forcing Jason to walk backwards.

He couldn't help but grin at the sight.

Jason narrowed his eyes annoyed. "Don't make me carry you around again." He threatened and Percy stopped grinning.

He maneuvered them to the door to below deck and was tempted to have Jason run against it, but decided to be nice and stopped him.

After all, Jason was showing him quite some trust, not even trying to turn his head or whatever, his gaze still lingering on Percy's face.

"Careful now, stairs." He heard his own voice saying in a rather calm, caring voice.

Ew, he wasn't going to go soft on Jason now, right?

He pushed against him slightly, trying to make him move.

Jason looked at him alarmed and tried moving backwards.

Percy hissed, knowing Jason would definitely miss the step at this rate.
Jason froze.

Then he slowly adjusted his footing, taking a step downwards.

Percy found himself nodding quietly.

Slowly but surely, they made their way downwards.
Then towards Percy's room.
He was still surprised Jason let him win that one.

As he opened the door and entered, he regretted it instantly.

Why did his room have to be such a mess?
Well, he knew why, but why now?
Not that it mattered to him what Jason thought, but really?

His clothes were all over the floor, together with candy wrappers and a pair of shoes and what looked like pieces of money.
His bed was a mess, his wardrobe open with clothes half pouring out.
His desk overloaded with rubbish.
He could hear Jason take a sharp breath.

He bet Jason was some sort of cleaning freak.

"Got something to say?" Percy snapped at him, annoyed, and maneuvered them into the room.

Jason tried not to trip on the piles of clothes.

"Do you ever clean up in here?" He asked as he got entangled in a pair of Percy's jeans and barely managed to keep his balance.

Percy made a face. "Yes, I do. Got a problem with the way I take care of my room, Grace?"

"You call this mess taking care of your room?"



"Shut up and sit down on the bed."

"So you can sit on my lap?"


Percy stared at Jason, then at the bed.

Ok, bad idea.

He racked his brain for another possible solution.
If he sat down, Jason could sit down on the floor between his legs.

Not a good idea either.

He made a face and sat down, pulling Jason down with him but pushing him aside so they somewhat sat next to each other.

That definitely didn't work out well.

Jason made a sound close to a hiss and his face was screwed up in a close to painful way. His face was pretty much pressed against Percy's chest/side.

Percy groaned. "Fine.", he muttered and got up again, standing in front of Jason and looking down at him with distaste written all over his face.

Jason glared up at him.

"I swear, one word about this and I'll cut you in half with Riptide." Percy then hissed and began climbing onto Jason's lap, wrapping his legs around his waist and crossing them behind him for a better hold and comfort due to the side of the bed.

Jason had his lips tightly pressed together and only stared daggers at Percy, as if all of this was his fault.

Well, fine, it kind of WAS his fault.

But Jason should have simply let the stupid tube hit him in the face rather than get his hands soaked in that horrid stuff.
Or simply keep his hands to himself.
Or maybe stay on top of Percy's shirt instead of beneath.
How did that happen anyways?

He stared sourly at Jason. "Bet you're enjoying this."

"How could I? It's you, after all." Jason countered and they both snorted with distaste and looked in opposite directions.


Percy began shuffling around on his lap.

Gods, would somebody stop that idiot?

He felt the heat practically radiating from Percy's body.
Why was he so annoyingly warm anyways?

Jason made a face.

This whole situation was so freaking annoying.
Why did he have to be a nice person, instinctively grabbing for Percy's hips to either stabilize him or at least soften his fall?

He was an idiot.

Though it was still all Percy's fault.
He had run into him.
Ok, Jason knew he had just tried to be nice.

They were both idiots.
Matter settled.

He looked around at Percy.
Percy was the bigger idiot though.

Their eyes met again.

Why did Percy have to have such stunning seagreen eyes?
They seemed to practically scream their emotions right in Jason's face.
Which were distaste and annoyance and discomfort right now.

He liked it much more when he looked happy and content, staring out at the sea.

Jason shook his head, trying to rid his mind from such thoughts.

This wasn't a good time to be thinking of such things.

Then again, he shouldn't think of such things at all.

He started shuffling around a bit, much to the annoyance of Percy, who scowled at him and wrapped his arms around Jason's neck as to keep himself from losing his balance.

They were so close. Jason stared at Percy's face.
That nice sun-kissed skin.
Those beautiful seagreen eyes.
There was a strand of hair in his face that Jason would so love to move aside.

Sadly he had his hands stuck to Percy's hips.
Never mind.

It was GOOD that his hands were stuck on his hips so he couldn't move aside that strand.

Then again, it was HORRIBLE that his hands were stuck on Percy's hips.

He scolded himself.
What the hell was he thinking anyways?

His gaze dropped to Percy's lips.
They had this really nice shape.
Jason had never cared much about lips.
Not like that at least.
But there hadn't been even one time in his life where he had thought 'hey that girl over there has nice lips'.

Percy however did have rather nice lips.
The shape and color seemed to match so well with the rest and seemed to just lure you in for a kiss.
Come to think of it, why were they coming closer?
Oh wait, HE was coming closer!

Jason stopped inching closer to Percy's face, just to notice that Percy was coming closer himself, his gaze on Jason's lips.

They looked up at each other and blinked, then moved away again.

"Where's Leo?" Percy asked, trying to break the silence and acting as if nothing had just happened.

Then again, nothing had happened.

"Maybe we should have gone to my room after all." Jason muttered.


Jason rolled his eyes. Percy looked at him, daring him to say something.

But Jason stayed quiet.

He could feel Percy moving on his lap and closed his eyes, taking a deep breath.

Why was Percy moving like that? It was driving him crazy.
He might not be gay, but he dared any guy to keep his cool when there was something rubbing against his dick.

Maybe Percy was doing it on purpose to see if Jason would say something.
But Jason wouldn't give him the gratification.

Their gazes met again.
There was...something.
Something in the way Percy looked at him.
But he couldn't identify it.

His eyes hushed down to Percy's lips again.

Why was he looking at him like that anyways?
He concentrated on his eyes, trying to focus on the shade of green, but noticed instead how Percy's eyes travelled to Jason's lips as well.

Then he felt a finger on them and blinked.

"That scar of yours..." He heard Percy mutter barely audible.

He stared at him. Somehow, for some bizarre reason, Percy's finger on his upper lip made him all tingly inside.

