Leah lay comfortably in her bed, the smooth silk sheets wrapped around her in a warm embrace. Her head was turned away from the windows that night. She usually slept facing it, but earlier she had been sore from breast feeding on that side. The moon's red glow shone through the window, reminding her of her adventures before she had her now nine month old son, Zuri. She kept her eyes closed, hoping sleep would finally come and save her from the memories making her long for her former servant and lover Adam. Ever since the seal was undone, he left and went out on his own. Leah understood. It was no longer manipulating his thoughts, so Eve was still fresh in his heart. But she still missed him. It didn't help that Zuri had his dry black hair and owlish blue eyes. He never really smiled either. It was always a pout or a small grin.

Then, suddenly, she felt a presence.

It came out of nowhere, as if it suddenly popped into existence. She didn't have much time to ponder how the entity appeared, however, because an all too familiar smell assaulted her nose. The overwhelming smell of iron. Vampire. She reached for her glock hidden under her pillow, but she maintained her sleeping façade while rolling over to face the window. The figure closed the curtains before stepping closer to the corner. One eye opened just enough to see the crib in the far corner. She'd catch the vampire by surprise, thereby increasing her chances of keeping Zuri alive. The first attack could make all the difference. She heard the footsteps of the creature creak closer to the crib, and closer yet as they stepped off of the floorboards and onto the rug. Then, the footsteps stopped. A shadowy figure loomed over the foot of the crib.


She unleashed the revolver's ammunition, sending bullets into its dead flesh several times. Zuri screamed at the loud noise and Leah jumped out of her bed when she decided that she had killed or at least mortally wounded it. Then, she realized, it was him. It was Adam. He was back. He actually came back to her. He hadn't changed at all, aside from the already healing gunshot wounds. There was something in his eyes. They were no longer passive and depressed. Now they were hardened and instinctual. Leah put on a robe and turned the light switch.

"Adam? What the hell are you doing here?"

"Just…checking in."

"Okay…could you have at least knocked first?"


Leah rolled her eyes. "What do you want Adam?" she asked as she brushed past him and pulled Zuri into her arms, rubbing his back to calm and soothe him.

"I...I'd like to return. If you'd have me."

Leah paused. "Why the sudden change of heart?"

"I've been able to accept what you did. I've been watching you two ever since I came back to Russia a week ago. I wasn't sure I could but...I think I'm okay now."

"Oh really?"

"Besides, only a zombie would leave a woman to raise his own son alone."

Leah snorted. "Well, I'll have you know your son Abel has taken quite a liking to Zuri."

"That's another reason to come back. Can't have him corrupting my child with his goody fucking two-shoes attitude, can I?"

Leah ran her fingers over the infant's face, soothing him back into sleep. She could sense the burden he carried as a Nistarim and took as much as she could before laying him back in the crib with his shark plushie. She grabbed Adam's arm and dragged him over to lay his hand on the infant's belly. He seemed averse to it initially, but he seemed to slowly enjoy it. Once Zuri was asleep, he removed his hand and decided to send them flying onto the bed, knocking the air from her lungs.

"Now let's have a kiss since I'm such a gentleman," Adam whispered, leaning in. "I came back after all."

Leah laughed quietly, turning her face to the side so he got her jaw instead. He obviously decided this was clearly his cue to kiss Leah everywhere but her mouth. He sat up and pulled Leah's nightshirt off over her head and threw it onto the floor, looking very pleased with himself. He bit into Leah's collarbone, getting a surprised yelp in return.

"Kiss me properly," he hissed.


"Come now, don't be difficult." His hands paused when he reached the waistband of Leah's baggy sweatpants. "What the hell are these?"

"Pardon me. I didn't realize I'd have bed company, so I didn't try dressing sexy," Leah snarled.

"I can tell you right now these ugly zombie things are going in the fucking trash when we're done."

"I've got more. And what of your clothes?"

Adam made a vague noise of annoyance, briefly climbing off the edge of the bed to scramble out of his leather jacket, button down shirt and black jeans and gloves. Well, at least his sense of style was the same. His hands ran up her thighs when she straddled him, his hair glinting in the moonlight.

He began to move, slowly at first but quickly gathering speed. He was often impatient. He captured Leah's lips again, their moans spilling into each other's mouths.

"I've missed you, Adam." Leah said when they broke apart to breathe, resting their foreheads against each other's, the steady roll of his hips causing Leah to shake slightly.

"I know...I know."

She bit her lip to keep back the cry that threatened to escape as he altered their angle just slightly, seeing his eyes flicker shut and knowing he'd found just the spot he wanted. He had to be close if he was closing his eyes. She knew she was close.

His body practically slumped when he came, but he dutifully continued to move, trying to drag her over the edge. It didn't take much, especially with him panting next to her ear. She liked the way Adam's weight felt on her. Grounding, and sure, and definite. He got his breath back first, and took advantage of Leah's post-orgasm paralysis to roll Leah on top of him, their sweat sticky between them.

"Can I stay?" he asked.

"Only if you say the magic words."

"I love you?"

"Hmmm. That'll do for now. I'm too tired to bitch."

"That's a first."