The door.

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            It was hot.  Of course, Baloo thought, it was always hot where Katy liked to dig things up. Couldn't that girl ever find a cool place to dig? 

            "What's all this, papa bear?"  Kit asked, him, perched on some crates.

            "Well, Kit, yah got me, but Miz Archaeologist wants to take it back to Cape Suzzette with us-- they're gonna have a nice big exhibit at the museum."  Baloo yawned. It wasn't the air museum, so he wasn't interested.  Kit wandered over to a large crate, still opened, and looked down at the object within.

            It was a disk, with a big red globe in the center, and a series of concentric, symbol studded rings on the outside.  Kit touched one, which depressed with a click.  He jumped away and looked guilty.

            "Don't touch that!"  Katy said, coming up behind him.  "We don't know what it is, but the fact that it's still not rusted after all these years is amazing…I wouldn't want you to break it just a week after we got it out of the ground."  Kit looked guilty…but being fourteen part of the guilt was trying to avoid looking at the Archaeologist's…assets.   Katy sighed. She was used to that.  She waved her clipboard at Baloo and started to speak.

            "Baloo.. we're ready to… what's that?"  She asked, in surprise.  Baloo looked up and blanched. "

            "Oh lord-- what's he doing here…  C'mon everyone, pull chocks!"  Baloo grabbed Kit, and Katy and tore out towards the Sea Duck as an unpleasantly familiar airship came over the clouds.

            "Baloo! The artifacts!  We need to load the Artifacts!" 

            "Sorry lady, this trips going to have to go a little light!"  Baloo dove into his seat, causing the springs to cry out in despair, and then started the engines. 

            "Ready Kit?"

            "Got it, Baloo… head for the ocean…"

            "Ain't that a little direct?"  Kit shook his head.

            "There's a bunch of little canyons out that way, we can dive into them if we get chased."

            "Hey Hey! Hide, that's music to old Baloo's ears…" Baloo said.  Katy looked mournfully out of the window. 

            "My artifacts…"  She said, before glaring at Baloo. "we could have loaded them!"  Kit looked back at her, the 14 year-old trying to put a reasonable face on his were-you-out-of-your-mind thoughts.  "Ms. Dodd… The reason Karnage isn't chasing us is because he has the boxes…and if he was chasing us, we'd have to dump them to escape.  He doesn't want them because their pretty-- he wants them for the money he can get…he'll sell them to you."

            "That's…extortion!" Katy said, outraged.

            "He's a pirate,"  Baloo commented, "That's what Karny does…"  Katy sat back and folded her arms over her chest in disgust. 

            "Well at least we have the ring."  She commented. 

            "Ring?"  Kit asked.

            "Yes, there was a big ring, made out of metal, along with everything else-- it was like nothing I've ever seen before…you can look at the museum."  Kit shrugged, but if Katy would be happy, then maybe she wouldn't try to stiff Rebecca for the payment.

            No Such luck.

            "You didn't ship the goods, so we shouldn't have to pay you!" Katy said, waiving an invoice.

            "We did too ship the goods, except for the last load, and that invoice doesn't say risking my pilots lives for a bunch of busted pottery!"

            "Pottery!  POTTERY!"  Katy shrieked, doing a good imitation of someone just finding out that their prized car has been crushed, "Those were priceless artifacts-- though I doubt you would understand that concept, you  money grubbing conceited…"

            "Conceited!  If Baloo hadn't of brought you along, Karnage would have you, unless he threw you into the ocean-- where you would have had no problem floating, Obviously!"  Katy was looking at her, mouth open, and then closed it before speaking again.

            "Well, at least I wouldn't have to worry about my HAIR DYE running, now would I!"  Kit, Molly and the other Archaeologists, Professor O'Bowen, and Myra Foxworthy, had  migrated towards the end of the hall, away from the debate.  Every time Baloo tried to join them, a hand from Rebecca or Katy snagged him back, unhappy witness to the Clash Of The Harpies.   

            Molly looked over at Myra.

            "What is that, Ms. Foxworthy?" The nine year old cub asked seriously. Molly had never seen anything like it, and like her mother (and unlike Baloo), she was a voracious reader-- but no book had had anything like this in it.  The ring was 60 feet in diameter, and the child walked up to it and wonderingly touched one of the symbols on the ring.

            "WE don't know, Molly." Myra said, "But it looks like it's two rings-- Professor O'Bowen thinks it might be a sacrificial alter-- unfortunately most of the other symbols in the temple were deliberately destroyed.

            "Why?" Kit asked.

            "Maybe there was a religious war of some kind…we were hoping the other artifacts would have told  us…"  Myra looked concerned.  "You don't' think Don Karnage will destroy them, will he?"

            "Nah." Kit replied, "He'll ransom them…that's all."  The fourteen year old shrugged.  "He's in it for the money."  Myra looked at him in surprise.

            "You talk like running into Karnage is a daily affair."  Molly laughed, her light voice carrying through the room.

            "Kit  and Baloo are always  beating Karnage, aren't you, Kit."  She said, looking at her adoptive older brother with adoration.

            "Uh…yeah." Kit said, uncomfortably…  This might very well turn into another, "Can't I come with you" moment, and since Rebecca had put very severe restrictions on the distance and places Molly could go, it was dangerous territory for the boy that Molly could blame-- but who had no real power. 

            "WELL WE'LL SEE!"  Rebecca shouted at Katie, and turned and marched towards the door.  "We're going to go to see the  museum director."  Baloo straggled after her, and looked over at Molly and Kit.

            "No reason you kids should have to hear this… stick around here and take a look at everything."  Myra and O'Bowen nodded at that, although  O'Bowen cautioned them.

            "Don't touch anything-- some of the artifacts haven't been completely secured yet, but all the information plates have been installed. You can spend hours in hear, easily…and you're the first to get to see it, other then us doctors!"  With that, the adults left, leaving the kids in the room.

            Kit and Molly looked around for a time…but eventually they found themselves sitting at the base of the ring.

            "I'm bored." Molly said.

            "Me too."  Kit replied.


            oh no,  Kit thought.


            "When Can I learn how to airboard?"  Kit wanted to scream. Air boarding, sky surfing…anything involving his airboard, for that matter, was among the things which He Was Not To Teach Molly On Pain Of Death. 

            "Well  Molly…" Molly glared at him, knowing what that was the preface for.

            "I know, I'm not old enough!  I won't be old enough until this is rusted!"  With that, she thumped the ring. Seconds later, the inner part started to rotate with a grinding sound.. It stopped and a chevron like item on the outer ring depressed and glowed orange.  Then the inner ring started moving again.  Molly staggered back in horror.