He tried to ignore it.
He also tried to ignore the way Percy's face came closer to his, how it was mere inches apart now.
He could feel his breath on his skin and noticed himself inching closer as well.

Just as their lips were about to touch, the door banged open.

"Here you are! I interrupting something?" Leo asked and stopped in the doorway, taking in the scene in front of him.

Percy whipped his head around sourly. "About time. Can you get superman's hands off me now so I can get off his lap?"

Leo chuckled.

Jason still stared at Percy's face, transfixed.

What had that been? They had almost kissed!

He watched Percy for a sign that he had noticed as well.
But Percy behaved as if nothing had happened.

Well, nothing had happened.

Jason just wasn't sure whether he was happy or upset about that.

Leo appeared in Jason's field of vision and he recoiled, taken aback.
But Leo had his whole attention on Jason's hands.

"I can try to put the paste on it but I'm not sure whether it will work or not and if it does, how long it will take to dissolve the glue."

Jason and Percy looked at each other quietly for a moment, then downwards to Jason's hands on Percy's hips.

They sighed.

"Sure, let's try it. Out of curiosity though, do we have a back-up plan in case the stuff doesn't work or acids away our skin or something?" Percy asked.

Leo fidgeted.
Jason closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

Percy cleared his throat. "Ok, let's just get on with it, then, and hope for the best…" He muttered and Leo opened a small, long, white tube that oozed clear goo.

He applied it to a type of brush and began lifting Percy's shirt to get to the glued together skin.

"Can you hold that up?" He asked and Percy obliged, feeling Jason's gaze on his now exposed stomach area.

He felt his face heating for reasons he didn't understand and suddenly felt self-conscious.

He began shuffling on his lap and heard Jason hiss quietly, shooting him one of his death-glares.
Percy blinked.

What had he done?
Did anybody ever understand that guy?
He certainly didn't.

He shuffled again and suddenly felt Jason move, almost pushing Percy off his lap.

"What the…" He complained, but Leo interrupted him.

"Would you two stop moving! Seriously, can't you just sit still?"

"Tell him that. He keeps rubbing against me." Jason growled and Percy felt his face reddening.

No, he wasn't!

He shuffled again and stopped himself, looking away.
Ok, maybe he was. A bit.

But it was just because Jason was so freaking uncomfortable.
Ok, maybe that was a lie.

It was actually quite comfortable on his lap.
And the coolness radiating from the blonde was quite nice as well.

Damn it.

He felt the cool goo on his hips and made a face.

It did not feel nice.
It didn't exactly burn or anything, but it still wasn't feeling particularly good either.

"Well, now we can only wait…" Leo said quietly and moved away again, closing the tube and walking over to the chair at the desk, taking care not to step on any of Percy's piles of clothes.

Percy made a face.
Fine, maybe he should clean his room more often.

"This all wouldn't have happened if you hadn't put your hands on my hips, you pervert." He hissed at Jason, who looked at him indignantly.

"Pervert? How am I a pervert?! I only tried to cushion your fall since YOU ran into ME."

"I only ran into you because it looked as if you were going to get the glue slammed into your face!"

"Yes, because the perfect way to keep somebody from getting glue slammed into their faces is to slam into them with your body."

"I was trying to catch it!"

"Of course you were."

"Well, sorry for trying to be nice. If you'd rather have the glue in your eyes or something, then I won't bother next time."

"If you didn't notice, I managed to catch the glue just fine."

"Yeah? May I remind you that you got that stuff all over your hands because you caught it so horribly and we ended up like this because of that?"

"At least I did catch it. You wouldn't have made it and the way you barreled into me would have led our faces to be stuck to one another, rather than my hands to your hips. Would you have preferred that?"


They glared at each other, their faces inches apart, their foreheads almost touching.

Then they both turned their faces to Leo.

"This all wouldn't have happened if you hadn't dropped the glue!" They both called in unison and Leo flinched, holding up his hands apologetically.

"I'm sorry…"

"What am I going to do if this stuff doesn't work? Walk around with Jason's hands on me all my life? The humiliation!"

"Excuse me?! How humiliating can it get for YOU? After all, you can still use your hands and whatnot. It'll be me who's humiliated. I will be stuck to an idiot all my life, depending on you for pretty much anything."

There was silence.

"Wait, that means I'll have to feed you."

"No duh."

"And give you something to drink."

"You don't say."

"Wait…I'll have to help you go to the toilet?"

"…you only notice that now?"

Percy's head whipped around at Leo. "Leo! If this stuff doesn't work I will KILL you! Scratch that, even if it works, I'll still kill you! This is the worst thing EVER!"

Leo paled. "But…but…"

He looked around at Jason, hoping for him to save him.

Jason stared at Percy. "What right do you have to kill him? It's ME who should have that privilege. I'm the one punished here."


The two boys looked around at him.

"He might be important to the quest though." Jason muttered and Leo nodded wildly.

"Hm, fair point. Torture?"


They both smiled at Leo in a rather cruel, morbid way.

Leo held up his hands in a soothing manner, but it certainly had no effect whatsoever.

He began pulling out things at random out of his tool belt.

"How about I mix us some drinks, ok?" He offered quickly and promptly had three glasses on Percy's cramped desk, happily pulling out juices and what looked like alcohol.

"We're underage, Leo. We aren't allowed to drink yet." Jason scolded but Percy snorted.

"Oh please. The world is about to end and you care about being underage?"

Jason glared at him.
Leo prompted in.

"It's just a bit to erm…lighten the mood."

He brought over two glasses.

Percy and Jason eyed their drinks warily.

"Why is Percy's blue and mine isn't?"

"Because I'm awesome and you suck?"

"Shut up, Jackson."

"I can make your drink blue as well if you want, Jason."

"Nah, looks like it got poisoned."

Percy glared at him and grabbed his drink, emptying it in one go.

Leo tried to make Jason drink his, but Percy took the glass from him before Jason could even do as much as take a sip.

"Oh, please, let me practice. Just in case Jason won't be able to take his hands off me."

"Don't make it sound like I enjoy it."

"Oh, I'm sure you are enjoying yourself."

"Talk about yourself."

"I'm not gay."

"Neither am I."


Jason glared. "What are you trying to say?" He asked, dangerously calm.

Percy chuckled and pushed the glass at his lips, forcing him to drink.

"Just saying that it's weird how you just broke it off with Piper like that."

Jason glared daggers at him but kept drinking.

Percy watched his face intently, slowly tilting the glass.

He had originally planned to be rather rude and try to get most of the liquid all over Jason, but now he found himself rather considerate, concentrating on any sign that Jason wanted him to stop, giving him more time than necessary to swallow or whatever.

Their gazes were practically glued to one another.

As Percy tilted the glass some more, Jason's eyebrow twitched and Percy pulled back.

Not even a drop had spilled.

"I'd say you're pretty good." Leo commented and they looked away.

"Shut up." "Not helping." They both said and Leo made a face.


Percy went to give Jason the rest of his drink.

It did taste rather nice, but one could definitely taste the alcohol.

He still didn't think this was a good idea.

Which sadly didn't stop him from drinking it all. If Percy could do it, so could he.

He felt the alcohol dazing his mind.

That was quick. Weird.

Jason shook his head and noticed Percy was looking odd as well.

"That got to be some rough stuff you gave us there, Leo." Jason said quietly.

Leo fidgeted. "Too strong? I'll remember that for next time. Sorry, I don't know much about cocktails yet. Only know those two drinks, to be honest."

"Nah, it's fine. It actually tasted pretty good." Percy waved off.

"That's good then. Want another one?"

"Sure, why not."

"You really shouldn't get drunk now, Percy." Jason said quietly and earned a glare from the dark haired hero.

Jason shrugged. "Fine. Suit yourself. I sure hope I can get my hands back anytime soon before you get completely wasted."

"You just don't want to have another one because you're scared you're going to tell me all those dirty little secrets of yours if you're drunk."

"I don't have anything like that." Percy took his drink and waved it in front of Jason's face.

"Then why not try it?"

Jason rolled his eyes. "Fine."

Leo watched them oddly from the desk and made another cocktail for Jason.

Percy began drinking his.

"Can you move your hands yet?", he asked and Jason looked down.

As he tried lifting his arms tentatively, he also pulled Percy upwards, causing him to panic and wrap his arms around Jason, spilling the rest of his drink over him.

"What in Hades…would you NOT do that?! Great, there goes my drink."

Jason stared at him, blue liquid running down from his hair over his face and onto his clothes.

For a moment, he wanted to strangle him.
Sadly, he still couldn't move his hands.

Percy looked at him, then he began to laugh.

"You look like a wet poodle." He remarked and even Leo giggled from the desk, passing Percy Jason's drink.

Jason decided to ignore them both.

He turned his head sideways, wondering if he should just get up and drag Percy with him into the shower to get that nasty sweet smelling blue stuff out of his hair.

Would certainly be nice to see Percy's dumb face.

Percy on the other hand drained Jason's glass without even asking whether that was ok with Jason.

He scowled.

"Hey…that was for Jason."

"Not anymore. He spilled mine so I get his."


"Never mind, Leo. I didn't want another one anyways." Jason said sulkily and still refused to look at either of them.

"I'll…I'll get you a towel, ok?" Leo offered, hurrying out the room an instant later.

Percy threw Jason another glance and sobered up.

"Sorry, though. I didn't mean to shower you in my drink. And…sorry for drinking yours. I'm sure Leo will make you another one if you want it."

Jason sighed, inwardly surprised at Percy randomly being so…not-Percy-like.

"Sorry for moving you without warning. And it's quite alright. As I said, I didn't really want another drink anyways."

They looked at each other.

Then Percy smiled. "Hey, that's the first time I heard you utter a sincere apology to me."

Jason frowned and thought for a moment. "Same for you, I suppose."

"Yeah. Maybe I shouldn't have another drink. It seems to make me soft on you."

"Then maybe you should have another one. Makes a nice change."

"Yeah, 'F' you too. It's not like I'm THAT horrible to you."

"I think you're the only one thinking that."

Percy looked at him indignantly. "I could be much worse."

Jason raised a doubtful eyebrow.
Percy scowled.

Then he touched Jason's wet hair.

"Meh. Fine.", he muttered and next moment Jason found himself dripping wet from the water of Percy's water fountain.

Before he could even as much as say anything though, he was completely dried off.

"What the…" He looked down on himself.

"There you go. See, I can be nice." Percy said and crossed his arms in front of him, looking rather smug.

Jason blinked. "…Thanks…" He muttered and Percy looked surprised for a moment.

Then he smiled again.

Jason's heart missed a beat.
Percy sure had a beautiful smile.

No, what was he thinking?!

They looked at each other quietly.

Then Percy slumped forward and dropped his head on Jason's shoulder, moaning.

"What are you doing?" Jason asked, turning his head sideways into Percy's hair.

He had to admit, Percy smelled rather nice.

Like the sea.

"I'm bored. And tired. And fed up. Why do we have to be glued together like this? What if this bullshit doesn't work?"

Jason would have liked to patted his back, but for obvious reasons couldn't.

"I'm sure Leos paste will help. It's just taking a while."

"But we're so freaking close to each other."

Jason made a mental note never to give Percy alcohol again.
It seemed to turn him into a whiny little kid.

"Well, that's what happens when you barrel into people."

"It sucks. It's not even that I wanted to save you. I don't even like you. Blah."

"Oh wow, Percy, thanks so much."

"Oh, shut up. You know what I mean."

"Yes, I get the fact that you don't like me. You kind of prove that point every day."

Percy lifted his head to glare at him.
But then he dropped it back onto Jason's shoulder, wrapping his arms around him and tightening the grip of his legs around Jason.

Jason tried to ignore the sensation that was sent through his lower body at the movements.

Percy muttered something that Jason couldn't understand. He frowned.

Was it just him or was Percy getting weirder by the moment?

"What? Percy? Are you ok?"

Percy mumbled something else.

Jason began moving his shoulders as alternative to his hands.

"I'm sorry…" Percy muttered and turned his head, hiding his face in Jason's crook of the neck.

Jason froze.

He could feel Percy's warm breath on his skin and knew he was getting goose bumps all over.

What the hell was Percy doing?



"I think you're drunk."

"Shut up. Am not."

"Percy, you're practically cuddling with me."


"Erm…you kind of are."

Percy didn't distance himself.

His arms were still wrapped around Jason lazily, his face still in his crook of his neck, his legs still tightly wrapped around Jason's midriff, still shuffling every now and then, still making it hard for Jason to concentrate.

"And then you say you can't stand me."

Percy stiffened for a moment. "I...might be ok with you."

"Might be ok with me?" Jason asked, taken aback. Were was thus suddenly coming from?

"I like you, ok? Now shut up and let me sleep."