            "I broke it…" She whispered.  Kit grabbed her.

            "Molly, C'mon!"  Whatever it was doing, it might do more of it, so Kit and Molly quickly hid at the far end of the room.    Kit waited, and the ring stopped moving, only to have a blast of heat and light emerge from it like water. One of  the exhibits was caught and vaporized…Kit wondered how many weeks of mowing lawns a 4000 year old vase was worth. Probably more weeks then he wanted to think about.

            "Kit, look!"  Kit looked up at Molly's hiss.  The ring was full of something that looked like mirrored water… and figures were walking out of it.  They looked…strange.  Covered in some kind of dark green clothing, with guns and other items festooned off of them. Kit couldn't really get a good look at their faces…but they looked different.

            "Carter…tell me why I'm not seeing Ps-2232."  One asked.

            "Sir, the Jaffa were so close that I didn't have a choice-- the last two coordinates were picked at random. "

            "That's not good Carter…. Teal'c, tell her that isn't good."

            "As an alternative to certain death, I find it very good, O'Neil."

            "Okay… mutiny in the ranks, check."  The tall…thing, Kit guessed, looked around.   "So, where are we?"

            "It looks like a museum of some kind, Jack… I guess we showed up after opening hours."

            "Well, that's good-- nothing like vaporizing a few tourists to make the right impression… what I'm interested is a DHD device…do you see a DHD, Daniel?"

            "No, but I see some incredible pottery…this is wonderful, I'd love to meet-"

            "Daniel!  D-H-D.Now."

            "I'm sorry, Jack, I don't… check over back there."  He said.

            "Let's hurry… I would really not want to  explain this to the locals,"  'Jack' said.  Molly began to move back from her hiding place…unfortunately, one foot nudged a vase which toppled. Kit managed to intercept it just before it hit, and gave a silent whistle of thanks. Then he looked up and noticed that the strangers were gone.

            "Molly… lets' get out of here."  He whispered, and they began moving towards the door.  Before Kit moved more then a few feet, he felt strong hands wrap around his shoulders and he was lifted off his feet. Molly gave a scream as the same happened to her.  Somehow two of the beings had managed to sneak up on them.

            They were brought out into the light, and Kit realized that the biggest one had grabbed him, while the one named O'Neil had grabbed Molly. She was furiously kicking her feet at him.

            "Let me Go!  Let me Go!"  She was shouting over and  over again, Kit was trying to struggle as well, but those hands might of well have been made of iron.  Kit shuddered at their  ugly, flat, furless faces.

            "Ho..kay."  the slight brown haired man said, before  looking at them.  "Jack… I don't think we're in Kansas anymore. "

            "Oh really, Daniel, what was your first clue?"  Jack said.  The… kid kept squirming in his hands and he looked down. Gold furred, muzzled, wearing a blue set of overalls with a white shirt and two ribbons.  Right, just like home.  "Kid, I'm going to put you down, just don't run away."  He said.  Maybe this would calm her down.

            WHAM!  No sooner then she had hit the ground, Molly turned around and slammed a foot into Jack's knee.

            "OW, HEY!  Stop that-"  WHAM!  "Kid, I'm going to"  WHAM!

            "Kit, run!"  Molly shouted as she kept kicking Jack's knees.  O'Neil didn't want to hurt her, so he dodged back holding one of the abused kneecaps. 

            "You run!"  Kit shouted, since Teal'c had not let him go.  Molly looked over at Kit, then back at the others, and turned to run.

            "O'Neil, we should stop her." Teal'c said,  O'Neil nodded.

            "Daniel, Carter, get her!"

            "Why not you Jack?"

            "Because I would like to keep my kneecaps!"  Daniel moved out, and since there was only one way into the hall, didn't try to chase Molly-- he just got to the door first.    Molly stopped, looked back, looked at him, and skittered from side to side, uncertain.

            "OK, Jack…what now?"  Jack limped forward. 

            "Just leave it to me…"  He said.  "Kid…what's your name?  I don't really like calling people 'Hey You!'"  Molly backed up, but that took her closer to Daniel.

            "Molly…Molly Cunningham…"  She took a defiant pose. "You're in Cape Suzzette-- when someone comes here they'll call the police!"

            "Sir, that's very possible."  The woman, Carter said.   "It does look like we're holding minors against their will."

            "No Major, it doesn't look like it, we are holding minors against their will."  O'Neil said.  "Teal'c, put the other…whatever he is down."  Teal'c released Kit, and the teenage bear quickly moved towards Molly. Molly grabbed his shoulder and pulled close. Kit could feel her well masked trembling-- she was afraid, but then so was he.

            "OK… What's your name?"  O'Neil said, pointing at Kit.  Kit looked up at him.

            "Kit Cloudkicker-- what's your name?"  He said. Molly squared her shoulders.

            "Yes, What's your name and why are you grabbing children in museums!"  Kit looked over at her-- she was definitely getting the "Rebecca tone" down pat.  He feared for any boyfriends she  might have in the future.

            "Well…why are you kicking the shins of  innocent visitors?" O'Neil replied.

            "Quite violently, too." Teal'c added. Molly looked apprehensively at Teal'c…he was much bigger then the others.

            "You grabbed us!"

            "Yes, well…that was a mistake and I apologize."  Daniel said.  "My Name's Daniel Jackson… I'm a archaeologist, and this is Samantha Carter-- she's a doctor and a military officer.  These two are Colonel O'Neil and Teal'c."  Daniel paused and looked over at O'Neil.  "I'm certain the Colonel is sorry for grabbing you."

            "Well my shin's are, that's for certain." O'Neil said.  "Seriously-- we're here by mistake-- as soon as we find a DHD, we'll be on our way."

            "Jack, maybe we should stay a while-- we haven't made the best impression so far…"

            "No, Daniel, we want to go. Now."  Kit was following this interplay, when a metaphorical light went off in his head.

            "You want to go before  any grown ups show up, don't you?  That way,  they won't believe us!"

            "He's bright," O'Neil commented.   Molly looked at them  and  started moving towards a wall.

            "Where are you going, Molly Cunningham?"  Teal'c asked. 

            "I want to sit down…he scared me."  She said, pointing at O'Neil, with tears pooling in her eyes.  O'Neil looked embarrassed, and Kit looked surprised, and then quickly covered for it.

            "Oh, Don't get her crying-- she'll never be quiet then, she's the biggest crybaby you ever saw."

            "Don't you dare say that to me, Kit Cloudkicker!"

            "Well it's true!"

            "Is not!"

            "Is so!"