Jason's insides ignited. "You…what? Percy?"

"Gods, Jason, I'm trying to sleep. What do you want?"

Jason's confused mind noted how this was the first real time Percy had called him Jason.

At least in such a way. Somehow, it made him all fuzzy inside.
Even fuzzier than he already was.
Damn, that alcohol must really have gotten to him at some point.

"I…you are drunk. Definitely drunk. Dude, you just said you liked me."

Percy lifted his head and looked at him through dazed eyes with that are-you-freaking-kidding-me-expression.

"Yeah. I like you. Got a problem with that? I think you're pretty damn awesome. I do like the way you look. You're pretty good looking for a guy, I gotta cut you that. I also like the way you smell. I…I have no idea why I'm saying this though…" He interrupted himself and looked down, frowning.

Jason stared at him, knowing his mouth was slightly open.

What in Hades? Where was this coming from?
Percy practically hated him.

What was going on?
This couldn't be true.
This couldn't be right.

What did Leo put in his drink?

Just as he was about to say something, Percy shrugged.

Then he grabbed Jason's face and pushed their lips together.

Jason had never felt anything quite like this.

He was surprised, nah, utterly shocked, staring into Percy's face, way too close, feeling his surprisingly soft lips pressing onto his own, urging him to return the kiss.

He felt the heat radiating from Percy, warming his own cool skin beneath his hands.
And then he felt his own lips parting to permit Percy's tongue to slide inside.

Oh gods.

Percy sighed softly and leaned into the kiss more, wrapping his arms tightly around Jason now, pulling him closer.

Jason felt his own body moving against Percy now, wishing he could have full control over his hands to hold on to Percy differently.
All rational thought seemed to escape him, his mind turning hazier and hazier by the moment. But it didn't matter.
All that mattered right now was this truly amazing feeling surging through him.

Gods, Percy was a great kisser.
He'd have to give him that.

Percy began pulling back, sucking on Jason's lower lip softly as he did and looking at Jason with those beautiful though utterly dazed sea-green eyes, trying to catch his breath.
Jason knew he was panting himself.

They stared at each other.

Then they rushed together again, pressing their lips on each other for dear life.

Percy's hands were in Jason's hair which to Jason's surprise actually felt quite good.

Gods, everything felt awesome.

They kissed and licked and sucked and gnawed, Percy's hands now travelling all over Jason's body.
Gods, how much Jason wished he could move his own hands right now.

Suddenly, they heard footsteps outside the door and froze.

Then they shot apart.

What in Hades were they doing?!

As Jason wanted to push Percy a tad further away from him, Percy hissed Jason felt his grip on him tightening.

"Percy…" He started, trying to explain that this really was way too close.

But then he felt something hard brush against him.

He stopped and looked down, staring at the bulge in Percy's pants.

He felt Percy shift uneasily and looked up at him.

Percy had the most adorable flush on his face and looked at him sheepishly.

"So not my fault…" He muttered and Jason swallowed.

The thought of Percy getting hard because of their kiss was…weird.
Not exactly gross as he'd have expected.
It actually had a certain thrill to it.

He could feel his own erection fighting against the confinement of his pants.

When had that happened?

His gaze was still glued to Percy's face.
That beautiful face.

With that adorable flush his eyes seemed to be blazing green, reminding him for a moment of Greek Fire.

Percy stared back.

Then he blinked and looked down to Jason's pants.

Now it was Jason's turn to blush.
Percy looked at him, utterly surprised.

Then the door opened and Leo marched in, carrying a few towels.

"I'm an idiot. I seriously went back to my own room for the towel instead of just grabbing one out of your wardrobe, Percy. Oh…"

He looked them up and down.

Percy and Jason were trying to fight their blushes, trying to make themselves look as casual as possible.

Leo raised an eyebrow. "Great. I suppose you don't need the towel anymore, Jason." He remarked drily and threw the towel over his shoulder to join the mess on the floor.

For a moment, Jason didn't know what he meant, but then he remembered Percy had gotten his hair back in order.
Leo didn't seem to have noticed anything else.
Thank the gods.

He tried a smile. "Yeah, sorry about that. But I convinced Percy to be nice to me for once and he kind of insta-dried me."

"He did look funny with blue goo in his hair though." Percy said quietly and turned to face Jason again. "Tasty."

Jason felt his ears redden and looked away.

Leo chuckled. "Want me to bring you some food? Not that you start nibbling on Jason."

Just as he said it, Percy dropped his head onto Jason's shoulder again and did exactly that, nibbling on Jason's neck tentatively.

Jason made a small sound of surprise, a mixture between a huff, a moan and a hiss.

Leo gaped.
Percy grinned maliciously.
Jason blushed.

"Ok, food it is." Leo said, clearing his throat and turning around, then stopping, turning towards them again, then halting once more and looking lost in thought.

"I'm only hungry for Jason." Percy muttered seductively and Jason felt everything inside him tingling.

"Eh…?" He asked, his voice sounding annoyingly high.

What the hell was going on?

"Erm…how about some toast, Percy?" He offered instead, hoping Leo hadn't heard anything.

"Nah. But I'd like another drink."

"No more drinks, Percy. You're already drunk.", Jason put in.

"I am not drunk. I am Percy."

"That's…that's exactly my point, really." Jason said quietly and looked around at Leo, who was still staring at them.

Ok, he wasn't going to be of any help.

"Percy, how about you eat something? Other than me, Percy!" He added as Percy began to aim for his neck again.

"I swear, you're going to regret this in the morning, Percy."

Percy made a face.
Jason raised an eyebrow.
Their gazes locked.

For half an eternity, there was absolute silence.
They both stood their ground, trying to stare the other one down.

Then Percy's shoulders sagged. "Fine."

Jason relaxed and nodded towards Leo, who seemed to relax as well and pulled out bits of food.

"What would you like? Toast, fruit, meat,...?"

"Just something." Percy mumbled, waving off.

He still seemed beside himself.

All in all, he seemed rather drugged than drunk to Jason.

Then again, he had kind of drunk both his and Jason's cocktail in one go and the half of the spilled one, most likely on an empty stomach too since he hadn't eaten much at dinner.

Jason on the other hand had had plenty to eat and had taken his one drink in sips.

Maybe that made all the difference?

Leo passed a slice of toast with blueberry jam to Percy who surprisingly ate it without complaint.

He did offer Jason some, but Jason only shook his head, watching Percy eat.

He did admit he was feeling...rather strange.

It was a funny, dizzy feeling that seemed to still be spreading through him, numbing his senses and taking away his common sense, apparently (Why else would he have let Percy kiss him?).

He noticed a bit of jam on Percy's cheek and without thinking, he leaned forward and licked it away.

Percy's eyes widened for a moment and Jason could feel him tense.

He blinked and blushed, scolding himself.

What the hell was he doing?
This was not like himself.

Was this because of the alcohol?
No way.
Or was it?

Jason looked towards Leo, checking if he had noticed, but Leo had his backs to them, mixing another cocktail.

"Don't worry, without alcohol this time." He reassured him as he notice Jason watching him.

Percy looked around to Leo as well.

"You two get along quite well, don't you?" He remarked and Jason frowned at the odd tone of voice Percy was using.

"We're best friends. Of course we get along great." Leo muttered, frowning, and gave Percy his glass, filled with what looked like a mixture between orange juice and blueberry juice.

It wasn't blue.

Percy sniffed at it, but at Jason's pointed stare drained the glass anyways.

Then he took Jason's drink from Leo before he could even as much as try giving it to Jason.

"I can do that.", he said pointedly and Jason couldn't help but notice there was something off in Percy's voice.

The way he said it just made it sound as if he was jealous.
Yes, that was it.

It reminded Jason of a girlfriend that thought another female friend was a rival and she needed to prove she was better.

He looked up into Percy's face.

That was stupid.
And completely impossible.

Why would Percy even think like that?
Nah, must have been Jason's imagination.

Then again...Percy's 'I like you' reverberated in his head.
What kind of like had he implied, anyways?
Judging by the kiss, it had had to be romantic.

Did that mean Percy love? With him?

By Hades, now Jason was letting this thing get to his head.

Percy didn't think of him like that at all.

He was probably just drunk. Drunk and confused.
Yeah, that must be it.

Tomorrow he'd be knocking on Jason's door, threatening him with Riptide against his neck to slaughter him should he ever mention this to anybody.

Then they'd act as if nothing had happened and eventually believe themselves that nothing had happened.

He swallowed.

He was suddenly not feeling that well at all anymore.

Shouldn't that thought cheer him up though?
Didn't it creep him out that Percy had suddenly kissed him?
Not to mention the fact that Jason had actually kissed back?
He looked into those dazed, sea-green eyes and was momentarily lost in them.

What was he doing?

He shouldn't be thinking like this.
He shouldn't be looking at Percy like that.
He didn't even like the guy...did he?

Involuntarily, the scene of their first encounter played in his mind.
He had been surprised to see that Percy hadn't been like anything he'd have pictured him.
He seemed carefree and not at all how people would picture a leader.

Yet Jason also remembered how Percy had fascinated him.

He was a child of the Big Three, so much responsibility on him, yet he took it completely different from Jason.

For Jason, it felt as if he always had to live up to something.
He had tried to get rid of the feeling with always deciding for the most difficult things.
Like turning the worst cohort into the best.

But Percy, he just seemed to run through life, uncaring about what other people expected of him.

Jason had admired that. "Will you finally drink, superman? Or are you too busy admiring me? I know I'm just that hot." Percy interrupted him and Jason could feel his ears reddening.


He tore his gaze away from those sea-green eyes and noticed the glass Percy had been holding in front of his lips all this time.

He took a small sip.
Percy's hand was surprisingly steady.

Another sip.
He had the same drink as Percy.

It really did taste like orange juice and blueberry juice.
Not really his taste.

Though it did leave a weird aftertaste as well.

"Are you sure you didn't add any alcohol to this, Leo?" He asked, frowning at the burning sensation in the back of his throat and the renewed numbing of his brain.

"Positive. No alcohol whatsoever."

Jason frowned.

He could feel the dizziness getting stronger again.

He shrugged and let Percy give him more.
It was odd, relying on Percy like this.

Any other day, Jason wouldn't have trusted Percy to even move a glass close to his face without turning it into something like a contest or simply mocking him or whatever.
But for some reason, he actually trusted Percy right now.

Which was weird.
After all, Percy was drunk.

Now was exactly the time he shouldn't trust him.

Especially not after those kisses.

"I think I'll apply some more paste to your hands. Maybe I didn't use enough?" Leo said quietly next to them and Jason could feel the brush against his skin a moment later.

It felt weird.

It would probably tickle, but the paste made it just plain strange.
It was cool but in a bad way.

Like a stinging, but without actually hurting.
Just plain weird.

He looked at Percy, who was still focusing on giving Jason his drink.

Jason noticed how Percy's eyes seemed glued to Jason's lips.
Which made him self-conscious.
Which made him lick over his lips nervously.
Which then made Percy's eyes narrow slightly and hush upwards to his eyes, meeting Jason's gaze.

Jason swallowed.

There was one plain emotion in Percy's eyes: Lust.

The intensity made Jason shiver slightly.

Leo began applying the past on the other side of him.
Percy urged Jason to drink the rest of his juice.

"We really can't do anything now but wait. If you're still stuck in the morning I'll see what I can do to. Maybe I can mix something else that will help. Though I'm not really that great with things like that." Leo explained.

They were only half listening, their gazes completely focused on one another.

"Ok, thanks Leo. I think you should go to bed now. We'll be fine." Jason heard himself saying, lost in those sea-green eyes of Percy once more.

They were so intriguing.
The emotions were so plainly visible.
The way they seemed to gleam as Percy narrowed them ever so slightly, taking in what Jason had just said.
Or more what it meant.

Leo hesitated. "Really? Well...ok then...if there's anything else or so...well, you know where I am."

They both nodded and the Latino (finally) left, looking around at them confused once more before closing the door behind him.

"He's gone." Jason's voice was barely a whisper.

Percy's lips split into a grin. "Yes. Yes he is."

Then they were all over each other.


Jason's lips on his felt so damn good.

He pushed against him further, his hands not able to decide whether they rather were in Jason's hair, fisting it, on the back of his head, pulling him closer or travelling over Jason's body, exploring every inch.

So he kept them moving, trying to fulfill all his needs.

He wasn't thinking.
Hell, he had stopped thinking ages ago.

It wasn't important.
His mind was utterly dazed; any rational thought had left him long ago already.

All that mattered right now was Jason and that amazing feeling surging through his body.

Gods, it felt so good.

"Jason..." He huffed into the kiss and immediately heard a low growl as if in reply from Jason.