            "HEY!" O'Neil shouted, "Enough with the arguments!"

            "I'm going over here!"  Molly said, and marched over and  stood by a wall hanging.

            "Aren't you going to sit down?"  Daniel asked.

            "No." Molly said, as her hand snaked out and punched the fire alarm.  The clangor of bells filled the building, and sprinklers started to drench everyone inside the building.

            "Jack!  The artifacts!"

            "Daniel, our mission!" Jack replied. He looked up to the sprinklers with a 'why me, God.' Expression.

            "That was extremely clever."  Teal'c commented, turning towards the door and facing it with his Zat at the ready. 

            The door flew open, and Rebecca, Baloo, O'Bowen, Katie, and Myra filled it.   Rebecca took one look at her children, the strange figures around them, the rain, and screamed.

            "Get away from my daughter!"  She shouted, and grabbed the nearest thing that came to hand, an exquisite example of early Ming pottery,  and threw it at Jack. 

            "NO!"  Katy screamed.  Jack caught the vase and then let it fall, where it shattered. Katy, Daniel, O'Bowens, and Myra all shared a look of near religious horror. 

            "That was a priceless vase!" Katy said.

            "Well, ah…some superglue…some time… it'll be more fun then a jig saw puzzle."  Jack said, stepping aside from the pottery shards.

            "You…Barbarian!"  Katy snarled.

            "You get called that a lot, Jack."

            "Do you think it's my aftershave, Daniel?" By that time, Myra had turned off the water, and the two groups were left looking at each other, with Kit in the center like Poland. 

            "Now just who or what are you?"  Baloo asked.

            "And what are you doing in our Museum!"  Myra wanted to know, the petite fox marching up to stand by Baloo and the others.

            "And why does everyone here look like a giant stuffed toy?"  Jack asked, just to keep the questions flowing.

            "We  are voyagers thought the stargate"  Carter said.  The blonde major had her hands out in a peaceful gesture as she pointed back towards the gate.  "That ring is actually a mechanism for moving between worlds…"

            "Yeah." Molly added, "We saw them come out."

            "Baloo…the marks on the inner part-- they moved, I think they're like longitude and latitude."  Kit said.  The humans looked at him in surprise. 

            "Bright." O'Neil commented.

            "Well what are you doing here?"

            "We were pursued by Jaffa of the false God Apothis, and entered the wrong coordinates.  That is how we arrived here." Rebecca looked up at Teal'c, feeling a tad intimidated. 

            "Who's Apothis?"  Baloo asked.

            "Oh, just your average garden variety maniacal ruler, out to destroy the universe, smash worlds, that sort of thing… other then that, he's a great guy."  O'Neil said.

            "Jack's being sarcastic…" Daniel commented. "He's *not* a great guy-- not in the slightest.  You don't know about the Ga'ould?  You have a stargate, obviously."

            "Yes, but it was buried…the  records here talk about some mythological war…" Katy commented, pointing to the various artifacts. Daniel wandered over to them and started reading them.

            "Not Mythological…it looks like a splinter group of Ga'ould lost a war and buried the gate to prevent their enemies from coming through it…then…well…. Something about biological expirements, and a plague…and that's it."

            "Plague?"  Carter asked.

            "Long time ago."  Daniel said.

            "This is incredible!" Myra said, "You just read that… Katy, they  could read all the material in the basement!  We have to go get--"

            "Hold on, everyone!  We're on a time limit here-- we need to get back to our home, hopefully soon." O'Neil said, garnering disappointed looks from everyone (well,, the doctors, at least) present.  "What we need is a DHD".

            "DH-whatsit's?"  Baloo asked.  O'Neil looked at him.  He was *not* going to get into the fact that he was talking to a bear in a flight jacket, cap,  but with no pants.  No.  That way lay madness. 

            "It's a gadget for dialing the gate-- it's about yay big… with two dials and a big red button in the middle."  Kit, Baloo, and Katy looked at each other in dismay.

            "That big, eh?" Baloo said.

            "Yes, do you have it?"  Carter asked.

            "Well… No.  Don Karnage has it."

            "Don…Karnage."  O'Neil  repeated.  "I take it he's not the curator?"

            "No. He's a pirate and a thief, and he took our last shipment!" Rebecca said.

            "For which you're not getting paid."  Katy comment.

            "The contract doesn't say anything about-" O'Neil put his fingers to his lip and gave a piercing whistle.

            "Time out!"  He waited. "Good… now where does Don Karnage live?"

            "Pirate island."

            "Descriptive name,"  Daniel said.

            "Well, we need the DHD… where is Pirate Island?" Jack asked.

            "You could wait until he ransoms it."  Myra commented.

            "No…actually we can't."  Carter commented. "Our mission gained some time sensitive information…which needs to be gotten back quickly, or it will become useless."

            "Kit can navigate you there…" Baloo commented, "But…"

            "That's my plane, Mister!"  Rebecca said.  "I don't like the idea of risking it!"

            "Ms…. Cunningham?"  Samantha asked.


            "I take it you're in business for yourself, correct?"

            "Yes…Higher for Hire…we ship anything."  Kit Molly and  Baloo all rolled their eyes.  Of course Becky wouldn't let a little thing like aliens stop her from trying to make a buck.

            "Well… we can't trade technology, not without our governments approval, of course…but I'm certain that once we get back home, we might be able to arrange to exchange…trade goods, in return for the use of your plane…"  Becky's eyes went wide and then glazed over at the thought.

            "Oh, I think we could do that…Baloo, what are you waiting for?  C'mon!"

            "I'm going too!"  Katy said. "There are other artifacts there…and I don't want them smashed!"

            "Jack…I think I'll stay here."  Daniel said. "There's a lot of information here, which might explain who this world originally belonged to and why…" a hand gesture took in the natives.

            "You do that, Daniel."  O'Neil said.  Myra and O'Bowen gravitated over to him.

            "Dr. O'Bowen and  I will also stay," Myra commented. "I can help him with the archives."

            Molly started after the mob of adults when Rebecca's voice brought her up short.

            "Where are you going young lady?"

            "With you, Mom?"

            "Not on your life! You have homework, and I should send you home to do it…"  Becky read the quickly rising Mutiny in her daughters eyes. "But if you'll help them, I'll let you stay here with Myra, O'Bowen and…er…Doctor Jackson."

            "Daniel, Ms. Cunningham." O'Neil nodded.

            "I think that's a great idea-- if any mummies come to life, she can destroy their kneecaps."   Molly stuck her tongue out at him.

            "Molly!  Apologize this instant!"  Rebecca demanded.

            "OK…Sorry Colonel O'Neil…"  Molly said. Of course, had she been psychic, O'Neil would have exploded.

            "Don't worry about it-- You didn't know we were friendlies." O'Neil replied, Molly's expression lightened up.

            "If we're friendlies, then you could tell mom too…"

            "Take you into the line of fire with us? That's not a friendly act, Molly.  No Dice.  Stop trying to go over your mother's head."

            "Yes sir…" Molly said, defeated. 

            With that, there was only one problem-- how to get SG-1 to the Sea Duck without being noticed.  Katy solved that one.

            "We can use the Museum truck-- you stay in the rear until we get to Higher For Hire. Carter looked at Jack, who shrugged.

            "Well, I don't have a better idea."

            "It will conceal us adequately."  Teal'c agreed. 

            "Well, we don't have a lot of time…"  O'Neil commented. "OK, Daniel, stick here with everyone else, and DON'T go anywhere until we get back, understand?"

            "Yes Colonel."  Daniel said, already  wandering over to some of the Heiroglyphics. 

            "OK, people…lets go!" O'Neil was already heading out the door, everyone else in tow. 

            Molly quickly lost her annoyance with not being allowed to go tagging along after Dr. Jackson.  He was much nicer than many adults, explaining what he was doing as he was doing it.

            "So, see Molly…the information here might explain what Ga'ould  owned your world to begin with…and why you're different from us."

            "Could they do that?"  Molly asked.

            "Oh, yes. The Ga'ould are very advanced-- not nice, but advanced-- even if half of what they have they stole." Myra had come by.

            "Are they as dangerous  as you imply?"

            "More.  The Ga'ould believe that people like us are only good for slaves or hosts…they live inside humans, and use them as hosts."

            "Ick" Molly said.


            "So how does the gate work?"  Molly asked.

            "See those symbols on the outside?  They are on buttons on the DHD…when you code in all 7 of them, you push the big central button and it opens the gate."

            "Neat! What's the address for your home?"

            "Sorry…" Daniel grinned, "I'd get in trouble for that one…but I can show you a few others…"  He sat by her and took out a note pad…  "Now this is the  address for here…" He wrote  a series of glyphs.  "This is the address for Ps-2232, and this is the address for a world that's empty, except for some great fishing holes."  Molly looked at them, and then back at Daniel. 

            "What's Ps-2232?" 

            "It's a message drop-- There's a communicator system there that allows you to contact earth-- so if you can't come home for some reason, like your sick or being chased, you can still get in touch with the SGC."

            "Ohhh…" Molly said. Daniel went back to work, not noticing that Molly had torn the page off the note pad, and put it in one of her overall pockets.   Molly continued walking around,  but Myra, O'Bowen and Daniel's conversation quickly scaled far above her understanding., and even the visions of what lay behind the gate palled after a while.  She wondered how the others were doing. 

            "Molly?"  Myra asked. "There's some food in the commissary-- would you go get it?"  Molly looked at her and nodded.

            "OK, Ms. Foxworthy."  She said, and wandered off.

            "She's taking her disappointment well."  Daniel said. 

            "Oh, she's a wonderful child." Myra commented. "Very exuberant and full of energy, not to mention bright."  Daniel grinned.

"I bet Jack's shins wouldn't agree…"  Myra laughed.

"Well, she's very independent-- her mother works and I've heard from Baloo that some of the other parents don't like that, so she's lonely at times."  Daniel nodded,

"I can sympathize…"  He said, then turned around at a sound. The Stargate was activating!

"More friends?" 

"Maybe…but I think we need to find a hiding place.." Jack said, but as the gate stabilized a series of small silvery balls fell out of it…

Molly was coming back with a bag full of food, several bottles of coke, and some donuts, that had somehow survived Baloo's visit to the commissary.  Approaching the exhibit hall, she stopped. The door was open!  She had left it closed. Had someone else left?

Then, she heard the heavy tread of feet…*lots* of feet.  Molly ducked into a side room and peered out the partly open door as nearly a dozen men marched past. They looked like Teal'c, they carried the same kind of staff as he had had…but they had different  symbols on their head, they wore armor…and they didn't look nice. Not at all.  One stopped and looked her way. Molly tried to stop breathing, until one of his companions said something and he turned and followed them.

Molly bit her lip.  They had to have been the "Ga'ould"…and that meant that Daniel, Myra and O'Bowen were all captured, and the Sea Duck was out of radio range and they couldn't get back even if she had a radio…  Molly closed her eyes, and then opened them.  These people wouldn't have come here if they didn't have anyway of getting back now, would they?

A smile that Kit and Baloo knew and feared crossed her muzzle.  If she couldn't get help on this world…well, Mr. Jackson had told her how to get help from *other worlds*.  Moving quietly, the bear cub moved to the rear of the room, looking up at the ventilation shaft….

The Sea Duck:

            The sky was clear, the yellow seaplane seeming to merge with the sky and ocean as it moved across the sea.  Inside, things were not quite as calm.

            "OK, Baloo, come to 123 just like last time."

            "You've been to a pirate fortress before?" O'Neil asked.

            "I was a pirate. "  Kit replied.

            "Nice resume"  O'Neil commented.    He looked back into the cabin. Teal'c, Rebecca, Carter, and Katy were all sitting in various postures of nerves or calm, according to their own natures.

            "So…Is this the most modern aircraft you have?"  Carter asked. 

            "Hey!  Baloo called from the front, "My baby may be old, but she's got it where it counts!"  Carter looked up front.

            "I wasn't meaning any disrespect." She said, and then turned to O'Neil. "Sir, from what I've seen, these people are at about a 1930's level of technology…"

            "Indeed, O'Neil…they could not hope to defeat the Ga'ould were they to arrive."

            "I know that, Teal'c-- and as soon as we get back we can set  up some kind of negotiation to help them defend themselves."

            "We can protect ourselves!"  Rebecca said indignantly. 

            "A single Ga'ould mother ship could destroy every city on your planet in a matter of hours." Teal'c commented.  Rebecca subsided. 

            "Fortunately, we don't have to deal with that." Carter commented, "Just with this Don Karnage, fellow. What's he like?"

            "Karney?"  Baloo called back.  "He likes to hear himself talk, is mean, vicious, brutal, cruel."

            "Are you certain he isn't a Ga'ould?"  O'Neil commented.

            "But he can't shoot straight and neither can his men!"

            "He is not a Ga'ould System Lord, than."  Teal'c said levelly.

            "Well, you'll get to meet him pretty quickly-- we're almost there." Kit called back.  The teenager pointed towards the volcano in the distance.

            "Pirate Island."