It made him all tingly inside. He wrapped his legs tightly around Jason once more, pulling him closer to the blonde and rubbing the bulge in his pants against his midriff.

He couldn't even make himself feel embarrassed.

He felt Jason stiffen for a moment, but then he felt his arms pulling him closer, pretty much pressing him against him further.

Oh yes.
So Jason did want this too.

Did he like him, then?
Percy would love to ask him.

Sadly, he couldn't seem to find the power to end their kiss. It was such an amazing kiss.

He began nibbling and sucking on Jason's bottom lip softly, luring a low moan out of the blonde.
It was like aphrodisiac to him.

He sighed into the kiss happily and then noticed that alluring stapler scar on his upper lip.
Instantly he began examining it with his tongue.

It certainly felt funny.
Barely noticeable, yet definitely there.

He loved it.

Humming contently, he claimed Jason's mouth for himself once more.
Though Jason slowly began putting up a fight, battling Percy's tongue for dominance.

Yes. Yes, this was exactly what Percy wanted.

"Percy..." Oh gods, that voice. How he loved that voice.

"Yes..." He huffed and pulled back for a moment to look at Jason's face.

Jason looked up at him, his sky-blue eyes dazed, his lips slightly parted, breathing heavily.

"You're so hot.", Percy blurted and cupped his face, sealing their lips once more.

Jason took the upper hand this time.

And by the gods, he was one hell of a kisser.
Percy moaned lustily.


He needed more.

More of this.

More of Jason.

He hungrily let his hands travel down Jason's front, slipping beneath his shirt and exploring his rather cool skin.

Gods, his skin felt so good.

He shivered slightly and felt Jason tremble beneath his touch, huffing into the kiss.

This was what he wanted.
This and so much more.

He stroked over Jason's chest and stopped at one of his nipples, giving it a tentative pinch.

Jason twitched and made a low hissing sound against Percy's lips.

Percy grinned and began playing with both his nipples, making Jason twitch and moan and gasp.

"Not fair. I can't touch you at all." Jason complained and Percy hesitated.

Then he leaned in to press their lips onto each other's again.

"Doesn't that suck for you?" Percy muttered teasingly and Jason scowled.

Percy smirked, kissing Jason again, then moving along his cheek to his neck.

As he passed his earlobe, he gave it a quick nibble, intending to move lower.
The groan Jason let slip made him stay however.

"You like that?" He practically purred against his ear.

Jason shivered.

Percy grinned and began licking and nibbling on his ear.

Jason pulled Percy's hips closer, now openly grinding against him and moaning against Percy's crook of the neck.

Percy loved it.

"More..." He whispered, giving a gentle bite to his earlobe, then travelling lower, licking and nibbling on his neck softly, then making his way to Jason's collarbone.

Jason shifted, but since he couldn't move his hands, there wasn't much he could do.

"I love you." Percy whispered, coming back up for a kiss.

How had he never realized how much he liked Jason?How had it evaded him for so long?
He had always been fascinated by him.
From the very first time he had laid eyes on him.

But Jason hadn't looked back at him.
Hadn't seen him like that.
And Percy had wanted nothing more than having him see him.

Gods, he had been so stupid, acting as if he didn't like Jason and forcing his own feelings down, telling himself it was because he didn't like him that he was acting the way it was because he felt so upset.

How had he never understood?

Why had he suddenly understood now?
Maybe he should get drunk more often. Instead of nothing making sense anymore, suddenly everything had made sense.

Jason returned the kiss instantly, pressing their lips together once more and pushing against Percy with more force now.

Percy chuckled as he pulled back.

" you like me, too?" He asked hopefully, letting his hands slide down to Jason's pants.

Jason took a deep breath as his hands fumbled with the zipper.

"Yes." He breathed and Percy blinked.

He hadn't really expected an answer.

His heart leaped. His insides felt with emotions he couldn't even begin to identify.

It felt amazing.

He pressed his lips back onto Jason's, his hands slipping inside Jason's jeans, freeing his dick from its confinement.

It was the first time he touched another guys dick.
And he found the sensation pretty damn amazing.

He tongued Jason hungrily, his hands slowly stroking the length of him.

He felt pretty big.

Percy would love to look, but he was way too much into the kiss right now to stop.

Their tongues seemed helplessly entangled, slipping in and out of each other's mouths, exploring and wanting more.

Jason moaned quietly as Percy began applying some pressure on his dick, slowly starting to pump him.

"Gods, I want you so much, Jason." Percy muttered against Jason's lips longingly.

Jason looked at him.
What beautiful sky-blue eyes he had.
Percy had always found them mesmerizing.

Then he could feel Jason's hands at the side of his face, pulling him into another kiss.

Oh yes. He leaned into the kiss helplessly, giving Jason the lead for now.

The way his fingers caressed Percy's cheeks simply felt too good.

And the way they now travelled down his neck to his shoulders and lower...wait, what?



He pushed himself away and looked down. Jason looked equally surprised.

"We're free.", he muttered, blinking stunned and turning his hands. Percy stared.

Their gazes met.

Then Jason wrapped his arms around Percy and pulled his lips back onto his.

Percy sighed happily and got lost in the kiss, letting one of his hands resume its pumping while his other rested on the back of Jason's head, keeping him close.

Jason's hands travelled down his back, over his sides to his front, sliding beneath the fabric and upwards over his stomach to his chest.

As he pinched Percy's nipple softly, Percy moaned shamelessly.

It simply felt too good to deny it right now.

He could feel Jason smirk into the kiss but let him have his glee, instead pushing his body against Jason's harder.

Jason began playing with his nipples until Percy had to break the kiss, huffing and moaning loudly.

"You like that?" Jason asked as he began to kiss down Percy's neck as he kept pinching and twisting his nipples gently.

Percy only moaned in reply.

Jason bit his shoulder gently, causing Percy to shiver.


"Gods, yes, I love it when you say my name like that..."

Percy's heart leaped in his chest and he noticed he had stopped pumping Jason because of the amazing sensation he was getting from Jason's touches.

He went to resume, but then Jason's hands were suddenly at Percy's pants, unbuttoning and unzipping them hastily.

"Get up." He muttered and Percy obliged instantly.

They both got up, both pulling their pants down completely, ripping their shirts off while they were at it.
Then Jason sat back down, pulling Percy onto his lap once more.

"Yes..." He muttered, letting his hands travel hungrily over Percy's skin, causing Percy to shiver in pleasure and wrap his arms around Jason.