            "Very in keeping with the whole atmosphere thing."  O'Neil commented in the silent cockpit.

            Kit had Baloo touch down near where they had landed before.  Baloo had some concern about this..

            "You Certain they won't be watching this, Little Britches?  I mean, we came  in this way before…"

            "No, Baloo… Karnage won't watch it himself, and he can't keep the others on duty out here-- maybe for the first few weeks, but it's been better than two years."  The aircraft gently touched down by the steaming, stinking water.  Everyone disembarked, most holding their nose, although Teal'c, O'Neil, and Cater had their weapons out.

            "Are you going to shoot them?"

            "The Zat's only stun, unless you're shot several times."  Samantha explained, as they moved through the trap infested hallway.  Kit pointed.

            "See, Baloo-- the traps  we set off haven't even been reset."    Baloo nodded as the whole calvacade moved through the fortress.

            Finally, they came to more populated regions, their path blocked by a guard room full of pirates.  O'Neil put his hand to his mouth, and he, Carter and Teal'c moved out-- suddenly, there was a flurry of electrical sounding noises and then Cater waved the four on. Rebecca gave a squeak as she saw all the unconscious forms.  Teal'c was looking annoyed.

            "They did not even maintain a watch…"

            "They probably didn't expect someone to attack." Katy commented.

            "Then they were fools." Teal'c replied.

            "Well, I like fools… I don't know about you, but I could do with some more, as opposed to the typical trained-and-armed-to-the-teeth Jaffa we deal with."  Teal'c didn't deign that with a reply.

            "OK…" Kit said, "The storeroom is just behind those doors…" He looked around nervously.  "I thought there'd be more guards…"

            "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth, Kit."  Baloo said, moving to the door, then opening it. "Hey Kids, look what I found!"

            "Baloo!"  Rebecca hissed furiously, "What if there had been traps!"

            "Yes!"  O'Neil said, "What if there had been  booby traps for any booby who just opened the door!"

            "Hey, nothing happened…" Baloo said, then trailed off as a slab of stone blocked the corridor.  O'Neil glared at him. 

            "I do not believe it would be wise to fire,"  Teal'c said, "The staff weapon blast might bring the roof down."

            "Kit!"  Rebecca said,

            "I'm sorry, Ms. Cunningham…this must be new…"

            "Oh of course it is new, my former Plundering Protégé…"  A voice came into the room.  O'Neil looked up to see several speakers. 

            "Sir!"  Carter hissed, "Here it is!"  O'Neil looked back at carter and saw the DHD near her.

            "Good, now if you could tell me there's a spare gate in here?" Carter shook her head apologetically.

            "So, I am wondering what brings so many people to my humble mansion…" There was a pause, the sound of someone being hit, then, "abode?  Do not correct Don Karnage-- you are not worthy!"  Samantha looked at O'Neil who nodded.

            "Well, actually were here for something-- and once we have it we'll be on our way."

            "Who is that?  It is not the annoying bosstype lady, or the Dr. Fox…it  must be the strange flat faced bald lady."  Samantha glared at that, while O'Neil fought a smile.  The voice continued.  "What is it you want?"

            "The artifact you had in the center of the room."  Samantha continued.

            "I was going to use that for a coffee table."

            "You, you… Barbarian!" Katy exploded, "That is a priceless artifact-- in fact it's more valuable then even I knewmmmphhhhh!" 

            "Don't mind her, Karny"  Baloo said, his hand over Katy's muzzle, "It's a real nice coffee table…but maybe I could get you something better?"

            "Hmmmm I am thinking that this is something worth many valuable knickity nacks… yes-no?"  O'Neil looked over at Carter, his mouth forming 'valuable knickity nacks?'

            "But, I am merciless and kind… in return for those wonderful toys that you used to knock out my worthless crew… I will take you hostage."

            "And if we don't give them to you?" Carter asked.

            "I leave you in the treasure chamber and cut off the air, yes-no?"

            "Well, that certainly gives us motivation."  O'Neil said, glaring at Katy.  They put their weapons down on the floor, and at Karnage's instructions, stood well back. Then the slab was raised and dozens of flunkies charged into the room, removing every item of technology from them.  Finally, Karnage, in all of his Martial glory, entered the room. O'Neil burst out laughing.  Karnage drew his sword and pointed it threateningly at O'Neil.

            "You have something funny to laugh at?"

            "No."  O'Neil said, "It's just that you're such a snappy dresser, for a moment I thought you were a Ga'ould-- all it would take would be glowing eyes and that deep, 'obey me' voice."

            "Hmph!  Take them away! I will examine their weapons!"

            "Beware-- the Zat guns will stun-- but they will kill if you shoot an individual who has already been stunned, and the staff weapon is extremely powerful."  Teal'C said.  

            Later, in their prison cell, Rebecca was venting.

            "I can't believe this-- you explore worlds, you have super weapons, and we still get caught!  What are we going to do?  Who's going to rescue us!  Balooooo! This is all your fault."

            "Carter, do you have those earplugs?"

            "What are we going to do?"  Kit asked.

            "I believe that this Don Karnage will want more weapons."  Teal'c said. "To obtain them he must help us reactivate the stargate. Kit blinked.

            "So you're just waiting?"

            "Not much else to do."   O'Neil said. 

            "But Karnage likes to keep people waiting!" Kit said, "What about the information you have?  What is it?" 

Carter and O'Neil looked at each other, then at some unspoken signal, Carter turned to Kit.

            "Apothis is building a new ship-- if we can get back the information on its weaknesses, we might be able to destroy it-- but we have to do that before it's ready for space flight."

            "And every moment we spend in these five star accommodations, the ship gets closer to being in space, shooting at us."  O'Neil looked at the door.  "And I don't want the first failure of our normally perfect record to come from a refugee from a fashion disaster." 

            "I have an idea." Katy said. 

            "You're going to destroy the cell?"  Rebecca said sarcastically.

            "No… I'm going to do something *you* couldn't do." Katy replied, and undid the first two buttons on her shirt.  Going up to the grate, she called out.

            "Heloo…."  She said, her voice suddenly getting low and seductive.  "Could I see your captain… I have so much to tell him…and for him to tell me…"  Behind her, Baloo was slowly melting into a puddle.  Rebecca elbowed him in the gut.


            "Eyes forward, Baloo."

            "So that's  how she keeps avoiding customs." Rebecca said.

            "Oh C'mon…that never works, only a complete idiot would…." The door opened and let Katy out. Jack closed his mouth. 

            "OK… so we know he's a complete idiot."  Samantha replied.   Katy slinked out, before the door closed, giving them a wink.

            "Now what?"  Rebecca asked.