He loved this guy.
He loved him so much.
He admitted he had tried to hate him and he hadn't understood his own feelings towards him for a long time, but now everything was so clear.

They kissed again.

Their dicks began rubbing against each other.

Percy was going to touch them, but Jason beat him to it, wrapping his big cool hand around both of them.

Due to Percy sitting on his lap there was a slight height difference, but it still felt awesome.

Percy found himself looking down as Jason kissed his neck once more.

Oh gods.
Yes, Jason was big, alright.

From what he could see, they actually seemed pretty much the same size.

He couldn't help a chuckle and stretched his neck a bit to allow Jason more skin to ravage as he nibbled on his neck.

It felt so damn good.
All of this did.

Jason was amazing.

He felt Jason's other hand on his backside and turned his head for a moment, stiffening.

It certainly felt new.

Jason pulled away from his neck, his gaze boring into Percy and Percy realized he was waiting for a sign whether this was ok or not.

Was it? Percy's mind was absolutely blank.

Then he felt Jason's pumping on his dick again and groaned, nodding wildly.

Yes, yes, yes and yes.

He didn't give a damn whether he was being submissive right now.
He wanted Jason.
He needed Jason.

Right now.
Right here.
Exactly like this.

He could feel Jason's finger prodding against his hole, slowly pushing inside.

He hissed and buried his face in Jason's crook of the neck.

It was a weird sensation.
Definitely weird.
New and weird.

Jason rubbed his face against Percy's hair and began playing with the tip of his dick, ignoring his own dick completely.

Percy shivered and moaned helplessly at the touch.

He wanted to complain and tell Jason to resume pumping them both, but was at a loss for words.

He felt Jason's finger pushing further inside of him, wriggling around a bit.
He felt himself tightening as he stiffened and tried to relax, which made him cramp up even more.

Jason placed soft kisses on the side of his neck and squeezed the tip of his dick slightly, feeling pre-cum trickle out of it.
Percy felt Jason's removing his finger and began whimpering and complaining.

Somehow, no matter how weird the touch had been, now that it was gone he found himself missing it.
Jason chuckled quietly and a moment later Percy could feel Jason's other hand on his dick as well, rubbing Percy's pre-cum on his finger.

He blinked, realizing what Jason was doing.

He felt the hand move back to his backside again and shifted, unsure whether to look forward to the weird sensation or run away from it.

Jason bit his shoulder.

Percy flinched surprised and lost focus of his backside for a moment.

Which was exactly what Jason had expected, for he rubbed Percy's cum against his hole, pushing his finger back in.

Somehow, it slid in slightly easier than before, though Percy wasn't sure whether that was because of the lube-alternative or because his finger had just been in there a moment ago.
The weird feeling spread through him again.

Jason resumed his pumping and played with his tip while his finger slowly wriggled around in him, seemingly looking for something.

He started pushing in and out.

Percy shivered at the weirdness of the touch.

Then Jason claimed his mouth again, his hand moving lower to fondle Percy's balls and Percy groaned loudly, allowing Jason to push a second finger in without too much problems.

Now it definitely felt weird.
Not necessarily hurtful (well, ok, maybe a bit) but weird.

Jason seemed to feel around inside him.
Just as Percy wanted to ask what he was doing, Jason hit a spot unlike any other.

Percy groaned, surprised himself at the sudden change of feeling.

Gods, that had felt...amazing.

Jason seemed equally surprised.
Then he hit the spot again.
Percy gasped and pushed back against him.

" that again..." He muttered and Jason obliged, thrusting his fingers into Percy and hitting his good spot over and over again.

Percy's arms wrapped tightly around Jason, his whole body trembling as he groaned helplessly, holding onto Jason for dear life, his face on his shoulder.

"Jason..." He moaned and could feel Jason shiver at the sound of his name.

Percy pushed back against his fingers.

Jason added another one.

Percy almost cried out.
Gods, it felt so god damn good.

"Percy..." Jason huffed and thrust his fingers into him faster, making Percy's dick twitch dangerously.

Percy swallowed hard and tried to control himself.

"Jason...t-take..." He started, feeling his face getting hotter than hot.

Wow. Just wow.

He could have Jason finger him and all, but he couldn't say 'Take me'?

He swallowed hard and pushed his face off Jason's shoulder, looking him deep into his sky-blue eyes.

"Do" He muttered, trying to sound more confident than he felt.

Jason seemed to hesitate for a moment.

Then he pressed his lips onto Percy's again and pulled his fingers out, shifting his position so he moved further onto the bed, pulling Percy with him.

Percy began pushing himself up slightly, moving towards Jason's erection.
He could feel Jason's hands on his hips once more, leading him.

He loved the feeling.

Maybe having Jason's hands glued to his hips hadn't been that bad after all.
Then again, he wouldn't be able to touch him like that then.
So it was better this way.
Much better.

Jason pushed him down slightly, letting go of one side of him to grab his own dick, guiding it to Percy's hole.

"Percy..." He breathed, making Percy dizzy with need.

That voice.
That breathtaking, hot, sexy voice.

He pushed down slightly, feeling how Jason's tip began stretching him, slowly sliding inside.

Jason bit his shoulder to distract him from the burning sensation spreading through him.

It hurt.
Quite a lot.

But he continued moving down with Jason's help, easing his dick inside him.
It felt more than weird.

"Gods,'re so tight..." Jason hissed through clenched teeth and Percy huffed, pushing down on his dick further.

Jason stopped him, instead beginning to slide back out.

Percy made a sound he himself had no idea what it was.

He could hear Jason chuckle and push back into him slowly.
Then he began slowly sliding in and out Percy, though he wasn't very far inside.

"You need to relax more." Jason muttered and let go of Percy's side with one hand, placing it on Percy's dick and resuming its pumping.

Percy groaned and felt Jason sliding in further.

"Yes, like that." He huffed and kept it up, turning Percy into a moaning mess as he started pushing into him further, his hand mercilessly pumping him, teasing his tip.

The burning sensation ebbed away, getting slowly replaced by a feeling of utter pleasure.

Then Jason thrust into him and hit the spot he had managed to hit earlier with his fingers.
Percy gasped loudly.

"Jason!" He called and Jason instantly understood, aiming for the same spot again.

He hit it.

Percy closed his eyes, letting his head fall onto Jason's shoulder.