            "Now, we wait and see if  Katie Dodd's plan will succeed."  Teal'c said.

            Cape Suzzette:

            Molly crawled through the air duct.  It was dusty, hot, her clothes were stained and dirty, one ribbon had come partially undone… she was having the time of her life.   Every room she peered into was either empty or had Ga'ould in it.  There were a lot of them.  She kept looking.  Finally, she peered into a storeroom and saw Dr. Jackson, Myra, and everyone else who had been in the building, tied up.  There was no Ga'ould in the room, but the distance was too far for her to drop-- and too far for her to get back up.

            "Dr. Jackson!" Molly hissed. Daniel looked up and saw her. 

            "Molly…"  Jackson said in a whisper.  "Thank god-- I was worried they'd killed you." Molly stopped. *Kill her?*  Even Don Karnage wouldn't do that.  When she mentioned it, Daniel got a very serious look on his face.

"Molly-- these guys are very, very nasty.  They *will* kill you if they find you-- or hold you for their boss, which is worse."  Daniel continued, "You've got to get a message to Jack and the others…"

            "But they're gone-- Dr. Jackson… I'm going to go through the gate-- to where you showed me!"

            "No Molly! They have guards-- and they brought their own DHD-- they'll just follow you!"  Myra looked up and thought.

            "Dr. Jackson-- is there any way to disable the device?"  Daniel paused and thought.. then started wiggling madly.

            "Here…wait one minute… almost got it…..There!"  He said, flipping a lump of putty onto his shoe.  "This is going to be difficult…Molly, open the grill-- and get this." Molly did…and Daniel managed to flip it up so she could get it.

            "That's C-7," He said, "Very powerful explosives-- the little capsule on top?  Break it and it will explode in 30 seconds.  Stick it to the top of the DHD once you key in the coordinates.   But I don't think you can get the guards to go anywhere else… "  He paused, "Molly, if you get through to PS-2232, ask for General Hammond…remember that."

            "Leave that to me!" Molly said with a grin, before she vanished back into the vent.  Jackson sighed.

            "I hope she'll be OK…"  he said. Myra looked at him nervously.

            "Isn't that a bit dangerous for a child?"  Jackson looked back, very seriously.

            "Myra… trust me, with the Ga'ould, that may be the *safest* thing she can do.". 

            Finally, after two wrong turns and a close encounter with a rat, Molly came to a vent in the exhibit hall.  The hall was different now.  The exhibits had been pushed back to the walls, and the Gate had a DHD in front of it…as dozens of Ga'ould marched out of it.  Some of them had staffs, and others had bigger guns…much bigger guns.     Molly continued wiggling down to a junction box and took out some of the tools that she always kept with her.  She bit her lip. If her mother knew she was doing this…

            The Junction box controlled the lights in the room.  Molly made a quick cut, and another quick adjustment, and then went back to the vent, quickly.  The lights had died, and the shouts of Jaffa filled the room.  The outside lights left the room in near darkness, and most of the Jaffa were at the corners, or leaving, trying to get the lights working again. Molly opened the vent, and slid down a tapestry, her small form nearly lost in the shadows.

            She snuck carefully towards the DHD, hoping that her next diversion would work. It did.  The junction box also controlled the fire alarm, and the clangor filled the room. The Jaffa turned as one and charged to the outer perimeter, preparing for an attack.  The nine year old resisted the desire to shout with delight and ran to the DHD and started pressing the keys. 

            Then the Stargate started making sounds, and the shouts of the Jaffa stopped getting further away, and started getting closer. Molly looked in horror at it, and redoubled her efforts.  She hit the big central button and the gate opened, the shimmering curtain filling it.  Molly started to run, then, just remembering, smashed the putty down on the DHD, busing the capsule.  A rancid smell filled the air and the bear cub took off for the gate. 

            "Stop~!"  A shout came from behind her, she redoubled her speed, as a bolt energy flashed over her shoulder, putting a hole in a wall.  Another, and another did, one seeming to tug at her shoulder.  Finally, Molly took a flying leap at the gate, just as it vanished.

            Behind her, the Jaffa charged forward, then stopped as the one in the lead noticed the putty and the smoke rising from the DHD.  He frantically motioned the others back and they cleared the room just as the DHD went up in a gout of flame. Back in his room, Daniel closed his eyes.  He hoped that Molly hadn't gone up with the DHD. 

            600 light years away, a stargate opened and Molly came tumbling out.  Without missing a beat, she ran away from it, just in case those "Jaffa" were following her.  After several minutes, Molly relaxed and started to look around. 

            The world looked like a park…except the trees looked like big mushrooms, and the sun was an odd shade of blue…and the birds had four wings…

            "Wow…"  Molly said.  So this was the place with the great fishing.  She hadn't gone directly to the place Daniel had told  her was the "message drop".  If the Ga'ould had followed her, she figured it would be bad to lead them to her destination.    For a moment, Molly forgot about all that, as she looked around, even her steps felt lighter, like she didn't weigh as much.  "Wow…"  She repeated, before touching her shoulder and wincing.  The beam had burned away the fabric, but hadn't hurt her skin…but it was still sore… Molly shrugged.  She'd had worse playing softball.

            She walked up to the DHD, and took out her paper.  Now it was time to get help.  A few minutes later, and the place was empty, the stargate shimmering as it completed another transit.

            Molly bounced out again. This time into a hot yellow sun.  She looked around. This world seemed to be nothing but ruined buildings and desert.  Some scrubby plants grew here and there, but not many, and the dust made her cough. 

            "I liked the other place better."  She said, and walked up to the equipment set up in front of the stargate.  There was a seat, and in front of the seat, there were dozens of buttons, all covered, all mysterious. Molly couldn't make anything of them at all. Then there was on, great big red button-- and that one was pretty obvious.  Molly punched it. 

            The Stargate started to rotate, while a wheeled machine went up to it, and extended a pipe.  Molly remained perched on the seat.


            The sound of the alarm brought General Hammond at a run.

            "What is it?"

            "Unscheduled gate sir-- it's coming from  PS-2232.  We're reading an emergency situation."  Hammond nodded.

            "Attention-- medical and defense status 1."  The problem with the message drops was that they had to have a way for a severely injured SG member to get a message home-- but that meant that anyone else could as well.  Without a code, they had to treat it as possibly dangerous.  At least, with the iris partially closed, nothing material could get through.

            "We're getting a signal.."

            "Very good, patch it over here…what in the Sam Hill is that?" Hammond asked. There was well… it looked like a girl. A fur covered girl with a muzzle, in overalls and a white shirt, sitting perched on the chair, looking into the camera with an expression of curiosity.

            "I don't know sir."

            "Well we'd better find out.  Major!"

            "Yes sir?"

            "Take a team and secure that area!"

            "Yes sir!"

            Molly sat, looking annoyed. The gate had opened, and then the gadgets had come alive… and now the gate was closed and everything had turned off.  She folded her arms, and considered going back to the fishing hole planet.

            Then the gate opened, and dozens  of people emerged, charging off the ramp and taking up positions, pointing guns in every direction, including hers. 

            "Site secure sir!"

            "No hostiles present!"

            One of the soldiers walked over to Molly and motioned her aside while another kept her covered with a…Zat Teal'c had called it.  The soldier hit several buttons and a screen came to life, showing a bald man. Molly looked curiously. 

            "Sir, no hostile present-- nobody present, except for…well, this."  Molly broke in.

            "Are you General Hammond?"  Hammond's eyes widened. 

            "Yes…and you are?"  Molly remembered her manners and her message.

            "Molly Cunningham, sir, and Dr. Jackson needs help, see, he and everyone came through a gate only we didn't have a DHD and they went to go get one but then a bunch of Jaffa came through and they've got everyone in the museum hostage and he told me to."  Hammond raised his hands to shield himself from her breathless deluge. 

            "Hold on, young lady.   Major, bring her on through-- I think we need to have a talk."

            "Yes sir!"

            Pirate Island:

            The dungeon was dank…like it had been when they came into it.

            "Carter,  how much time has gone by?"

            "two minutes, thirty five seconds from your last comment, sir."


            "What is keeping Katy?"  Becky stormed up and down the room, "What is she doing?"

            "You should not be angry with her-- it is possible she is making a greater sacrifice than any of us."  Teal'c said. 

            "I'm not angry at her… I'm just a business woman trying to make a living, and now I'm captured by a *pirate!*"

            "Well, the rooms bigger than it was last time, Beckers."  Baloo said.

            "Beckers?"  O'Neil commented.

            "Rebecca!"  Becky snapped.

            "You get captured like this a lot?"  Carter interjected..

            "Yes."  Rebecca said, sulking.

            "You certain you don't have a thing for this pirate?"  O'Neil said. "I mean if you get captured by him so mu-"

            "No! Don't even think that!"  Rebecca said, and marched over and sat down next to Baloo.

            Don Karnage's room was…overdone.  Tasteless. Baroque.  Gaudy.  Katy had  to shield her eyes for a moment before she could enter. Karnage was standing in all his martial glory, glaring down at her from his throne.

            "You have a throne, in your bedroom?"  She asked.

            "Why of course-- how else could my magnificence greet the morning?"

            "Oh, well, it's not that that I'm wanting to see…" Katy purred, walking forward.  A quick thrust with a foot slammed the door in the guard's face, leaving the two of them alone.  Karnage suddenly ran a finger around his collar, loosening it. 

            "I've heard so much about you…" Katy said, undoing two more buttons.  Karnage found himself backing up.  She wasn't as loud…but he was beginning to get scary "Aunt Louise" flashbacks, and it had taken four  months before the nightmares stopped.  Didn't women know they were supposed to be fearful and timid in his pres-  He gave a startled cry as Katy grabbed him and with an "oof" tossed him to the bed.

            In his flailing, his foot hit the key of the mike he used for his address to his men….

            Meanwhile, in the dungeon,  the others were still waiting.


            "Three minutes, twenty-two seconds, sir."  Carter said.

            "I've been asking that much?" 

            "Yes sir,"

            "I told you that over stuffed--" Rebecca's voice cut off as the sound of  the speakers came up. 

            "Does he have this entire place wired for sound?"  Baloo wanted to know.  Then the exact nature of the sounds came up.

            "Madam!  Please, control yourself, I am the dread pirate Don Karnage…I AIIIAEEGGH!" The scream broke off.

            "Oh, Karny…let me help you out of those nasty confining clothes…"

            "EEEK!"  Kit grinned at that, and then subsided as Rebecca glared at him.  Baloo was rubbing off on that boy to far too great a degree.

            Baloo shuddered.

            "That poor brave girl…"  He said.   O'Neil, Carter, Rebecca and Kit all looked at him. 

            "Poor Girl?"  Rebecca asked, "Do you have any idea of what she's do-"

            "Now, now… you do not want me to be calling my guards--"

            "Oh Dear…already cornered…don't worry Karny dear…"  Katy's voice came over the speakers, *oozing* aggressive femininity. 

            "She is obviously meeting him in battle."  Teal'c said.

            "Oh thank you Teal'c, that is *not* the image I wanted to see…."  O'Neil said.  Abruptly, there was a series of loud thumping sounds from the speakers, which went dead.

            "That's a relief."  Rebecca growled.

            "Hey, Beckers… Katy's trying to get us freed."

            "I don't think that was getting us freed, Baloo, it sounded more like"

            "Hey!"  O'Neil interjected. "One more argument and I send you both to a time out corner…"  There was a sound at the door, and Teal'c, Baloo and O'Neil quickly placed themselves around it. When it opened, they saw Karnage's jacket…around a slightly mussed Katy Dodd.

            "See, I told you  I could get us out!" She said.  brandishing the keys, and their weapons.

            "Where did you get these?" Teal'c asked.

            "Karnage wasn't ready to risk having his idiot minions use them-- they were under his bed."  Katy explained.

            "Where is Karnage now?"  Carter asked. Katy gave a flip of her arm, which did distracting things to the geography under the jacket.  Baloo melted.  Becky glared.

            "He's hiding under the bed in their place…you know, for a dread pirate, he's got a really marshmellowy center when it comes to  women…"

            "Yes, that's very nice and something I'll file under 'things I don't want to think about' "  O'Neil said, grabbing his Zat gun and rifle. "But now, lets get the DHD and get out of here.     They quickly ran to the store room, and this time didn't trigger the trap…  Baloo and Teal'c managed to lift the DHD…not without Rebecca giving a longing gaze at everything else in the room. 

            Half way to the Sea Duck, they ran into several pirates, which Samantha and O'Neil quickly Zatted into unconscious heaps. 

            "Let's go kids…" O'Neil said, looking back, unloading another volley of Zat blasts,  "If we're lucky we can get out before Don Juan comes out from hiding under his bed…"

            "Oh don't worry about that." Katy said.

            "Hmph!" Rebecca growled. "I would have found something else to wear.."

            "Oh don't be so jealous Becky."  Baloo said. 

            "Right," Katy said smiling.  "Besides, I didn't want to take that much time, and I'm certain that nobody else did.  Don't be so intimidated."