"Yes..." He moaned and began moving his hips by himself now, thrusting down on Jason's dick more and more, allowing Jason's dick to push against his sweet spot over and over and over again, turning him into a writhing, moaning, gasping mess.

"Gods, Percy..." Jason muttered groaning, grabbing hold of his hips and thrusting him downwards harder.

Percy's insides were on fire.

"H-harder." He begged and Jason obliged happily.

They were both groaning now.
Groaning and gasping and panting and moaning.

Jason's hands shot up and grabbed Percy's face, pulling him in for a kiss as Percy thrust down on him by himself, instantly missing Jason's rough thrusting.

He heard himself whimper and Jason's hands shot back to his hips instantly, pushing him down harder as Percy wrapped his arms around Jason tightly.

"Yes...yes...Jason...I'm about to..." He huffed and Jason groaned, thrusting up into Percy while pushing him down roughly, picking up speed.

Percy let his head fall back.

"Jason...I can't...", he tried to hold it back.

He really did.

But it was utterly impossible.

A cry of ecstasy left his lips as his whole body stiffened for a moment, cum shooting out of his dick, covering them both, as waves of absolute pleasure washed over him.

Jason groaned loudly as Percy tightened around him even more and he thrust into him like a madman.

"Percy..." He moaned helplessly as he felt himself cuming.

It simply was no use trying to hold back whatsoever.

The orgasm hit him and for a moment he couldn't see anything but stars, though it could just be the way Percy's eyes sparkled with that faraway gaze as well.

He felt his sperm shooting into Percy and his whole body trembled with satisfaction and ecstasy, a contentment surging through him as he had never felt before.

"Gods, Percy..." He muttered, this time letting his head fall onto Percy's shoulder helplessly as he still felt the orgasm washing over him.



"I love you..."

"Gods, Percy, I...that was…"

"That was the best sex ever."

"Hell yes."

They looked up at each other weakly, their breathing heavy and irregular.

Then they kissed again wrapped their arms around each other.

"I seriously wonder what was in that drink Leo gave us."

"We should ask him in the morning."

"We definitely should."

They grinned, their foreheads resting against each other.

"Be mine." Jason muttered. It wasn't really a question.

Percy chuckled and kissed him gently. "I already am."

They stayed like that for what seemed like forever, then decided to put back on their underwear at least and cuddle up in bed together, snuggling up close to each other.

"We should probably thank Leo in the morning for this whole mess..." Percy muttered and Jason nodded against his neck.

Soon afterwards, they fell into a dreamless sleep.

~End of Flashback~

Jason and Percy looked at each other surprised, their faces showing the other that they had remembered the exact same thing.

Then they began to laugh.

"All this time?"

"I guess so."

"Gods, we've been so stupid!" Percy called and turned on Jason's lap, wrapping his arms around him and pressing their lips together.

"So...wait, what? What happened? Can you remember?" Leo asked and they both looked around.

"Dude, you made us forget the best sex ever." Percy complained and Leo blinked, getting red in the face.


They both laughed.

"Leo, thanks to you we kind of found out we had a thing for each other that night. And you made us forget. Because of that we woke up thinking 'What in Hades happened here?!' and Percy thought I had raped him or something, because obviously he wasn't honest about his feelings whatsoever."

"Talk about yourself."

"I never said I didn't like you."

"Of course not."

"But hey, at least I was right with something."

"And what's that?"

"I did you pretty damn good and you loved it."

Percy blushed and wanted to say something, but Leo jumped up, blushing heavily now.

"I...please...would you...just keep that information to yourself, please? So...wait...I helped you two?"

"Yes. And then you made us forget and caused this whole mess." Percy said and Leo winced.

Jason chuckled. "Then again, I'm kind of glad. This way, we kind of got to know each other in a completely different way. Even if we already liked each other, now I think we love each other even more and more deeply. So yeah, all in all, thanks, Leo."

Leo blinked.

Percy smiled.

"Yeah, I agree. Thanks, man."

" aren't mad at me anymore?"

"Nah." They both said, their hands intertwined, looking at each other affectionately.

"Then...I'll be leaving now...?"

Jason chuckled. "You better, unless you want to see me tearing Percy's clothes off."

"You mean me tearing your clothes off."

"I believe it's my turn this time though."

"Forget it. It's most definitely my turn."

"That's what you think. But I'll prove you wrong."

"Yeah? I want to see that, Grace."

"Are you trying to challenge me?"

They kissed.

"Hell yes." Percy then said and Leo flushed a dark shade of red, rushing out the room with a 'I won't be disturbing you any longer, bye.' and slamming the door behind him.
They both chuckled.
Then they kissed again.

"To think that you've had a weak spot for me all along, Percy."

"Oh shush. May I remind you that it was your hands on my hips, not the other way around?"

"May I remind you that you were crazy about me when you sat on my lap?"

"Oh well, fair point. But hey, you know what?"


"I loved you first."

They kissed softly.

"Really? We're going to go there?"


Jason chuckled. "Fine then. You loved me first, but I love you more deeply."

"No way."

"Yes way."

"You're impossible."

"Hm, I know. But you may call me Jason, too, if you like."

"Jason! Really?"

"Oh yes."

They rested their foreheads against each other.

"I love you, Jason Grace.", Percy muttered quietly.

"I love you even more, Perseus Jackson."

They chuckled. Then Jason grabbed him and moved him to the bed.

"Enough love talk. Time for some action."

"You horny bastard!", Percy called indignantly as he was pushed into the bed.

"Oh, Percy. We both know you're the horny one in this relationship."

Percy pushed himself up on his elbows, looking Jason up and down with a hungry expression on his face.

Then he gave him an alluring smile. "Maybe I am. Get to bed then, superman."

Jason didn't need to be told twice.

He loved this guy.

More than anything in the world.

And the best part of it: Percy felt the same way.

'Sometimes it really is worth taking the risk...' He thought to himself as he engaged Percy in another passionate kiss, feeling his hands travel all over his body.

He sighed contently.

Nothing could separate them now anymore.

Not even Gaea and her forces.

They'd beat her easily.

And then they'd live together in... "Percy?"


"When this war is over, want to move to New Rome and live in an apartment there together? Just you and me?"

Percy looked up at him, genuinely surprised.

Then his face seemed to practically glow with joy.

He wrapped his arms around Jason, pulling him down.

"Yes. Yes!" He called, the happiness clearly audible in his voice.

Jason grinned broadly and pressed his lips onto him again.

He loved Percy. He loved him so much.

The End