            "Intimidated! While I'll have you know!"


            "Yes sir?"

            "Remind me-- it's not good form to shoot our allies, is it?"

            "No, Colonel O'Neil."


            Once they got to the Sea Duck, Kit and Baloo wasted no time in getting out of there.  The pirates were still occupied, and Baloo managed to make it out without a dogfight-- something of a first.  Then he turned around to everyone in the back of the plane.

            "One stop, and we're back home kiddies!"  Rebecca advanced on him.

            "Tell me you're not stopping at Louie's!"  She cried.

            "No choice bosslady-- unless you have someway to turn ten gallons of gas into twenty.  We'd never make it back to Cape Suzzette."   Carter looked over at O'Neil.

            "Sir, it shouldn't cause that much of a problem."           

            "You don't know Baloo and Louie's…" Rebecca said.  "We'll be lucky to get out before tomorrow."

            "Hey Beckers… I'll make it in time-- I'm not always late, you know."  Becky didn't even dignify that with a "hah!". 

            When they touched down at Louie's, Baloo was surprised to see all the planes there. 

            "That ain't normal…" He said, "This isn't lunch."  O'Neil looked over at Carter and then turned to everyone else. 

            "OK… Baloo and I will go in-- everyone else *stay* here-- we won't even be here long enough for a bathroom break.  Carter,"  He said in a lower voice, "Stay on the radio, just in case. Teal'c, keep that DHD under guard-- I don't want it going for another walk."

            "I will, O'Neil."

            The monkeys  looked surprised at O'Neil-- O'Neil flipped one a quarter,

            "Just fill it up-- we won't be here long…"

            "Say, Colonel…"  Baloo said, in an wheedling voice. "Ya'know, being new here, maybe I should show you some of the sights…and you don't get much better then a triple fudge sparkler-"




            "Not even-"  Baloo said, looking desperate.

            "NO. Not even for anything!"  O'Neil turned and commented. "I'm late-- and since I am completely out of my special stationary to keep Apothis from launching his giant monster battleship, I want to get there in time to spoil the launch when it does occur-- understood!"

            "Yeah….but could I order something to go-"


            When they entered the room, Baloo noticed two things.  First of all, it was crowded.  Secondly, everyone was utterly quiet, listening to the two radios that were playing a news bulletin from Cape Suzzette.

            "This is incredible, Ladies and Gentlemen!"  The reporter was breathless.  "Aliens have invaded the city history museum."

            "Oh boy…" O'Neil said under his breath. 

            "They have ray guns, and have taken the entire block hostage-- the police and army have had no success in rooting them out, although nobody has been killed as of yet."

            "I thought you-"

            "Cuz, did  you hear-- who's this?"  Louie said, looking at the tall human.

            "He's an alien!"  One of the local barflies shouted, 

            "Get him!"  Another roared.  O'Neil stepped back, as the barfly missed with a thrown bottle, pulled his Zat and knocked him off the stool with a bolt of blue energy.  Immediately, pandemonium filled the room.

            "An Alien!"

            "Death Rays!"

            "RUN!"  Thirty seconds later, the entire room was empty except for the unconscious barfly and Louie.

            "Now what'd you go and do that for?"  Louie asked.

            "Pre-emptive anti-lynch mob tactics,"  O'Neil confided.

            "Hey Colonel…are those the guys chasing you?"

            "Sure sounds that way."  O'Neil said.  Baloo blanched.

            "Myra…O'Bowens… MOLLY!"  He looked like he was about to run in four different directions, "Louie, ya gotta fill us up quick-- no time for food, Molly's in that museum!"

            "Short stuff?" Louie said, then quickly ran behind the bar and tossed some keys to one of his waiters, "I'm with you, 'Cuz…"

            "Oh Great…" O'Neil said, then he keyed the mike.


            "Sir, what happened, every other plane just took off."

            "Just my normal charming way of explaining things."


            "We've got a bigger problem-- a bunch of Jaffa are in the building."

            "Sir….that's bad-- there's nothing to keep them from dialing into a major base of Apohtis and simply bringing in more Jaffa…"

            "Yeah, I know-- as I see it, our job changed-- we need to rescue Daniel and the others, and make certain that gate is either under our control, or closed, before they bring enough troops through to   take down the city."

            "Understood sir."  Carter looked over,  where Rebecca had been turning a slow shade of white as the full import of the conversation came home to her. 

            "My….baby's In the museum!" She said.

            "Jaffa would be unlikely to kill Molly Cunningham-- she is beneath their notice."  Teal'c said.  Rebecca said nothing, as she staggered back to a seat, where she didn't notice Katy helping her sit down.  Then, her face went from white to red and she snarled.

            "They'd better not, if they've hurt one hair on her head, I'll rip them into small pieces!"    Before anyone could reply, O'Neil, Louie, and Baloo tumbled on board.

            "Go Baloo!" O'Neil ordered, and Baloo cut his take off even shorter than normal, as the Sea Duck seemed to rocket into the air.   Kit, from his copilots seat, looked up at O'Neil.

            "How much trouble are we in, sir?"  The 14 year old asked.  O'Neil looked at the kid, and dropped the first three things he might have said-- he didn't lie to kids and everyone who knew Kit seemed to think he could handle it. Fine.

            "Somewhere between hopeless and very bad, Kit…"  he paused.  "Of course, the fact that they've stayed in the building keeps it towards the very bad side of the equation…"  

            "Sir…what if they don't have a DHD themselves?"  Samantha asked.

            "Jaffa would always try to bring a method of dialing home for help." Teal'c said.  "Even if they had to dismount a DHD from their home stargate, they would bring one.

            "But in that case, the city should be swarming with them… Teal'c-- you saw what these people consider "dread pirates.""  Samantha continued.  "If that's what they see as dangerous--- how long would it take Jaffa warriors to take the city?"

            "You have a very good point….."  Teal'c commented.  "If so, and if we can gain control of the stargate, this world may yet be kept from falling to Apothis"

            "You ain't filling me with a lot of good feeling's, cuz."     Louie commented.

            "It was not my intention to do so," Teal'c replied.

            "Don't worry about Teal'c…Louie."  O'Neil said.  "He doesn't really have this whole joke thing down…"  Under his breath he muttered. "I cannot believe I'm talking to an Orangutan in a Hawaiian shirt…" 

            "Oh everyone just shut up!  Baloo-- can't you get this thing to go any faster?"  Rebecca stomped her foot.  This time, O'Neil didn't say a thing to her.

            "Just as fast as I can, Beckers-- we'll get pigtails, don't you worry…"

            END PART I